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Awramik S (2003) Life in the Early Archean – Fossils from the Early Archean
Awramik S

Awramik Stanley (2022) Biogenic Stromatolites as Lacustrine Oxygen Oases ~2.7 Ga: Synthesizing Textural and Geochemical Data
Wilmeth DT, Lalonde SV, Berelson WM, Petryshyn VA, Celestian AJ, Beukes N, Awramik S, Spear J, Mahseredjian T & Corsetti FA

Axe L (2005) Sequestration of Pb by Hydrous Manganese Oxide-Coated Clay
Boonfueng T, Axe L & Xu Y

Axe Lisa (2020) Determining the Speciation of Reactive Iron Mineral Coatings in Redox Transition Zones with Sequential Extraction
Yin X, Hua H & Axe L
(2018) Determining Reactive Iron Mineral Contributions in Redox Transition Zones with Sequential Extraction
Yin X, Hua H & Axe L
(2018) Reactive Iron Mineral Coatings in Redox Transition Zones
Hua H, Yin X & Axe L

Axel A. (2012) Veryfast Silicic Magma Genesis in Caldera and Rift Environments Based on Isotope Zoning in Zircons, Experiments, and Thermal Modeling
Bindeman I, Lundstrom C, Axel A, Simakin A, Seligman A & Drew D

Axelrad D. (2010) Development of a Dynamic Mercury Cycling Model for the Gulf of Mexico
Harris R, Pollman C, Landing W, Morey S, Dukhovskoy D & Axelrad D

Axelson G. (2013) Tracer Applications to Verify Carbon Mineralization in Icelandic Basalts
Stute M, Hall J, Matter J, Mesfin K, Gislason S, Sigfusson B, Gunnlaugsson E, Gunnarsson I, Aradottir E, Sigurdardottir H, Axelson G & Broecker W

Axelsson E. (2017) Rutile R632 – A New Natural Reference Material for in situ U–Pb and Zr Analyses
Axelsson E, Berndt J, Pape J, Corfu F, Mezger K & Raith MM
(2013) Polyphase Evolution of the Eastern Ghats Belt (India) – A Multi Mineral Approach Using Rb-Sr and U-Pb Ages
Axelsson E, Mezger K & Villa IM

Axelsson G. (2010) Mineral Seqestration of CO2 in Basalt – The CarbFix Project
Gislason S, Wolff-Boenisch D, Stefansson A, Alfredsson H, Oelkers E, Gunnlaugsson E, Sigurdardottir H, Sigfusson B, Aradottir E, Broecker W, Matter J, Stute M & Axelsson G
(2009) The Carbfix Project: Mineral CO2 Sequestration into Basalt
Gislason S, Broecker W, Oelkers E, Gunnlaugsson E, Sigurdardottir H, Stefansson A, Wolff-Boenisch D, Matter J, Stute M & Axelsson G

Axisa D. (2009) Individual Particles in Atmospheric Dust from Saudi Arabia
Pósfai M, Axisa D, Bruintjes R & Buseck PR

Ay F. (2013) Coal Petrography and Depositional Environments Relationship of the Tertiary Coals from Anatolides (Tokat Region – Turkey)
Yalcin Erik N & Ay F

Ayache S.V. (2017) Geochemical Evolution of Oil Sands Upon Aquathermolysis during Steam Injection Processes for Oil Recovery
Michel P, Lamoureux-Var V, Ouled Ameur Z, Isabelle L, Lienemann C-P, Ayache SV & Preux C

Ayala D. (2021) Biogeochemical Roles of Planktonic Microbial Populations in a Meromictic Acidic Pit Lake Revealed by Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics
Ayala D, Macalady J, Sánchez-España J, Falagán C, Couradeau E & Burgos W
(2019) Comparative Genomic and Tran-Scriptomic Investigation of an Acidic Pit Lake in the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Ayala D, Sánchez-España J, Crowe S, Macalady J & Burgos W
(2019) Metal-Microbe-Mineral Interactions in Extreme Environments: The Acidic Pit Lake Perspective
Sánchez-España J, Ayala D, Burgos W, Van der Graaf L, Sánchez-Andrea I, Maar M, Meier J, Falagán C & Yusta I

Ayala E. (2012) Environmental Geochemistry of Some Ore Deposits in the Sierra Gorda Nature Preserve, East-Central Mexico
Carrillo-Chavez A, Cruz N, Audifred AI, Salas E, Ayala E, Levresse G & Gerke T

Ayala-Luis K.B. (2011) Reduction of Carbon Tetrachloride by Organo-Green Rust
Ayala-Luis K, Hansen HC, Koch C & Cooper N
(2011) Formation of a Layered FeIII (Hydr)oxide Intercalated with Dodecanoate
Huang L-Z, Ayala-Luis K, Bender Koch C & Hansen HCB
(2008) Gibbs Free Energy of Formation for Sulphate Green Rust
Ayala-Luis KB, Bender Koch C & Bruun Hansen HC

Ayalew D.
(2016) 3He Excess in Air, a New Potential Tracer for Volcanic CO2 Emissions in the Atmosphere
Boucher C, Marty B, Lan T, Mabry J, Burnard P, Boucher P, Zimmermann L, Ayalew D, Fischer T, De Moor JM & Zelenski M
(2014) Precious Opal Deposits at Wegel Tena, Ethiopia: Formation Through Successive Pedogenesis Events
Chauviré B, Rondeau B, Mazzero F & Ayalew D
(2014) Genesis of Precious Opal in the Critical Zone: Role of the Host Rock, Climate, and Biology
Rondeau B, Chauviré B, Fritsch E, Ayalew D & Mazzero F

Ayalon A. (2021) Reconstructing Eastern Mediterranean Climate during MIS6 and MIS5e from Peqi’in Cave Speleothem Fluid Inclusion Stable Isotope and TEX86 Measurements
Levy E, Bar-Matthews M, Vonhof H, Matthews AA, Ayalon A, Martinez-Garcia A & Haug GH
(2017) Measuring Seasonal Hydroclimate Dynamics in Speleothems
Orland I, Edwards L, Bar-Matthews M, Kozdon R, Cheng H, Ayalon A & Valley J
(2011) Kinetic Isotopes Effects in Speleothems: Insight from Clumped Isotopes and Fluid Inclusions
Affek H, Zaarur S, Kluge T, Matthews A, Burstein Y, Ayalon A & Bar-Matthews M
(2011) 1500 yr Cyclicity during Mid-Holocene in the Eastern Mediterranean
Bar-Matthews M & Ayalon A
(2010) Ion Microprobe Analysis of δ18O in Speleothems as a Source of Sub-Annual-Resolution Climate Records
Orland I, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Kita N & Valley J
(2009) A Fossil Oceanic Core Complex in the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus: Field and Isotope Evidence
Katzir Y, Nuriel P, Abelson M, Valley JW, Matthews A, Spicuzza MJ & Ayalon A
(2008) Relations between Mediterranean Cyclones and African Monsoon from Speleothems of Negev Desert, Israel
Vaks A, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Matthews A & Frumkin A
(2008) Seasonal Climate Change as Revealed by Ion Microprobe Analysis of δ18O in Soreq Cave (Israel) Speleothems
Orland I, Bar-Matthews M, Kita N, Ayalon A, Matthews A & Valley J
(2006) Can high-resolution marine and land records resolve Atlantic vs. monsoonal system signals in the Eastern Mediterranean region?
Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Almogi-Labin A, Schilman B & Kadosh D
(2006) Climatic window for the “Out of Africa” exodus of early modern humans: evidence from desert stalactites
Vaks A, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Matthews A, Halicz L & Frumkin A
(2006) Topographic- and density-driven fluids as sources of iron mineralization and dolomitization adjacent to the Dead Sea Transform
Matthews A, Erel Y, Listovsky N, Groscz S, Ayalon A, Avni Y & Ilani S
(2004) Oxygen and Iron Isotope Tracing of Metallic-Element Migration in the Continental Sub-Surface
Matthews A, Erel Y, Grosz S, Ilani S, Ayalon A & Halicz L
(2004) Tracking Humid-Dry Cycles in Northeastern Sahara: The Negev Desert, Israel during the Pleistocene
Bar-Matthews M, Vaks A, Ayalon A, Almogi-Labin A & Halicz L
(2004) Temperature Variations during the Last 140 kyr in the Eastern Mediterranean Based on Alkenones and Speleothem Fluid Inclusions
Ayalon A, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A, Kolosovsky E, Shriki D, Schilman B & Aizenshtat Z
(2002) A Wiggle-Matching Technique Applied to the Dating of Damaged Cave Deposits and Compilation of a Long- Term Paleoseismic Record, Soreq Cave, Israel
Kagan E, Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A & Agnon A
(2002) The Relationship between the Marine and the Terrestrial (Speleothems) Climatic Record during the Last 80 ka in the Eastern Mediterranean
Almogi-Labin A, Bar-Matthews M, Paterne M, Ayalon A & Schilman B
(2002) Palaeohydrology in the Eastern Mediterranean from Speleothem Fluid Inclusion D/H Analyses
McGarry S, Bar-Matthews M, Matthews A & Ayalon A
(2002) Hydrological Stability in Carbonate Aquifers over the Last 250kyr as Reflected by 234U/238U in Groundwater, Speleothems and Tufa
Gavrieli I, Bar-Matthews M, Halicz L, Ayalon A, Gur D & Burg A
(2002) Climatic Conditions in the Eastern Mediterranean Region during Glacial Marine Isotopic Stage 6
Ayalon A
(2002) Implications for Post-Sapropel Aridity on Land in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Gilmour M, Matthews A & Hawkesworth C
(2000) Variation of Palaeoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – as Derived from Speleothems in Various Climate Regimes in Israel
Bar-Matthews M, Gilmour M, Ayalon A, Vax A, Kaufmann A, Frumkin A & Hawkesworth C
(2000) Indications of Late Holocene Climate Change from Stable Isotope Variations in Soil Organic Carbon, Pedogenic Calcite and Land Snails from the Southern Great Lakes Region, Canada
Ayalon A & Longstaffe FJ

Ayarzagüena Sanz M. (2021) High-Precision Pb and Ag Isotope Analysis of Galenas from Spain: New Insights into Silver Ore Exploitation in Roman Times
Milot J, Malod-Dognin C, Blichert-Toft J, Telouk P, Ayarzagüena Sanz M & Albarede F

Aydal D. (2011) A Low Sulphur Epithermal Gold Mineralisation in Kisacik-Ayvacik Area (Çanakkale-Turkey)
Vural A, Aydal D & Akpınar İ

Aydar E. (2012) Late Miocene Central Anatolian Surface Uplift and Orographic Rainout from Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Records
Mikes T, Mulch A, Schemmel F, Cosentino D, Rojay B & Aydar E

Aydemir E. (2017) Hydrogeological Modeling of the Geothermal Waters of Alaşehir in the Continental Rift Zone of the Gediz within the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Özgür N, Çalışkan TA & Aydemir E

Aydin F. (2021) Precious and Base Metal Crustal Fertility during Construction of the Eastern Pontides Arc, NE Turkey
Turlin F, Moritz R, Karsli O, Keskin S, Sönmez SU, Dokuz A & Aydin F
(2017) Petrochemistry of Early Eocene Lamprophyre Dykes, NE Turkey
Oğuz S, Aydin F, Karslı O, Uysal İ, Şen C & Kandemir R
(2017) The Early Mesozoic Tectonothermal Events in the Eastern Sakarya Zone, NE Turkey
Karslı O, Aydin F, Uysal İ, Dokuz A, Kandemir R & Oğuz S
(2015) Petrology of the Late Cretaceous Volcanism in the Eastern Blacksea Region, NE-Turkey: Petrographical and Geochemical Constraints
Aydin F, Uysal I, Sen C, Oguz S, Baser R, Kandemir R, Dokuz A & Sari B
(2013) Petrological and Geochemical Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of the Early Campanian Porphyritic Rocks from the Eastern Pontide Magmatic Arc, NE-Turkey
Aydin F
(2011) Eruptive History and Chemical Evolution of the Acigöl Volcanic Field, Central Anatolia, Turkey, Based on Geochemical and Isotopic (Sr-Nd-Pb, δ18O) Constraints and Ion Microprobe Zircon Analysis
Siebel W, Schmitt A, Danisik M, Aydin F & Kiemele E
(2007) Petrogenesis of the most-Recent Quaternary Volcanism with Implications for Post-Collisional Lithospheric Thinning of Eastern Turkey, Erzincan
Karsli O, Chen B, Uysal I, Wijbrans JR, Aydin F & Kandemir R

Aydin N. (2015) Geology and Mineralization of Temrezli Uranium Deposit, Yozgat, Turkey
Aydin N
(2014) Statical Characteristics of the Soils of Deliktas Au Deposit
Kirat G & Aydin N
(2014) Distribution of As and Cd in Verbascum euphraticum L. Plants on Pb-Zn Mining Area in Akdagmadeni, Yozgat, Turkey
Aydin N & Kirat G
(2013) Distribution of Cu, Pb and Zn in Astragalus Pycnocephalus Fischer and Verbascum euphraticum L. Plants on Pb-Zn Mining Area in Akdagmadeni, Yozgat, Turkey
Aydin N, Kirat G & Bölücek C

Aydin Ü. (2011) Geochemical Features of the Aladag Fe-Cu-Zn-Pb Skarn Deposit (Ezine/Canakkale-North West Turkey)
Arik F & Aydin Ü

Aydincakir E. (2015) The Petrogenesis of Early Eocene Non-Adakitic Volcanism in NE Turkey: Constraints on the Geodynamic Evaluation
Aydinçakir E
(2011) Geochemical and Sr-Nd Isotopic Characteristics of the Calc-Alkaline Volcanic Rocks from Borçka (Artvin): Implications for Genesis of Tertiary Magmatism in the Eastern Pontides (NE Turkey)
Aydınçakır E & Şen C
(2007) Petrographic and Petrological Characteristics of Dagbasi (Arakli-Trabzon) Volcanites, NE Turkey
Aydincakir E, Kaygusuz A, Sen C & Aslan Z
(2007) Petrography and Geochemistry Characteristics of the Calk-Alkaline Tertiary (?) Tuffs in the Gumushane Area, NE Turkey
Aslan Z, Kaygusuz A, Gucer MA & Aydincakir E
(2004) Evidences for Coeval Mafic and Felsic Magma Interactions; Torul, Koprubasi and Sariosman Plutons, NE Turkey
Kaygusuz A, Sen C & Aydincakir E

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