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Bacon D. (2020) Identifying the Technical Basis to Represent Long-Term Radioactive Waste Form Behavior in Performance Assessments
Freedman V, Lee KP, Bacon D & Fang Y
(2018) Historical Overview of the Leaching Performance of Cementitious Waste Forms Used in Performance and Risk Assessments at the Hanford Site
Asmussen M, Westsik J, Saslow S, Serne J, Smith G & Bacon D

Bacon L.C. (2010) Exploring Complex Relationships Among Fish Tissue Mercury Concentrations, Drivers of Trophic Status, and Watershed Characteristics in Maine Lakes
Bacon LC, Amirbahman A, Norton SA, Simon K & Fernandez IJ

Bacon S. (2002) Geochemistry of Ostracode Calcite: Empirical Calibration of 3 Species from Page Pond, Ohio, U.S.A
Ito E, Bacon S, Smith A & Palmer D

Baconnais I. (2018) Investigation of Chromium Isotope Variability in the Canadian Arctic Archipelagos
Baconnais I, Holmden C & Francois R
(2016) Chromium Isotope Variability in Modern Ocean
Baconnais I, Holmden C & François R

Baconnet I. (2018) Ocean Circulation and Land-Ocean Exchanges off the North Eastern Canadian Coasts as Told by Dissolved Geochemical Tracers
Grenier M, Francois R, Soon M, Baconnet I, Pham V & Jeandel C

Bacot L. (2021) Is There a Specific Pollution in Sediments of Urban Stormwater Basins?
Couvidat J, Zhan Q, Chatain V, Bacot L, Gautier M, Tedoldi D, Lipeme-Kouyi G, Delolme C & Winiarski T

Bacque D. (2012) A Cooling History for the Nicola Horst, British Columbia
Bacque D & Guest B

Bacsik Z. (2014) Hydrogen Production Through Olivine Alteration
Neubeck A, Nguyen Thanh D, Hellevang H, Oze C, Bastviken D, Bacsik Z & Holm N

Baczynski A. (2018) Can Fossil Carbon Reworking Explain the Sustained High CO2 Levels of the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum?
Lyons S, Baczynski A, Babila T, Bralower T, Hajek E, Kump L, Polites E, Trampush S, Vornlocher J, Zachos J & Freeman K
(2018) What are the Limit of Molecular Isotope Analyses?
Freeman K & Baczynski A

Bada J.L. (2005) Sulfate Minerals as Targets for Biomolecule Detection on Mars
Aubrey AD, Cleaves HJ, Chalmers JH & Bada J
(2004) Lightning Associated with Hot-Spot Island Arc Volcanoes and the Localized Synthesis of Prebiotic Compounds on the Primitive Earth
Aubrey A, Cleaves H & Bada J
(2004) Detecting Pyrolysis Products from Bacteria in a Mars Soil Analogue
Glavin D, Cleaves J, Schubert M, Aubrey A, Buch A, Mahaffy P & Bada J
(2004) AstroBioLab: A Mobile in situ Subsurface Biotic and Soil Reactivity Analytical Laboratory
Bada J, Grunthaner F & Mathies R
(2002) A Search for Extraterrestrial Amino Acids in Antarctic Micrometeorites
Glavin DP, Matrajt G & Bada JL
(2000) Search Strategies for Organic Bio-Signatures in Extraterrestrial Samples
McDonald G, Bada J, Brinton K, Glavin D, Dorn E & Storrie-Lombardi M

Badalamenti J. (2018) Novel Genomes Reveal Carbon Cycling Potential of Microbes Living in an Archean Iron Formation
Sheik C, Badalamenti J, Bond D, Gralnick J & Toner B

Badamgarav J. (2008) Late Mesozoic Volcanism Across E. Mongolia and Great Xing’an Range, NE China: Geochemical Constraint on the Post-Collisional Extension
Zhou X, Ying J, Zhang L, Wilde SA, Badamgarav J & Tomurtogoo O
(2006) Late Mesozoic Volcanism Across E, Mongolia and Da Hingan Mts, NE China: Timing Constraint on the Closure of Mongol-Okhotsk Sea
Zhou X, Ying J, Wang F, Zhang L, Wilde SA, Badamgarav J & Badarch G

Badanina E. (2021) Au-Te Mineralization at Kutyn Gold Deposit, Khabarovsk Region, Russia
Azarian A, Badanina E & Anisimov I
(2016) Zircon from Rare-Metal Li-F Granites: Magma Chamber Processes and Magma Source
Sagitova A, Badanina E, Syritso L, Abushkevich V & Volkova E
(2015) New Evidence of Liquid Immiscibility Occurrence during Formation of Rare Metal Volatile-Rich Granitic Systems
Badanina E, Thomas R, Syritso L & Pikhulina A
(2015) The Application of Raman Microprobe Spectroscopy in the Study of Fluid and Melt Inclusions in Quartz from Sherlovaya Gora (Russia)
Pikhulina A, Badanina E, Sagitova A, Syritso L, Thomas R & Bocharov V
(2011) Distribution of Rare Elements in Mineral-Forming Environments of Rare-Metal Granites
Badanina E, Borisova A, Thomas R & Syritso L
(2011) The Role of Volcano-Plutonic Complex for Simulation of Origin of Rare-Metal Granites from Transbaikalia, Russia
Syritso L, Abushkevich V, Badanina E & Volkova E
(2010) Quartz-Vein Wolframite Ore and Granitoid Magmatism: Spatial and Genetic Connection
Badanina E, Abushkevich V & Syritso L
(2009) About the Petrogenetic Connection of Quartz-Veined Ores (W, Sn, Be, Bi) with Massivs of Li-F Granites
Syritso L, Badanina E, Abushkevich V & Volkova E
(2008) Verification Attempts of Experimental Data on Behaviour of Rare Elements by Studying of Melt Inclusions
Badanina E, Trumbull R, Thomas R & Syritso L
(2007) Effusive and Subeffusive Rocks in the Area of Rare-Metal Ore Fields of Phanerozoic and their Petrogenetic Significance
Badanina E, Syritso L, Abushkevich V & Volkova E
(2005) Evolution of Silicate Melts during Formation of the Granite-Pegmatite System of the Malkhany Pegmatite Field, Russia (A Case Study of Melt Inclusions in Quartz)
Badanina E, Thomas R & Syritso L
(2003) Lanthanide Distribution and the Tetrad Effect in Bulk Rocks and Fluorite of the Khangilay Granitic Complex (Russia)
Badanina E, Veksler I, Syritso L, Dulski P & Trumbull R
(2002) Melt Evolution in Li-F Granites as Revealed by Quartz-Hosted Melt Inclusions (Orlovka Massif, Russia)
Badanina E, Thomas R & Veksler I
(2002) Experimental Evidence of the Role of Liquid Immiscibility in Evolution of Granitic Pegmatites and Li-F Granites
Veksler I, Badanina E & Thomas R

Badanina I. (2019) Origin of Zircon from the Talnakh Economic Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusion (Noril’sk Province, Russia): Evidence from Oxygen Isotope Data
Malitch K, Belousova E, Griffin W, Badanina I, Martin L & Sluzhenikin S
(2019) Os Isotope Systematics of Ru-Os Sulfides and Ru-Os-Ir Alloys from the Verkh-Neivinsk and Kunar Ophiolite-Type Complexes (Russia)
Badanina I, Malitch K, Belousova E, Puchtel I & Murzin V
(2017) Origin of Zircons from the Kondyor Platinum-Bearing Massif (Russia): Evidence from U-Pb and Hf-O Isotopic Data
Badanina I, Belousova E, Malitch K, Griffin W & Martin L
(2017) Origin of Ru-Os-Ir Alloys from the Evander Goldfield, Witwatersrand Basin (South Africa)
Malich K, Badanina I, Dale C & Merkle R
(2015) A Combined Nd-Sr-Cu-S Isotope Study of the Chernogorsk and Zub-Marksheider Ore-Bearing Intrusions (Noril’sk Province, Russia)
Malitch K, Latypov R, Badanina I & Sluzhenikin S
(2014) Ru-Os-Ir Alloys and Ru-Os Sulfides from Oceanic Mantle: Evidence for Robustness of Os-Isotope System
Malich K, Badanina I, Belousova E, Lord R, Meisel T, Murzin V & Pearson N
(2014) Stable Isotope Study of Magmatic Sulfide Ni-Cu-Pge Ores of the Noril’sk Province (Russia)
Malitch K, Latypov R, Badanina I & Sluzhenikin S
(2013) U-Pb and Hf Isotope Characteristics of Zircon from Chromitites at Finero
Badanina I, Malitch K & Belousova E
(2013) Timing and Distinct Magma Sources in Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusions of the Taimyr Peninsula (Russia)
Malitch K, Badanina I & Romanov A
(2011) Redox Conditions of Formation of Osmium-Rich Alloys from Dunite and Chromitite of the Guli Massif (Maimecha-Kotui Province, Russia)
Malitch K, Kadik A, Badanina I & Zharkova E
(2008) Contrasting Magma Sources in Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusions of the Noril’sk Area (Russia): Hf-Isotope Evidence from Zircon
Malitch K, Belousova E, Griffin W, Badanina I, Petrov O & Pearson N
(2007) Zircons from Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusions at Noril'sk Area (Russia): A Compositional and U-Pb Study
Malich K, Petrov O, Badanina I & Presnyakov S
(2007) Mineral Chemistry and Os Isotope Systematics of Os-Bearing Alloys from the Guli Massif (Russia): New Data
Badanina I, Malitch K & Kapitonov I

Badarch G. (2006) Late Mesozoic Volcanism Across E, Mongolia and Da Hingan Mts, NE China: Timing Constraint on the Closure of Mongol-Okhotsk Sea
Zhou X, Ying J, Wang F, Zhang L, Wilde SA, Badamgarav J & Badarch G

Badariotti D. (2021) Combining Geochemistry with Geochronology and Hydromorphology to Unravel Human Impacts in the Upper Rhine over the Two Last Centuries
Euzen C, Schmitt L, Chardon V, Rixhon G, Perrone T, Preusser F, Badariotti D & Chabaux F

Badaut V. (2009) Selenite and Selenate Reduction by Siderite: In situ and ex situ XAS Experiments
Badaut V, Schlegel ML, Descostes M, Zeller P & Moutiers G

Badawi M. (2022) Molecular Understanding of Adsorption Mechanisms of Fatty Acids on Fluorite
Badawi M, Foucaud Y, Lainé J, Barrès O & Filippov L
(2021) First-Principles Modelling Applied to Flotation
Lainé J, Veloso C, Correa A, Foucaud Y & Badawi M
(2020) Synergistic Adsorptions of Na2CO3 and Na2SiO3 on Calcium Minerals Revealed by Spectroscopic and ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Studies
Badawi M, Foucaud Y, Filippov L, Barres O, Filippova I & Lebègue S

Badejo A.O. (2015) Reconstruction of Paleo Productivity in the Central Equatorial Pacific Ocean during the Mid-Pleistocene Using Lipid Biomarker Approach
Badejo AO, Seo I, Hyeong K & Ju S-J

Badenszki E. (2022) Do Palaeoproterozoic Terrane Boundaries (Defined Using Feldspar Pb Isotope Data) Control Mineralization in the North Atlantic Region?
Badenszki E, Daly JS & Flowerdew MJ
(2022) Characterisation of Irish Volcanic Ash Layers Using Combined in situ U-Pb and Lu-Hf Analyses of Zircon and/Or Apatite and its Implication for the Growth Rate of the Waulsortian Reef
Koch HA, Chew DM, Hitzman MW, Slezak P, Dunlevy E, Badenszki E & Holdstock M
(2021) Linking Sedimentary Phosphate U-Pb Ages to Syn-Sedimentary Processes
O'Sullivan GJ, Daly JS, Murray J, Ó'Gogáin A, Chew DM, Badenszki E, Hoare B, Guyett P & Drakou F
(2021) Multi-Method Approach to Understanding the Migration Mechanisms of Pb in Apatite and Ar in Alkali Feldspar from Proterozoic Granitic Batholiths from the Mt. Isa Inlier (Australia)
Popov D, Spikings RA, Ovtcharova M, Chiaradia M, Ulianov A, O'Sullivan G, Chew DM, Badenszki E, Daly S & Davies JHFL
(2019) Diffusion and Fluid-Interaction in Itrongay Pegmatite (Madagascar): The Results of in situ Ar-Ar Dating of Gem-Quality Alkali Feldspar and U-Pb Dating of Apatite Inclusions within it
Popov D, Spikings R, Scaillet S, O'Sullivan G, Chew D, Badenszki E, Daly S, Razakamanana T & Davies J
(2017) Metal Extraction from the Lower Crust and the Genesis of the Irish Zn-Pb Orefield
Daly JS, Badenszki E, Chew D, Kronz A, O'Rourke H, Whitehouse M, Menuge J, van Acken D & Van den Berg R
(2017) Rare Garnet Clinopyroxenite and Garnet Granulite Xenoliths from the Scottish Midland Valley: Products of Contemporaneous Magmatism or an Ancient Buried Ophiolite?
Badenszki E, Daly S & Kronz A
(2015) Deep Crustal Xenoliths Document the Early Palaeozoic Transition from Active Margin to Intracontinental Setting of the Scottish Midland Valley
Badenszki E, Daly JS, Whitehouse MJ, Horstwood MSA, Kronz A, Lancaster PJ & Upton BGJ
(2009) Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Scottish Midland Valley
Badenszki E, Daly S & Horstwood M

Bader M. (2017) The Influence of Microorganisms on Subsurface, Salt-Based Nuclear Waste Repositories
Swanson J, Cherkouk A, Bader M & Reed D
(2015) Biosorption of U(VI) at Highly Saline Conditions
Cherkouk A, Bader M, Drobot B, Müller K & Stumpf T

Bader T. (2020) Metamorphic Evolution and Exhumation Processes of the Newly Discovered Xilang Eclogite in Tibet—constraints from Phase Equilibrium Modeling and Raman Microspectroscopy
Zhang C, Bader T, van Roermund H & Yang J
(2017) The Origin of Triassic Granitoids in the Western Segment of West Qinling, Central China
Li X, Mo X, Dong G, Yu X, Bader T & Huang X
(2015) Evidence for Low-Ca, yet not Mantle Olivine Xenocrysts in Alkali Basalts from West Qinling, Central China
Li X, Mo X, Bader T, Chen Z, Zhang Y, Li X, Yu X & Huang X
(2015) Migmatites and Granulites from the Foping Dome (Qinling Belt, East-Central China) and the Sino-Korea – Yangtze Collision
Bader T, Zhang L, Li X & Xia B
(2013) The Heat Relaxation P-T-T Path of HP-UHP Eclogites from Chinese Southwestern Tianshan: Constraints from P-T Pseudosections, Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Isochron Dating
Du J, Zhang L, Shen X & Bader T

Badertscher S. (2008) Two High Resolution Snap Shots of Pleistocene Climate Change from U-Pb Dated South Africa Speleothems
Pickering R, Göktürk O, Kramers J, Steininger C, Fleitmann D & Badertscher S
(2007) Noble Gases in Fluid Inclusions in Speleothems
Scheidegger Y, Kipfer R, Wieler R, Leuenberger M, Badertscher S & Fleitmann D

Badesab F. (2008) Sediment Pore Fluid Geochemistry from Krishna-Godavari Basin (Bay of Bengal): Possible Influence of Methane Hydrate Occurrences
Mazumdar A, Dewangan P, Joao H, Peketi A, Kocherla M, Badesab F, Joshi R, Karisiddaiah S & Ramprasad T

Badescu K. (2020) Magma Mixing Recorded by Chronologically Constrained Melt Inclusions
Esposito R, Badescu K, Boyce J, Manning CE, Bodnar R, Steele-MacInnis M & De Vivo B

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