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(2020) Chondrule-Like Objects Formed by Arc Discharges Aboard the ISS

Koch TE, Spahr D, Merges D, Beck AA, Christ O, Fujita S, Genzel P-T, Kerscher J, Lindner M, Mederos Leber D, Winkler B & Brenker FE


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01g: Room 1, Tuesday 23rd June 08:24 - 08:27

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Submitted by Mattias Ek on Monday 22nd June 15:30
How do the result from your experiment compare to those made with gravity?

Submitted by Quinn Shollenberger on Tuesday 23rd June 02:43
Do you have any concerns that the objects were changed or altered during the journey from the ISS back to Earth?

Submitted by Emily Saurette on Wednesday 24th June 16:33
Were you able to control the experiment from Earth while it was in space, was it pre-programmed or controlled by astronauts on the ISS?
The austronauts only mounted the experiment inside the NanoRacks platform. We had a daily (mon to fri) communication window of about 1 h when we could sent experimental commands and download log files and data. So we could react and change experimental parameters.

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