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Eco R.C. (2023) Estimating the Rates of Chemical Weathering of Ultramafic Rocks in Small Tropical Watersheds
Rabang DCV, Garcia JJL, Tan MM, Eco RC, Arcilla CA, David CPC & Ibarra DE

Economon S.E. (2023) The Deep Earth Water Model for Metal Chloride Complexing in the Crust and Upper Mantle
Economon SE & Sverjensky DA
(2023) A Robust Molecular Biosignature Based on Machine Learning Applied to Three-Dimensional Pyrolysis GCMS Data
Hazen RM, Cleaves HJ, Hystad G, Prabhu A, Wong ML, Cody G & Economon SE

Economos Rita (2014) Sulfur Concentration and Isotope Zoning in Apatite Crystals: Implications and Applications
Economos R & Boehnke P
(2014) O-Hf Records of Magma Sources in the Sierra Nevada Batholith
Lackey JS, Miller J, Economos R & Davies G
(2012) Icelandic Zircon: Illuminating Juvenile Silicic Crust Construction
Carley T, Miller C, Padilla A, Wooden J, Bindeman I, Schmitt A, Economos R, Fisher C & Hanchar J
(2012) Elucidating the Complex Thermal and Fluid History of Austurhorn Intrusive Complex: Zircon Elemental and Isotopic Geochemistry
Padilla AJ, Miller CF, Carley TL, Wooden JL, Economos RC, Schmitt AK, Fisher CM & Hanchar JM
(2010) Southern U.S. Cordillera Pre-Magmatic Zircons: Sounding a Cordilleran Source Region
Economos R, Barth A & Wooden J

Economos Rita (2015) Degassing Modeling of Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Apatite
Economos R, Burgisser A & Boehnke P
(2015) Sulphur Isotope Systematics in Volcanic Sulphides and Glasses from El Hierro, Canary Islands
Beaudry P, Longpré M-A, Economos R, Wing B, Bui TH & Stix J

Economos Rita (2018) Construction and Storage of Crustal-Scale Magmatic Systems
Karakas O, Wotzlaw J-F, Degruyter W, Bachmann O, Economos R, Ulmer P, Dufek J & Bergantz G

Economos Rita (2019) Discovery of Shocked Zircons Confirms a Cryogenian Impact Origin of the Beaverhead Structure in Central Idaho
Economos R, Blackwell D, Snyder E, Das S, Basu A, Summerlin E & Liu M-C

Economos Rita (2020) Understanding Magmatic Processes Prior to the 1257 CE Mount Samalas Eruption Through Plagioclase Zoning Patterns
Kenis L, Ding S, Economos R, Vidal C, Pratomo I & Longpré M-A
(2020) Tracking Sulfur Behavior and fO2 Evolution in the 1257 CE Samalas Magma Reservoir (Indonesia)
Ding S, Longpré M-A, Economos R, Fiege A, Vidal C & Pratomo I
(2020) Apatite Sulfur Isotope Ratios in the 1257 Samalas Eruption (Indonesia)
Economos R, Jackson Y, Ding S, Longpré M-A, Vidal C, Pratomo I & Hertwig A

Economos Rita (2022) The Moon's Compton-Belkovich Volcanic Complex Revealed Through Geothermal Heat Flux
Siegler MA, Feng J, Lehman Franco K & Economos R
(2022) Synchronous Sulfur and Chlorine Isotope Ratio Measurement in Apatite via SIMS
Economos R & Longpré M-A

Economos Rita (2023) Synchronous Co-located S and Cl Isotope Ratio Measurements in Lunar Meteorite and Apollo Apatites
Economos R, Lehman Franco K, Crow CA, Erickson T, Bell E & Summerlin-Donofrio E
(2023) Shock-Induced Disturbance of Pb Isotopes and Preservation of Cl Isotopes in Apatite within Lunar Granulite Northwest Africa 3163
Lehman Franco K, Wilson B, Economos R & Tait KT
(2023) Remote Detection of a Lunar Granitic Batholith at Compton-Belkovich
Siegler MA, Feng J, Lehman Franco K, Andrews-Hanna J, Economos R, St. Clair M, Million C, Head J, Glotch TD & White M

Economou G. (2009) Partitioning and Speciation of Fe, Ti and Cr in High-Quality Diasporic Bauxite from Greece
Gamaletsos P, Godelitsas A, Kasama T, Dunin-Borkowski R, Goettlicher J, Church N, Economou G, Bakas T & Douvalis A

Economou-Eliopoulos M. (2010) Arsenic Distribution in Laterites of the Balkan Peninsula and its Environmental Significance
Eliopoulos D, Economou-Eliopoulos M & Tsoupas G
(2010) Biomineralization of Halotrichite on Bauxite Ores
Laskou M, Economou-Eliopoulos M & Mitsis I

Ecroyd H. (2016) Copper Isotope Metallomics and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Enge TG, Dosseto A, Ecroyd H & Jolley D

Ecuyer M. (2016) Environmental Impacts on Chilika Lake, India, Evaluated Using a Sedimentologic, Chemical and Isotopic Approach
Vennemann T, Decrouy L, Bourgeois G, Delavy K, Ecuyer M, Lange P, Rastogi G, Pattnaik A & Suar M

Eda N. (2016) Measurements of Atmospheric Hydroperoxides over a Rural Site in Central Japan Using a Helicopter and Evaluation of Potential Capacity of SO2 Oxidation in Cloud Water at a High Elevation
Watanabe K, Yachi C, Nishibe M, Michigami S, Saito Y, Eda N, Yamazaki N & Hirai T

Edadasi L. (2013) Neoarchean Island Arc Magmatism and Gold Mineralization: Examples from Eastern Dharwar Craton, India
Chakravadhanula M, Chatterjee A, Edadasi L & Mutum RS
(2013) Geochemical Signatures of Volcanic Rocks from Kadiri Greenstone Belt, Dharwar Craton, India: Implications on Gold Mineralization
Chatterjee A, Edadasi L, Mutum RS & Chakravadhanula M

Edahbi M. (2018) Rare Earth Elements Release Potential from Waste Rocks of the Montviel Carbonatite Deposit
Plante B, Edahbi M, Benzaazoua M & Pelletier M

Edayilam N. (2021) Alteration of Uranyl-Phosphate Source from Environmental Exposure
Ferguson B, Hundley JB, Patel M, Collins K, Edayilam N, Tharayil N & Powell B

Edberg F. (2012) Metal Fractionation in the Water Column of a Former U Open Pit Mine
Edberg F, Waellstedt T, Borg H & Holmstroem S
(2010) Microbial Community Analysis and Connection to Iron Chemistry in a Former Uranium Mine – Lake Tranebärssjön
Edberg F, Andersson AF & Holmström SJ
(2009) Characterization of Chemistry and Microbial Community in Lake Tranebärssjön – A Former Uranium Open Pit Mine
Edberg F, Andersson A, Hägglund A & Holmström S

Edbrook S. (2004) Deep Biosphere in Terrestrial Systems (DEBITS): The New Zealand Coal Band
Horsfield B, Sykes R, Parkes J, Mangelsdorf K, Kallmeyer J, Dieckmann V & Edbrook S

Eddhif B. (2023) Using Organic Biomarkers for Paleoclimatic and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction at Low Latitudes: The NGaoundaba Peat Record
Schaaff V, Grossi V, Makou M, Ansanay-Alex S, Eddhif B, Deschamps P, Hamelin B, Garcin Y, Sebag D, Ngounou Ngatcha B & Ménot G

Eddy Michael (2018) The Tempo of the Deccan Traps Flood Basalts Relative to the End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction
Schoene B, Eddy M, Samperton K, Keller G, Adatte T & Khadri S
(2013) Natural Cu-Al-Fe Metallic Quasicrystals in the New CV3 Meteorite Find, Khatyrka
Hollister L, Andronicos C, Bindi L, Distler V, Eddy M, Eiler J, Guan Y, Kostin A, Kryachko V, MacPherson G, Steinhardt W, Yudovskaya M & Steinhardt P

Eddy Mike (2019) Plagioclase and K-Feldspar Megacryst Recycling in a Large, Prolonged Magma Mush, Tuolumne Intrusive Complex, California
Memeti V, Chambers M, Oppenheim L, Barnes C, Eddy M & Schoene B

Edeh I. (2023) Validating Geochemical Models for Enhanced Rock Weathering: An Assessment of Model Inputs and Comparability of Model Results to Experimental Data
Lewis A, Healey M, Bierowiec T, Edeh I, Kelland M, Murphy M, Pape R, Skov K, Turner W, Wade P, Wardman J & Liu X

Edelev A. (2018) Sulfur Gases Emission from Sulfidic Mine Tailings in Winter: Geochemical and Geophysical Evidence
Yurkevich N, Bortnikova S, Olenchenko V, Yurkevich N, Edelev A, Saeva O & Abrosimova N

Edelman C. (2019) Biogeochemical Mechanisms Controlling Pu on Environmental Timescales
Kersting A, Begg J, Balboni E, Joseph C, Edelman C & Zavarin M

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