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(2020) Anaerobic Fungi Linked to Ancient Methanogenesis at Great Depth in the Siljan Impact Structure, Sweden

Drake H, Ivarsson M, Heim C, Bengtson S, Belivanova V & Whitehouse M


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09e: Room 3, Friday 26th June 01:18 - 01:21

Listed below are questions that have been submitted by the community that the author will try and cover in their presentation. To submit a question, ensure you are signed in to the website. Authors or session conveners approve questions before they are displayed here.

Submitted by Joy Buongiorno on Thursday 25th June 01:12
What do the stable isotopes of oxygen tell you about microbial metabolism in the authigenic crystals in the fractures?

Submitted by Joy Buongiorno on Thursday 25th June 01:18
Aside from isotopic signatures, do you have other evidence to suggest active methanogenic communities?

Submitted by Mehrnoush Rafiei on Thursday 25th June 02:49
Very interesting research! Did you test what kinds of clay minerals were formed in association with the fungi in fractures?

Submitted by Oliver Warr on Thursday 25th June 23:04
Hi, very interesting talk. I wanted to clarify something. Are you proposing that in the slide where you discuss pyrite, fungi may be 'competing' with methanotrophs (and in fact 'eating them'!) to act as an alternative electron donor source for sulfate reducing communities?

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