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(2020) An Experimental Study of the Replacement of Calcite by Siderite

Knorsch M, Xia F, Deditius AP & Pearce MA


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07a: Room 2, Wednesday 24th June 07:27 - 07:30

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Submitted by Juliane Weber on Tuesday 23rd June 01:38
Thanks for this nice study, very interesting. Did you analyze the porosity development during the replacement?
Hi Juliane, many thanks for the kind words. We observed the evolution of porosity by examining numerous BSE images of cross-sections of the replaced grains. Some key findings were that cyclic porous layers filled with akaganeite (e.g., on the title slide) formed as the replacement progresses for 200 °C experiments, or textural healing of pores within the outermost siderite layers with time. However, we did not employ scattering techniques to analyse pores in greater detail at this stage. I’m happy you demonstrated that in your 2019 ACS publication, so I can refer to you when discussing differences in the reaction extents between our two precursors: polycrystalline, porous marble and monocrystalline pristine Iceland spar.

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