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(2020) Magnetism in Iron-Nickel Alloys

McCammon C, Wei Q & Gilder S


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01a: Room 1, Tuesday 23rd June 07:39 - 07:42

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Submitted by Yunguo Li on Monday 22nd June 12:00
Hi Catherine, what is the structure of the alloy from 20 GPa to room pressure? Does the phase transition (if any) affect the magnetism?
Good question! The alloy has fcc structure at 0 GPa and room temperature. The fcc-hcp transition takes place at pressures higher than 20 GPa so it does not appear to play a role in the loss of magnetism.

Submitted by Craig O'Neill on Tuesday 23rd June 06:09
Touching upon the historical note of invars and thermal expansion: Is there any evidence for the behaviour of the thermal expansivity of molten invars under core pressures? Are there implications for thermal convection in cores?

Submitted by Catherine McCammon on Wednesday 24th June 07:32
Wow, excellent question. There are practially no studies of molten Invar. However I found a just published computational study (Fu et al. 2020, J. Appl. Phys. 127, 034301) that suggests anomalous behaviour also in liquid Invar, so there may indeed be influence on thermodynamic properties that affect thermal convection. Definitely worth further thought.

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