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Buisman Cees (2017) Strategies for the Production of Magnetite from Groundwater
Mos Y, Weijma J & Buisman C

Buisman Cees J.N (2011) Effect of Process Conditions on the Biological Selenate Reduction and Selenium Particle Production
Hageman S, Van Der Weijden R, Weijma J & Buisman C
(2011) Arsenic Biomineral Formation Leads to Partial Encrustation of Thermoacidophilic Archaea
Gonzalez P, Weijma J & Buisman CJN

Buisman Cees J.N. (2019) Selenium and Sulfur Interaction during Bio-Cycling
Song B, van der Weijden RD, Weijma J & Buisman CJN

Buisman Cees Johannes Nico (2023) Biological Reduction of Biologically Formed Elemental Sulfur to Hydrogen Sulfide for Industrial Applications
Mol AR, Olivera Begue E, Teune E & Buisman CJN

Buisman Iris (2009) Towards a Better Understanding of the Origin and Evolution of Kimberlite Melts Using Melt Phase Relations in CMAS-CO2-H2O-K2O
Buisman I, Walter M & Sparks S

Buisman Iris (2015) Yellow and Colourless Anorthite Megacrysts from Hakone Volcano: Structural Controls on Colouration
Matsui T, Buisman I, Lampronti G & Redfern S

Buisman Iris (2016) Reconstructing Deep Ocean Circulation Pathway and Strength with Grainsize-Specific Nd Isotopes
Piotrowski AM, Li Y, Cheng X, Crowhurst S, Clegg J, Buisman I, Lascu I, Harrison RJ & McCave IN

Buisman Iris (2019) Millennial Storage of near-Moho Magma
Mutch E, Maclennan J, Holland T & Buisman I
(2019) Complex Magmatic Systems beneath Monotonous Basaltic Shield Volcanoes in the Galápagos Archipelago
Stock M, Geist D, Neave D, Bagnardi M, Maclennan J, Bernard B, Buisman I & Gleeson M

Buisman Iris (2022) Linking Diffusion Chronometry to Geophysical Indicators of Volcanic Unrest – Insights from the 2021 Fagradalsfjall Eruption
Kahl M, Mutch EJF, Maclennan J, Morgan D, Couperthwaite F, Bali E, Thordarson T, Guðfinnsson GH, Walshaw R, Buisman I, Buhre S, van der Meer QHA, Caracciolo A, Marshall EW, Rasmussen M, Gallagher CR, Moreland W, Höskuldsson Á & Askew RA

Buisman Iris (2023) Working Around Microanalytical Data Gaps to Make Multiscale Predictions- Exploring the Bon Accord Nickel Mineral Species
Einsle JF, O'Driscoll B, McDannald A, Kusne AG, Lampronti GI, Salge T & Buisman I

Buissière S. (2010) Developpment of a Fast Method of Mineralization for Routine Analysis of Matrix of the Agricultural Production
Heroult J, Parat C, Buissière S, Coriou C, Denaix L, Lespes G & Potin-Gautier M

Buisson M. (2023) Development and Validation of Isotopic Analysis Methods by Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Small Amounts of Americium
Buisson M, Mialle S, Caussignac C, Cruchet C & Nonell A
(2021) High Precision MC-ICP-MS Measurements of δ11B from ng Amounts in Carbonate Samples, Using Microsublimation and Direct Injection (µ-δDIHEN)
Buisson M, Louvat P, Thaler C & Rollion-Bard C
(2019) Reconstitution of the Isotopic Composition of Boron in Seawater over Geological Times
Buisson M, Louvat P, Rollion-Bard C, Bouchez J, Horita J & Gaillardet J
(2019) Boron Isotopic Ratio Measurements at ng Levels with the µ-δDIHEN Introduction System
Louvat P, Tharaud M, Buisson M, Rollion-Bard C & Benedetti MF
(2019) Carbonate Chemistry Reconstruction of the South Pacific with Implications for Deglacial CO2 Degassing
Karancz S, Raitzsch M, Buisson M, Tian R & Bijma J

Buist A. (2023) Evidence of the Impact of Substitutions in Ferrihydrite on Rare Earth Element Adsorption
Buist A, Rivard C, Davranche M, Bouhnik-Le-Coz M, Brisset F, Paineau EN, Rouziere S & Vantelon D
(2022) Evidence of the Impact of Substitutions in Goethite on Rare Earth Element Adsorption
Buist A, Rivard C, Davranche M, Chaouchi K, Bouhnik-Le-Coz M, Brisset F, Paineau EN, Rouziere S & Vantelon D

Buitenhuis E. (2010) Response of Marine Aerosol to Changes in Phytoplankton Induced by Perturbations to Aeolian Iron Input
Woodhouse M, Buitenhuis E, Mann G, Carslaw K & Boucher O
(2009) Sensitivity of the Ocean-To-Atmosphere N2O Flux to Variations in Atmospheric Dust Deposition
Suntharalingam P, Buitenhuis E & Le Quere C

Buixadera E. (2023) Shedding Light on the Source of Rare Earth Elements' Particles in Road Dust
Navarro-Ciurana D, Corbella M, Corral I, Buixadera E, Farré de Pablo J, Meroño D, Morera-Valverde R & Proenza JA

Buizert C. (2019) Precise Interpolar Phasing of Younger Dryas Climate Change Using Isotopes of Nitrogen and Argon in Air from the WAIS Divide Ice Core
Morgan J, Buizert C, Rhodes R & Severinghaus J
(2013) Radiometric 81Kr Dating Reveals 120, 000 Year Old Ice at Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
Buizert C, Baggenstos D, Jiang W, Purtschert R, Petrenko V, Brook E, Lu Z-T, Mueller P & Severinghaus J

Bujak I. (2019) Integrated Isotope Techniques to Investigate Nitrate Dynamics along a Land-Use Gradient in a Mesoscale River Catchment
Bujak I, Müller C, Merz R & Knöller K

Bujan S. (2015) Study of Groundwater Fluxes and Diagenetic Processes to Understand the Biogeochemistry of Two Shallow Lakes
Buquet D, Anschutz P, Charbonnier C, Bujan S, Poirier D & Abril G
(2012) In situ Monitoring for Studying the Seasonal Pattern of Dissolved Oxygen in a Sandy Beach of the Aquitaine Coast (France)
Charbonnier C, Anschutz P, Deflandre B, Poirier D, Bujan S & Lecroart P

Bukaemskiy Andre (2019) Deep Geological Disposal of Used Nuclear Fuel: Studies on Irradiated MOX and Related Model Systems
Bosbach D, Kegler P, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Alekseev E, Kowalski P, Vinograd V, Verwerft M, Mennecart T & Lemmens K

Bukaemskiy Andrey (2017) Structural Insights into UO2-based Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Finkeldei S, Baena A, Palomares R, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Lang M, Ewing R & Bosbach D
(2017) Fabrication of UO2-based Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Baena A, Brant F, Klinkenberg M, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Bosbach D & Finkeldei S
(2016) Structural Studies on Rhabdophane-Monazite Phase Tranformation in La1-xLnxPO4 (x=Eu, Gd)
Arinicheva Y, Clavier N, Huittinen N, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Stumpf T, Dacheux N & Bosbach D
(2013) Raman and IR Spectroscopy of Monazite-Type Ceramics for the Nuclear Waste Management
Heuser J, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Brandt F, Schlenz H, Dacheux N, Clavier N, Neumann A, Hirsch A & Bosbach D
(2013) Dissolution Kinetics of ZrO2 Based Innovative Waste Forms
Finkeldei S, Brandt F, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Modolo G & Bosbach D

Bukhanovski N. (2011) Heating Organoclays: Does it Affect their Potential to Interact with Organic Compounds in Aqueous Environment?
Borisover M, Yariv S, Bukhanovski N & Lapides I

Bukhari S.W.H. (2022) Interaction of Micro-Blocks and Palaeogeomorphic Reconstruction in Taiwan Orogenic Belt and Adjacent Areas
Liu Z, Li S, Suo Y, Bukhari SWH, Wang P, Ye Q & Cheng H

Bukharova O. (2015) Specific Conditions of Granites and Pegmatites Crystallization of Indertiskiy Granitoid Massif According to Biotite Chemical Compound (Mongolian Altay)
Baeva A & Bukharova O
(2013) The Distribution of LILE and HFSE in the Magmatic Hydrothermal Systems of Mylonites on the Example of the Detachment-Closed Metamorphic Block (Eastern Trans-Baikalian Region, Russia)
Tishin P, Bukharova O & Kremer I
(2013) Geochemical Types of Tantalum and Niobium Mineralization from the Rare Metal-Bearing Granites and Pegmatites of the Western Mongolia
Bukharova O & Baeva A

Bukhtiyarov P. (2017) Interaction of Orthopyroxenes with Carbonates at the Earst’s Crust and Mantle Conditions
Persikov E, Bukhtiyarov P, Nekrasov A & Sokol A
(2015) Viscosity of Kimberlite and Basaltic Magmas during Origin, Ascent and Volcanic Eruption
Persikov E, Bukhtiyarov P, Sokol A & Palyanov Y

Bukovska Z. (2015) Pressure Solution in Natural Samples: FIB/TEM Study on Orthogneiss from South Armorican Shear Zone, France
Bukovska Z, Wirth R & Morales LFG

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