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Atencio B. (2022) A Multi-Tracers Mixing-Cells Model Identified and Quantified Active Recharge into a Deep Nubian Sandstone "Fossil" Aquifer
Adar EM, Atencio B, Ram R, Burg A, Yokochi R, Yechieli Y, Purtschert R, Lu Z-T & Jiang W

Athari S.F. (2007) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Tamuteh Leucogranites in SW Saqqez, Northwestern Iran
Sepahi AA, Athari SF & Moazzen M

Athena Science Team (2010) Potentially Habitable Ancient Environments in Gusev Crater, Mars
Des Marais D & Athena Science Team 

Atherton N. (2015) Imaging 99Tc Bioreduction in Sediment Columns
Thorpe C, Lloyd J, Law G, Williams H, Atherton N & Morris K

Athirigothi Aouge F. (2023) Marine Calcifiers as Timekeepers: Environmental Variability and Ocean Surface Conditions
Athirigothi Aouge F, Malik JN, Paul D, Chakraborty S & Achyuthan H

Athokpam Krishnakanta

Athokpam Krishnakanta Singh (2021) Rare Evidence of pre-Gondwana Intraplate Magmatism within Indian Continent: Constrained from U-Pb Geochronology and Geochemistry of Gabbro from Siang Window, Eastern Himalaya, Northeast India
Oinam G & Athokpam KS

Athon M. (2014) Hydroxamate Siderophores in Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Responsible for Binding 239,240Pu in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site, USA
Xu C, Zhang S, Ho Y-F, Athon M, Johnston I, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Didonato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH
(2013) Plutonium Immobilization and Re-mobilization by Soil Mineral-Organic Matter Matrix Compounds in the Far-Field of the Savannah River Site (SRS), USA
Xu C, Athon M, Ho Y-F, Schwehr KA, Kaplan DI, Roberts KA, Dinato N, Hatcher PG & Santschi PH

Atienza Nicole (2020) Trace Element Mapping in Pyrite Framboids by Atom Probe Tomography
Atienza N, Gregory D, Taylor S, Perea D, Owens J & Lyons T
(2020) Is Pyrite an Important Sink for Mo? Evidence from XAFS, TEM and APT Analyses of Pyrite
Gregory D, Chappaz A, Atienza N, Taylor S, Perea D, Kovarik L & Lyons T

Atienza Nicole E (2022) Understanding Trace Element Mobility during Early Diagenesis Using Several in situ Techniques
Gregory DD, Chappaz A, Atienza NE, Kovarik L, Cliff J, Perea D, Taylor S & Lyons TW

Atiwurcha N. (2023) Effect of HCO3-, CO32- and SO42- Ions on the Zeta Potential of Intact Carbonate Rock Sample
Vinogradov J, Hidayat M, Leroy P & Atiwurcha N

Atkins A. (2017) Biogeochemical Controls on the Bioavailability of Ni in Seawater
Peacock C, Atkins A, Mayanna S & Shaw S
(2015) Coupled Cycling of Mn and Micronutrients in Marine Sediments
Peacock C, Atkins A & Shaw S
(2014) Transformation of Ni-Rich Birnessite Nanoparticles: Implications for the Fate of Bioessential Ni
Atkins A, Peacock C & Shaw S
(2013) Post Depositional Transformation of Ni-Rich Birnessite
Atkins A, Peacock C & Shaw S
(2012) Neptunium Biogeochemistry and the Manganese Cycle
Law G, Thorpe C, Shaw S, Atkins A, Peacock C, Livens F, LLoyd J, Denecke M, Dardenne K & Morris K

Atkins D. (2005) Baseline Water Quality at the Yanacocha Mine, Peru
Maest A, LeJeune K, Lipton J, Cacela D & Atkins D

Atkins S. (2021) Geodynamic Controls on the Storage of Carbon and Serpentinite in Oceanic Lithosphere
Atkins S & Merdith A
(2015) Importance of Mineralogy and Mineral Properties on the Dynamics, Structure and Evolution of Earth’s Deep Mantle
Tackley P, Nakagawa T, Atkins S & Trampert J

Atkinson A. (2014) Use of Fluorescence in Conjunction with Radon Activity to Monitor Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in a System Under Stress
Rutlidge H, Andersen M, Rau G, Cuthbert M, Graham P, Unland N, Hofmann H, Gilfeddder B, Atkinson A, Cartwright I, Halloran L & Baker A

Atkinson H. (2018) The Development of a System for the Analysis of Hydrogen Isotopes in Methane
Atkinson H & Welsh S
(2017) Improvements in Sensitivity in IRMS Measurements
Atkinson H, Dennis P, Welsh S & Moseley S

Atkinson M. (2011) Collection and Measurements of Reservoir Fluids Properties – ‘Today and Tomorrow’
Stankiewicz A, O'Keefe M, Mostowfi F, Ratulowski J, Atkinson M & Sharma S

Atkinson N. (2023) Technician Commitment: Tackling the Challenges Facing the Technical Community in the Research Environment
Atkinson N, Napier H, Vere K, Ogryzko N & Condon D

Atkinson T C (2006) High resolution climate records from stable isotopes and trace metals in mollusc shells from Gibraltar
Ferguson J, Fa DA, Atkinson TC, Barton RNE, Ditchfield P, Henderson GM & Finlayson JC

Atkinson Tim (2019) Exploring Seasonal and Lithological Controls on Lithium Isotopes during Weathering
Wilson D, Pogge von Strandmann P, Tarbuck G, White J, Atkinson T & Hopley P
(2014) Speleothem Archives of Gibraltar Caves: Their Record of Environment and Regional Climate over Multiple Ice Age Cycles
Mattey D, Ainsworth M, Atkinson T, Durell R, Grassineau N, Hoffmann D, Latin J-P & Lowry D
(2009) Seasonal Microclimate Control on Calcite Fabrics, Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements in Modern Speleothem from St. Michaels Cave, Gibraltar
Mattey D, Fairchild I & Atkinson T

Atkinson Trevor A (2023) Simulation of Aqueous CO2 Injections into Eastern Snake River Plain Basalts, Idaho, USA
Smith RW, Neupane G, Atkinson TA, Jin W & McLing T

Atkinson W. (2018) Role of Minerals in Organic Carbon Retention in the Soil Critical Zone
Myneni S, Atkinson W, Sleighter R, Hatcher P & Regier T

Atlas E. (2013) Salt Lakes of Western Australia – Emissions of Natural Volatile Organic Compounds
Sattler T, Krause T, Schöler HF, Kamilli K, Held A, Zetsch C, Ofner J, Junkermann W & Atlas E
(2009) How Much Biogenic SOA Is Present In The Northeastern U.S.?
de Gouw J, Warneke C, Montzka S, Brioude J, Holloway J, Parrish D, Fehsenfeld F, Atlas E, Weber R & Flocke F
(2002) The Deuterium Anomaly in Stratospheric Molecular Hydrogen
Rahn T, Eiler J, McCarthy M, Boering K, Atlas E & Schauffler S

Atlas R. (2011) The Exxon Valdez, BP MC 252, and Other Oil Spills: What We Learned About Petroleum Biodegradation and Bioremediation
Atlas R

Atlas Z.D. (2017) Evidence of Diffusion Driven Coronae Formation during Pan-African Orogeny in Dolerite Dykes from Southern Granulite Terrain (SGT)
Banerjee M, Banerjee A, Solanki BK, Dutta U, Bhui U, Anand R, Sengupta P, Mukhopadhyay D & Atlas ZD
(2015) Discrimination of Subduction Components with B and Be Systematics in the Aeolian Island Arc, Italy
Zamboni D, Gazel E, Cannatelli C, Atlas ZD, Lucchi F, De Vivo B & Ryan JG

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