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(2020) Nanoscale Properties of GEMS-Like Material in Primitive Carbonaceous Chondrites

Villalon KL, Ohtaki KK, Bradley JP, Ishii HA, Heck PR, Keating K, Davis AM & Stephan T


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01a: Room 1, Monday 22nd June 22:18 - 22:21

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Submitted by Hope Ishii on Sunday 21st June 23:09
Very nice talk, Krysten! I may have missed it in your talk, but do you see the same lack of metal and presence of oxidized rims on sulfide inclusions in Aguas Zarcas? --Hope
Due to the pandemic I haven't yet been able to look closely enough at Aguas Zarcas. From the one section of Aguas Zarcas I looked at briefly in the TEM, there didn't seem to be obvious oxidized rims around the sulfides, but I'm hoping to get some higher quality images in the future and EDS to see if this is truly the case. While some quick qualitative EDS measurements showed there are definitely nanophase sulfides, I will eventually use quantitative EDS in combination with nanodiffraction to look for metal. Hopefully I will be able to get back into the lab soon! -KV

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