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Asplund M (2006) Oxygen Isotope Reservoirs in the Solar System
Ireland T & Asplund M

Asplund Megan (2018) Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Loaded and Unloaded Forms of Several Zinc Imidazole Metal Organic Frameworks
Calvin J, Asplund M, Rosen P, Akimbekov Z, Ayoub G, Katsenis A, Navrotsky A, Friscic T & Woodfield B

Asrat A.

Assadi A. (2017) Adsorption of Antibiotics onto Mixtures of Goethite and Manganese Oxide
Kamagate M, Marsac R, Assadi A, Giraudet S, Coulibaly L & Hanna K

Assamoi E. (2013) BC/OC Ratios: A New Metrics to Mitigate Emissions, Health and Radiative Impacts. Focus on African Megacities
Liousse C, Doumbia T, Assamoi E, Galy-Lacaux C, Baeza A, Penner J, Val S, Cachier H, Xu L, Criqui P & Rosset R

Assayag N. (2017) Atmospheric SO2 Oxidation by NO2 in the Urban Atmosphere: A View Through Sulfur Multi-Isotope Compositions
Au Yang D, Bardoux G, Widory D, Assayag N & Cartigny P
(2017) Sulfur Cycle and Geological History of the Carnian Evaporites in the Western French Alps as Recorded by TSR
Barré G, Michels R, Strzerzynski P, Truche L, Thomassot E, Cartigny P, Lorgeoux C, Guillot S & Assayag N
(2017) Gas-Source Mass-Spectrometry “Strikes Back”: Multi-Isotopic Composition of Selenium and their Mass-Independent Fractionation
Bouyon A, Assayag N & Cartigny P
(2015) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Analyses: Improvement and Application to Urban Aerosols
Au Yang D, Landais G, Assayag N, Bui TH, Wing B, Widory D & Cartigny P
(2015) Fe and S Isotope Constraints on Redox Conditions Associated with Barite Deposits from the 3.2 Ga Mapepe Formation (South Africa)
Busigny V, Marin-Carbonne J, Muller E, Cartigny P, Assayag N, Rollion-Bard C & Philippot P
(2015) Chromites of Ordinary Chondrites: Chronological Constraints by the Initial Cr Method and New Oxygen Isotope Data
Göpel C, Birck JL, Assayag N, Cartigny P & Galy A
(2014) Isotopic Composition of Sulfur in Enstatite Meteorites
Defouilloy C, Moynier F, Pringle E, Assayag N, Barrat J-A & Cartigny P
(2013) Isotopic and Mineralogical Evidence for Atmospheric Oxygenation in 2.76 Ga Old Paleosols
Philippot P, Teitler Y, Gérard M, Cartigny P, Muller E, Assayag N, Le Hir G & Fluteau F
(2012) 54Cr and 17 in Carbonaceous Chondrites and an Old 53Cr/53Mn Age of the Paris Meteorite
Gopel C, Birck J-L, Cartigny P, Assayag N & Zanda B
(2012) A New Way to Look at Mantle Heterogeneities: Multiple Sulfur-Isotope on Pacific Antarctic Ridge
Labidi J, Cartigny P, Hamelin C, Moreira M, Dosso L & Assayag N
(2011) CO2 Degassing and Groundwater Mixing in the Navajo Aquifer, Green River, Utah
Dubacq B, Kampman N, Assayag N, Wigley M & Bickle M
(2011) On the Mass Independent Fractionations of O, Hg, Si, Mg and Cd during Open-System Evaporation or Thermal Decomposition
Cartigny P, Eiler J, Agrinier P & Assayag N
(2011) Multiple Sulfur Isotopes in Basalts: Chemical Geodynamics in the South Atlantic Mantle
Labidi J, Cartigny P, Bourrand J-J & Assayag N
(2011) Negative Sulfur-Mif Anomalies in Metasomatized Eclogites from Siberia
Thomassot E, Rollion-Bard C, Pearson GD, Assayag N & Fialin M
(2008) CO2 Ionic Trapping by Water-Rock Interactions during a Push-Pull Test in a Basaltic-Metasedimentary Aquifer
Assayag N, Matter J, Ader M, Goldberg D & Agrinier P

Assbichler Donja (2015) HFS Element Minerals in Volcanic Sanidinite Formed from a Gaseous Phase
Aßbichler D, Heuss-Aßbichler S, Fehr KT & Müller D
(2015) Solvothermal Transport of Zr in Volcanic Systems and its Relevance for Technical Applications
Heuss-Aßbichler S, Aßbichler D, Fehr KT & Müller D
(2013) Bimetasomatism in the Eclogite Facies: Evidence from the Tauern Window, Austria
Assbichler D & Proyer A

Aßbichler Donjá (2017) Carbothermal Processes Preserved in Nosean Sanidinites from Laacher See, Eifel, Germany
Aßbichler D, Heuss-Aßbichler S & Kunzmann T

Asschert A. (2007) Sulfur Isotopes in Barite Deposits from the Lower Onverwacht Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt: Evidence for Microbial Sulfate Reduction at >3.5 Ga?
Mason P, Asschert A, Reimer T, Kosler J & Whitehouse M

Assefa G. (2020) Fluoride Exposure and Bone Quality Measured Using a Novel Ultrasonic Biomarker
Godebo T, Jeuland M, Tekle-Haimanot R, Shankar A, Alemayehu B, Assefa G, Whitford G & Wolfe A

Asselin C. (2023) Controls on the Spatial Distribution and Temporal Variation of Anthropogenic Tracers in the Sediments of the Paris Sewerage System
Asselin C, Jacob J, Moilleron R, Ayrault S & Rican S

Asselta J. (2023) Linking Soil Phosphorus to Soil Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Humid, Subtropical Forests
Stinchcomb GE, Asselta J, Miles M, El Masri B, Moon JB & Runkle BRK

Asset N. (2023) Hiroshima Spherules as an Analog of Early Solar System Condensates
Asset N, Chaussidon M, Villeneuve J, Wannier M & Robert F

Asseva A. (2013) Delaminated Lithospheric Mantle and Exotic Metasomatism beneath East Russia
Ntaflos T, Aschchepkov I, Koutsovitis P, Hauzenberger C, Prikhodko V & Asseva A

Assis A. (2017) Characterization of Soils from North and Central Portugal for Forensic Purposes
Gomes J, Moreira I, Pacheco Â, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Assis A & Guedes A
(2017) Characterization of Soils from Central and South Portugal for Forensic Purposes
Moreira I, Gomes J, Pacheco Â, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Assis A & Guedes A
(2017) Characterization of Soils from the Region of Lisbon (Portugal) for Forensic Purposes
Pacheco Â, Moreira I, Gomes J, Ribeiro H, Sant'Ovaia H, Assis A & Guedes A

Assis C. (2019) U-Pb and Lu-Hf Systematics in Zircons from Basement Gneisses of the Araguaia Belt, Brazil: Evidence for Recycling of Archean Crust during the Proterozoic
Moura C, Assis C, Milhomem Neto J & Dias A

Assis Fernandes V. (2017) 40Ar-39Ar, Chemistry and Mantle Source Modelling of Apollo 17 Basalts
Assis Fernandes V, Czaja P, Fawcett L, Khan A, Liebske C, Neal C & Sliwinski J
(2016) Petrologic and Chemical Diversity of New Apollo 17 2-4 mm Basaltic Regolith Fragments
Assis Fernandes V & Cooper L

Assmy P. (2016) Observations of Arctic Sea Ice and Ocean Biogeochemistry in the New Thinner Ice Era: The N-Ice2015 Drift Ice Expedition
Granskog M, Assmy P, Duarte P, Fernandez-Mendez M, Fransson A, Kauko H, Mørk Olsen L, Chierici M, Nomura D, Mundy C-J & Steen H

Assonov S. (2017) Triple Oxygen Isotope Signatures in Mid- Latitude Snowpack and Ice
Surma J, Assonov S, Onac BP & Staubwasser M
(2016) Triple Oxygen Isotope Systematics in Evaporitic Brines
Surma J, Herwartz D, Assonov S & Staubwasser M
(2016) Seasonal Climate Change in Central-Eastern Europe at the Mid-Late Paleolithic Transition ~ 40 ka ago
Staubwasser M, Dragusin V, Assonov S, Hofmann D, Ersek V, Veres D & Onac B
(2011) Origin and Flux of Lunar (Micro-) Impactors: Constraints from N-Ar Analyses of Single Luna 24 Grains
Füri E, Marty B & Assonov S

Asta Maria P. (2023) In situ Observations of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate (ACC) Transformation into Crystalline CaCO3
Bonilla-Correa S, Ruiz-Agudo E & Asta MP
(2023) Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Carbonates: The Role of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Asta MP, Adams A, Vennemann T & Meibom A
(2023) Remediation of Polluted Waters by Mineral Precipitation Strategies
Ruiz-Agudo E, Bonilla-Correa S, Millán Becerro R & Asta MP

Asta Maria Pilar (2019) Microbially-Mediated Arsenic Release from Mekong Delta Sediments
Asta MP, Wang Y, Frutschi M, Viacava K, Loreggian L, Le Pape P, Vo PL, Fernandez AM, Morin G & Bernier-Latmani R
(2019) The Role of Polyaspartic Acid on the Kinetic Persistance of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Asta M, Fernandez-Martinez A, Besselink R, Campillo S & Rudic S
(2017) Natural Organic Matter in Mekong Delta Sediments: Implications for As Release and Mobility
Asta M, Wang Y, Calleja M, Le Pape P, Frutschi M, Viacava K, Le Vo P, Fernandez A, Sanchez-Ledesma D, Morin G & Bernier-Latmani R
(2016) A Carbon Nanotube-Associated Arsenic Species in Mekong Delta Sediments
Wang Y, Le Pape P, Morin G, Suvorova E, Bártová B, Asta MP, Frutschi M, Ikogou M, Pham C. H. V, Vo PL, Charlet L & Bernier-Latmani R
(2016) Mobility of Arsenic in Anoxic Sediments in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam
Asta MP, Wang Y, Frutschi M, Le Vo P, Pham V & Bernier-Latmani R
(2015) Arsenic Mobilization in an Aquifer in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam
Asta MP, Frutschi M, Gayout A, Wang Y, Le Vo P, Pham V, Planer-Friedrich B, Charlet L & Bernier-Latmani R
(2015) Monitoring the Formation of Ferrian Chromite by µXANES
Gervilla F, Asta MP, Fanlo I, Grolimund D, Colás V, González-Jiménez JM & Kerestedjian TN
(2013) Reaction Mechanisms, Pathways, and Transport in Anaerobic Abiotic and Microbial U(IV)-Oxide Dissolution Studies
O'Day P, Asta M, Kanematsu M, Steefel C & Beller H
(2011) Evaluation of Thermodynamic Data and Activity Coefficient Models for the Geochemical Modeling of CO2 Storage Systems
Gimeno MJ, Acero P, Gutierrez V, Auque LF, Asta MP & Gomez J
(2009) Arsenic Mobilization in Acid Mine Drainage from the Tinto Santa Rosa Mine, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain
Asta MP, Ayora C, Cama J, Román-Ross G, Gault AG, Charnock JM & Acero P

Asta-Andres M.P. (2019) Early Stages of the Formation of Nanocrystalline C-S-H Colloids
Besselink R, Poulain A, Goberna-Ferron S, Asta-Andres MP, van Driesche A & Fernandez-Martinez A

Aster R. (2008) Did Plate Tectonics Shut Down for 200 to 300 My during the Early Proterozoic?
Condie K, O'Neill C & Aster R

Asthagiri A. (2014) A First Principles Study of Water Adsorption and Dissociation on Olivine Surfaces
Liu T, Asthagiri A & Cole D

Asthana D. (2019) Slab Melting in Central Indian HMA: A Mineral Perspective
Kumar S & Asthana D
(2017) Oxybarometric Study of Closepet Granite: An Anomalous Sanukitoid
Asthana D & Zehra F
(2015) The Role of Amphiboles in the Formation of Malanjkhand Porphyry Cu-Deposit
Asthana D, Kumar H, Kumar S & Xia Q-K
(2010) The Dongargarh Bimodal Volcanic Province and the Large Igneous Province Conundrum
Asthana D, Pophare A, Crawford A & Kanojkar D
(2006) Geochemical and Sr-Pb-Nd-Hf isotopic study of Neoarchaean “Setouchi-type” high-magnesium andesite suite from Central India.
Asthana D, Kimura J-I, Shinjo R, Katakuse M & Pophare A

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