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(2020) Mn-Cr Chronological Constraints on the Thermal Evolution of IIAB Iron Meteorite Parent Body

Anand A, Pape J, Wille M, Mezger K & Hofmann B


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01a: Room 1, Monday 22nd June 22:36 - 22:39

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Submitted by Ke Zhu on Tuesday 16th June 20:40
Hi Dr. Anand, thanks for this great presentation. It is a good idea to use Mn-Cr model age to date iron meteorites. My question is how did you define the solar system initial of e53Cr and the canoncial value of 53Mn/55Mn. Furthermore, what is the e54Cr data of the iron meteorites and the uncertainty of your data. Thanks.
Dear Mr. Ke, Thank you for taking interest in our work. The model ages are calculated relative to the CAI formation age assuming solar system initial e53Cr, chondritic 55Mn/52Cr and a canonical 53Mn/55Mn reported in Trinquier et al., 2008. The external precision (2SE) on 53Cr/52Cr is around 0.04e.

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