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Da Silva L. (2017) Dissolved Organic Matter Dynamics in the Mesopelagic Fish Accumulation Layer: Implications for C Cycling
Calleja ML, Røstad A, Ansari M, Da Silva L, Kaartvedt S, Irigoien X & Morán XAG

Da Silva R. (2018) Enhanced Carbon-Sulfur Cycling in the Sediments of Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone Center
Mazumdar A, Fernandes S, Bhattacharya S, Peketi A, Mapder T, Roy C, Da Silva R & Ghosh W
(2018) Sulfur –Iron-Carbon Systematics in Marine Sediments: A Study off Mahanadi Basin, Bay of Bengal
Sawant B, Mazumdar A, Yousuf M, Da Silva R & Peketi A

da SIlva T. (2020) 30my Building a Granitic Batholith: The Santana do Ipanema Batholith, Northeastern Brazil
Pinto Ferreira V, das Neves C, da Silva T, Lima M & Sial A
(2015) Reworked Old Crust-Derived Shoshonitic Magma: An Example from Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Pimentel M, Armstrong R, Guimarães I, da Silva Filho A, Lima M & da SIlva T

da Silva Carreira R. (2017) Reconstruction of Paleoenvironmental Changes Using Molecular Markers in Sediments from Continental Shelf off Rio de Janeiro, SE – Brazil
Lazzari L, da Silva Carreira R, Massone CG, Godoy JM, Boyle EA, Eglinton TI & de Luca Rebello Wagener A

Da Silva Filho A. (2018) Isotopic Evidence of ca 60 Ma Long Cryogenian to Ediacaran High-K Collisional Magmatism in the Pernambuco – Alagoas Domain, Borborema Province, NE Brazil
Da Silva Filho A, Guimarães I, Santos L, Armstrong R, Van Schmus W, Farias D, Datolli L, Cocentino L, Rodrigues I & Coutinho M
(2015) Reworked Old Crust-Derived Shoshonitic Magma: An Example from Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Pimentel M, Armstrong R, Guimarães I, da Silva Filho A, Lima M & da SIlva T
(2011) SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology of Neoproterozoic Rio Una Sequence, NE Brazil, and the Rodinia Break-Up
Da Silva Filho A, Guimaraes I & Armstrong R
(2010) Contrasting Sources of Magmatic Epidote-Bearing Monzodiorites and Tonalites, NE Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Pimentel M, Armstrong R, Spicuzza M, Guimarães I & Da Silva Filho A

da Silva Filho M. (2007) Global Ca-Isotope Signatures in post-Snowball Earth Cap-Carbonates
Silva-Tamayo JC, Nagler T, Villa IM, Kyser K, Sial A, Narbonne G, James N & da Silva Filho M

da Silva Monteiro H. (2019) Amazon Relic Landscapes: Evidence from Cosmogenic 3He in Paleoriver Hematite Pebbles
da Silva Monteiro H, de Paula Vasconcelos PM & Farley KA
(2015) Super Light Rain in Supercontinents
Vasconcelos PM, da Silva Monteiro H, Ireland T, Farley K & D'Avila J
(2015) SHRIMP-Si (18O/16O) Analyses of Goethite: Technical Aspects and Applications to Paleoenvironmental Studies
da Silva Monteiro H, Vasconcelos PM, Ireland T, Farley K, D'Avila J, Miller H, Eiler J & Southam G

da Silva Quaresma V. (2015) Arsenic Enrichment in Shelf Sediment of Southeastern Brazil
Caiado Cagnin R, da Silva Quaresma V, Chaillou G & Cardoso Bastos A

Da Silva-Ferreira T. (2022) Spatially Resolved Transformation of ZnO Nanomaterials Adsorbed to Microplastics in Environmentally Relevant Solutions
Gomez Gonzalez MA, Da Silva-Ferreira T, Quinn PD & Parker JE

Da-Poian V. (2020) Science Autonomy and the ExoMars Mission: Machine Learning to Help Find Life on Mars
Da-Poian V, Lyness E, Brinckerhoff W, Danell R, Li X & Trainer M

Daae F.L. (2011) Microbial Life Associated with Low Temperature Alteration of Ultramafic Rocks in the Leka Ophiolite Complex
Daae FL, Thorseth I, Dahle H, Jørgensen SL & Pedersen RB

Dabat T. (2021) Effect of Particle Orientation on the Diffusion of Water in the Dual Porosity of Vermiculite Porous Media
Asaad A, Hubert F, Ferrage E, Dabat T, Paineau EN, Savoye S, Gregoire B & Tertre E

Dabiri R. (2017) Assess Concentrations of Heavy Metals in Sediments and its Effects on Human Health( Fariman Ophiolite Region -NE Iran)
Firouzi M, Torshizian HA, Haghparast M & Dabiri R
(2017) Assessment of Pollution Rate and Concentration of Heavy Metals Contamination of Water Resources in Fariman Ophiolite Region, NE Iran
Torshizian HA, Haghparast M & Dabiri R
(2016) Environmental Impact Assessment of Coal Mining at Agdarband, NE Iran
Dabiri R, Adli F & Javanbakht M
(2015) Assessment of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Forumad Chromite Mine Sediments by Sequential Extraction, NE Iran
Dabiri R & Otari M
(2014) Petrogenesis and Mantle Source Characteristics of Alkaline Lavas in NW Ahar, NW Iran
Dabiri R, Emami MH, Mollaei H & Ghaffari M
(2011) Genetic Relation between Skarn Ore Deposits and Magmatic Activity in the Ahar Region, Western Albuorz, Northwest of Iran: Evidence for Metasomatism and Copper Mineralization
Mollaei H & Dabiri R

Dabnath S. (2010) Understanding the Composition and Structure of Ferrihydrite
Parise J, Harrington R, Xu W, Michel M, Hausner D, Dabnath S & Strongin D

Dabo Ismaila (2021) Environmental Impact of Amino Acids on the Stability of Hydrotalcite after Bearing SeO42- Integrated with DFT Simulation
Wang M, Akamatsu H, Dabo I & Sasaki K

Dabo Ismela (2019) First-Principles Investigations into Iodide and Iodate Incorporation Mechanism into Ettringite
Guo B, Xiong Y, Cheng W, Saslow S, Dabo I & Sasaki K

Dabrin A. (2019) Historical Records of Suspended Particulate Matter Origin in the Rhône River (France) Using the Non-Reactive Geochemical Signature of Particles
Bégorre C, Dabrin A, Eyrolle F, Mourier B, Grisot G, Dherret L, Masson M & Coquery M
(2018) Copper Attenuation in a River Confluence Receiving Acid Drainage in Central Chile: Coupling of Physical and Chemical Processes
Montecinos M, Bretier M, Dabrin A, Alsina M, Coquery M & Pastén P
(2007) Copper Addition by Organic Matter Degradation in the Freshwater Reaches of a Turbid Estuary (Gironde Estuary, France)
Masson M, Blanc G, Schäfer J, Parlanti E, Le Coustumer P & Dabrin A

Dabrowski J.S. (2021) Radium Inputs into the Arctic Ocean from Rivers: A Basin-Wide Estimate
Bullock EJ, Dabrowski JS, Kipp LE, Brown KA, Mann P, Henderson PB, Moore W & Charette MA

Dabrunz A. (2011) Modes of Interaction between Inorganic Engineered Nanoparticles and Biological and Abiotic Surfaces
Schaumann GE, Abraham PM, Dabrunz A, Schulz R & Duester L

Dacheng J. (2002) The Mantle Source of the Agpaitic Lamprophyre in Northeastern Hunan Province, China
Dacheng J

Dacheux Nicholas (2020) Thermodynamics of CeSiO₄
Strzelecki A, Kreigsman K, Bourgeois C, Estevenon P, Goncharov V, Wei N, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Wu D, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Guo X
(2020) Experimental Evidence for Coffinite Formation from UO2+x
Alby D, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Lin J, Duro L, Lopez-Garcia M, Zetterström-Evins L, Wang C, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Bruno J

Dacheux Nicolas (2022) The Non-Ideal Mixing Thermodynamic Effects on REE Formation and Fractionation in Natural Hydrothermal Systems
Guo X, Strzelecki AC, Goncharov VG, Zhao X, Reece M, Nisbet H, McCloy JS, Dacheux N, Xu H & Migdissov A
(2021) Role of Water and Hydroxyl Groups in the Structures of Stetindite and Coffinite, MSiO4 (M = Ce, U)
Strzelecki AC, Barral T, Estevenon P, Mesbah A, Goncharov VG, Baker J, Bai J, Clavier N, Szenknect S, Migdisov AA, Xu H, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Guo X
(2021) Revisit the Thermodynamics of Orthosilicates for Actinide Waste Form
Guo X, Strzelecki AC, Marcial J, Estevenon P, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Migdisov AA, Xu H, McCloy J, Ewing R & Dacheux N
(2019) Probing the Formation and Alteration of Lanthanide Phosphates
Guo X, Zhang Y, Kemal R, Dhakal D, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Clavier N, Xu H, Mayanovic R, Liu L & Dacheux N
(2018) Structural and Energetic Landscapes of Uranothorite Solid Solutions
Guo X, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Clavier N, Xu H, Espinosa-Faller F, Navrotsky A, Ewing R & Dacheux N
(2016) Structural Studies on Rhabdophane-Monazite Phase Tranformation in La1-xLnxPO4 (x=Eu, Gd)
Arinicheva Y, Clavier N, Huittinen N, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Stumpf T, Dacheux N & Bosbach D
(2015) Solubility of the Rhabdophane (LnPO4.nH2O): A Low Temperature Precursor of the Monazite
Gausse C, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Clavier N, Neumeier S, Bosbach D & Dacheux N
(2013) Raman and IR Spectroscopy of Monazite-Type Ceramics for the Nuclear Waste Management
Heuser J, Bukaemskiy A, Neumeier S, Brandt F, Schlenz H, Dacheux N, Clavier N, Neumann A, Hirsch A & Bosbach D

Dachs E. (2020) A Thermodynamic Solution Model for Li-Free Tourmaline
Roozen S, van Hinsberg VJ, Dachs E, Benisek A, Grevel K-D, Ryan DH & Bud'ko S
(2019) An Analysis of the Magnetic Behavior of Olivine and Garnet Substitutional Solid Solutions
Geiger CA, Grodzicki M & Dachs E
(2019) Thermodynamics of Synthetic Halogenated Mimetites
Puzio B, Dachs E, Benisek A & Manecki M
(2019) Thermodynamic Data of Cement Phases
Grevel K-D, Bellmann F, Majzlan J & Dachs E
(2017) Recent Developments in Low-Temperature Calorimetry and Cp and S° Behavior of Minerals
Geiger CA & Dachs E
(2013) Thermodynamics of Almandine-Spessartine Garnet Solid Solutions
Dachs E, Geiger CA, Benisek A & Grodzicki M
(2011) Experimentally Determined Standard Properties for MgSO4·4H2O (Starkeyite) and MgSO4·3H2O; A Revised Internally Consistent Thermodynamic Dataset for Magnesium Sulfate Hydrates
Grevel K-D, Majzlan J, Benisek A, Dachs E, Steiger M, Fortes AD & Marler B
(2010) Thermodynamic Properties of Spessartine
Dachs E, Geiger CA, Withers AC & Essene EJ
(2010) New Calorimetric Data: Implications for Ternary Feldspar Modelling
Benisek A, Dachs E & Kroll H
(2010) Molecular H2O in Microporous Silicates: Thermodynamic and H-Bonding Behavior of Confined H2O
Geiger CA, Dachs E, Dalconi MC & Artioli G
(2009) Quasi-Ice-Like Cp Behavior of Molecular H2O in Hemimorphite Zn4Si2O7(OH)2.H2O: Cp and Entropy of Confined H2O in Selected Microporous Silicates
Geiger CA & Dachs E
(2008) Heat Capacity and Entropy of Stoichiometric Jarosite Compounds
Glasnak P, Majzlan J, Dachs E & Boerio-Goates J
(2007) Heat Capacity and Entropy of MgSiO3 and Mg2SiO4 Glasses
Majzlan J, Tangeman J & Dachs E
(2007) Fe- and Mg-Cordierite: A Calorimetric and Thermodynamic Study
Dachs E & Geiger C

Dachs J. (2019) Snow Amplification of Organic Pollutants at Coastal Antarctica
Dachs J, Casal P, Casas G, Vila-Costa M, Cabrerizo A, Pizarro M & Jiménez B
(2019) Interactions between Anthropogenic Dissolved Organic Carbon and Marine Microorganisms
Vila-Costa M, Cerro-Gálvez E, Martinez-Varela A, González-Gaya B, Lundin D & Dachs J
(2017) The Anthropocene’s Fingerprint as Reflected by the Occurrence and Fluxes of Organic Pollutants in the Global Oceans
Dachs J, González-Gaya B, Castro-Jiménez J, Fernández-Pinos M-C, Casal P, Pizarro C, Morales L, Pizarro M, Vila-Costa M, Abad E, Piña B & Jiménez B
(2007) Gas-Particle Partitioning, Atmospheric Deposition and Long Range Transport of Persistent Organic Pollutants over the Oceans
Dachs J, Del Vento S, Berrojalbiz N & Valle M-C
(2002) Organic Contaminants in Lakes: Atmospheric Exchange and Linkage to the Trophic Status of Lakes
Eisenreich S, Dachs J, Baker J & Jeremiason J

Däcker E. (2017) Bolin Centre Climate Festival 2017
Stockmann G, Burström A, Jonsell K, Däcker E, Skelton A & Kirchner N

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