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Evans N J (2006) Emplacement, uplift and exhumation histories of Tibetan porphyry Cu-Mo-Au deposits
Xu J-F, McInnes BIA, Evans NJ & Griffin WL

Evans Natalya (2021) A Vision for a More Trans-Inclusive Publishing World
Evans N
(2021) Identifying the Primary Oxidation Processes for Particulate Sulfide Using Mechanistic Models of Reducing Microenvironments in Large, Sinking Particles
Evans N, Bianchi D, Cutter G & Moffett J

Evans Nicholas (2017) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Analysis of Gypsum Hydration Water from the Evaporites of the Messinian Salinity Crisis
Hodell D, Evans N, Gázquez F, Bauska T, Chapman H & McKenzie J
(2017) Coupled Measurement of Ca and Sr Isotopes in Evaporites from the Sorbas Basin, SE Spain
Evans N, Mailes J, Bauska T, Gázquez F, Chapman H, Bradbury H, Turchyn S & Hodell D

Evans Nick (2015) 17O-Excess and Deuterium-Excess in Gypsum Hydration Water
Gazquez F, Evans N, Mather I, Herwartz D, Staubwasser M & Hodell D

Evans Noreen (2016) Visualizing He Distribution in Zircon by Laser Ablation Noble Gas Mass-Spectrometry: Implications for (U-Th)/He Geochronology and Thermochronology
Danišík M, McInnes B, McDonald B, Kirkland C, Evans N & Becker T
(2016) In situ 190Pt-4He Dating of Platinum Mineralization
Yakubovich O, Danišík M, Mochalov A, McDonald B, Sluzhenikin S, Evans N & Mclnnes B

Evans Noreen (2017) Mapping Helium Distribution in Zircon
Danišík M, Evans N, McInnes B, Kirkland C, McDonald B & Becker T
(2017) Petrogenetic Indicators in Titanite: Using the Trace Element Signature to Constrain Polygenetic Titanite Growth and Garnet Growth
Scibiorski E, Kirkland C, Kemp T, Tohver E & Evans N
(2017) Rutile Geochemistry in Ore Systems – Considerations for Metal Exploration
Porter JK, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Talavera C, McNaughton NJ, Kirkland CL, Jourdan F & McInnes BI
(2017) Formation and Reactivation of the Pamir-Tian Shan Suture: Insights from Apatite Triple Dating
Jepson G, Glorie S, Konopelko D, Gillespie J, Danisik M, Evans N & Collins A

Evans Noreen (2018) Re-Os Isotope and Trace Elements Study of Black Shales and Nodular Pyrites Associated with Massive Sulphides in the Nimbus VHMS System, Western Australia
Barrote V, Tessalina S, McNaughton N, Evans N & McDonald B

Evans Noreen (2019) Mesozoic–Cenozoic Thermal Evolution of SE China in Response to Flat-Slab Subduction at the proto-Western Pacific Margin
Tao N, Li Z-X, Danisik M & Evans N
(2019) Emergence of Continents Above Sea-Level Influences Composition of Sediment Melts
Liebmann J, Spencer C, Kirkland C, Bucholz C, He X, Tang L, Santosh M, Xia X, Martin L & Evans N
(2019) Trace Element Heterogeneities at Twin Boundaries: A Combined Atom Probe Tomography and Transmission Electron Microscopy Study
Verberne R, Reddy S, Saxey D, Fougerouse D, Rickard W, Quadir Z, Evans N & Clark C
(2019) Far-reaching Ediacaran-Cambrian Hydrothermal Alteration of the São Francisco Craton – Evidence from Zircon U-Pb SHRIMP, Trace Elements, Lu-Hf and δ18O
Rosière CA, Silveira-Braga F, Santos JOS, Rolim V, Roberts M, Evans N & Hagemann S

Evans Noreen (2020) Mapping the 4D Lithospheric Architecture of Zealandia Using Zircon O and Hf Isotopes in Plutonic Rocks
Turnbull R, Schwartz J, Fiorentini M, Jongens R, Ludwig T, Evans N, McDonald B & Klepeis K

Evans Noreen (2015) Integration of Electron, Laser and Ion Microprobe Techniques to Create an Open Source Digital Mineral Library of Western Australia
McInnes B, Brown A, Evans N, McNaughton N & Wingate M
(2015) A Multi-System Geochronology of Cenozoic Tuffs in the Western Pannonian Basin with Implications for Interpretation of (U-Th)/He Data
Danišík M, Fodor L, Dunkl I, Gerdes A, Csizmeg J, Hámor-Vidó M, McDonald B & Evans N
(2015) An in situ Investigation of Chalcophile and Siderophile Element Cycling in Subduction Zones: Insights from High-Pressure Ultramafic Rocks from Alpine Corsica
Crossley R, Evans K, Evans N & McDonald B
(2015) Cooling and Mineralisation History of Karakartal Porphyry System, Erzincan, Turkey
Gümrük O, Akçay M, Aslan N, McINNES B, Evans N & Jourdan F
(2015) Laser Ablation in situ (U-Th-Sm)/He and U-Pb Double Dating of Apatite
Danišík M, McDonald B, Evans N, McInnes B, Kirkland C & Becker T
(2013) Testing Accuracy of Combined Zircon (238U/230Th) and (U-Th)/He Dating Against Radiocarbon Dating
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K, Lindsay J & Alloway B
(2013) RESOChron: ELA-Icp-He-Ms Instrument for in situ U-Th-Pb-He Geothermochronology
McInnes B, Evans N, Shelley M, McDonald B, Gibbs D, Norris A, Roberts E, Gabay C & Patterson D
(2013) In situ RESOchron Helium Dating: Progress, Pitfalls and Prospects
Evans N, McInnes B, McDonald B, Vermeesch P, Shelley M & Marillo Sialer E
(2013) Abiogenic Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis of Methane at the Baogutu Reduced Porphyry Cu Deposit, Western Junggar, NW-China
Cao M, Qin K, Li G, Evans NJ & Jin L
(2012) Testing Efficacy of Zircon (238U/230Th) + (U-Th)/He and Radiocarbon Dating Methods on the New Zealand Late Quaternary Tephras
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K & Lindsay J
(2012) A Tertiary Record of Australian Plate Motion from Ages of Diamondiferous Alkalic Intrusions
McInnes B, Evans N, Jourdan F, McDonald B, Gorter J, Mayers C & Wilde S
(2011) Post-Depositional Thermal History of the 4364–3060Ma Zircon-Bearing Metasandstones of the Illaara and Maynard Hills Granite Greenstone Belts, Western Australia
Thern E, Jourdan F, Evans N, McDonald B, Danisik M, Frew A & Nelson D
(2010) U-Th-Pb-He Double-Dating of Zircon from the Diamondiferous Ellendale Lamproite Pipe, Western Australia
McInnes B, Evans N, McDonald B, Thern E & Corbett D
(2010) Tectonothermal History of the Black Forest (Germany): A Triple Dating Approach on a Single Apatite Sample
Danisik M, Pfaff K, Evans N, Manoloukos C, Staude S, McDonald B & Markl G
(2008) Double Dating of Zircon via SHRIMP U/Pb and (U-Th)/He Methods
McInnes B, Evans N, McDonald B & Jakimowicz J
(2002) Developments in Fluorite (U-Th)/He Thermochronology
Evans N, Wilson N, Cline J, McInnes B & Byrne J

Evans Noreen J. (2020) Multiple Background Corrections for U-Th Disequilibrium Dating of Zircon – Visualisation and Reduction via Crayfish
Marsden R, Kirkland C, Danišík M, Evans N & Daggitt M
(2020) β-Cristobalite in Libyan Desert Glass
Cavosie AJ, Ricard WD, Evans N, Rankenburg K & Koeberl C
(2020) The Timing and Duration of HT-UHT Metamorphism Constrained by Zircon U-Pb-Hf and Trace Element Signatures
Jiao S, Guo J, Evans NJ, Mcdonald BJ, Liu P, Ouyang D & Fitzsimons ICW
(2018) Zircon Evidence for Eclogite Facies Metamorphism at 3.9 Ga
Cavosie AJ, Spencer C, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Reddy SM, Wilde SA, Talavera C, Cameron EM, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Ushikubo T

Evans O. (2019) ENKI: A Framework for Building, Maintaining and Using Chemical Thermodynamic and Fluid Dynamical Models
Ghiorso M, Wolf A, Spiegelman M, Adams J, Evans O, Tweed L & Wilson C

Evans P (2006) Mass discrimination during MC-ICPMS isotopic ratio measurements: investigation by means of synthetic isotopic mixtures and application to the calibration of new IRMM zinc candidate CRMs
Quétel C, Ponzevera E, Evans P, Berglund M, Loss RD, Fortunato G & Taylor PDP

Evans Paul (2018) Anaerobic Methanotrophy Coupled to Ferric Iron Reduction in an Australia Coal Mine
Raudsepp M, Evans P, Tyson G, Golding S, Wilson S & Southam G
(2014) Biogenic Methane Potential of Bowen Basin, Queensland Coal Preparation Plant Rejects
Lane S, Zheng H, Evans P, Rudolph V, Golding S & Gilcrease P

Evans Peter (2002) Time Scales and Processes of Potassic Magma Generation at Sangeang Api Volcano, Eastern Sunda Arc
Turner S, Foden J, George R & Evans P

Evans R.douglas

Evans Robert (2010) Rapid Identification and Quantification of Soil Organic Carbon Forms Using Pyrolysis Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry
Magrini K, Davis M, Follett R, Hoover C & Evans R
(2003) Mechanisms Controlling Plant Nitrogen Isotope Composition
Evans R & Kolb K

Evans Samantha (2016) Determination of the Stable Oxygen Isotope Composition of Bioapatites: An Interlaboratory Comparison Study
Pucéat E, Skrzypek G, Joachimski M, Kohn M, Dennis K, Lécuyer C & Evans S
(2014) Seasonal Moisture Sources Influence on Desert Paleowetland Development during the Late Pleistocene in the American Southwest
Drewicz A, Kohn M, Evans S, Springer K, Manker C & Scott E
(2012) Ca-Isotope Tracing of Submarine Groundwater discharge-Florida Bay
Holmden C, Papanastassiou D, Blanchon P & Evans S
(2011) δ44/40Ca Variability in Modern Shallow Water Carbonates
Holmden C, Papanastassiou D, Blanchon P & Evans S

Evans Sarah (2018) Free-Living N-Fixation: Optimizing 15N Methods and Reassessing Importance in Temperate Soils
Tiemann L, Smercina D, Evans S & Friesen M
(2018) Free-Living Nitrogen-Fixation Rates Driven by Nitrogen-Fixer Diversity over Nitrogen Availability
Smercina D, Tiemann L, Evans S & Friesen M
(2009) (U-Th)/He Magnetite Dating of Exhumed Serpentinized Mantle: A Case Study from the Tasna Ocean-Continent Transition, SE Switzerland
Evans S, Stockli D, Müntener O & Manatschal G

Evans Stephen (2008) 10Be Dating of Erratics at Hell Creek (Coast Mountains, BC, Canada)
Ortuño M, Evans S, Clague J, Pallàs R, Rodés Á, Cuman A, Braucher R & Bourlès D

Evans Stuart (2021) Trends in US Dust Frequency and Intensity: Role of Climate and Local Meteorology
Aryal Y & Evans S
(2021) Weather Pattern Variability Produces Dust Variability in the North American Great Plains
Evans S

Evans Sydney (2022) Microbial CO2 Removal into Carbonate Sediments Using Cation Exchange Leachates from Kimberlite Mine Residues — Results from Project CarbonVault
Zeyen N, Wang B, Wilson SA, Arizaleta ML, Russell W, Janzen J, Evans S, Paulo C, Power I, Stubbs AR, Jones TR, Senzani K, Ndlovu S, Vietti A & Southam G

Evans Talia (2022) Hypoxia off the Oregon Coast Results in the Accumulation of Fe(II) in Shelf and Slope Bottom Waters
Evans T, Floback AE, Gaffney J, Chace P, Reimers C & Moffett J

Evans Thomas W. (2017) Investigating the Activity of Methanogenic Archaea in Marine Sediments by Lipid Radioisotope Probing
Coffinet S, Evans TW, Könneke M, Elvert M, Lipp JS & Hinrichs K-U

Evans Thomas William (2013) Subseafloor Microbial Community in the Benguela Upwelling Area Characterized by Lipid Biomarkers and Intracellular DNA
Evans TW, Wörmer L, Lever M-A, Zhu R, Lagostina L, Jørgensen BB & Hinrichs K-U

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