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Abdolhosseini Qomi M.J. (2020) Understanding CO2 Mineralization in Interfacial Water Nanofilms
Abdolhosseini Qomi MJ & Zare S

Abdool-Ghany A.A. (2022) Is Composting a Feasible Disposal Option for Beach-Stranded Sargassum in South Florida?
Abdool-Ghany AA, Oehlert AM, Swart PK & Solo-Gabriele HM

Abdou M. (2023) Platinum Trajectories in Two Major French Rivers Using Dated Sediment Cores (1930-2021): From Geochemical Baseline to Emerging Source Signals
Chastanet M, Debret M, Gardes T, Schäfer J, Abdou M, Lestel L, Morereau A, Grosbois C, Eyrolle F & Coynel A
(2022) Platinum Distribution and Bioaccumulation in Estuarine/Coastal Systems
Abdou M, Schäfer J, Caetano M, Santos M & Coynel A
(2018) Impacts of Highway Run-Off on Trace Metal Contamination in a Small Urban Watershed: A Case Study of Bordeaux Metropole (SW France)
Pereto C, Lerat A, Coynel A, Bossy C, Abdou M, Schafer J, Granger D & Capdeville M-J
(2017) Platinum Bioaccumulation Kinetics in Marine Bivalve (Oyster Crassostrea gigas) – A Potential Sentinel Species for TCEs
Abdou M, Schafer J, Dutruch L, Bossy C, Zaldibar B, Medrano R, Izagirre U, Catrouillet C, Hu R, Coynel A, Gil-Diaz T, Lerat A, Blanc G & Soto M

Abdoulaye J.K. (2023) Environmental Bioavailability of As, Ni and Cr in Areas with Elevated Background Concentrations (Wallonia, Belgium)
Vandeuren A, Pereira B, Delmelle P & Abdoulaye JK

Abdrashitova R. (2019) Hydrogeochemical Conditions of the West Siberian Megabasin
Abdrashitova R, Salnikova Y & Sabanina I

Abdu U. (2022) The Role of Symbiont Bearing Benthic Foraminiferal Biomineralization in Coastal Environments Undergoing Warming
Manda S, Pinko D, Abramovich S, Ashckenazi-Polivoda S, Titelboim D, Abdu U, Almogi-Labin A, Herut B, Kucera M & Morard R

Abdu Y.A. (2014) Mn-Rich Apatite from Cross Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Tait K, Hawthorne F, Ball N & Abdu YA

Abdul Aziz J.H. (2016) Geochemistry, Petrogenesis and Gold Occurrence of Rixen Deposit in Ulu Sokor Area, Peninsular Malaysia
Chong KY & Abdul Aziz JH

Abdul Ghani A. (2022) Growth and Thermal Maturation of the Toba Magma Reservoir
Liu P-P, Caricchi L, Chung S-L, Li X-H, Li Q, Zhou M-F, Lai Y-M, Abdul Ghani A, Sihotang T, Sheldrake T & Simpson G
(2021) New Constraints from Detrital Zircon U-Pb Data from Middle Paleozoic Strata in Western Peninsular Malaysia: A Potential Detrital Zircon Contributor to East Sumatra
Quek LX, Lai Y-M, Abdul Ghani A, Li S, Roselee MH, Lee H-Y & Rahmat R
(2020) Vestigial Signal of Gondwana to Pangaea Transition: U-Pb and Hf Isotopic Studies on 500-200 Ma Magmatic Zircon from Peninsular Malaysia
Quek LX, Lai Y-M, Abdul Ghani A, Roselee MH, Lee H-Y & Umor MR

Abdul Rasheed M. (2022) Influence of Paleoredox Conditions on Pore Attributes of Permian Shales of Krishna Godavari Basin, India
Kala S, Devaraju J & Abdul Rasheed M

Abdulla Hussain (2020) Linking Dissolved Organic Matter Composition Data to Reaction-Transport Models of Sediment Diagenesis
Burdige D, Komada T & Abdulla H
(2020) A Tale of Two Basins: The Role of Peptide Deamination in the Accumulation of Pore Water Dissolved Organic Matter in Marine Sediments
Abdulla H, Komada T & Burdige D
(2020) Testing Peptide Deamination as a Pathway for Refractory DOM Production in Sediments: Incubation Experiment Results
Komada T, Burdige D & Abdulla H
(2018) Abiotic Formation of Dissolved Organic Sulfur in Anoxic Sediment of Santa Barbara Basin
Abdulla H, Burdige D & Komada T
(2014) Characterization of Whole Porewater Dissolved Organic Matter by 1H NMR
Fox C, Lewicki J, Abdulla H, Harley S, Burdige D, Magen C, Chanton J & Komada T
(2014) Changes in The Chemical Compositions of Porewater Dissolved Organic Matter Across The Sulfate Methane Transition Region
Abdulla H, Komada T, Hatcher P & Burdige D

Abdulla Hussain A (2022) Persistence and Transformation of DOM in Marine Sediment Pore Waters Examined by 1H NMR
Komada T, Suddes LA, Burdige DJ & Abdulla HA
(2022) Accumulation of Peptides and Deaminated Peptides in Sediment Porewaters Under Different Redox Conditions
Abdulla HA, Komada T & Burdige DJ

Abdullaev A. (2020) Geothermometry of Northern Tien Shan Thermal Waters (Issik-Kul Lake Basin)
Chelnokov G, Lavrushin V, Bragin I, Abdullaev A & Kharitonova N

Abdullaev S. (2017) Temporal Variation of the Chemical Composition of Asian Dust at Tajikistan
Fomba KW, Müller K, Hoffer J, Althausen D, Abdullaev S, Makhmudov A & Herrmann H

Abdullah E.S. (2019) Abundance and Distribution of Diamondoids in Some Egyptian Crude Oils as a Tool of Origin and Thermal Maturity Assessment
Abdullah ES, Ebiad MA, Mohammed HA & El-Sabbagh SM

Abdullah M. (2020) Heavy Metal Levels in Paddy Soils and Rice from Ekiti, Nigeria
Olatunji A & Abdullah M

Abdulsalam M. (2015) Developing Urban Geochemical Maps for Environmental Information and Planning in Nigeria
Olatunji A, Asowata T, Laniyonu A, Olajide-Kayode J, Olisa O, Abdulsalam M, Isiaq R & Ode G

Abdurrachman M. (2016) Across Arc Variation of Sr Isotope Ratio and K2O Content in the Quaternary Volcanic Rocks, West Java Indonesia: Tracing Argoland beneath West Java Arc
Abdurrachman M, Handley HK, Basuki NI & Yamamoto M
(2016) Volcanostratigraphy and Petrogenesis of Ciremai Area, West Java, Indonesia
Al Afanie GIAR, Abdurrachman M & Ohba T
(2016) Volcanostratigraphy of Malabar Volcano, West Java, Indonesia and their Magma Evolution
Rohiman Y, Sucipta IGBE, Abdurrachman M & Sugiono SRA
(2013) Sr-Nd Isotopic Study of Papandayan Area, West Java: Mapping the Extent of Argoland beneath Java, Indonesia
Abdurrachman M & Masatsugu Y
(2011) The Geochemical Variation of Volcanic Rocks from Papandayan and Cikuray Volcanoes, West Java: An Existence of Gondwana Continental Fragment as Crustal Contaminant
Abdurrachman M, Yamamoto M & Suparka E

Abdus-Salam M.O. (2022) Geochemical Investigations of Granitic Rocks within Iseyin-Oyan Schist Belt, Southwestern Nigeria
Abdus-Salam MO, Bolarinwa AT, Olatunji A, Fullen M & Chinyio E

Abdussalam M. (2015) Metal Pollution and Health Risk Assessment of An Urban Wastewater Site, Southwest Nigeria
Odukoya M, Olobaniyi B & Abdussalam M

Abe C. (2020) Sugars in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Furukawa Y, Chikaraishi Y, Ohkouchi N, Ogawa N, Glavin D, Dworkin J, Abe C & Nakamura T

Abe D. (2005) SR-Xrf Analyses of Trace Elements in Electrum from Several Epithermal Gold Deposits, Japan
Sakamoto T, Shimada N, Abe D, Nakamura T, Nozaki W, Shimada K & Iida A

Abe G. (2016) Provenance and Source Rock Weathering of the 2.7 Ga Shallow- and Deep-Facies Black Shales from Pilbara, Western Australia
Kurihara E, Yamaguchi KE & Abe G
(2016) Geochemistry of 2.7Ga Shallow-Facies Shales in Stromatolitic Carbonates (ABDP #10) from Pilbara, Western Australia
Tomiuka T, Yamaguchi KE, Naraoka H, Abe G, Yamaguchi A, Nedachi M & Ikehara M

Abe Hironobu (2016) Changes in the Concentrations of Radioactive Cesium Outflowed from the Steep Moutainious Forest of Abukuma Mountains, Released by Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident
Ishii Y, Watanabe T, Ohyama T, Sasaki Y, Abe H, Mitachi K & Niizato T

Abe Hitomi (2016) Energetics of Amino Acid Formation in Slightly Reducing Atmospheres of Primitive Earth and Titan
Kobayashi K, Abe H, Aoki R, Kebukawa Y, Shibata H, Yoshida S, Shibata H, Kondo K & Oguri Y
(2012) Mineralogy of Lacustrine Sediment from Darhad Basin Records the Past Lake Level Changes of the Paleo-Lake
Fuchizaki M, Yabe T, Abe H, Fukushi K, Hasebe N & Kashiwaya K

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