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Askari N. (2011) Petrography and Mineralogy of Western Samen Metapelites
Khodaian Chegeni Z, Baharifar AA, Emami MH, Mohajjel M & Askari N

Askew R.A. (2022) Linking Diffusion Chronometry to Geophysical Indicators of Volcanic Unrest – Insights from the 2021 Fagradalsfjall Eruption
Kahl M, Mutch EJF, Maclennan J, Morgan D, Couperthwaite F, Bali E, Thordarson T, Guðfinnsson GH, Walshaw R, Buisman I, Buhre S, van der Meer QHA, Caracciolo A, Marshall EW, Rasmussen M, Gallagher CR, Moreland W, Höskuldsson Á & Askew RA

Askhabov A. (2019) Once Again About Special Properties of Prenucleation Clusters
Askhabov A
(2017) Properties of Prenucleation Clusters
Askhabov A
(2015) Structural Nanoheterogeneity of Melts and their Surface Tension
Askhabov A
(2014) Prenucleation Clusters of "Hidden" Phase are Basic Building Units of Growth of Crystals
Askhabov A
(2013) Prenucleation Nanoclusters as Building Units in the Crystal Growth
Askhabov A
(2009) Quataron Concept of Nanoparticles Formation and Crystal Growth
Askhabov A

Askkour F. (2023) Zircon U-Pb Geochronology, Geochemistry and Sr-Nd Isotopes of the Post-Collisional a Type-Granites from the Zenaga, Kerdous and Bas-Drâa Inliers (Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Ougadire M, Askkour F, Favier A, Ousbih M, Ikenne M & Géraud Y
(2023) Zircon U–Pb Ages, Geochemistry and Sr-Nd Isotopes of Sanukitoids, Two Mica and Hybrid Granites of Bas Draa Inlier, Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco
Askkour F, Ikenne M, Chelle-Michou C, Cousens B, Markovic S, Souhassou M, Ousbih M, El Bilali H & Ernst RE
(2023) The Late Neoproterozoic LIP in the Northwestern Part of the West African Craton: Evidences from Stratigraphy, Geochronology, Geochemistry and Nd Isotopes of the Ouarzazate Group, Anti Atlas, Morocco
Ousbih M, Ikenne M, Cousens B, Chelle-Michou C, El Bilali H, Gaouzi A, Markovic S, Askkour F, Mouhajir M, el Mouden S, Youbi N & Ernst RE
(2022) Zircon U–Pb Ages and Geochemistry of Granitoids from the Central Massif of the Bas Draa Inlier (Western Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Askkour F, Ikenne M, Chelle-Michou C, Cousens B, Souhassou M, Markovic S, Ousbih M, Gasquet D, El Bilali H & Ernst RE
(2022) Stratigraphy, Geochronology, Geochemistry and Nd Isotopes of the Late Ediacaran Ouarzazate Group Series from Eastern and Central Anti Atlas – (Morocco)
Ousbih M, Ikenne M, Cousens B, Chelle-Michou C, El Bilali H, Markovic S, Gaouzi A, Askkour F, Mouhajir M, el Mouden S, Youbi N & Ernst RE

Aslamkish T. (2010) Modeling of Index Ratios and Prioritization of the Data Mine
Ghavami-Riabi R, Alizade H & Aslamkish T

Aslan M. (2010) Determination of Fluid Inclusion Characteristics and Mineral Exploration Using Them in the Zones of Porphyry-Type Alteration in the Locality of Erzurum-Oltu-İnanmış by Means of Fluid Inclusion Petrography
Sezerer Kuru G, Cengiz İ, Aslan M & Sakitas A

Aslan N. (2015) Cooling and Mineralisation History of Karakartal Porphyry System, Erzincan, Turkey
Gümrük O, Akçay M, Aslan N, McINNES B, Evans N & Jourdan F
(2014) Evolution of Porphyry Systems in Central Eastern Turkey
Akçay M, Gümrük O, Aslan N, Banks D, Mc Innes B & Jourdan F

Aslan Z. (2017) U-Pb Zircon Dating and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Systematics of Post-Collisional I-Type Monzonitic Intrusions in the Gölköy (Ordu) Area, NE Turkey
Arslan M, Temizel İ, Abdioğlu Yazar E, Aslan Z & Kaygusuz A
(2017) Petrography, Mineral Chemistry and Petrology of the Early Miocene Şaroluk and Göloba (NW Turkey) Intrusives: Post-Collisional Magmatism in Biga Peninsula
Aslan Z, Akgün H & Altin İ
(2017) Sr-Nd-Pb Isotope Geochemistry and U-Pb Zircon Geochronology of Post-Collisional Adakitic Intrusion in the Southwest of Samsun, N Turkey
Temizel İ, Arslan M, Abdioğlu Yazar E, Kaygusuz A & Aslan Z
(2016) Petrography and Petrology of the Göloba (Balya-Balıkesir) Pluton, NW Turkey: Post-Collisional Magmatism
Akgün H & Aslan Z
(2016) Fluid Inclusion and Genesis of Yukarıgöçek Amethyst Vein System, Bigadiç-Balıkesir (NW Turkey); Relationship to the Granite
Şahin H & Aslan Z
(2013) SHRIMP U–Pb Zircon Dating, Geochemical and Petrographical Characteristics of Calc-Alkaline Early Miocene Şapçı Volcanics Around Balıkesir (W Turkey)
Kaplan D, Aslan Z & Chen B
(2011) 39Ar-40Ar Dating on Plagioclases of Metabasic and Metagranitic Rocks in the Yoncayolu Metamorphics, NE Turkey
Aslan Z, Gucer MA & Arslan M
(2007) Petrography and Geochemistry Characteristics of the Calk-Alkaline Tertiary (?) Tuffs in the Gumushane Area, NE Turkey
Aslan Z, Kaygusuz A, Gucer MA & Aydincakir E
(2007) Petrography and Geochemistry Features of the Yoncayolu Metamorphics in Erzincan, NE Turkey
Gucer MA, Aslan Z & Bektas O
(2007) Petrographic and Petrological Characteristics of Dagbasi (Arakli-Trabzon) Volcanites, NE Turkey
Aydincakir E, Kaygusuz A, Sen C & Aslan Z
(2005) Geochemistry and Geochronology of Tertiary-Aged Volcanic Rocks of South of Ilica (Erzurum), NE-Turkey
Kaygusuz A, Aslan Z, Akpinar I & Kaygusuz K
(2004) Textural and Geochemical Features of the Magma Mixing in the Sarihan and Torul Granitoids, NE-Turkey
Aslan Z & Kaygusuz A
(2003) Geological Settings and Geochemical Characteristics of the Mn-Oxide Deposits in NE Pontide, NE Turkey
Yalcinalp B & Aslan Z
(2002) Petrographical and Geochemical Features of the Mafic Microgranuler Enclaves in the Upper Cretaceous Aged Torul (Gümüşhane) and Sarıhan (Bayburt) Granitoids, NE Turkey
Aslan Z, Kaygusuz A, ŞEN C & Arslan M
(2002) Petrography and Petrology of Torul and Sarihan Plutons, the Eastern Pontides, Turkey
Kaygusuz A, Aslan APDZ & ŞEN APDC
(2000) Constraints on Petrology and Petrogenesis of Tertiary Volcanism in the Eastern Pontide Paleo-Arc System, NE Turkey
Arslan M, Aslan Z, Sen C & Hoskin PW
(2000) Rift Related Arc Volcanism during Liassic Time in the Southern Zone of Eastern Pontide Arc, NE Turkey
Aslan Z

Aslanian D. (2020) African Superplume Composition: Insight from the Mozambique Margin
Revillon S, Roche V, Leroy S, Guillocheau F, Ruffet G, Aslanian D, Moulin M, Dall'Asta M & Kluska JM

Asmala E. (2016) Impacts of Flocculation and Redox Shuttling on Iron and Manganese in Non-Tidal Estuarine Sediments
Jilbert T, Tiihonen R, Myllykangas J-P, Asmala E & Hietanen S

Asmaryan S. (2023) Street Dust and Green Barrier Deposited PM Particles Chemical Characterization and Associated Health Risk Assessment in an Urban Kindergarten
Tepanosyan G, Baldacchini C, Asmaryan S & Sahakyan L

Asmerom Y. (2022) Mesoamerican Monsoon Failure during the Last Interglacial
Lachniet MS, Asmerom Y, Polyak V, Bernal J-P & Lucia G
(2020) A Late Holocene Sea Level Rise Event Inferred from Precisely Dated Speleothems from Mallorca
Asmerom Y, Onac B, Mitrovica J, Tuccimei P, Fornos J, Polyak V, Gines J, Gines A, Soligo M & Villa I
(2019) Multi-Proxy Approach to Constrain Temperature and Hydroclimate in Arid Regions
Asmerom Y, Polyak V & Lachniet M
(2018) Progress and Challenges in Speleothem-Based Climate Reconstruction
Asmerom Y, Polyak V, Baldini J, Lachniet M, Baldini L, Breitenbach S, Prufer K & Kennett D
(2018) Uranium Concentration Variability in Aragonitic Stalagmites as a Proxy for Seasonal Hydroclimate
Baldini J, Jamieson R, Asmerom Y, Ridley H & Prufer K
(2017) Early Hominin Cultural Development in Central Asia Constrained by High-Precision U-Series Chronology
Asmerom Y, Polyak V, Wagner J & Patchett J
(2016) Holocene Monsoon Variability Using Stalagmite Record from Dandak Cave, India
Band S, Yadava M, Ramesh R, Gupta S, Polyak V & Asmerom Y
(2016) Hemispherical Scale Climate Variability during the Last Glacial Period
Asmerom Y, Polyak V & Lachniet M
(2015) Modes of ENSO and Solar Influence on Central American Rainfall during the Past Millennium from Bi-Monthly Speleothem Isotopic Data
Asmerom Y, Ridely H, Polyak V, Aquino V, Breitenbach S, Baldini J, Prufer K & Kennett D
(2014) Southern Hemisphere-Driven Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Changes during the Last Deglaciation
Asmerom Y, Polyak V & Lachniet M
(2014) Orbital Control of Southwestern North America Atmospheric Circulation and Climate over Two Glacial Periods
Lachniet M, Denniston R, Asmerom Y & Polyak V
(2014) Late Holocene 14C Variations Recorded by a Speleothem from Yok Balum Cave, Belize
Lechleitner FA, McIntyre C, Breitenbach SFM, Polyak V, Asmerom Y, Prufer KM, Culleton BJ, Kennett DJ, Baldini JUL & Eglinton TI
(2014) Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols on ITCZ Position
Ridley H, Asmerom Y, Baldini J, Breitenbach S, Aquino V, Prufer K, Culleton B, Polyak V, Lechleitner F, Kennett D, Zhang M, Marwan N, Macpherson C, Baldini L, Xiao T, Awe J & Haug G
(2013) Timing of Northern Hemisphere Climate Transitions during the Last Glacial Period from Precisely-Dated Speleothem Data
Asmerom Y, Polyak V & Lachniet M
(2012) A Record of Northern Hemisphere Climate Variability during the Penultimate Glacial from High Resolution Speleothem Data
LaPointe Z, Asmerom Y, Polyak V & Lachniet M
(2008) Possible Extended Hyper Aridity during the Late Pleistocene in the SW USA from Speleothem Data
Asmerom Y, Polyak V & Burns S
(2008) Role of Fluids in Melt Generation in the Cascade Arc: Constraints from U-Series Data from Central Oregon
Mitchell E & Asmerom Y
(2006) Routine high-precision U-Th isotope analyses for paleoclimate chronology
Asmerom Y, Polyak V, Schwieters J & Bouman C
(2005) Examining Water-Rock Interaction at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory Using Uranium and Strontium Isotopes as Natural Environmental Tracers
Nichols E, Asmerom Y, Roback R & Jones C
(2004) Holocene Climate History of the SW USA from Speleothem Chronology
Asmerom Y, Polyak V & Rasmussen J
(2003) Climate Variability in the Southwestern USA over the Past Half-Millennium from High-Resolution Speleothem Data
Rasmussen J, Polyak V & Asmerom Y
(2002) Timescale of Melt Differentiation from 231Pa-226Ra Data
Asmerom Y, Mukasa S, Cheng H, Polyak V & Edwards L
(2000) Pa-Th-U Constraints on Melting and Material Recycling in Subduction Zones: A Case Study of the Philippine Arcs
Asmerom Y, Mukasa S, Cheng H & Edwards RL

Àsmundsson R. (2012) Use of Two New Na/Li Thermometric Relationships for Geothermal Fluids in Volcanic Environments
Sanjuan B, Asmundsson R, Millot R & Brach M
(2009) Multi-Isotopic (H, O, C, S, Li, B, Si, Sr, Nd) Approach for Geothermal Fluid Characterization in Iceland
Millot R, Àsmundsson R, Négrel P, Sanjuan B & Bullen T

Asmussen M. (2023) Monitoring the Behavior of Cementitious and Glass Waste Form in Disposal Conditions: Lysimeter Testing
Asmussen M, Meyer P, Thomle J, Emerson H & Smith GL
(2020) Forward Alteration Rate Measurement Using the Stirred Reactor – Coupon Analysis (SRCA) Technique
Parruzot B, Ryan J, Reiser J, Lu X, Kerisit S, Cooley S, Bonnett J, Seymour L, Prather D, Asmussen M & Vienna J
(2018) Historical Overview of the Leaching Performance of Cementitious Waste Forms Used in Performance and Risk Assessments at the Hanford Site
Asmussen M, Westsik J, Saslow S, Serne J, Smith G & Bacon D
(2018) Understanding Tc-99 Immobilization Pathways by Ettringite Formation in Cementitious Waste Forms
Saslow S, Asmussen RM, Corkhill C, Smith G & Peterson R

Asner G. (2018) Utilizing Remotely Sensed Folair Characteristics to Understand Landscape-Scale Critical Zone Processes
Chadwick KD & Asner G
(2014) Exploring Patterns of Rock Derived Nutrient Availability and Soil Chemistry along Hillslopes in the Peruvian Amazon
Chadwick KD & Asner G

Aso R. (2023) Gallium Isotopic Composition of GSJ Rock Reference Samples
Kato C, Aso R, Fukutani S, Nakada R, Nagaishi K, Wakaki S & Fujii T

Asochakova E. (2014) Microinclusions of Phosphates in the Oolitic Iron Ores from the Bakchar Deposit (Western Siberia)
Asochakova E
(2013) Petrochemical Typification of the Oolitic Iron Ores from the Bakchar Deposit (Westen Siberia)
Asochakova E

Asogan D. (2022) LA ICP-MS Imaging of Zircons by Sector Field, High Sensitivity Mass Spectrometry Coupled to Fast-Washout Laser Ablation
Bracciali L, Craig G, Lindemann T, Vollstaedt H, Lloyd N, Asogan D & Van Malderen SJM
(2018) In situ Isobaric Interference Removal for Geochronology Applications with LA-ICP-MS Using Triple Quadrupole Technology
Seeley C & Asogan D
(2016) Optimised Performance Characteristics of an Active 2-Volume Cell for Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Asogan D, Stremtan C, Jackson S, Petrelli M, Winship P & Lay C
(2016) Performance Evaluation of a Novel, High Efficiency, Low-Dispersion Aerosol Transport System for Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Asogan D, Jackson S, Yang Z, Van Malderen S, Vanhaeke F, Winship P & Lay C
(2014) Signal Uniformity in an Active Two Volume Laser Ablation Cell
Asogan D, Moody S & Clarke D
(2013) Performance and Gas-Flow Effects of an Active 2-Volume Sampling Chamber Using a 213 nm Laser Ablation System for Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry
Asogan D, Green D, Shuttleworth S & Roy J
(2012) A Low Flow Desolvating Nebulizer System as a Tool for Calibration in LA-ICP-MS
Asogan D & Clarke D

Asous N. (2015) Mechanisms of Cryospheric Life: Protein Dynamics, Thermodynamics, and Electron Transfer in Psychrophilic Hydrocarbonoclastic Marine Bacteria
Magyar J, Asous N, Benzik E, Chou J, Dalchand N, Gallagher G & Salerno G

Asowata T. (2018) Assessment of Heavy Metal and PAH Pollution of Onitsha, Southeastern Nigeria
Olatunji A & Asowata T
(2016) Tracking Lead in Environmental Media in a Typical African City: Case Study of Onitsha, Southeast Nigeria
Olatunji A & Asowata T
(2015) Developing Urban Geochemical Maps for Environmental Information and Planning in Nigeria
Olatunji A, Asowata T, Laniyonu A, Olajide-Kayode J, Olisa O, Abdulsalam M, Isiaq R & Ode G

Asp K. (2015) Ni Isotope Signatures of Duluth Complex Cu-Ni-Pge Mineralization
Asp K, Schardt C & Spivak-Birndorf L

Aspandiar M. (2020) Hydrothermal Cu-Co-Au Ore Formation during the Mesoarchean: Implications for Archean Cu-Co Metallogenesis
Fox D, Spinks S, Pearce M, Barham M, Kirkland C, Martin L & Aspandiar M
(2019) Cu-Co-Au Mineralisation in the Pilbara Craton during the Mesoarchean
Fox D, Spinks S, Pearce M, Le Vaillant M, Barham M, Thorne R & Aspandiar M

Aspetsberger F. (2004) Reactivity of Organic Matter in Benguela & Arctic Sediments: The Role of Supply vs. Quality
Ahke A, Ferdelman T, Aspetsberger F, Nickel M, Witte U & Zabel M

Asphaug E. (2014) Collisional Winnowing of Planetary Materials
Asphaug E & Reufer A
(2014) Towards Coupled Giant Impact and Long Term Interior Evolution Models
Golabek G, Jutzi M, Gerya T & Asphaug E
(2010) Erosion during Accretion: Consequences for Planetary Iron-Silicate Ratios and Tungsten Isotope Anomalies
Dwyer C, Nimmo F, Asphaug E & O'Brien D

Aspin A. (2023) How Alkenes React in Marine Hydrothermal Systems
Yang Z, Aspin A, Smith B & Burcar E
(2022) Dissolved Metal-Mediated Organic Carbon Transformations in Oceanic Hydrothermal Systems
Yang Z, Liao Y & Aspin A
(2021) Prebiotic Synthesis of Amide Bonds and Implications for Origin of Life
Yang Z, Liao Y & Aspin A
(2020) Do Copper and Iron Influence Alcohol Transformations Under Hydrothermal Conditions?
Yang Z, Liao Y & Aspin A

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