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Evenson P. (2005) Solar Modulation and Scaling in situ Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates
Lifton N, Bieber J, Clem J, Duldig M, Evenson P, Humble J & Pyle R

Evenstar L. (2013) The Uplift History of the Western Andes, North Chile, Constrained by Cosmogenic 3He in Alluvial Boulders
Evenstar L, Stuart F & Hartley A

Everroad R.C. (2015) Reuse and Recycling: Resource Allocation by Cyanobacteria in Microbial Mats
Stuart R, Mayali X, Lee J, Everroad RC, Lipton M, Boaro A, Bebout B, Pett-Ridge J, Weber P & Thelen M

Evershed Richard (2017) Prehistoric Dairying as an Agent for Late Holocene Ecological and Biological Change
Roffet-Salque M & Evershed RP
(2017) Anomalous Uptake of CH4 in Volcanic Soils Indicative of a Novel Sink Mechanism for Atmospheric CH4
Maxfield P, Hornibrook E & Evershed R
(2017) Tracing Methane Emissions from Temperate Wetlands
Lengger S, Lim K, Hornibrook E, Peacock M, Bull I, Evershed R & Pancost R

Evershed Richard P (2015) Towards a Peat-Specific Temperature Proxy, Based on brGDGTs
Naafs BDA, Inglis GN, McClymont E, Huguet A, Vleeschouwer F, Evershed RP, Badger MPS & Pancost RD
(2013) Tracing the Fate of Endogenous Methane in Water-Logged Soil and Peat
Lim K, Pancost R, Hornibrook E, Maxfield P & Evershed R
(2011) Microbial Controls on CH4 Cycling in Water-Saturated Mineral Soils
Lim K, Maxfield P, Hornibrook E, Pancost R & Evershed R
(2011) Organic Geochemical Analysis of the Impact of Cadaver Burial on Soil
Ismail SS, Bull I & Evershed R
(2010) Biomarkers for Methane Cycling: From Marine to Terrestrial Settings
Pancost R, Aquilina A, Talbot H, Lim K, Evershed R, Gill F, Weijers J, Collinson M & Taylor K
(2009) The Fate of Methanotrophically Fixed Carbon in Soils
Maxfield P, Dildar N, Bingham L, Hornibrook E, Whiteley A & Evershed R
(2009) The Stanol: ∆5-Sterol Ratio as a Proxy for Palaeoredox Conditions in Mires
Bingham EM, McClymont EL, Childs EV, Pancost RD, Charman D & Evershed RP
(2009) Exploiting Synergies in Molecular Structures, Isotopic Signatures and Faunal Evidence to Enhance Archaeological Interpretations
Evershed R
(2007) Molecular and Compound-Specific Stable C Isotope Investigation of the Fate of Dung C in a Temperate Grassland Soil
Dungait J, Bol R & Evershed R
(2007) Investigation of the 'Trigger Molecule Response' Using 13C Stable Isotope Probing of Microbial Membrane Fatty Acids
Dungait J, Kemmitt S, Michallon L, Lanyon C, Evershed R, O'Donnell A & Brookes P
(2007) Characterisation of Methanotrophic Bacteria in Volcanic Soils Through Time-Series 13CH4 PLFA Labelling
Maxfield P, Hornibrook E & Evershed R
(2004) In situ Polymerisation of Labile Lipids as a Source for the Aliphatic Component of Recalcitrant Macromolecules in Sedimentary Materials
Gupta N, Briggs D, Collinson M, Evershed R, Michels R & Pancost R

Evershed Richard P. (2021) Going in the Udder Direction: Trophic Spacing, Mobility and Weaning Assessed Through Stable Ca and Sr Isotopes in Cattle
Lewis J, Luu T-H, Bevan D, Kendall IP, Lee MRF, Evershed RP & Elliott T

Evert M.H. (2014) NOM Molecular Characterization to Better Understand Uranium Mobility in Aquifer Sediments and Groundwater
Evert MH, Williams KH, Lenhart JJ, Wilkins MJ & Mouser PJ

Eves A. (2011) C, O and H Isotope Compositions of the Wilmott and Yungul ‘Carbonatites’ and the Associated Fluorites in the Speewah Dome, Kimberley Region, Australia
Czuppon G, Demény A, Gwalani L, Ramsay R, Rogers K, Eves A & Szabó C

Evett R. (2010) Biotic/Abiotic Controls on Silica Cycling in a Grassland Soil Chronosequence
White A, Schulz M, Vivit D & Evett R

Evins L.Z. (2012) The Effect of Surface Chemistry on Dissolution Rates of CaF2 Suggests a New Dissolution Mechanism
Godinho J, Piazolo S & Evins L
(2011) Coffinitization of Uraninite – A Review and Discussion of Observations on Different Scales
Evins LZ & Jensen KA

Evins P. (2006) EPMA and LA-ICPMS Dating of Hydrothermal REE-Minerals from the Estrela Copper Deposit, Carajás, Brazil
Volp K, Evins P & Meffre S

Evrard C. (2011) Tin Substitution in Chalcopyrite and Sphalerite from Hydrothermal Sulfides
Evrard C, Moussa N, Fouquet Y & Rinnert E
(2010) A Comparative Study of Rare Earth Element Concentration in Copper-Sulfides from Different Hydrothermal Sites on the MAR
Evrard C, Barrat J-A & Fouquet Y

Evrard O. (2018) Temporal Variation of Suspended Sediment Dynamics and River Multi-Contamination Fluxes in an Urbanized Catchment
Froger C, Ayrault S, Evrard O, Monvoisin G, Bordier L, Lefèvre I & Quantin C
(2017) Contamination Sources and Dynamics in an Urban Catchment Using Metal Isotopes and Radionuclide Measurements
Froger C, Ayrault S, Quantin C, Evrard O, Monvoisin G & Bordier L
(2016) Quantifying Sediment Sources in an Agricultural Catchment Using Fallout Radionuclides and Radiogenic 87Sr/86Sr Ratios (Loire River Basin, France)
Le Gall M, Evrard O, Thil F, Foucher A, Laceby JP, Salvador-Blanes S & Ayrault S
(2016) Tracing Source Contributions to Radiocesium Contaminated Sediment with Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratios and Elemental Concentrations
Laceby JP, Huon S, Onda Y, Vaury V & Evrard O
(2016) Modelling the Dilution of Radioactive Contamination in Sediment Transiting Fukushima Coastal Rivers (2011-2015)
Evrard O, Laceby JP, Onda Y, Wakiyama Y & Lefèvre I
(2016) Tracing the Dispersion of Sediment with Plutonium Isotope Measurements in Coastal Catchments of Fukushima
Jaegler H, Pointurier F, Onda Y, Hubert A & Evrard O

Evrard V. (2013) Does the Redox Cascade Apply to Permeable Sediments?
Cook P, Evrard V, Bourke M & Glud R

Evreas L. (2012) Yellowstone Hot Spring Microbial Communites Fed with Hydrogen and Bicarbonate as a Metabolically Active Analogue for Early Earth Environments
Eydal H, Evreas L & Spear J

Evstigneeva T.L. (2011) Au3(Pb, Sb)4 Mineral Phase from Tetrem Gold Deposits, Ghana, West Africa
Ramdohr R & Evstigneeva T
(2011) Interesting Finds in Norilsk Copper-Nickel Sulfide Ores
Evstigneeva T
(2009) Peculiarities of Pd-Pb-Bi System Minerals
Evstigneeva T & Trubkin N
(2005) PGE Mobility and PGM Crystallization Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Evstigneeva T
(2002) Crystallisation of PGE Sulpharsenides from Sulphide Melt
Evstigneeva TL, Merkle RKW & Trubkin NV

Ewald J. (2017) An Analysis of Variability in the Methylmercury Burden of Marine Mammals Using Stable Mercury Isotopes
Li M, Juang A, Ewald J, Mikkelsen B, Yin R, Krabbenhoft D, Dam M, Dassuncao C & Sunderland E

Ewanchuk S. (2006) Formation of natural diamonds: an experimental perspective
Luth R, Gunn S, Ewanchuk S & Stewart R

Ewart T. (2011) Generation of HIMU and EM-1 Reservoirs by CO2-Fluxed Lower Mantle Melting: Implications for OIBs, Kimberlites and Carbonatites
Collerson K, Williams Q, Ewart T & Murphy D

Ewens S. (2019) Phosphorous Microbiology at the Nexus of Energy to Chemistry Biotransformations
Coates J, Figueroa I, Ewens S & Barnum T
(2019) Phosphite: An Energy Source for Life on Earth and Beyond
Ewens S, Gomberg A, Barnum T, Silverberg M & Coates J

Ewing Robert (2011) Pore-Scale Process Coupling and Its Effect on the Apparent Rates of Uranyl Surface Complexation
Liu C, Kerisit S, Ewing R, Shang J & Zachara J
(2004) Quantum Mechanical Versus Empirical Potential Modeling of UO2 Surface-Water Interactions
Skomurski F, Becker U & Ewing R

Ewing Rodney (2021) Role of Water and Hydroxyl Groups in the Structures of Stetindite and Coffinite, MSiO4 (M = Ce, U)
Strzelecki AC, Barral T, Estevenon P, Mesbah A, Goncharov VG, Baker J, Bai J, Clavier N, Szenknect S, Migdisov AA, Xu H, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Guo X
(2021) Revisit the Thermodynamics of Orthosilicates for Actinide Waste Form
Guo X, Strzelecki AC, Marcial J, Estevenon P, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Migdisov AA, Xu H, McCloy J, Ewing R & Dacheux N
(2020) Direct Observation of the Oxygen Atoms in UO2+X
Wang C, van Veelen A, Bargar J & Ewing R
(2020) Thermodynamics of CeSiO₄
Strzelecki A, Kreigsman K, Bourgeois C, Estevenon P, Goncharov V, Wei N, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Wu D, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Guo X
(2020) Experimental Evidence for Coffinite Formation from UO2+x
Alby D, Szenknect S, Mesbah A, Lin J, Duro L, Lopez-Garcia M, Zetterström-Evins L, Wang C, Ewing R, Dacheux N & Bruno J
(2018) Structural and Energetic Landscapes of Uranothorite Solid Solutions
Guo X, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Clavier N, Xu H, Espinosa-Faller F, Navrotsky A, Ewing R & Dacheux N
(2018) Novel Method to Quantify Radioactive Cesium-Rich Microparticles in the Environment from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Ikehara R, Suetake M, Komiya T, Furuki G, Ochiai A, Yamasaki S, Bower W, Law G, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2017) The Pressure-Induced Structural Response of Rare Earth Hafnate and Stannate Pyrochlore from 0.1-50 GPa
Turner K, Rittman D, Tracy C, Heymach R, Turner M, Mao W & Ewing R
(2017) Ore Systems as Nanoparticle Factories
Deditius A, Reich M, Utsunomiya S, Barra F, Gonzalez-Jimenez J-M, Simon A, Suvorova A, Ewing R & Kesler S
(2017) Structural Insights into UO2-based Model Systems for Spent Nuclear Fuel
Finkeldei S, Baena A, Palomares R, Brandt F, Deissmann G, Bukaemskiy A, Lang M, Ewing R & Bosbach D
(2017) Nuclear Fuel Fragments Released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Ochiai A, Imoto J, Furuki G, Ikehara R, Suetake M, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2017) Isotopic Signature and Nano-Scale Texture of Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles: Release of Uranium and Fission Products from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Imoto J, Ochiai A, Furuki G, Ikehara R, Suetake M, Horie K, Takehara M, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T, Law G, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2017) Response of Actinide-Bearing Materials to Highly Ionizing Radiation
Ewing R

Ewing Rodney C. (2019) Mechanical and Structural Properties of Radiation-Damaged allanite-(Ce)
Reissner CE, Bismayer U, Ewing RC, Navrotsky A, Reissner M, Paulmann C, Skoda R, Pöllmann H & Beirau T
(2019) Multi-Scale, Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Nuclear Waste Repositories in Different Geologic Settings
Diaz-Maurin F & Ewing RC
(2019) Nanoscale Isotopic and Chemical Zonation of Ore Minerals
Deditius A, Reich M, Barra F, Simon A, Utsunomiya S, Kilburn M, Kesler S & Ewing R
(2016) Characterization of Radiation Effects in Complex-Oxide Nuclear Waste Forms: New Application of Neutron and X-Ray Total Scattering Techniques
Lang M, Shamblin J, Tracy CL, Finkeldei S, Bosbach D & Ewing RC
(2016) Cesium-Rich Micro-Particles Unveil the Explosive Events in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Imoto J, Furuki G, Ochiai A, Yamasaki S, Nanba K, Ohnuki T, Grambow B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2015) Projecting Risk into the Future: Sinking of the Titanic and Failure of a Geologic Repository
Ewing R
(2015) In situ Observation of Alpha-Particle Induced Annealing of Radiation Damage in Apatite
Ewing R & Li W
(2014) Geochemistry of Au and As in Pyrite from Ore Deposits
Deditius A, Reich M, Kesler S, Utsunomiya S, Chryssoulis S, Walshe J & Ewing R
(2014) The Nuclear Fuel Cycle vs. The Carbon Cycle: Pu vs. C
Ewing R
(2014) Formation and Annealing Behavior of Unetched Fission Tracks: Apatite vs. Zircon
Li W, Lang M, Gleadow A & Ewing R
(2013) The Effect of Nuclear Radiation on the Structure of Zircon
Ewing R
(2013) Multi-Scale Simulation of Structural Heterogeneity of Swift-Heavy Ion Tracks in Complex Oxides
Wang J, Ewing RC & Becker U
(2013) Nuclear Materials Under Extreme Conditions
Ewing R
(2013) Uranium Reduction on Magnetite: An Electrochemistry Approach
Yuan K, Ewing RC & Becker U
(2012) The Energetic and Kinetics of Uranyl Reduction on Pyrite, Hematite, and Magnetite Surfaces: A Powder Microelectrode Study
Renock D, Mueller M, Ewing R & Becker U
(2011) Chemical Limits of Trace Elements in Pyrite
Deditius A, Kesler S, Reich M, Utsunomiya S & Ewing R
(2010) Trace-Metal Nanoparticles in Pyrite
Deditius A, Utsunomiya S, Reich M, Kesler S, Ewing R, Hough R & Walshe J
(2010) The Influence of Muscovite and Orthoclase on the Precipitation of CaCO3 Polymorphs
Hu Q, Zhang J, Teng H, Ewing R & Becker U
(2010) Electronic Structure of Ti, Zr, Hf and Sn Containing Garnets – Materials for Immobilization of Actinides
Rak Z, Ewing RC & Becker U
(2010) U and Th Mineral Evolution
Hazen R, Ewing R & Sverjensky D
(2010) The Origin and Evolution of <i>Elements</i>
Ewing R
(2010) Pb-Incorporation into Synthetic Pb-Doped Zircon
Kogawa M, Watson B, Ewing R & Utsunomiya S
(2010) Ab Initio Calculations of He Diffusion in Apatite
Bengtson A, Ewing R & Becker U
(2009) Groundwater Nanoparticles in the Far-Field at the Nevada Test Site
Ustunomiya S, Kersting AB & Ewing RC
(2008) Decoupling of Cu and As in Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems: Evidence from The Pueblo Viejo Au-Ag Deposit, Dominican Republic
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(2008) Actinide Adsorption onto Hematite (001) Surface
Shuller L, Poling J, Ewing R & Becker U
(2008) Coffinite and Ningyoite from Natural Nuclear Reactor in Bangombé, Gabon
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(2008) Radiation Effects in Zircon and Apatite
Ewing R, Weber W & Lang M
(2008) Gold Deposition onto Arsenian Pyrite
Renock D, Deditius A, Reich M, Kesler S, Ewing R & Becker U
(2007) Adsorption Energy Trends on UO<sub>2</sub> And ThO<sub>2</sub> Surfaces
Skomurski F, Ewing R & Becker U
(2007) Arsenic Uptake and Release on Sulfide Nanoparticles
Renock D, Utsunomiya S, Gallegos T, Hayes K, Ewing R & Becker U
(2005) The Corrosion of UO<->2<$> Versus ThO<->2<$>: A Quantum Mechanical Investigation
Skomurski F, Shuller L, Becker U & Ewing R
(2005) Spent Nuclear Fuel: Research Needs
Ewing R
(2005) Natural Uranium Getters in Near Surface Environments at the Nopal I Deposit, Peña Blanca, Mexico
Fayek M, Utsunomiya S, Ewing R & Simmons A
(2005) The Epsilon Phase in the UO<->2<$> of the Oklo Natural Reactors
Utsunomiya S & Ewing R
(2005) Insitu Observation of Thermodynamic Size Effects on Melting of Natural Gold Nanoparticles
Reich M, Utsunomiya S, Becker U, Wang L & Ewing R
(2005) Multiple Approaches to Studying Diffusion Processes in Geological Media
Hu Q, Ewing R, Steefel C, Tomutsa L & Hudson B
(2004) Cr(VI) Reduction by Green Rust
Skovbjerg L, Stipp S, Utsunomiya S & Ewing R
(2002) REE Migration in Groundwaters Close to the Natural Fission Reactor of Bangombé (Gabon)
Stille P, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Jensen K, Bracke G, Ewing R & Louvat D
(2002) X-Ray Study of Actinide Host-Phases Formation
Yudintsev S, Stefanovsky S, Jang Y & Ewing R
(2002) Impact of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle on the Environment
Ewing R

Ewing Stephanie (2018) Sr and U Isotopes Reveal the Influence of Lithologic Structure and Weathering on Surface-Groundwater Interaction along a Mountain Stream (Hyalite Canyon, MT)
Miller F, Ewing S, Payn R, Paces J, Leuthold S, Michalek T & Custer S
(2014) Groundwater Nitrate and the Fate of Native Soil Fertility with Cultivation
Ewing S, Sigler A, Brookshire J, Payn R & Wankel S
(2012) Salts and Water: Stable Isotope Evidence for the Direction of Solute Flow in Deserts
Amundson R & Ewing S
(2012) The Weathering Forefront for Permafrost Carbon: Priorities for Critical Zone Research
Harden J, Ewing S, Jorgenson T, Koven C, Lawrence C, Schulz M & Waldrop M
(2011) The Stable Isotope Composition of Chlorine in Hyperarid Soils
Amundson R, Barnes J, Ewing S, Heimsath A & Chong G
(2009) A Pb (and Sr) Isotopic Return Address for Trans-Pacific Transported Aerosols
Christensen JN, Ewing SA, Brown ST, VanCuren RA, Cliff SS & DePaolo DJ
(2008) 36Cl in a Soil in the Hyperarid Atacama Desert
Amundson R, Ewing S, Lewis C, Caffee M & Nishiizumi K
(2008) Ca Isotopes and the Rainfall Limit of Silicate Weathering on Earth
Ewing S, Amundson R, Stewart BW, Thiemens M & DePaolo D
(2007) Non-Biological Fractionation of Ca Isotopes in Soils of the Atacama Desert, Chile
Ewing S, Yang W, DePaolo D & Amundson R
(2007) The Climatic and Biotic Thresholds on Soil Elemental Cycling along an Arid to Hyperarid Rainfall Gradient
Amundson R, Ewing S, Michalski G, Thiemens M, Kendall C, Nishiizumi K, McKay C & Chong G
(2006) Pedogenic evidence for climate change and aridification on Mars
Amundson R, Ewing S, Owen J, Dietrich W, Nishiizumi K, Chadwick O, Sutter B & McKay C
(2005) Effect of Precipitation on Anomalous Oxygen in Soil Nitrate and Sulfate
Ewing S, Michalski G, Amundson R & Thiemens M

Ewing Stephanie A (2022) Water Quality Legacies of Agriculture, Urbanization, and Strip Mining in the Upper Missouri River Watershed
Ewing SA, Payn RA, Reinhold AM, Meredith E, Mitchell C, Foster MJ & Keeshin S

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