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Avataneo C. (2019) Fibrous Antigorite from New Caledonia. An Environmental Health Hazard?
Petriglieri JR, Turci F, Tomatis M, Avataneo C, Fubini B, Gazzano E, Aldieri E & Laporte-Magoni C

Avchenko O. (2021) Isotopic Composition of Lunar Rocks is a Key to Moon’s Origin Understanding
Avchenko O & Aseeva A

Avci R. (2005) Fishing at the Nanoscale
Suo Z, Arce FT, Avci R, Spangler B, Schweitzer MH, Thieltges K, Wittmeyer J & Boyd R
(2005) Dinosaur Soft Tissues
Higby Schweitzer M, Wittmeyer J, Horner J & Avci R

Avdeenko A. (2004) The Genesis of the North Caucasian Mineral Waters: An Isotope and Geochemistry Study
Dubinina E, Avdeenko A & Lavrushin V

Avdeev M. (2021) Oxygen Deficient Lead-Technetium Pyrochlore, the First Example of a Stable Valence V Technetium Oxide?
Thorogood GJ, Avdeev M, Carter M, Losurdo L, Saura Muzquiz M, Thorogood K, Ting J, Wallwork KS, Zhang Z & Kennedy B
(2021) Insight into Disorder, Stress and Strain of Radiation Damaged Pyrochlores
Finkeldei SC, Chang S, Brandt F, Bosbach D, Ionescu M, Avdeev M, Simeone D & Thorogood GJ
(2021) Insight into the Order-Disorder Transition of Irradiated Pyrochlore Solid Solutions as Potential Nuclear Waste Forms
Chang S, Thorogood GJ, Avdeev M, Brandt F, Bosbach D, Ionescu M, Simeone D & Finkeldei SC

Avdeiko G. (2009) The Origin of EM1 Alkaline Magmas during Cenozoic Reorganization of Subduction Zone of Kamchatka
Hoernle K, Portnyagin M, Hauff F, van den Bogaard P & Avdeiko G
(2003) Evidence for Decompressional Melting of Garnet Peridotite at the Kamchatka-Aleutian Junction
Portnyagin M, Hoernle K & Avdeiko G

Avé Lallemant H. (2007) Jadeitite, Lawsonite Eclogite, and Related Rocks, Guatemala: Fluid-Rock Histories from a Cold Subduction Zone
Sorensen S, Sisson V, Harlow G, Avé Lallemant H & Tsujimori T

Avellan A (2014) Nanotubular Alumino-Silicates and Analogues (Imogolites): Formation and Biological Interactions
Masion A, Avellan A, Levard C, Lui W, Auffan M, Achouack W, Doelsch E, Ziarelli F & Rose R

Avellan Astrid (2021) Hydrophobic Interactions at the Phylloplane Modulating Adhesion, Uptake and in Planta Fate of Foliarly Deposited Particles
Avellan A, Morais BP, Miranda M, Dias DS, Lowry GV & Rodrigues SM
(2021) Linking Phytoavailability of Inorganic Nanoparticles with their Transformation in the Rhizosphere
Rodrigues SM, Rodrigues S, Miranda M, Martins N, Trindade T, Gao X, Lowry GV & Avellan A
(2018) Plant Nanobiotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture
Lowry G, Spielman-Sun E, Avellan A & Laughton S
(2018) Temporal Fate and (Bio)transformations of Cu- and Au- Based Nanomaterials Chronically Added in Freshwater Mesocosms
Avellan A, Simonin M, Geitner N, Colman B, Cooper J, Bossa N, Spielman-Sun E, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry G
(2017) Unraveling the Complex Environmental Fate of Engineered Nanomaterials Through Synchrotron X-Ray Spectroscopy
Lowry G, Spielman-Sun E, Avellan A & Stegemeier J
(2017) Long Term Behavior of Metal Nanoparticles after Low Dose Chronic Addition in Simulated Freshwater Wetlands
Avellan A, Spielman-Sun E, Simonin M, Colman BP, Cooper J, Geitner NK, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry GV
(2017) Elucidating the Mechanisms of CuO ENM Bacterial Toxicity Using Time-Resolved Transcriptional Assays
Moore JD, Avellan A, Lowry GV & Gregory KB

Avellan C. (2009) Chemical Analyses of Lipids Preserved in Iron Age Pottery from Bibracte, France
Avellan C & Spangenberg JE

Avena M. (2004) Dissolution Rate of Mercury Oxide
Hocsman A, Di Nezio S, Avena M, de Pauli C & Charlet L

Averill C. (2021) Non-Reductive, Ligand-Promoted Dissolution is Responsible for Enhanced Weathering of Ferric (Oxy)hydroxides in the Pine (Mycor)rhizosphere
Tappero RV, Liao H-L(, Bhatnagar J, Averill C, Chen K-H(, Zhang K, Erhunmwunse A, Northrup P, Victor T, Nicholas SL, McCarthy L & Vilgalys R
(2020) Multi-Modal Imaging of Plant-Microbe Interactions in the Pine Rhizosphere
Tappero R, Liao S, Bhatnagar J, Averill C, Chen K, Zhang K, Nicholas SL, O'Neill H, Bilheux H & Vilgalys R

Averill S. (2012) Zn-Rich Chromite in Ni-Ore of the Thompson Nickel Belt, Canada
Kjarsgaard I, McClenaghan B, Averill S & Matile G

Averin A. (2015) Ni and Co Chloride Complexing in Hydrothermal Fluids: Spectrophotometric Experiment (to 450℃, 1 kbar) and Thermodynamic Model
Tagirov B, Zotov A, Shvarov Y, Akinfiev N & Averin A
(2015) Investigation of Fluids in Mantle Peridotites from Oasis Jetty (East Antarctica) by Raman Spectroscopy
Averin A & Solovova I
(2015) Characterisation of Quenched Carbonate-Silicate Melts by Vibrational Spectroscopy, XAFS and HEXRD: Structure and Y, Sr, Zr Speciation
Shiryaev A, Murzin V, Veligzhanin A, Shablinskaya K, Averin A, Safonov O, Zubavichus Y, Pohlenz J, Belin S, Mathon O & Wilke M

Avery A. (2016) Tephrachronostratigraphy and Provenance from IODP Expedition 352, Izu-Bonin Arc: Temporal Variations Indicating Tephra Source Changes from the Oligocene to the Holocene
Kutterolf S, Schindlbeck JC, Robertson A, Avery A, Baxter A & Wang K-L

Avery B. (2017) Photochemical Alterations in Gas Phase and Surface Water Ethanol Concentrations in Southeastern North Carolina, USA
Kieber R, Avery B, Mead R, Willey J, Shimizu M, Powell P, Carroll A, Kinney S & Foley L
(2013) Ethanol Variability in Rainwater and its Impact on the Chemistry of the Troposphere
Kieber R, Willey J, Avery B, Mead R, Giubbina F & Campos L
(2011) Photochemical Production of Dissolved Organic and Inorganic Nutrients from Resuspended Sediments
Kieber R, Southwell M, Laquire C, Thompson L, Skrabal S, Avery B & Mead R

Avery E. (2008) Direct vs. Indirect Quantification of Pyrite Oxidation Rates
Avery E & Benning LG
(2007) Pyrite Oxidation at Seafloor Conditions: Inorganic Mechanisms
Avery E & Benning L

Avery Gene (2013) Temporal Variability of Coastal Rainwater Fe(II) Concentration and Wet Deposition to Surface Seawater
Willey J, Rice B, Humphreys J, Kieber R, Helms J, Avery G & Mead R

Avery Graham (2018) U-Th Burial Dating of Ostrich Eggshell Beyond the 14C Limit
Niespolo EM, Sharp WD, Fylstra ND, Avery G, Blegen N, Faith JT, Henshilwood CS, Klein R, Van Niekerk K, Weisz DG & Tryon CA

Avetisyan K. (2022) Sulfur, Manganese and Iron Transformations in Low-Sulfate Iron-Rich Lake Sihailongwan
Kamyshny A, Boyko V, Avetisyan K, Findlay A, Guo Q, Yang X & Pellerin A
(2022) Dynamics of Methane Level in Oxic Waters in an Embayment of Georgian Bay, Lake Huron
Avetisyan K, Shao X, Sweetnam D & Dittrich M
(2019) Kinetics and Mechanism of Polysulfides Formation by a Reaction between Hydrogen Sulfide and Orthorhombic Cyclooctasulfur
Avetisyan K, Buchshtav T & Kamyshny A
(2018) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in the Chemocline of Warm Monomictic Lake with Sub-Millimolar Sulfate Concentrations
Avetisyan K, Eckert W, Findlay A & Kamyshny Jr. A
(2017) Diurnal Variations in Sulfur Transformations at the Chemocline of Stratified Freshwater Lake
Kamyshny A, Avetisyan K, Findlay A & Eckert W
(2017) Inter-Annual Study of the Re-oxidative Part of the Sulfur Cycle in Lake Kinneret
Avetisyan K, Findlay A, Eckert W & Kamyshny Jr. A

Aviado K.B. (2013) Melt Generation in the West Antarctic Rift System: The Volatile Legacy of Gondwana Subduction?
Aviado KB, Rilling S, Mukasa SB, Bryce JG & Cabato J

Avice G. (2022) How do I and Pu Partition during Core Formation? Constraints from First-Principles Molecular Dynamics and Implications
Liu W, Zhang Y, Tissot FLH, Avice G & Yin Q-Z
(2021) The End of the Atmospheric Xenon Archean’s Evolution: A Study of the Great Oxygenation Event Period
Ardoin LM, Broadley M, Almayrac M, Byrne D, Avice G & Marty B
(2021) Potential of Post-Impact Hydrothermal Minerals as Paleo-Atmospheric Proxies: The Case of Rochechouart (France)
Avice G, Richard A & Ferrière L
(2020) Large Scale Nucleosynthetic Heterogeneities Across the Solar System Identified by Xenon
Avice G, Gilmour J & Moreira M
(2019) Xenon in Carbonaceous Matter: A Paleo-Atmospheric Proxy and a Dating Tool for Paleo-Fossils?
Avice G, Moreira M, Hofmann A & Ossa FO
(2018) Xenon Isotopes in Archean Kerogens: On the Syngenetic Origin of Ancient Organic Materials and Evolution of the Primitive Atmosphere
Bekaert DV, Broadley MW, Delarue F, Avice G, Robert F & Marty B
(2017) Xenon and Krypton in Carbon-Rich Lithologies: Isotopic Anomalies, Present and Past Atmospheric Signatures
Avice G, Farley KA & Tartèse R
(2016) The Isotopic Composition of the Martian Atmosphere Recorded in the Tissint Meteorite
Avice G, Bekaert D, Marty B & Chennaoui Aoudjehane H
(2016) Chondritic Xenon in a Mantle Plume beneath Eifel (Germany): Implications for Early Earth's Differentiation
Caracausi A, Avice G, Burnard P, Furi E & Marty B
(2016) Composition of Cometary Volatiles: Implications for the Delivery of Atmospheric Species and for Solar System Dynamics
Marty B, Altwegg K, Avice G & Morbidelli A
(2015) The Evolution of the Isotopic Composition of the Atmosphere Through Time
Avice G, Marty B, Burgess R & Zimmermann L
(2014) The Age of the Earth-Moon System Revisited Using Xenon Isotope Systematics
Avice G & Marty B
(2014) Geochemical Insights into the Composition of the Archean Atmosphere
Marty B, Avice G, Burgess R, Burnard P, Hebrard E, Kuga M, Philippot P, Pujol M & Zimmermann L
(2013) Modeling the Evolution of the Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric Xenon Through Time
Avice G & Marty B

Avigad D. (2019) In situ U-Pb Dating of Metamorphic Garnet and Accessory Phases
Millonig LJ, Albert R, Gerdes A, Avigad D, Dietsch C & Ague JJ

Avigad Dov (2021) Constructing the Provenance of Siliciclastic Sediments Using their Clay Fraction
Harlavan Y, Ben Dor Y, Kedem N, Calvo R, Morag N & Avigad D
(2018) In situ U-Th-Pb Dating of Metamorphic Garnet, Staurolite and Accessory Phases – A Case Study from the Straits Schist, Connecticut
Millonig LJ, Albert Roper R, Gerdes A, Avigad D & Ague JJ
(2017) Crustal Evolution of the Balkan: Episodic Igneous Activity and Crustal Recycling of Peri-Gondwana European Terranes Revealed from Zircons and Rutiles in Basement Rocks and River Sediments
Abbo A, Avigad D & Gerdes A
(2017) Pelagonian Affinity of the ‎Intermediate Blueschist Nappe in the ‎Olympus-Ossa-Pelion Area (Northern ‎Greece)‎
Zlatkin O, Avigad D & Gerdes A
(2017) Provenance of the Miocene Sequence in Southern Israel: A Multi Proxy Iso-Geochemistry Study
Kedem N, Harlavan Y, Calvo R & Avigad D
(2017) The Provenance of Heavy Minerals, Feldspars and Clays from the Cambrian Sandstones, Israel; Isotope and Geochemical Study
Harlavan Y, Ben-Dor Y & Avigad D
(2015) Cadomian Paleogeography and Tectonic Setting as Recorded in the Tauride Block (Turkey)
Abbo A, Avigad D, Gerdes A & Güngör T
(2011) Long-Distance Transport of North Gondwana Cambro-Ordovician Sandstones: Evidence from Detrital Zircon Hf Isotopic Composition
Morag N, Avigad D, Gerdes A, Belousova E & Harlavan Y
(2009) Evolution and Stabilization of a Juvenile Crust: Zircon U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Perspectives from the Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield
Morag N, Avigad D, Gerdes A, Belousova E & Harlavan Y
(2007) Hf-in-Zircon Perspective on Crustal Growth and Recycling in the Arabian-Nubian Shield
Morag N, Avigad D, Kolodner K, Belousova E, Ireland T & Harlavan Y

Avila A. (2020) Water Quality Alteration Sources along the Lenguazaque River (Colombia): Integrating Chemistry and Pb Isotopes
Widory D, Huguet C, Pearse J & Avila A

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