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Dzombak David (2017) Selective Solid Phase Extraction of Rare Earth Elements from Aqueous Solutions
Callura J, Perkins K, Noack C, Washburn N, Dzombak D & Karamalidis A

Dzombak David (2013) Dissolution of Arsenic and Iron from Reservoir and Cap-Rocks of Geologic Carbon Dioxide Storage Sites
Parthasarathy H, Lopano C, Hakala A, Dzombak D & Karamalidis A
(2013) Dissolution of Arsenopyrite Under Geologic Carbon Storage Conditions
Parthasarathy H, Dzombak D & Karamalidis A

Dzombak David A. (2016) Selective Adsorption of Rare Earth Elements from Geothermal Brines
Callura JC, Noack CW, Perkins K, Washburn NR, Dzombak DA & Karamalidis AK

Dzombak R. (2020) Three Billion Years of Continental Weathering and Implications for Marine Biogeochemistry
Dzombak R & Sheldon N
(2018) Constraining Climatic Controls on Soil Iron Content
Dzombak R & Sheldon N

Dzurko M. (2008) A Novel Technique for Species-Specific Hg Isotope Ratio Measurements Using Hg-Thiourea Complex Ion Chromatography
Dzurko M & Hintelmann H

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