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(2020) Multiscale Investigation of Fluid-Silicate Interfaces and their Control on Dissolution Kinetics

Wild B, White C & Bourg I


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07h: Room 2, Monday 22nd June 23:45 - 23:48

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Submitted by Milan Predota on Monday 22nd June 21:49
Bastien, Ian, nice work. Q1: When depronating the surface of the cylindrical pore in amorphous silica, what was the proton charge and the resulting change of surface charge? Did you have to redistribute somehow the 'missing' charge upon deprotonation? Q2: Were all the silanols singly coordinated? Was it straightforward to decide how to terminate by silanols the cylindrical cut? Thanks. Milan (Predota), predota@prf.jcu.cz

Submitted by Jean-François Boily on Monday 22nd June 23:05
Hi Bastien, On slide 12 you show that the structuration of water in the nanopore causes slows down water diffusion. Did you observe overlapping electric double layers from opposing walls or were your ionic strengths still too high with respect to the pore size? Jean-François

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