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(2020) A USANS/SANS Study of Porosity Creation and Evolution in Copper-Iron Sulphides during Hydrothermal Mineral-Fluid Reactions

Adegoke IA, Xia F, Kartal M & Mata JP


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07a: Room 2, Wednesday 24th June 07:12 - 07:15

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Submitted by Juliane Weber on Tuesday 23rd June 01:31
Thanks for this nice study & presentation of results. I might have missed it, but I am wondering if the (U)SANS characterization was spatially resolved? For the anoxic conditions, it looks like the samples shows chemical inhomogeneities. How was this accounted for in the (U)SANS characterization?
Thanks for your comments on our presentation and the questions. Our data was not spatially resolved because we did bulk measurement. For the likely chemical inhomogenieities, the SLDs (scattering length densities) of the phases are close to each other (ranging from 3.107 for covellite to 3.896 for chalcocite) as compared to pores (assuming it is 0), so the interference should be minimal. We also thresholded our results by ~8 ?m since there is more contribution from the intergranular spaces above this limit. Thanks, and hopefully this answers your questions.

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