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Babechuk Michael G. (2019) Novel Stable Isotope Systems Tracing Atmospheric O2: Progress, Caveats, and Outlook
Schoenberg R, Babechuk MG & Kleinhanns IC
(2019) Unprecedented High δ98Mo of the Ottawa River: Implications for Marine Palaeoredox Reconstruction
O'Sullivan E, Nägler T & Babechuk M
(2018) Geochemistry and Mineralogy of ca. 1.85 Ga Corestone-Saprolite Interfaces
Sindol G & Babechuk M
(2018) Dissolved Ultra-Trace REE+Y Geochemistry of Particulate-Poor Icelandic River Waters
Babechuk M & Kamber B
(2017) Kinetic Fractionation of Stable Cr Isotopes between Aqueous Cr(III) Species: Alternative Cr Fractionation Pathways in Archean Environments
Babechuk M, Kleinhanns I, Reitter E & Schoenberg R
(2015) REE Determination in Olivine by LA-ICP-MS: An Analytical Strategy and Applications
Stead C, Tomlinson E, Kamber B & Babechuk M
(2015) Silicon Isotopic Sytemematics of Different Weathering Profiles, Deccan Traps, India
Wille M, Babechuk MG, Widdowson M, Kamber BS & Schoenberg R
(2015) Origin and Evolution of the Mesoarchean Aouéouat Greenstone Belt and Associated Magamatism
Heron K, Crowley Q, Benn K & Babechuk M
(2015) Do Cr Isotopes Really Fingerprint Precambrian Surface Oxidation?
Babechuk M, Schoenberg R, Kleinhanns I, Swanner E, Webb S & Kamber B
(2015) The Trace Element and U-Pb Systematics of Metamorphic Apatite: Implications for Provenance Studies
Alberti Henrichs I, Chew D & Babechuk M
(2015) Transition Metal Behaviour in a Deccan Basalt Weathering Profile
Suhr N, Babechuk M, Kamber B, Schoenberg R & Widdowson M
(2013) High-Precision Nd Isotope and HFSE Analysis of Deccan Traps Weathering Profiles
Babechuk M, Widdowson M, Murphy M & Kamber B
(2012) Yttrium Mobility during Weathering: Implications for Riverine Y/Ho
Babechuk M, Kamber B & Widdowson M
(2011) High-Resolution, Ultra-Trace and Major Element Chemical Stratigraphy of a New Paleoproterozoic Weathering Profile
Babechuk MG & Kamber BS
(2009) The Compatibility of W during Silicate Differentiation
Babechuk MG & Kamber BS

Babey T. (2022) Large Organic Colloids Drive Biogeochemical Reactions Downstream of Sediment Interfaces in Simulated Aquifers
Boye K, Babey T, Aeppli M, Engel M, Tolar B, Lacroix EM, Fendorf S & Bargar J
(2021) How Spatial and Compositional Heterogeneities Influence Zinc Retention in a Simulated Aquifer
Engel M, Boye K, Noel V, Babey T, Bargar J & Fendorf S
(2020) Redox Interfaces Produce Halos of Altered Biogeochemical Reactivity in Alluvial Groundwater Sediments
Boye K, Babey T, Kumar N, Noel V, Perzan Z, Engel M, Tolar B, Bargar J & Fendorf S

Babeyko A. (2009) Interplay between Tectonic and Magmatic Processes in Orogenic Crust: Insight from Thermo-Mechanical Modeling
Sobolev S & Babeyko A
(2006) Modeling subduction of the continental crust at the Andean type convergent margin
Sobolev S & Babeyko A

Babichev A.v. (2015) Linkage between Diapiric Magma Upwelling and Diking in the Vilyui Rift Province (Siberian Platform)
Polyansky OP, Prokop'ev AV, Babichev AV & Reverdatto VV

Babichev Alexey (2009) Computer Model of Granite-Gneiss Diapirism
Polyansky O, Babichev A, Korobeinikov S, Reverdatto V & Sverdlova V
(2008) Computer Model of Underthrusting and Subduction Under Conditions of the Gabbro-Eclogite Transition
Polyansky OP, Korobeinikov SN, Sverdlova VG, Reverdatto VV & Babichev AV

Babicka A. (2021) Phosphate Substitution in Synthetic Schultenite PbHAsO4: Vibrational Spectroscopic Study
Sordyl J, Wudarska A, Babicka A, Rybka K, Manecki M & Bajda T

Babiel R. (2019) Sulphur Isotopes of Alkaline Igenous Suites: New Insights into Magmatic Fluid Evolution and Crustal Recycling
Hutchison W, Babiel R, Finch A, Marks M, Markl G, Boyce A, Stüeken E, Friis H, Borst A & Horsburgh N
(2011) Experimental Investigation of the Differentiation of Iron-Rich Peralkaline Magma
Giehl C, Babiel R, Reiche S, Marks M & Nowak M

Babikov D. (2020) Mid-Proterozoic Atmospheric O2 Levels Re-calculated from D17O Values in Sulfates Using a Detailed 1-D Photochemical Model
Liu P, Liu J, Reinhard C, Planavsky N, Babikov D, Boering K & Kasting J
(2018) Chain Formation as a Mechanism for Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in the Archean Atmosphere
Harman C, Pavlov A, Babikov D & Kasting J
(2017) Chain Formation as a Mechanism for Mass-Independent Fractionation of Sulfur Isotopes in the Archean Atmosphere
Harman C, Pavlov A, Babikov D & Kasting J

Babila Tali (2019) Eocene Carbon Cycling and Climate Interactions
Anagnostou E, John E, Babila T, Sexton P, Ridgwell A, Pearson P, Gasson E, Lunt D, Pancost R & Foster G
(2018) The Effect of Matrix Interferences on in situ Boron Isotope Analysis by Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Standish C, Chalk T, Babila T, Milton A & Foster G
(2018) Can Fossil Carbon Reworking Explain the Sustained High CO2 Levels of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?
Lyons S, Baczynski A, Babila T, Bralower T, Hajek E, Kump L, Polites E, Trampush S, Vornlocher J, Zachos J & Freeman K
(2018) The Global Hydrological Cycle during Early Eocene Hyperthermals: O-Isotope and Other Constraints
Zachos J, Ballaron E, Harper D, Rush W, Babila T, Kiehl J, Bowen G, Kelly C, Kozdon R, Penman D & Huber M

Babila Tali Lea (2021) Drivers of Carbon Variations in the Eocene
Anagnostou E, Penman D, Westerhold T, Babila TL & Fontorbe G

Babin D.P. (2018) Radiogenic Isotope Tracers of Marine Sediment Provenance in the Limpopo Catchment
Haws A, Hemming S, Baxter E, Caley T, Cai Y, Babin D & Tappa M
(2018) Cs+ Cation Exchange Wash for Marine Clay Clarifies Provenance Signal & Assesses Cation Exchange Capacity
Babin DP, Simon MH, Hemming SR, Cai MY, Liu T, Goldstein SL, Han X, Haws AA, Johns MA & Lear C

Babin Marcel (2012) A Multi-Proxy Study of the Mackenzie Shelf Waters
Lansard B, Mucci A, Brown K & Babin M

Babin Mathieu (2015) Challenges in Measuring and Characterizing SPM in Estuaries
Lebeuf M, Maltais D, Larouche P & Babin M

Babinski M. (2022) Tracking Zn and Pb Isotope Signals from Antifouling Paints in Coastal Environments
Cunha B, Garnier J, Araujo DF, Tonhá M, Machado W, Fernandez M, Souto de Oliveira CE, Ramos Ruiz I & Babinski M
(2021) Untangling the Fe Isotope Signal in Neoarchean Carbonates and Iron Formations from Carajás (Brazil)
Siciliano Rego E, Busigny V, Lalonde SV, Vaz Teixeira LP, Rossignol C, Narduzzi F, Zapparoli A, Babinski M, Trindade R & Philippot P
(2020) Microbial Activity Recorded in Neoarchean Iron Formations from Carajás (Brazil)
Siciliano E, Busigny V, Lalonde SV, Rossignol C, Narduzzi F, Teixeira L, Zapparoli A, Babinski M & Philippot P
(2019) Neoarchean Iron Formation of Carajás (Brazil) Linked to Anoxygenic Photosynthesis
Siciliano E, Busigny V, Rossignol C, Zapparoli A, Babinski M & Philippot P
(2019) Disturbances in the Late Ediacaran-Cambrian Marine Carbon Cycling Tracked Through Paired Carbon Isotope Evolution of the Bambuí Group, Brazil
Caetano-Filho S, Sansjofre P, Paula-Santos G, Guacaneme C, Bedoya-Rueda C, Babinski M, Ader M, Kuchenbecker M & Trindade R
(2019) Cortical Fabrics in Ooids of the Tamengo Formation, Brazil: Further Evidence for Widespread Late Ediacaran Aragonite Precipitation in Shallow Marine Settings
Gómez-Gutiérrez JC, Babinski M, Caetano-Filho S, Amorim K & Trindade R
(2018) On the Realibility of Sr Isotope Chemostratigraphy of Late Ediacaran Carbonates from the Bambuí Group
Guacaneme C, Babinski M, Paula-Santos G, Caetano-Filho S, Bedoya-Rueda C & Trindade R
(2018) Zinc and Lead Isotopes as Pollutant Source Tracers in Tunnel Dusts in São Paulo Megacity, Brazil
Nory RM, Figueiredo AMG, Souto-Oliveira CE & Babinski M
(2018) The Genesis of Paraná Magmatic Province Basalts (Brazil): Contribution of New Hf Isotope Data
Marques LS, Cai Y & Babinski M
(2017) Tracing Anthropogenic Zinc Contamination in Coastal Environments Using Stable Isotope Composition
Araújo D, Machado W, Weiss D, Viers J, Dantas EL, Garnier J & Babinski M
(2017) The high-Ti Dykes of Florianópolis Swarm (Paraná Magmatic Province): Mantle Sources and Crustal Contamination
Marques LS, De Min A, Rocha-Júnior ERV, Babinski M, Bellieni G & Figueiredo AM
(2017) Rare Earth Elements of Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks and their Significance as Paleoenvironmental Proxies
Paula-Santos G, Caetano Filho S, Babinski M & Enzweiler J
(2015) Applying Zn Isotopes as Tracers of Electroplating Wastes in a Brazilian Lagoon System
Araújo D, Boaventura G, Machado W, Viers J, Weiss D, Patchineelam S, Ruiz I, Rodrigues AP, Babinski M & Dantas E
(2015) New Procedure to Pb, Zn and Cu Separation and Isotopic Analysis on Aerosol Samples
Souto de Oliveira CE, Ferreira D, Ruiz I & Babinski M
(2015) The Isotope Record of Carbonates from an Ancient Epeiric Sea: The Case of the Bambuí Group, Brazil
Paula-Santos G, Babinski M & Guacaneme C
(2014) Reference Material BRP-1 (Basalt Ribeirão Preto): can it be Used as an Isotope Standard?
Babinski M, Petronilho LA, Magdaleno GB, Silva RA, Ruiz IR & Enzweiler J
(2013) U-Pb Dating vs. Sr Isotope Chemostratigraphy on Neoproterozoic Carbonates: Shedding Light on Blind Dating?
Babinski M, Paula-Santos G, Kuchenbecker M, Caetano-Filho S, Trindade R & Pedrosa-Soares A
(2007) Chemostratigraphy and Lead Isotopic Composition of a Sediment Core Profile from a Small Pond in a Remote Equatorial Island
Oliveira S, Pessenda L, Gouveia S, Babinski M & Favaro D

Babisnki M. (2020) Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy of an Ediacaran-Cambrian Epicontinental Basin in West Gondwana
Guacaneme C, Babinski M, Paula-Santos G, Caetano-Filho S, Bedoya-Rueda C, Kuchenbecker M, Reis H & Trindade R
(2020) Eustatic Control on Superheavy δ34S Pyrite Trends from Late Ediacaran-early Cambrian Carbonate Successions of the West Gondwana: Sulfate Distillation Cycles in Shallow Water Platforms?
Caetano-Filho S, Paula-Santos G, Sansjofre P, Cartigny P, Ader M, Guacaneme C, Babisnki M, Kuchenbecker M, Reis H & Trindade R

Babkin I. (2013) A Cyano-Bacterial Community as a Possible Agent of Ge Аccumulation in Coal
Lazareva E, Bryanskaya A, Morozova V, Babkin I, Tikunova N, Taran O, Shuvaeva O & Zhmodik S

Bablon M. (2021) First Identification, Geochemical Characterization, and Land-Sea Correlations of Holocene Marine Distal Tephra from the Ecuadorian Arc
Bablon M, Nauret F, Samaniego P, Devidal J-L, Ratzov G, Michaud F, Saillard M, Orange F, Proust J-N, Le Pennec J-L, Liorzou C, Vallejo S, Mothes P & Hidalgo S

Babonneau N. (2019) Spatial Variability of Radiocarbon Content in Organic Carbon of Surface Sediment Offshore Eastern Taiwan
Wang S-L, Su C-C, Wang P-L, Lin L-H, Liou SY-H, Babonneau N, Ratzov G, Shyu JBH & Hsu S-K

Babos H. (2018) Molybdenum and Chromium Molecular Geochemistry: Advancing the Paleo-Redox Proxies
Chappaz A, Babos H, Hlohowskyj S & Tessin A
(2018) Chromium Geochemistry in Lake Erie Sediments
Babos HB, Hlohowskyj SR, Gill G, Veresh A & Chappaz A
(2016) Reconstructing 1, 500 Years of Sediment History from North Poland Using Pb Isotopes
Babos H, Black S, Pluskowski A, Brown A & Chappaz A

Babu E.v.s.s.k. (2022) Epigenetic Monazite in Phyllites from the Pb-Zn Sulfide Hosting Zawar Formation, Palaeoproterozoic Aravalli Supergroup, Rajasthan, N-W India
Gorai S, Kumar TV, Kasiviswanadh A, Babu EVSSK & Sreenivas B
(2022) Kerogen Properties and Gas Generation Potential in Permian Shales from the Talabira Mines, Ib River Valley, Eastern India
Kar NR, Tiwari DM, Buragohain J & Babu EVSSK
(2021) Subduction and Cumulate Processes for the Origin of Eclogite Xenoliths from Wajrakarur Kimberlite Field, Eastern Dharwar Craton
Pattnaik J, Ghosh S & Babu EVSSK
(2021) New Information on the Geochemistry of Neoarchean Sanukitoids from Eastern Dharwar Craton, Southern India; Implications to Regional Tectonics
Khadke N, Teeda VK, Yerraguntla BR & Babu EVSSK

Babu Elapavalooru V.S.S.K. (2017) Initiation and Intensification of Indian Summer Monsoon Inferred from Stable Isotopes and Trace Element Geochemistry
Banerjee B, Ahmad SM & Babu EVSSK
(2011) C, O, Sr Isotope Compositions of Sediments of the Mesozoic Kutch Basin, NW India
Patil D, Sreenivas B, Srikarni C, Ramamurthy PB, Babu EVSSK, Vijaya Gopal B & Dayal AM
(2011) Late-Cretaceous Alkaline Continental Magmatism Associated with Deccan Continental Flood Basalt Sequences of Saurashtra in Western India
Subba Rao DV, Babu EVSSK, Vidyasagar G & Madhukumar B
(2010) Origin of Granitoids of the Kerala Khondalite Belt, Southern India: Biotite as Potential Tectonomagmatic Indicator
Sreejith C, Ravindra Kumar G & Babu E
(2010) Occurrence of Primitive Melt Inclusions in the Olivine Crystallites in Carlsberg Ridge Basaltic Glasses
Babu EVSSK, Mudholkar A, Bulusu S & Yerraguntla BRJ
(2010) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Hornblendites in an Island Arc Tectonic Setting
Khanna T, Manikyamba C, Balaram V, Prachiti K, Raju K, Babu EVSSK & Aradhi AKK
(2010) Högbomite Associated with V-Ti Magnetite Bands of Shimoga Schist Belt, Western Dharwar Craton, Karnataka, India
Sunder Raju PV & Babu EVSSK
(2010) Geochemistry and Nd Isotopic Systematics of ~ 3.3 Ga Banasandra Spinifex-Textured, Ultramafic Komatiites, Western Dharwar Craton, Southern India: Constraints on Mantle Sources and Melting
Bhaskar Rao YJ, Babu EVSSK & Vijaya Kumar T
(2010) Fe Isotope Compositions of Manganese Nodules of Central Indian Basin
Sreenivas B, Nagender Nath B, Vineesh PC, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Vijaya Gopal B & Babu EVSSK
(2009) Mantle Xenoliths from the Kodamali Kimberlite Pipe, Bastar Craton, Central India: Evidence for Decompression Melting and Crustal Contamination in the Mantle Source
Babu EVSSK, Bhaskar Rao YJ, Mainkar D, Pashine JK & Rao SR
(2005) Petrography of Basalt between Lat 4deg.06'- 3deg.50' N from Carlsberg Ridge, Indian Ocean
Venkata Sunder Raju P, Babu E & Mudholkar A

Babu Evssk (2022) Evidence of Colder Ambient Mantle Condition during the Archean; Implication from the Calculation of Mantle Potential Temperature (Tp)
Dash S, Babu E & Ganne J
(2020) Indicator Mineral (Spinel) from the Wajrakarur Kimberlites, Southern India: Implications for Diamond Potential and Prospectivity
Rani Choudhary B, Santosh M, Ravi S & Babu E
(2019) Evidence for Magma Mixing and Mingling Processes in a Granitic Pluton: An Example from Sirsilla Granite Pluton, Southern India
Ashok C, Babu E & Ratnakar J

Babu P. (2005) Structure and Dynamics of Citrate Ions in Mg/Al Layered Double Hydroxide: <+>13<$>C NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies
Li Q, Kumar P, Babu P, Kalinichev A & Kirkpatrick J

Babu S.S. (2011) Air Quality over India: Weekly Periodicities and Long Term Trends
Satheesh SK, Moorthy KK, Babu SS, Srivastava N & Vinoj V

Babu D S S. (2022) Fresh and Recirculated Submarine Groundwater Discharge from the Karnataka Coast, Southwestern India
Yovan L, Keshava B, Narayana UH, Babu D S S & Ramasamy M

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