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(2020) Chemical Weathering and Organic Carbon Turnover in Soil

Raines E, Norton K, Dosseto A, Hua Q, Lukens C, Deslippe J & Bellingham M


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10e: Room 2, Tuesday 23rd June 01:12 - 01:15

Eron Raines
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Quan Hua
Claire Lukens
Julie Deslippe
Maia Bellingham

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Submitted by Susan Trumbore on Monday 22nd June 14:48
Hi Eron, thanks for a cool talk. I had two questions. (1) was there a change in bulk density at 10cm (e.g. might this be a depth where water accumulates/is transported laterally? variable redox conditions also might be speeding things up. (2) This question might be better for an off-line discussion, but I did not want to forget to ask. I was interested in the increasing turnover times with depth, as I think when you model bulk radiocarbon you will get two solutions one faster and one slower, that both give the same 14C value . I was wondering whether these choices influenced the increasing in turnover time from 0 to 10cm in your soils.

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