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Bachmann J. (2020) Modification of Soil Wetting Properties Always Involves the Interface Chemical Composition
Woche SK, Goebel M-O, Guggenberger G & Bachmann J

Bachmann K. (2015) Identification and Quantification of PGMs by Combining MLA and EPMA with a New Approach to the Offline Overlap Correction of Major and Trace PGE Concentrations
Osbahr I, Krause J, Bachmann K & Gutzmer J
(2015) (Bio)Leaching of Copper from Kupferschiefer with Citric Acid
Kostudis S, Bachmann K, Kutschke S, Pollmann K & Gutzmer J
(2014) Li Isotopes and Geochemistry of Li–F–Sn Greisen from the Zinnwald Deposit, Germany
Bachmann K, Seifert T, Magna T, Neßler J & Gutzmer J

Bachmann Oliver (2020) Tracking Volatile Degassing of an Explosive, Rhyolitic Eruption Using Lithium Isotopes
Neukampf J, Ellis B, Bouvier A-S, Tollan P, Laurent O, Ulmer P, Magna T & Bachmann O

Bachmann Olivier (2022) A Mushy Earliest Silicic Crust
Laurent O, Björnsen J, Wotzlaw J-F, Moyen J-F, Bretscher S, Pimenta Silva M & Bachmann O
(2022) Processes Influencing the Behaviour of Li Concentrations and Isotopic Composition in Magmatic System
Neukampf J, Ellis BS, Laurent O, Magna T & Bachmann O
(2022) Zircon and Garnet Compositional Constraints on the Nature of Extension-Related Peraluminous Silicic Magmas in the Northern Pannonian Basin
Harangi S, Lukács R, Guillong M, Bachmann O, Portnyagin MV, Müller S & Kovács Z
(2022) Magmatic Evolution Patterns of the Miocene Silicic Explosive Volcanism in the Pannonian Basin, Eastern-Central Europe
Lukács R, Szepesi J, Guillong M, Józsa S, Bachmann O, Portnyagin MV, Schiller D, Kovács Z, Müller S & Harangi S
(2022) From Mush to Eruption: An Amphibole Perspective Study for the 56–30 ka Explosive Volcanism of Ciomadul, Eastern-Central Europe
Cserép B, Szemerédi M, Erdmann S, Lukács R, Seghedi I, Bachmann O, Kovács Z & Harangi S
(2021) Slab Inputs Control the Isotopic Variability of Continent-Forming Arc Magmas
Cornet J, Laurent O, Wotzlaw J-F, Otamendi JE, Bergantz GW & Bachmann O
(2021) Differential Record of Pre- and Syn-Eruptive Degassing of a Large Rhyolitic System Recorded by Li, H, and δ7Li Diffusion between Quartz, Melt Inclusions and Groundmass Glasses
Neukampf J, Laurent O, Tollan PM, Bouvier A-S, Magna T, Ulmer P, France L, Ellis BS, Guillong M & Bachmann O
(2021) From Precursory Event to Climactic Caldera Formation – Variations in Water Saturation State in the AsO-4 Super-Eruptive System
Keller F, Popa R-G, Bachmann O, Allaz JM & Geshi N
(2021) The Zircon Petrochronological Record of a REE-Enriched Pegmatite and its Source Pluton in the Pikes Peak Batholith (Colorado, USA)
Fonseca Teixeira LM, Allaz JM, Bachmann O & Wotzlaw J-F
(2021) Apparent Selective Elemental Disequilibrium between Melt and Mineral Phases of the Haramul Mic Lava Dome
Pánczél E, Petrelli M, Lukács R, Bachmann O & Harangi S
(2021) The Physical and Chemical Evolution of Magmatic Fluids in Near-Solidus Silicic Magma Reservoirs: Implications for the Formation of Pegmatites
Troch J, Huber C & Bachmann O
(2021) Biotites as Recorders of the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition
Ellis BS, Neukampf J, Magna T, Harris C, Laurent O, Ulmer P & Bachmann O
(2019) Towards Reliable LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Carbonate Dating
Guillong M, Wotzlaw J-F, Looser N, Laurent O & Bachmann O
(2019) Timescales of Degassing in Rhyolitic Magmas Tracked by Li in Plagioclase
Neukampf J, Ellis B, Laurent O, Steinmann L, Dohmen R, Ubide T, Oeser M, Magna T, Weyer S & Bachmann O
(2019) The Effect of CaO on the Partitioning Behavior of REE, Y and Sc between Olivine and Melt: Implications for Basalt-Carbonate Interaction Processes
Di Stefano F, Mollo S, Blundy J, Scarlato P, Nazzari M & Bachmann O
(2019) The Role of Magma Recharge in the Evolution of Alkaline Felsic Suites: The Fataga Group, Gran Canaria
Cortes-Calderon EA, Ellis B, Neukampf J, Wolff J & Bachmann O
(2019) Timescales and Processes Involved in the Construction of Crustal-Scale Magmatic Systems
Bachmann O, Huber C, Townsend M, Degruyter W, Karakas O, Wotzlaw J, Cornet J & Laurent O
(2019) Progressively Shorter Magma Storage and Rapid Remobilization Prior to Voluminous Eruptions of Vesuvius
Wotzlaw J-F, Bastian L, Guillong M, Forni F, Laurent O, Sulpizio R & Bachmann O
(2019) Linking Volcanic and Plutonic Records in the Early Earth: TTGs are Silicic Crystal Mushes
Laurent O, Björnsen J, Bretscher S, Wotzlaw J-F, Pimenta Silva M, Moyen J-F, Ulmer P & Bachmann O
(2019) The Nature and Reactivation Time of the Magma Storage beneath the Long-Dormant Late Pleistocene Ciomadul Volcano (Eastern-Central Europe)
Harangi S, González-García D, Petrelli M, Bachmann O & Lukács R
(2019) Zircon Crystallization Age Distribution Reflecting the Lifetime of the Long-Living Crystal Mush System beneath the Ciomadul Volcanic Dome Field (Eastern-Central Europe)
Lukács R, Schmitt AK, Caricchi L, Bachmann O, Guillong M, Molnár K & Harangi S
(2018) The Inner Workings of Crustal Distillation Columns; The Physical Mechanisms and Rates Controlling Phase Separation in Magmatic Systems
Bachmann O & Huber C
(2018) The Development of a Three-Phase Compaction Model to Study Phase Separation in Silicic Magma Reservoirs
Huber C, Bachmann O & Parmigiani A
(2018) Olivine Compositional Changes in Primitive Skarn Environments: A Reassessment of Divalent Cation Partitioning Models to Quantify the Effect of Carbonate Assimilation
Di Stefano F, Mollo S, Scarlato P, Nazzari M, Bachmann O & Caruso M
(2018) The Dark Side of Zircon: Textural and Chemical Evidence for Volatile Saturation in Subvolcanic Yellowstone Magma Reservoir
Troch J, Ellis B, Schmitt A, Bouvier A-S & Bachmann O
(2018) Modeling the Crystallization and Emplacement Conditions of a Basaltic Trachyandesitic Sill at Mt. Etna Volcano
Nazzari M, Di Stefano F, Mollo S, Scarlato P, Tecchiato V, Ellis B, Bachmann O & Ferlito C
(2018) Li Isotopic Variations between Magmatic Minerals and Indications of Degassing of a Rhyolitic Magma (Mesa Falls Tuff, Yellowstone)
Neukampf J, Ellis B, Magna T, Laurent O & Bachmann O
(2018) A Super-Volcanic Magma Reservoir at High Temporal Resolution
Szymanowski D, Ellis BS, Wotzlaw J-F & Bachmann O
(2018) Controls on Lithium Concentration in Zircon
Sliwinski J, Kueter N, Guillong M & Bachmann O
(2018) Construction and Storage of Crustal-Scale Magmatic Systems
Karakas O, Wotzlaw J-F, Degruyter W, Bachmann O, Economos R, Ulmer P, Dufek J & Bergantz G
(2016) Terrestrial Titanium Stable Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Processes
Mandl M, Fehr M, Bachmann O & Schönbächler M
(2016) The Effects of Oxygen Fugacity on Sulfur Diffusion in Dacite Melts
Lierenfeld MB, Zajacz Z, Bachmann O & Ulmer P
(2016) Long-Term Magmatic Evolution at the Campi Flegrei Caldera (Southern Italy)
Forni F, Bachmann O, Mollo S & De Astis G
(2016) Constraining Magma Residence Timescales by Coupling ID–TIMS U–Pb Dating of Zircon and Titanite
Szymanowski D, Ellis BS, Wotzlaw JF, Bachmann O & von Quadt A
(2016) Tracing Hydrothermal Alteration Through Yellowstone Drillcores: Implications for Magmatic Models
Troch J, Ellis BS, Harris C & Bachmann O
(2016) Biotite Trace Element Fingerprints (V-Co-nb) Identify Magma Batches and Correlate Volcano Sequences at Las Cañadas Volcano, Tenerife
Sliwinski J, Ellis B, Dávila-Harris P, Wolff J, Olin P & Bachmann O
(2015) Cumulate Melting as the Origin for Chemical Gradients in Crystal-Poor Bodies of Silicic Magma
Wolff J, Ellis B, Ramos F, Starkel W, Boroughs S, Olin P & Bachmann O
(2015) Erupted Cumulate Fragments in Rhyolites from Lipari (Aeolian Islands)
Forni F, Ellis BS, Bachmann O, Lucchi F & Tranne CA
(2015) Li in Rhyolites: What’s up with that?
Ellis B, Bachmann O, Magna T & Szymanowski D
(2015) Why Aren’t most high-SiO2 Rhyolites Trapped in the Crust?
Bachmann O, Parmigiani A, Huber C, Faroughi S & Su Y
(2015) Mineral-Scale Magma Generation: Insights from Rhyolite Lavas Prior to Last Yellowstone Supereruption
Troch J, Ellis B, Mark D, Bindeman I, Kent A & Bachmann O
(2015) Identifying the Crystal Graveyards Remaining after Large Silicic Eruptions
Gelman S, Bachmann O, Deering C, Huber C & Gutierrez F
(2015) Effect of Episodic Recharge on the Evolution of Upper Crustal Magma Chambers
Degruyter W, Huber C, Cooper K, Kent A & Bachmann O
(2015) Constrains on the Timescale of the Silicic Magma Reservoir System during the Miocene Ignimbrite Flare-Up Episode in the Pannonian Basin, Eastern-Central Europe
Lukács R, Harangi S, Bachmann O, Guillong M & Dunkl I
(2014) Textural and Geochemical Evidence for Remobilized Cumulates on Tenerife, Canary Islands
Sliwinski J, Bachmann O & Ellis B
(2013) Compositional Gaps and Melt Segregation in Magmatic Systems: A Multiphase Dynamics Approach
Dufek J & Bachmann O
(2013) The Architecture of the Intermediate-Sized Quizapu Magma System
Ruprecht P, Bergantz G, Cooper K & Bachmann O
(2013) Optimization of LA-ICP-MS for U-Pb Dating of Young Zircons
Guillong M, Bachmann O & von Quadt A
(2011) Crystal-Poor vs. Crystal-Rich Ignimbrites: A Competition between Stirring and Reactivation
Huber C, Bachmann O & Dufek J
(2011) Magma Recharge and Eruption Processes at Volcán Llaima (Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, 38.7°S)
Bouvet de Maisonneuve C, Dungan M, Bachmann O & Costa F
(2011) The Volcanic-Plutonic Connection
Bachmann O, Deering C, Dufek J & Huber C
(2009) Evidence for Thermal Rejuvenation of the Masonic Park Tuff, San Juan Volcanic Field, CO
Plummer C, Bachmann O & Dungan M
(2009) The Importance of Melting of a Crystalline Mush on the Volatile Transport from an Underlying Intrusion
Huber C, Bachmann O & Manga M
(2008) The Volcanic-Plutonic Connection
Bachmann O & Bergantz G
(2004) Mineral-Scale Sr Isotopic Variations as Recorders of Magmatic Processes in the Fish Canyon System, U.S.A
Charlier B, Davidson J, Bachmann O & Dungan M
(2002) The Fish Canyon Tuff: Ar-Ar Versus U-Pb Age Discrepancy Re-assessed
Oberli F, Bachmann O, Meier M & Dungan MA

Bachtadse V. (2015) Tracing the Efficiency of Chemical Weathering Through Magnetic Properties of Sediment: An Eocene Case Study
Dallanave E, Bachtadse V, Hollis C, Strogen D, Collot J, Maurizot P & Dickens G

Bachtel J. (2010) Using Zircon to Decode the Timing & Source of Au Mineralization
Schneider DA & Bachtel J

Bachu S. (2007) Geological Storage as a Carbon Mitigation Option
Celia M, Nordbotten J, Gasda S, Kavetski D & Bachu S

Bačík P. (2020) Remobilization of HFSE and Formation of Rhabdophane and Corkite-Hinsdalite Under Supergene, Highly Acidic Conditions, Velence Hills, Hungary
Ondrejka M, Bačík P, Sobocký T, Mikuš T, Škoda R, Luptáková J & Uher P
(2020) The Site Occupancy Assessment in Tourmaline-Supergroup Minerals Based on Bond-Length Constraints
Bačík P & Fridrichová J
(2020) Cation Partitioning Based on Bond-Length Constraints in Beryl
Fridrichová J & Bačík P
(2018) Fluid-Assisted Destabilization of Accessory Minerals in the Granitic Rocks of Veporic Basement (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
Ondrejka M, Putiš M, Uher P, Bačík P & Sobocký T

Baciu C. (2016) Isotopes as Tracer for Groundwater – Surface Water – Mine Water Interactions in Post-Mining Environments: The Case Study of Zlatna Mining Area (Romania)
Papp DC, Cociuba I, Baciu C & Cozma A
(2013) Geochemistry of Fluids from the Eastern Carpathians and Transylvanian Basin Boundary (Romania) – Constraints on the Origin of Mineral Waters and Dissolved Gases
Kis B-M, Italiano F, Baciu C, Rizzo A & Kármán K
(2011) Enhancing the Accuracy of the Environmental Monitoring Systems in Mining Areas
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(2009) Groundwater Geochemistry and As Content in the Eastern Pannonian Basin (Romania) – PCA Analysis
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(2009) Controls on Groundwater Geochemistry & Arsenic Mobilisation Processes in Aquifers of Eastern Europe (Pannonian Basin)
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(2009) Linking Microbial Community Structure to Groundwater Arsenic Concentrations in Pannonian Basin Wells
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(2009) Al Nanoclusters: A New Method for As Removal from Water
Mertens J, Rowland H, Jimenez C, Baciu C, Hug S, Wehrli B & Furrer G

Back Martin (2007) Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Based on Alkaline Residues
Back M, Kühn M & Peiffer S

Back MinYoung (2016) Variations of Clay Mineralogy during Glacial – Interglacial Period : The Southern Drake Passage
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Backnäs S. (2015) Combining Conductivity and Flow Velocity Profiles to Chemical Balances in Studying Contaminant Mixing and Dilution in Stream Waters Influenced by Mine Water Discharges
Backnäs S, Hämäläinen E, Hämäläinen M, Turunen K, Pajula P & Räsänen T
(2015) Assessing Solute Sources and Contaminant Transport in Two Finnish Mine Site
Turunen K, Kittilä A, Backnäs S, Pasanen A, Hendriksson N & Mänttäri I
(2013) Contaminant Geochemistry and Migration in Three Different Mine Sites in Finland – Comparison of Anthropogenic and Geogenic Contamination for Risk Assessment
Backnäs S, Turunen K, Pasanen A, Karlsson T & Solismaa L

Bäckström A. (2021) The Usage of Biotite as an Exploration Vector in Igneous Systems, as Exemplified for the 1.54 Ga Salmi Batholith, Russian Karelia
Bäckström A, Zack T & Sundblad K

Bäckström M. (2019) Differences in Water Chemistry in Pit Lakes Affected by Alum Shale Mining
Åhlgren K & Bäckström M
(2019) Trace Elements in Swedish bio Fuel Stove Ashes
Bäckström M
(2019) Use of Green Liquor Dregs from the Paper and Pulp Industry for Sulfidic Mine Site Reclamation – A Case for Alkaline By-Product Characterization
Stahre N, Sartz L & Bäckström M
(2017) Environmental Impact from Shale Waste Deposits in Sweden and Estonia – A Comparison
Bäckström M & Åhlgren K
(2017) A Giant Batch Titration Experiment – Lime Waste Leaching into a Pit Lake
Åhlgren K & Bäckström M
(2017) Determination of Quality Criteria for Use of Green Liquor Dregs (GLS) for Reclamation of Acidic Mine Waste
Stahre N, Sartz L & Bäckström M
(2015) Air Purging as a Method to Remove Trace Elements from Alkaline Waters
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(2015) Leaching of Pb from Waste Incineration Ashes as Function of Waste Fuel and Incineration Technologies
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(2013) Leaching of Zn, Cu and Pb from Oxidised Sulphidic Mine Waste as a Function of Temperature, L/S Ratio and Leaching Reagents
Saqib N & Bäckström M

Backus E. (2018) Crystal Nucleation and Growth in Heterogeneous Matrices: A Case Study from the Castner Marble, Texas
Backus E & Hetherington C

Bacle P. (2018) Adsorption of GMP and dGMP Nucleotides onto Na-Montmorillonite Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation
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(2015) Specific Interactions at Clay Surfaces: Multiscale Modeling of Dynamics in Clay/Water Systems
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Baco A. (2022) Renewed Volcanism at the Hawaiian-Emperor Bend at ~31 Ma
Harrison LN, Weis D, Scoates JS, O'Connor JM, Regelous M, Baco A & Roark EB

Bacon A. (2013) Rhizogenic C-Fe Redox Cycling: A Sleeping Couple No Longer
Richter D, Bacon A, Mobley M, Oelze M & von Blankenburg F

Bacon Charles (2021) Natural Attenuation of Lead by Microbial Manganese Oxides in a Karst Aquifer
Newsome L, Bacon C, Song H, Luo Y, Sherman DM & Lloyd JR

Bacon Charles G D (2014) Inner- and Outer-Sphere Complexation of Pb and Zn on Birnessite: EXAFS, Density Functional Theory, and Surface Complexation Modelling
Bacon CGD & Sherman DM
(2013) Surface Complexation on Birnessite Controls Pb Distribution in Highly Contaminated Soil and Karst Groundwater
Bacon CGD & Sherman DM

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(2002) Magma Differentiation Rates and Processes at Mount Mazama (Crater Lake), a Cascades Arc Volcano
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(2000) Late Pleistocene Zircons from Cascades Arc Volcanoes Dated by U-Th Analysis with SHRIMP RG
Bacon CR, Lowenstern JB, Persing HM, Wooden JL & Donnelly-Nolan JM

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