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(2020) Carbonation and Silicification of Peridotites in the San Juan de Otates Ultramafic-Mafic Complex (Guanajuato, Central Mexico)

Lázaro-Paz CC, Colás V, Pineda-Rodriguez NA, González-Jiménez JM, Camprubí A, Proenza JA & Marchesi C


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03g: Room 1, Thursday 25th June 00:54 - 00:57

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Submitted by Jingao Liu on Saturday 20th June 23:21
Hi, interesting results. I thought in the stage of serpentinization, PGE in peridotites remains stable as long as olivine in the system would buffer the oxygen fugacity to keep reduced for stabilization of sulfides that dominates the host of PGE. Perhaps the mobilization of PGE was in the stage of carbonation and deposit in the stage of silicification. Can you comment on this? Thanks, Jingao
Thank you for your interesting question Jingao. We agree that the carbonation stage could mobilize the PGE and their precipitation took place during the silicification. However, own very preliminary data shows that carbonate-rich rocks are rich in PGE, like carbonate-rich serpentinites in Oman Ophiolite. This is the main reason why we suggest that the serpentinization mobilize the PGE and carbonation and silicification processes could concentrate the PGE.

Submitted by Simone Pujatti on Wednesday 24th June 20:12
Thank you for your presentation. I noticed that in your ternary diagram the Si-C-altered serpentinites appear to contain little to no calcium. However, the reference photomicrograph in the same slide shows a significant presence of dolomite. Why did the calcium from dolomite not appear in the ternary plot?
Thank you for your interesting question Simone. The dolomite in Si-C-altered serpentinite is present exclusively in veins cutting the serpentine matrix, thus the content of Ca is proportionally less than in partly altered peridotites with high content of clinopyroxene.

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