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(2020) Controls on Oceanic Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure by Syn- and Post-Accretion Processes from Multichannel Seismic Data Around and Across the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain

Shillington DJ, Boston BB, Dunn R, Watts AB, Grevemeyer I, Goméz de la Peña L, Ito G, Wessel P, ten Brink U, Miller N & Cilli P


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05h: Room 2, Saturday 27th June 06:18 - 06:21

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Submitted by Lauren Nicole Harrison on Saturday 27th June 00:23
This is some really neat imagery! How much do you suspect fracture zones control the erupted volume of Hawaiian shield volcanoes? Also, can this seismic imagery you've collected could be used to assess the depth and connectivity of major crustal faults associated with the Maui and Molokai fracture zones?
Thank you for this question, Lauren. Our data are providing new constraints on the location and properties of the fractures zones around Hawaii, particularly in the moat around the islands and to the south of the islands where their locations are not obvious from bathymetry data. We hope to use those new constraints to evaluate their influence on volcanism, but we don't know the answer yet. By comparing faults in the upper crust with the overall crustal structure associated with the Molokai and Maui fracture zones, hopefully that will ultimately provide constraints on any connection between the two and the properties of the crust in between. Thanks again!

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