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Ewing Tanya (2012) Nanogranites in Anatectic Metapelites: Building up the Database
Cesare B, Ferrero S, Bartoli O, Acosta-Vigil A, Turina A, Poli S, Ewing T & Bodnar R
(2011) Insights into Lower Crustal Evolution from Hf Isotope and Zr Thermometry Data for Rutile
Ewing T, Rubatto D & Hermann J
(2009) In situ Measurement of Hf Isotopes in Rutile by LA-MC-ICPMS
Ewing T, Rubatto D & Eggins S

Ewing Tanya (2015) Hf Isotopes in Zircon Record Sudden Rejuvenation in a Back-Arc Magmatic System (Torres del Paine, Patagonia)
Ewing T, Müntener O, Leuthold J, Baumgartner L, Putlitz B, Chiaradia M & d'Abzac F-X
(2013) Formation and Geochemistry of Rutile from Garnet Gabbros of the Jijal Complex, Kohistan Island Arc
Ewing T & Müntener O

Ewing Tanya (2016) The Mantle Source of the Early Stages of Island Arc Magmatism: Evidence from Hf Isotopes in Rutile from the Kohistan Complex
Ewing T, Müntener O & Schaltegger U

Ewing Tanya (2017) Thermal Evolution of the European Margin during Jurassic Continental Breakup: Constraints from U–Pb Thermochronology of Rutile
Ewing T, Beltrando M & Müntener O

Exley C. (2002) Looking for Equilibrium: The Determination of an Equilibrium Constant to Describe the Formation of Hydroxyaluminosilicates (HAS)
Schneider C & Exley C

ExoMars Project Team T. (2017) Searching for Traces of Life with the ExoMars Rover: The What, When, and Where of Landing Sites
Vago JL, Westall F, Loizeau D, Sefton-Nash E, Svedhem H, Rodionov D, Landing Site Selection Working Group T & ExoMars Project Team T

Exp. 351 scientists I. (2015) Melt Inclusions as a Record of the Early Magmatic History of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Island Arc
Brandl P, Arculus R, Hamada M & Exp. 351 scientists I
(2015) Re-Os-PGE Systematics of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc-Basin System
Savov I, Dale C, Yang A, Hickey-Vargas R & Exp.351 SP

Expedition 345 Shipboard Scientific Party (2013) Deep Fast-Spread Oceanic Crust – Fluid Interactions: Petrography and Volatiles from IODP Expedition 345 Hess Deep Plutonic Crust
Meyer R, Wintsch RP, Nozaka T, Gillis K, Snow JE & Expedition 345 Shipboard Scientific Party 

Expedition 366 Science Party I. (2017) Chemistry of Slab-Derived Fluids in the Mariana Forearc
Menzies CD, Ryan JG, Price RE, Sissmann O, Wheat CG & Expedition 366 Science Party I

Expedition 370 Scientists T. (2017) Temperature Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto (T-Limit)
Heuer VB, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Hinrichs K-U, Kubo Y, Maeda L & Expedition 370 Scientists T

Eyal Y. (2017) Tracking Crustal Melting with Monazite and Xenotime: Migmatites of the Northern Arabian-Nubian Shield
Katzir Y, Elisha B, Kylander-Clark A & Eyal Y

Eyal Z. (2022) General Features of Metal Sulfide Biomineralization and Latest Findings About Microbial Copper Sulfide Biomineralization
Park Y, Eyal Z, Pekker P, Chevrier DM, Lefèvre CT, Arnoux P, Armengaud J, Monteil CL, Gal A, Pósfai M & Faivre D

Eydal H. (2012) Yellowstone Hot Spring Microbial Communites Fed with Hydrogen and Bicarbonate as a Metabolically Active Analogue for Early Earth Environments
Eydal H, Evreas L & Spear J

Eyheraguibel B.

Eykakin A. (2012) Combination of Water Isotopes to Improve Temperature Reconstruction
Landais A, Winkler R, Barkan E, Dapoigny A, Eykakin A, Falourd S, Fourre E, Jean-Baptiste P, Luz B, Minster B, Petit J-R, Prie F & Risi C

Eykens R. (2012) Applications of Synthetic Uranium Reference Materials for Geochemistry Research
Richter S, Kuehn H, Eykens R & Aregbe Y

Eymard I. (2017) Unraveling Fossil and Living Microbialite Formation in the Maquinchao Basin (Argentina)
Eymard I, Alvarez MDP, Bilmes A, Vasconcelos C, Foubert A & Ariztegui D

Eymold W. (2019) Identifying Hydraulic Fracturing "Sweet Spots" Using Crustal Noble Gases
Lary B, Eymold W, Whyte C, Harrington J, Moortgat J & Darrah T

Eynaud F. (2017) Modern and Holocene Hydrological Variations of the NE Atlantic Inferred from Nd Isotopic Composition Analyzed on Seawater and Deep-Sea Corals
Colin C, Bonneau L, Dubois-Dauphin Q, Pons-Branchu E, Douville E, Tisnerat-Laborde N, Elliot M, Douarin M, Mienis F, Frank N, Swingedouw D & Eynaud F

Eyre Bradley (2020) Pore Water Conditions Drive Calcium Carbonate Dissolution in Reef Sands
Kessler A, Rogers A, Cyronak T, Bourke M, Hasler-Sheetal H, Glud R, Greening C, Meysman F, Eyre B & Cook P
(2019) Uptake and Processing of Dissolved Carbon and Nitrogen Substrates in Microalgae-Dominated Sediment: A Comparison Across Three Estuaries
Riekenberg P, Oakes J, Eyre B, Schouten S & Van Der Meer M
(2019) Methane Emissions Across Aquatic Systems – From Headwater Streams to the Open Ocean
Rosentreter J, Borges A, Duarte C, Raymond P, Del Giorgio P, Prarie Y, Olefeldt D & Eyre B
(2017) 15N Additions for Evaluating Nitrogen Biogeochemical Cycles in Aquatic Systems – Four Case Studies
Eyre B, Erler D & Oakes J
(2015) Drivers of Coastal Water pH – Examples from an Australian River Estuary, the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon and Coral Reefs Globally
Eyre B, Maher D, Cyronak T, Schulz K & Alongi D

Eyre Bradley D. (2016) Processing of Organic Carbon and Nitrogen within Subtropical Mudflat Sediments Under Increased Nutrient Loading Using Dual Isotope Tracers (13C and 15N) and Biomarkers
Riekenberg P, Oakes J & Eyre B
(2016) Spatial and Temporal Variability of CO2 and CH4 Gas Transfer Velocities in Mangrove Dominated Estuaries
Rosentreter JA, Maher DT, Ho DT, Call M, Barr J & Eyre BD

Eyrolle Frédérique (2022) Trajectories of Legacy and Emerging Metal Contaminants in French River Sediments
Gardes T, Coynel A, Debret M, Copard Y, Bossy C, Chastanet M, Lepage H, Dendievel A-M, Mourier B, Winiarski T, Schäfer J, Grosbois C & Eyrolle F
(2009) Heavy Metals and Artificial Radionuclides Records in Floodplain Sediments of the Lower Rhône River (South – East France)
Ferrand E, Eyrolle F, Provansal M, Dufour S, Radakovitch O & Raccasi G

Eyrolle Frederique (2019) Transit Times of Artificial Radionuclides in a Large Nuclearized River System
Radakovitch O, Antonelli C, Lepage H & Eyrolle F
(2019) Historical Records of Suspended Particulate Matter Origin in the Rhône River (France) Using the Non-Reactive Geochemical Signature of Particles
Bégorre C, Dabrin A, Eyrolle F, Mourier B, Grisot G, Dherret L, Masson M & Coquery M
(2016) Solid/solution Distribution Coefficient (Kd) of Trace Stable Elements and Radionuclides during a Nuclear Power Plant Liquid Regulatory Release in the Seine River – Field Data vs. Geochemical Modeling
Benedetti M, Ilina S, Copin F, Eyrolle F, Boyer P, Lourino-Caban B, Sivry Y & Gelabert A

Eyster A. (2020) Hints of an Eoarchean Magnetic Field from the Isua Supracrustal Belt
Nichols CIO, Weiss BP, Eyster A, Maloof AC, Greenfield T, Kelly NM, Zawaski M, Mojzsis SJ, Watson EB & Cherniak DJ

Eyuboglu Y. (2005) Hornblende and Phlogopite-Bearing Ultramafic Cumulates: Evidence for Subduction-Related Ultramafic Magmatism in the Eastern Pontides, Amasya Area, NE Turkey,
Eyuboglu Y, Bektas O & Sen C

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