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Ayer J. (2019) Time-Space Evolution of the Abitibi-Wawa: New Insights from Hf-O Isotopes in Zircon
Mole D, Marsh J, Thurston P, Ayer J & Stern R
(2010) Re-Os and PGE of Neoarchean Websterite Xenoliths and Diamondiferous Lamprophyres
Shirey S, Ayer J, Wyman D & Nelson W
(2001) Enhanced Ni-Cu-(PGE) Potential in Young Komatiites in the Archean Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Canada
Sproule RA, Lesher CM, Ayer JA & Thurston PC

Ayers John (2022) Interactions Across Interfaces between Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Paste and Oil Shale
Gruber C, Taylor AD, Brown KG, Delapp R, Brown L, Mitchell C, Pyrak-Nolte L, Matteo EN, Klein-BenDavid O, Bar-Nes G, Meeussen JCL, Ayers J & Kosson DS
(2020) Conversion of Tidal Channel Water to Shallow As-Rich Groundwater Through Reduction of Ferric Oxides in the Tidal Deltaplain of SW Bangladesh
Ayers J & Peters C

Ayers John C (2017) Detection of Surface Fluxes of Thermogenic CH4 at HVHF Sites in Morgan Co., TN
Ajayi M, Ayers J & Hornberger G
(2012) Zircon and Baddeleyite Solubility in Alkaline Aqueous Fluids
Ayers J, Zhang L, Luo Y & Peters T
(2011) A Synthetic Silica Glass Reference Material for Determination of Ti in Zircon by LA-ICP-MS
Liu X, Gao S & Ayers JC
(2010) Preliminary Report on the Experimental Measurement of Trace-Element Partitioning between Zircon and Hydrothermal Metamorphic Fluids at High/Ultra-High Pressure Conditions
Peters T & Ayers J
(2008) Use of Newly Measured Zircon/Melt Partition Coefficients to Identify the Source of Hadean Zircons
Ayers J & Luo Y
(2006) What can Zircon and Monazite tell us about Metamorphic Fluids?
Ayers J
(2005) Zircon Aqueous Solubility and Partitioning Systematics
Ayers J & Zhang L
(2005) Investigation of Baddeleyite (ZrO<->2<$>) Solubility in Aqueous Alkaline Solutions
Zhang L & Ayers J
(2001) Evidence of Fluid-Assisted Recrystallization of Monazite
Ayers JC, Sailor K, Miller CF, Dunkle S & Loflin M
(2001) Effect of Fluid Composition on Monazite Solubility and Growth Systematics at 1.0 Gpa and 1000℃
Ayers JC & Giles K

Ayliffe L. (2012) Vegetation Collapse on Flores 69, 000 Years Ago: A Consequence of the Toba Super-Eruption, or a Volcanic Disaster Closer to Home?
Scroxton N, Gagan MK, Williams IS, Hellstrom JC, Cheng H, Ayliffe LK, Dunbar GB, Hantoro WS, Rifai H & Suwargadi BW
(2008) Speleothem Reconstructions of Palaeomonsoon Dynamics from Flores, Indonesia over the Last 24 kyr
Bretherton S, Gagan M, Ayliffe L, Zhao J-X, Griffiths M, Drysdale R & Hantoro W
(2002) Coral Reconstruction of Abrupt Tropical Cooling 8000 Years ago
Gagan M, Ayliffe L, Scott-Gagan H, Hantoro W & McCulloch M

Ayling B.F. (2006) High-resolution paleoclimate of the MIS 11 interglacial (423-360 ka) using geochemical proxies in giant Tridacna clams
Ayling BF, Chappell J, McCulloch MT, Gagan MK & Elliot M

Aylmore M. (2021) Spodumene 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology for a Cleaner Future
Ware B, Wells M, Aylmore M, Jourdan F, Wingate MTD & McInnes BIA

Aylor J. (2014) Environmental Geochemistry at the Coles Hill Uranium Deposit, Virginia, USA
Levitan D, Schreiber M, Seal R, Bodnar R & Aylor J
(2012) Baseline Characterization of Surface Water at the Coles Hill Uranium Deposit, Virginia
Levitan D, Schreiber M, Seal R, Bodnar R & Aylor J

Ayoko G. (2016) Estimation of Sources and Contribution of Pb Pollution in South China Sea Through Pb Isotopes Records in Coral during Last Century
Song Y, Feng Y, Yu K & Ayoko G

Ayolabi E. (2014) Groundwater Quality and Identification of Hydrogeochemical Processes within University of Lagos, Nigeria
Odukoya M, Ayolabi E & Folorunso A
(2007) Geo-Electric Investigation of Igbonla Geothermal Sources, South Western Nigeria
Badmus B, Ayolabi E & Adebowale A

Ayonta Kenne P. (2021) Zircon Trace Element Geochemistry and Ti-in-Zircon Thermometry of the Linté Pan-African Post-Collisional Granitoids, Central Cameroon: Constraints on the Genesis of Host Magma and Tectonic Implications
Ayonta Kenne P, Ganno S, Ngnotue T & Nzenti JP

Ayora A. (2017) Rarte Earth Elements Retention onto Basaluminite: Understanding Sorption Mechanisms
Lozano-Letellier L-L, Ayora A, Torres T, Fernández-Martínez F-M & Macías M

Ayora C. (2019) Arsenic Release from Argentinean Volcanic Glass and Ashes
Cacciabue L, Ayora C & Cama J
(2019) The Speciation of Rare Earth Elements in Wastes from Acid Mine Drainage: A Structural Approach to Design their Recovery
Lozano A, Fernández-Martínez A, Ayora C, Di-Tommaso D, Poulain A & Rovezzi M
(2019) Geochemistry of Rare Earth Elements in Acid Rock Drainage
Ayora C, Lozano A, Macías F & Nieto JM
(2018) Basaluminite Aging at Different pH and Sulfate Concentrations
Lozano A, Fernández-Martínez A, Ayora C & Poulain A
(2016) Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium Geochemistry in Acid Mine Drainage Neutralization
Torres E, Ayora C, Lozano A, Macias F, Carrero S, Pérez-López R & Nieto JM
(2015) Acid Mine Drainage: A Possible Source of Rare Earth Elements
Ayora C, Torres E, Lozano A, Macías F, Carrero S, Pérez-López R & Nieto JM
(2013) Metal Fluxes at the Sediment-Water Interface in a Reservoir Affected by AMD
Torres E, Ayora C, Arias JL, García-Robledo E, Papaspyrou S & Corzo A
(2013) Modelling of Cs Adsorption in Natural Mixed Clays and the Effects of Ion Competition
Garcia-Gutierrez M, Missana T, Benedicto A, Ayora C & De-Pourcq K
(2013) Assessment of Seasonal Variations in the Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of Sulfide Mine Tailings
Acero P, Pérez-López R, Ayora C, Quispe DL & Nieto JM
(2012) Seasonal and Inter-Annual Variations in Emerging Groundwater Mine Pollution: Essential Background Information for Acid Mine Drainage Management and Remediation
Caraballo MA, Macaas F, Nieto JM, Ayora C & Hochella MF
(2011) Natural Fe-Oxidizing Lagoon as a Pretreatment in AMD Remediation
Macias F, Ayora C, Caraballo M, Nieto JM & Roetting T
(2011) Sediment Diagenesis Modelling in a AMD Contaminated Reservoir
Torres E, Couture RM, Shafei B, Ruiz Cánovas C & Ayora C
(2010) Divalent Metal Removal from Highly Metal Polluted Acid Mine Drainage, Iberian Pyrite Belt
Macías Suárez F, Caraballo Monge MA, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora Ibañez C
(2009) Iron Removal Enhancement of a Two Step Calcite Passive Treatment System at the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Macías F, Caraballo MA, Nieto JM, Ayora C & Rötting TS
(2009) Arsenic Mobilization in Acid Mine Drainage from the Tinto Santa Rosa Mine, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain
Asta MP, Ayora C, Cama J, Román-Ross G, Gault AG, Charnock JM & Acero P
(2009) Iron and Aluminum Precipitates as Metals and Metalloids Sinks in a Passive Treatment System
Caraballo MA, Nieto JM & Ayora C
(2009) Calcite Cleavage Surface Reactivity in Sulphate-Rich Waters
Atanassova R, Cama J, Soler JM, Ayora C & Casanova I
(2009) The Passivation of Calcite during the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. Laboratory Experiments
Offeddu FG, Cama J, Soler J & Ayora C
(2008) Geochemical Evolution of Marine Shore Mine Tailings in an Hyperarid Climate
Bea Jofré SA, Ayora C, Carrera J & Dold B
(2008) Modeling the Interaction between Geochemical and Hydraulic Processes during Evaporation in Tailings
Acero P, Ayora C, Carrera J, Saaltink MW & Olivella S
(2008) Disperse Alkaline Substrate Passive Remediation at Mina Esperanza (Iberian Pyrite Belt, SW Spain)
Caraballo Monge MA, Macías Suarez F, Rötting T, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora C
(2007) Palaeohydrology of the Mulhouse Basin: Are Fluid Inclusions in Halite Tracers of Past Seawater Composition?
Cendon D, Ayora C, Pueyo JJ, Taberner C & Blanc-Valleron M-M
(2007) Treatment of High Metal Concentration AMD Using Dispersed Alkaline Substrate (DAS), a Novel Passive Treatment System
Caraballo Monge MA, Rötting T, Nieto Liñán JM & Ayora C
(2006) Comparison between chalcopyrite and sphalerite dissolution kinetics under ARD conditions
Cama J, Acero P & Ayora C
(2006) Sulfate starved subbasins: Implications for Permian seawater composition
Cendon Sevilla DI, Pueyo JJ, Ayora C, Taberner C & Peryt T
(2005) The Dissolution of Apatite II
Cama J, Oliva J, Cortina JL, Ayora C & de Pablo J
(2004) Making and Filling Space: Coupled Hydrothermal Karst Genesis and Sulfide/Sulfate Precipitation
Corbella M, Ayora C & Cardellach E
(2002) Calibration of a Reactive Transport Model to Interpret a Deep-Well-Recharge Field Experiment at Langerak (the Netherlands)
Saaltink MW, Ayora C, Stuyfzand PJ & Timmer H
(2002) Groundwater Geochemistry and Dissolution Processes of the Okélobondo Uranium Ore (Gabon)
Salas J & Ayora C
(2002) Fluid Mixing and Deep Dissolution of Carbonates
Corbella M & Ayora C
(2002) Multi-Component Reactive Transport Modelling at the Ratones Uranium Mine (Spain)
Marcuello A, Gómez P, Saaltink M, Ayora C & Carrera J
(2000) Oxidation Processes of the Natural Nuclear Reactor of Okélobondo (Gabon): Reactive Transport Modelling
Salas J, Ayora C & Bitzer K
(2000) Weathering of the Pyritic Sludge Remaining in the Soil after the Aznalcóllar Accident (SW Spain)
Domènech C & Ayora C
(2000) Oxidative Dissolution Rate of Aznalcóllar Sulphide Sludge (SW Spain)
Domènech C, de Pablo J & Ayora C

Ayotte P. (2010) Spectroscopic, Structural and Electronic Properties of Acid Dissociation Intermediates in Water
Iftimie R, Thomas V, Buin A & Ayotte P

Ayoub G. (2018) Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Loaded and Unloaded Forms of Several Zinc Imidazole Metal Organic Frameworks
Calvin J, Asplund M, Rosen P, Akimbekov Z, Ayoub G, Katsenis A, Navrotsky A, Friscic T & Woodfield B

Ayoub N. (2017) Technology-Critical Elements (Sb, Ta, Te, In, Ga) and Organic Matter Interactions by Fluorescence Quenching
Mounier S, Filella M, Ayoub N, Redon R, Hajjoul H & Garnier C

Ayral A. (2013) Borosilicate Glass Dissolution Driven by Magnesium Silicate Precipitation
Fleury B, Godon N, Ayral A & Gin S
(2011) The Double Effect of Mg on the Long-Term Alteration Rate of a Nuclear Waste Glass
Thien B, Godon N & Ayral A

Ayraud V. (2004) Evolution of Nitrate and Sulfate in a Fractured Aquifer Related to Pumping
Ayraud V, Aquilina L, Pauwels H, Tarits C, Pierson-Wickmann A & Bour O

Ayrault S. (2022) Legacy (Pb, Cu, Zn) and Emerging (Sb) Trace Metal Contaminants in the Road – Highway Stormwater Pond Continuum: A Focus on Geochemistry and Speciation of Antimony
Philippe M, Le Pape P, Resongles E, Landrot G, Freydier R, Casiot C, Baya C & Ayrault S
(2021) Road Stormwater Basins as Accumulators Lead the Way to the Study of the Traffic-Induced Antimony Contamination
Philippe M, Le Pape P, Bordier L, Delbes L & Ayrault S
(2018) Temporal Variation of Suspended Sediment Dynamics and River Multi-Contamination Fluxes in an Urbanized Catchment
Froger C, Ayrault S, Evrard O, Monvoisin G, Bordier L, Lefèvre I & Quantin C
(2017) Contamination Sources and Dynamics in an Urban Catchment Using Metal Isotopes and Radionuclide Measurements
Froger C, Ayrault S, Quantin C, Evrard O, Monvoisin G & Bordier L
(2016) Quantifying Sediment Sources in an Agricultural Catchment Using Fallout Radionuclides and Radiogenic 87Sr/86Sr Ratios (Loire River Basin, France)
Le Gall M, Evrard O, Thil F, Foucher A, Laceby JP, Salvador-Blanes S & Ayrault S
(2013) Distribution of 230Th and 232Th along the Bonus GoodHope Section in the SouthEast Atlantic Ocean
Roy-Barman M, Marchandise S, Thil F, Bordier L, Ayrault S, Garcia-Solsane E & Jeandel C
(2011) Zinc Sulfide in Suspended Matter from an Oxic River (Seine, France)
Priadi C, Morin G, Ayrault S, Maillot F, Juillot F, Testemale D, Proux O, Llorens I & Brown G
(2011) Coupling δ34S [SO42-] and [206Pb / 207Pb]: Origin of Trace Metals in the Urban Orge River, France
Le Pape P, Ayrault S, Michelot J-L & Quantin C

Ayres E. (2018) Using NEON Data to Explore Plot to Continental Scale Patterns in Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics
Weintraub S, Stanish L & Ayres E

Ayres T. (2017) The Carbon Isotope Composition of the Sun
Lyons J, Gharib-Nezhad E & Ayres T

Ayrinhac S. (2017) Velocity-Density Systematics of Fe-Si Alloys at Extreme Conditions
Edmund E, Antonangeli D, Decremps F, Ayrinhac S, Gauthier M, Morard G, Mezouar M & Guignot N

Ayris Paul (2013) Iron Mobilisation from Volcanic Ash/Glass by Atmospheric Processing
Maters E, Ayris P, Jacques C, Guevara A, Henley R, Opfergelt S & Delmelle P

Ayris Paul Martin (2015) SO2 and HCl Uptake by Volcanic Glass in H2O-Bearing Pseudo-Eruptive Atmospheres
Ayris PM, Delmelle P, Cimarelli C, Suzuki Y & Dingwell DB
(2015) Probing Functional Groups on Volcanic Ash Using Heterogeneous Reactions in a Knudsen Flow Reactor
Delmelle P, Maters E, Rossi M & Ayris P

Aysal Namik (2015) Genesis and Magmatic Evolution of a Newly Discovered Resurgent Caldera in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Genç ŞC, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2015) Geochronology, Geochemistry and Isotope Systematics of a Mafic-Intermediate Dyke Complex in the İstanbul Zone, Northern Turkey
Aysal N, Keskin M, Peytcheva I, Duru O & Akgündüz S
(2015) Geochemical, Geochronological and Isotopic Data from Permo-Triassic Plutons in Western Pontides, NW Turkey
Yılmaz-Şahin S, Aysal N, Güngör Y & Peytcheva I
(2011) Magmatic Evolution of the Eastern Anatolian High Plateau, E Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Lebedev VA, Chugaev AV, Genc SC, Sharkov EV, Unal E & Aysal N

Aysal Namık (2017) Magmatic Evolution of the Greater Ararat Strato-Volcano, Eastern Anatolian Collision Zone, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2017) Early-Middle Devonian Magmatism in The Sakarya Zone: Lower Crustal Melts at a Consuming Plate Margin
Aysal N, Ustaömer T, Öngen S, Keskin M & Peytcheva I

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