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(2020) Ancient Origin of Hawaiian Xenoliths: Fragments of Mantle Plume?

Fujita R, Ishikawa A, Yokoyama T & Garcia M


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03g: Room 1, Thursday 25th June 08:06 - 08:09

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Submitted by Jingao Liu on Sunday 21st June 21:11
Hi Ryo and Akira, nice data! I would like to 187Os/188Os correlations with all Al, Yb, V, and Pd/Ir as well as HSE patterns as you said in the abstract. Why do you prefer Ca over Al in the correlation? The ancient Os signature reflects a memory of ancient melt depletion of the mantle that recycled into the asthenosphere. See our work in Zealandia (Liu et al., 2015 EPSL and Scott et al., 2019 EPSL) that shows similar conclusions. Thanks, Jingao
Thank you for your comments. It is very interesting for your work in Zealandia. At Q&A session, I will show our supplementary data of Hawaiian xenoliths including Al, Yb, V, and HSE patterns. Please come to see our Q&A. I preferred Ca over Al, because there is a clearer trend in Ca than Al, and the difference from abyssal peridotites is clearer. Ryo

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