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(2020) Extraction of Life-Essential Volatiles via Melting of Rocky Planetary Mantles of Variable Redox

Dasgupta R, Chowdhury P, Eguchi J, Sun C & Saha S


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01a: Room 1, Monday 22nd June 22:27 - 22:30

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Submitted by Thomas Zack on Monday 22nd June 13:02
Can your results be extended to Io? There seems to be a lot of basaltic/komatiitic volcanism wth very S-rich composition. So, is Io very reduced? And if yes, is that expected for a body in the outer Solar System?
This is a very interesting question. I am not sure whether this can be answered with certainty without additional data on Io. It is certain that Io exhibits degassing of sulfur-rich plume but do we know the composition of Io's crust (e.g., S budget of the crust) well? Without such it may be difficult to assess whether S-rich plume compositions can be taken as an evidence of S-rich basaltic crustal composition. If Io's crust is indeed very S-rich, similar to Mercury's, I might speculate that Io's interior is reduced. It may also be that when it comes to the interior oxidation state of rocky interiors, the exact monotonic oxidation with increasing heleocentric distance does not hold. In other words, I don't think we can rule out some outer Solar System bodies being more reduced, although that may not be the norm.

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