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(2020) How Robust is the Cassiterite U-Pb Geochronometer?

Neymark L, Moscati R, Larin A & Slack J


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06n: Room 2, Wednesday 24th June 23:45 - 23:48

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Submitted by Yuri Amelin on Wednesday 24th June 03:55
What is the place of cassiterite in the family of established U-Pb mineral chronometers such as zircon, monazite, titanite, baddeleyite and rutile? What applications for baddeleyite as a mineral chronometer do you see besides dating ore deposits?

Submitted by Chloe Bonamici on Wednesday 24th June 22:55
Slide 9 shows a correction factor based on measurement of 208Pb/206Pb and assumption that all 208Pb is initial. The correction arrow seems to show a purely horizontal translation as though the correction is applied only to 206Pb. What about 207Pb? Shouldn't some of that also be initial Pb? It seems like the arrow for the correction should have a slope. Is the horizontal shift a result of the very low 207Pb in the "standard" being used?

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