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Eccles-Maneiro K. (2015) Detrital Garnet Geochronology as a Complement to Detrital Zircon and Monazite Ages from the French Broad River, Southern Appalachians
Eccles-Maneiro K, Baxter E, Samson S & Marschall H

Ech-Charef A. (2023) Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of Mining Waste in Zeïda Abandoned Mine (High Moulouya, Morocco)
El Houfy FZ, Dekayir A, Rouai M, Jordan G & Ech-Charef A
(2023) Soil Heavy Metals Contamination in the Vicinity of the Abandoned Zeïda Mine in the Upper Moulouya Basin, Morocco
Ech-Charef A, Dekayir A, Jordan G, Rouai M & El Houfy FZ

Echegoyen Y. (2014) Pb and Pb Isotopes throughout the Global Ocean, GEOTRACES Style
Boyle E, Noble A, Echegoyen Y, Lee J-M, Norisuye K, Gamo T, Zhang J, Zhao N, Carrasco G & Fornace K

Echegoyen-Sanz Y. (2012) Preliminary Pb and Pb Isotopes from the US GEOTRACES North Atlantic Transect
Noble A, Echegoyen-Sanz Y & Boyle E
(2012) Distribution of Lead and Lead Isotopes in the Indian Ocean: Data from the Japanese Indian Ocean GEOTRACES Transect
Lee J-M, Echegoyen-Sanz Y, Boyle E, Gamo T, Obata H & Norisuye K
(2011) Lead and Lead Isotopes in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean: GEOTRACES Data
Boyle E, Echegoyen-Sanz Y, Fornace K, Lee J-M, Gamo T, Obata H & Norisuye K

Echegut P. (2015) The Effect of S on the Glass Transition Temperature
Scaillet B, Morizet Y, Ory S, Di Carlo I & Echegut P

Echevarria G. (2017) Nickel Isotopic Fractionation and the Role of Hyperaccumulating Plants
Zelano IO, Cloquet C, Echevarria G, van der Ent A, Fraysse F & Montarges-Pelletier E
(2014) Nickel Isotope Fractionation in the Soil-Plant System of Ultramafic Environments
Estrade N, Cloquet C, Deng T, Echevarria G, Sterckeman T & Morel J-L
(2014) Nickel and Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Hyperaccumulating and Non-Hyperaccumulating Plants
Deng T, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Tang Y, Echevarria G, Morel J-L, Qiu R & Estrade N
(2013) Nickel Isotope Fractionation in the Soil to Hyper-Accumulating Plant System
Estrade N, Cloquet C, Deng T, Echevarria G, Sterckeman T & Morel JL
(2012) Zn Isotopes Variation in Field Hyperaccumulator Plant Species
Tang YT, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Morel JL, Carignan J, Qiu RL & Echevarria G

Echeverri S. (2017) Bayesian Thermal History Modelling of Detrital Thermochronometric Data
Gallagher K, Parra M, Echeverri S & Patiño AM

Echeverría A. (2014) Studying the Response to Deglaciation Through the Prokaryotic Diversity and Metabolisms in the Sediments of Oligotrophic Andean Lakes
Parro V, Blanco Y, Rivas L, Puente-Sánchez F, Echeverría A, Demergasso C & Cabroll N

Echeverria F. (2023) Influence of the Pacific Equatorial Undercurrent on Galápagos Seawater δ18O Values
Conroy J, Murray N, Cole J, Echeverria F & Chillagana D

Echeveste H. (2004) Geodynamic Implications of the Deseado Massif Volcanism (Patagonia, Argentina)
Busà T, Fantauzzi G, Bellieni G, Echeveste H, Fernandez R & Piccirillo E

Echeveste Medrano M.J. (2023) Nitrate-Dependent Anaerobic Methane Oxidation (N-Damo) as a Bioremediation Strategy for Waters Affected by Agricultural Runoff
Glodowska M, Legierse A, Struik Q, Smith G, Echeveste Medrano MJ, Jetten M, Veraart AJ & Welte C

Echigo T. (2020) The Formation Process of Jabal Tawlah REE Deposit, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Takagi M, Echigo T, Watanabe Y, Monma K & Miyawaki R
(2016) Mineral and Melt Inclusions in Anorthite Megacrysts in Japanese Island Arc: Clues to the Magma Reservoir Processes
Echigo T, Nishimaki S, Kimata M, Shimizu M, Saito S, Nishida N & Hoshino M
(2010) Investigating an Amorphous Precursor Pathway to Calcification: Implications for High Magnesium Carbonates
Wang D, Echigo T & Dove P
(2010) Reductive Dissolution of Hematite Nanoparticles with Ascorbic Acid
Echigo T, Aruguete D, Murayama M & Hochella M

Eckardt F. (2020) Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Understanding the Chemical Composition of the Sua Pan Brines, Botswana
Motswaiso F, Nakamura K, Watanabe N, Komai T & Eckardt F
(2019) Comparing Natural and Anthropogenic Dust Emitted in Southern Africa as Potential Sources of Nutrients to Open Oceans
Kangueehi K, Fietz S, Eckardt F & Von Holdt J
(2017) Dust Transport Pathways and Bioavailability of Dust Emissions from Southern Africa
Kangueehi K, Fietz S, Roychoudhury A, Eckardt F & Van Holdt J
(2010) Relation between NO3- and ClO4- Occurence in the Environment
Jackson A, Rao B, Rajagopolan S, Hatzinger P, Böhlke JK, Sturchio N, Betancourt J, Andraski B, Stonestrom D, Orris G, Eckardt F & Gu B

Ecke F. (2011) Geochemistry in a Boreal Stream after a Major Forest Fire – Implications for a Changing Climate
Nordblad F, Ecke F & Ingri J
(2009) Temporal Isotopic Variations of Dissolved Silicon in a Pristine Boreal River
Engström E, Rodushkin I, Ingri J, Baxter D, Ecke F, Österlund H & Öhlander B
(2009) Stream Water Geochemistry of Boron and Boron Isotopes in a Small Boreal Catchment Affected by a Major Forest Fire
Nordblad F, Rodushkin I, Engström E, Ecke F, Öhlander B & Ingri J

Eckel J. (2020) Modelling the Reactive Transport of 14C in a Disposal for Radioactive Waste
Weyand T, Bracke G & Eckel J

Eckert D. (2013) Quantitative Analysis of High Resolution Isotope and Concentration Data from a Toluene-Pulse Experiment by Reactive Transport Modeling
Eckert D, Qiu S, Elsner M & Cirpka O

Eckert H. (2019) Structure-Property Relationships in Barium Silicate Glasses & Crystals: Preliminary Results
Moulton B, Sampaio D, Rodrigues A, Doerenkamp C, Silva L, Picinin A, Eckert H, Rino JP, Zanotto E & Pizani P

Eckert J. (2014) Discovery of a Neo-Acadian Ultrahigh Temperature Metamorphic Event in Central Massachusetts via Sm-Nd Garnet Geochronology and Zr-in-Rutile Thermometry
Ostwald C, Sullivan N, Baxter E, Ague J & Eckert J
(2011) The Effect of Diffusion on P-T Conditions Inferred by Cation-Exchange Thermobarometry
Andrews A, Wang Z, Bolton E & Eckert J

Eckert P. (2021) Complexation of Group 12 Transition Metals by Methanobactins from Methylocystis sp. Strain SB2
Eckert P, Johs A, Semrau J, DiSpirito A, Richardson J, Sarangi R, Gu B & Pierce E
(2020) Spectroscopic Investigations of Late Transition Metal Complexation by Methanobactin Chalkophores
Eckert P, Johs A, DiSpirito A, Semrau J, Gu B & Pierce E

Eckert S. (2019) Redox Conditions in the Black Sea during Eemian and Holocene Sapropel Formation
Wegwerth A, Eckert S, Dellwig O, Schnetger B, Severmann S, Weyer S, Brüske A, Kaiser J, Köster J, Arz HW & Brumsack H-J
(2012) More Than Just 'Brown Layers': Manganese in Quaternary Arctic Ocean Sediments
Maerz C, Stratmann A, Matthiessen J, Poulton SW, Meinhardt A-K, Eckert S, Schnetger B, Vogt C, Stein R & Brumsack H-J
(2011) Metal-Rich Brown Layers in Arctic Ocean Sediments: Climate Versus Diagenesis
März C, Stratmann A, Eckert S, Schnetger B, Poulton SW & Brumsack H-J
(2011) Chemocline Oscillations in the Black Sea Documented by Sedimentary Iron Isotopes and Trace Metal Patterns
Eckert S, Schnetger B, Fröllje H, Severmann S, Montoya-Pino C, Weyer S, Köster J, Arz H & Brumsack H-J

Eckert W. (2022) Aerobic Methanotrophic Activity in Anoxic Lake Sediments
Vigderovich H, Eckert W, Elvert M & Sivan O
(2021) Potential Electron Acceptors for Anaerobic Methane Oxidation during Long-Term Incubations of Lake Sediments
Vigderovich H, Eckert W, Rubin-Blum M, Elul M, Elvert M & Sivan O
(2018) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in the Chemocline of Warm Monomictic Lake with Sub-Millimolar Sulfate Concentrations
Avetisyan K, Eckert W, Findlay A & Kamyshny Jr. A
(2017) Iron Reduction in Deep Methanogenic Sediments Coupled to Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane – Drivers and Players
Sivan O, Bar-Or I, Vigderovich H, Eckert W & Elvert M
(2017) Diurnal Variations in Sulfur Transformations at the Chemocline of Stratified Freshwater Lake
Kamyshny A, Avetisyan K, Findlay A & Eckert W
(2017) Inter-Annual Study of the Re-oxidative Part of the Sulfur Cycle in Lake Kinneret
Avetisyan K, Findlay A, Eckert W & Kamyshny Jr. A
(2017) Co-existence of Methanogenesis and Sulfate Reduction with Common Substrates in Sulfate-Rich Estuarine Sediments
Sela-Adler M, Ronen Z, Herut B, Antler G, Vigderovich H, Eckert W & Sivan O
(2015) Reoxidative Part of the Sulfur Cycle in the Water Column of Lake Kinneret
Knossow N, Blonder B, Eckert W, Turchyn AV, Antler G & Kamyshny A
(2013) The Non-Trivial Limitation of Methanogenesis in the Deep Sediments of Lake Kinneret (Israel)
Adler M, Eckert W, Ronen Z & Sivan O
(2011) Characterization of Anaerobic Methane Oxidation in Lake Kinneret (Israel)
Bar-Or I, Sivan O, Adler M, Kushmaro A, Pearson A & Eckert W
(2011) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Sulfur Cycling in a Warm, Monomictic Lake with Sub-Millimolar Sulfate Concentration
Kamyshny A, Eckert W, Gun J, Lev O, Zerkle A, Mansaray Z & Farquhar J
(2010) Quantifying Rates of Methanogenesis and Methanotrophy in Lake Kinneret (Israel) Using Porewater Profiles
Sivan O, Adler M & Eckert W
(2009) Methanogenesis and Methanotrophy in Lake Kinneret (Israel)
Adler M, Sivan O & Eckert W

Eckhardt H. (2021) Detection Limits for Atmospheric CO2 Sources with Specific Δ47 Signals Under Two Component Mixing Conditions
Eckhardt H & Schmidt M

Eckhardt J.-.D. (2011) Fault Zone Stability in Cap Rocks Affected by CO2
Blume J, Eckhardt J-D, Stosch H-G, Neumann T, Balthasar K, Mutschler T & Triantafyllidis T
(2004) New Insights into Pd-Pt-Ir Fractionation during Magma Evolution
Stosch H, Scheibner B, Eckhardt J & Berner Z

Eckhardt S. (2016) Year-Round Dual Isotope-Based Observation and Model Comparison of Black Carbon in the Arctic
Winiger P, Andersson A, Eckhardt S, Stohl A & Gustafsson Ö

Eckley S.A. (2023) Insights into Lunar Volcanism Through a Unique Olivine Porphyritic Very Low-Ti Basalt, 73002, 1017C, and an Accompanying High-Mg-Al Volcanic Glass
Yen CJ-K, Carpenter PK, Jolliff BL, Ogliore RC, Kent JJ, Zeigler RA, Gross J, Eckley SA & Shearer C
(2021) Investigating the Eruption Histories of Apollo 17 Basalts Using 3D Data
Wilbur ZE, Barnes JJ, Eckley SA & Zeigler RA

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