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Edgar N.T. (2005) High-Resolution Deglacial Record of Climate Change in Central Florida from Fresh Water Ostracodes
Hastings D, Hollweg T, Flower B, Cronin T, Edgar NT & Quinn T

Edgcomb Virginia (2019) Microbial Diversity and Metabolic Activity in the Lower Ocean Crust as an Analog for Serpentinizing Extraterrestrial Habitats
Wee SY, Edgcomb V, Beaudoin D, Yvon-Lewis S & Sylvan J
(2014) Nucleic Acid Insights into Present and Past Microbial Activities in Subseafloor Sediment
Orsi W, Biddle J, Edgcomb V & Coolen M
(2014) Microorganismal Distribution in the Iberian Margin Deep Biosphere
Russell J, Orsi W, Edgcomb V & Biddle J
(2013) Gene Expression in the Deep Biosphere
Orsi W, Edgcomb V, Christmann G & Biddle J

Edgcomb Virginia P. (2021) Targeted Lipid Biomarker Screening in the Lower Oceanic Crust Guided by Gene Expression Analyses – New Avenues for the Detection of Biosignatures in Ultra-Low Biomass Samples
Schubotz F, Mara P, Lipp JS, Meyer LAE, Quémener M, Burgaud G, Li J & Edgcomb VP
(2021) Magnetic Mineral Diagenesis and Associated Biogeochemical Processes in Cold Seepage and Gas Hydrate Sites of the Guaymas Basin
Kars M, Pastor L, Burin C, Morono Y, Koornneef LMT, Höfig TW, Teske A, Lizarralde D, Aiello I, Ash J, Bojanova D, Buatier M, Edgcomb VP, Galerne C, Gontharet S, Heuer VB, Jiang S, Kim J-H, Marsaglia K, Meyer NR, Neumann F, Negrete R, Peña-Salinas M, Perez Cruz L, Ran L, Riboulleau A, Sarao J, Schubert F, Singh SK, Stock J, Toffin L, Xie W, Xu S, Yamanaka T & Zhuang G

Edgerton E. (2010) Measurements of Halogen Oxides and Speciated Mercury at a Coastal Site in Pensacola, FL
Coburn S, Dix B, Sinreich R, Terschure A, Edgerton E & Volkamer R

Edgett K. (2016) MSL Chemistry and Mineralogy of the Bagnold Dunes, Gale Crater
Ehlmann B, Achilles C, Bridges N, Conrad P, Cousin A, Edgett K, Fraeman A, Johnson J, Lapotre M, Litvak M, Rowland S, Schroder S, Sutter B, Stein N, Thompson L, Vaniman D, Vasavada A & Yen A

Edgoose C. (2022) In situ Rb–Sr Dating and Trace Element Analysis of Glauconite-Rich Strata from the Arumbera Sandstone, Amadeus Basin
Loyola CV, Farkas J, Verdel C, Gilbert S, Holmes L, Hissey E, Löhr S, Brock G, Shields GA, Edgoose C, Redaa A, Blades ML & Collins AS
(2021) Ca and Sr Isotope Constraints on the Origin of the Late Cambrian SPICE Excursion: Insights from the Sedimentary Record of the Amadeus Basin, Central Australia
Farkas J, Holmden C, Al-Busaidi Q, Schmid S, Edgoose C & Collins A
(2019) Chromium Isotope Constraints on the Late Paleoproterozoic Marine Redox: Evidence from ~1.64 Ga Carbonates of the Greater McArthur Basin, Australia
Farkas J, Toledo G, Klaebe R, Frei R, Collins A, Cox G, Blades M, Bullen M, Guiliano W, Samanta M, Edgoose C & Smith B

Edie S.M. (2021) Survivorship vs. Extinction at the KPg Boundary: An Isotopic Look at Vital Effects in Bivalves
Petersen SV, Curley AN, Edie SM, Mohr RC, Oliphant E & Tobin T

Edinei K. (2011) Tectonic Evolution of a ~800-767 Ma Continental Arc-Back-Arc System in South Brazil
Lenz C, Porcher C, Fernandes L, Conceição R, Edinei K & Masquelin H

Edinger Evan (2012) Epsilon Nd Signatures of NW North Atlantic Water Masses and their Recording in Deep Corals from Orphan Knoll
Poirier A, Retailleau S, Blenet A, Ghaleb B, Hillaire-Marcel C & Edinger E
(2011) Osmium Isotopes in Manganese Nodules from the Labrador Sea
Poirier A, Hillaire-Marcel C, Meredyk S & Edinger E

Edinger Evan (2015) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Deep-Sea Corals from the Labrador Sea: Implications for NW Atlantic Deepwater Circulation during the Holocene, Bølling-Allerød, MIS 5c and 7a
Ménabréaz L, Maccali J, Blénet A, Ghaleb B, Poirier A, Edinger E & Hillaire-Marcel C

Edinger Evan (2020) Reassessing Coral U-Th Dating
Trinquier A, Bayon G, Edinger E & Jorry S

Edkymish A. (2011) Lead(II) Sorption to Soil Materials – Binding Heterogeneity and Influence of Phosphate
Gustafsson JP, Tiberg C, Edkymish A & Kleja DB

Edlmann K. (2013) Investigating the Role of Noble Gases as Tracers for CO2 Storage
Kilgallon R, Gilfillan S, McDermott C & Edlmann K

Edmiston P. (2012) Highly Swellable Glass Composite Materials For in situ Groundwater Remediation and Organic Vapor Permeable Proppants
Edmiston P, Pickett D & Quenneville J

Edmond J. (2022) The Fate of Banded Iron Formations in the Deep Mantle: Iron Oxide Reduction Kinetics at High Temperatures and Pressures
Edmond J & Van Orman JA
(2020) The Fate of Banded Iron Formations in the Deep Mantle: Oxide Reduction Kinetics at High Pressure
Edmond J & Van Orman J

Edmonds Henrietta (2009) Export Fluxes from Submarine Venting to the Ocean: A Synthesis of Results from the Rainbow Hydrothermal Field, 36°N MAR
German C, Thurnherr A, Knoery J, Charlou J-L, Jean-Baptiste P & Edmonds H

Edmonds Hn (2003) The Modification of Hydrothermal Fe-Isotopic Signature during Plume-Processes
Severmann S, German C, Edmonds H, Beard B & Johnson C

Edmonds M. (2022) Water-Rich Versus Water-Poor: Maximising the Outgassing Metal Flux from Arc Volcanoes
Hogg OR, Edmonds M & Blundy JD
(2022) Volatile Trace Element Emissions from Magmatic Degassing and Lava-Water Interaction during the 2021 Cumbre Vieja Eruption, La Palma
Liu EJ, Edmonds M, Ilyinskaya E, Mather TA, Wood KT, Hammond SJ, Jenner FE, Hernandez PA, Pankhurst MJ & Perez Rodriguez N
(2022) Integrated Insights into Global Subducting Slab Dehydration from Arc Magmas
Barber ND, Edmonds M, Williams HM & Jenner FE
(2021) Evidence for Oxidised Sulfur in the Mantle beneath the Western Canary Islands Revealed by the Sulfur Isotopic Composition of Melt Inclusions
Taracsák Z, Hartley ME, Burgess R, Edmonds M, Longpré M-A, Tartese R & Turchyn A(
(2021) Crustal Reworking and the Carbon Cycle
Nicoli G, Dyck B, Edmonds M & Ferrero S
(2021) Outgassing of Metals from Active Volcanoes
Edmonds M, Mason E & Hogg O
(2021) Monogenetic Scoria Cones as Windows into Transcrustal Mush
Barber ND, Baldwin S, Edmonds M, Wibowo HE & Harijoko A
(2020) Volcanic Outgassing and Magmatic Volatiles
Edmonds M
(2020) A Big Data Perspective on the Behaviour of Copper in Arc Magmas
Barber N, Edmonds M, Jenner F, Williams H & Audetat A
(2020) Novel Constraints on Magmatic Mushes from Kīlauean Olivines
Wieser P, Edmonds M, Maclennan J, Jenner F, Kunz B & Wheeler J
(2019) Metals In Magmas: Across Arc Variations in Volcanic Metals
Barber N, Edmonds M, Williams H & Marliyani G
(2019) Crystal Scavenging from Mush Piles Produces Spurious Melt Inclusion Records
Wieser P, Edmonds M, Maclennan J, Jenner F & Kunz B
(2019) ABOVE: Aerial-Based Observations of Volcanic Emissions, Papua New Guinea
Liu E, Aiuppa A, Alan A, Arellano S, Bitetto M, Bobrowski N, Carn S, Cerdes G, Clarke R, Corrales E, de Moor M, Diaz JA, Edmonds M, Fischer T, Freer J, Fricke M, Galle B, Giudice G, Gutmann A, Jones J, Mason E, McCormick Kilbride B, Mulina K, Nowicki S, Richardson T, Rüdiger J, Schipper CI, Watson IM & Wood K
(2019) Aerosol Chemistry of the 2018 Kīlauea Lower East Rift Zone Eruption – From Source to Exposed Communities
Mason E, Ilyinskaya E, Whitty RCW, Wieser P, Liu E, Edmonds M, Mather T, Elias T, Nadeau P, Kern C, Schneider DJ & Oppenheimer C
(2017) Generation and Evolution of Volatile-Rich Magmas from El Hierro, Canary Islands
Taracsák Z, Hartley ME, Longpré M-A, Burgess R & Edmonds M
(2016) Pre-Eruptive Exsolved Gas: Implications for Deformation and Atmospheric Loading during Eruptions
Edmonds M, McCormick B & Biggs J
(2015) Geochemical Evolution of Mafic Enclaves during an Arc Eruption
Plail M, Edmonds M, Humphreys M, Christopher T, Herd R & Barclay J
(2015) Solid-Earth Oxygen Cycling Revealed by Enriched Mantle Domains
Shorttle O, Moussallam Y, Hartley M, Maclennan J, Edmonds M & Murton B
(2015) Andesite Magmas Ascend Rapidly from the Mid Crust at Soufriere Hills Volcano, West Indies
Edmonds M, Humphreys M, Kohn S & Hauri E
(2014) The Fidelity of Plagioclase-Melt Thermometry for Decompression-Driven Magma Crystallisation
Humphreys M, Kloecking M & Edmonds M
(2013) Evolution of Chemical and Physical Properties of Mixed Arc Magmas
Humphreys M, Edmonds M, Christopher T & Brooker R
(2013) Mantle Control on Eruption Style at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai’i
Edmonds M, Sides I, Maclennan J, Swanson D & Houghton B
(2013) Challenges in Constraining and Understanding Strombolian Volcanism
Houghton B, Taddeucci J & Edmonds M
(2013) Petro-Geochemical Evidence for Vapour Transport in Andesite Shear Fractures
Plail M, Edmonds M, Barclay J, Humphreys M & Herd R

Edmund E. (2017) Velocity-Density Systematics of Fe-Si Alloys at Extreme Conditions
Edmund E, Antonangeli D, Decremps F, Ayrinhac S, Gauthier M, Morard G, Mezouar M & Guignot N

Edmunds W.M. (2013) V I Vernadsky: Holistic Thinker and Geochemical Pioneer
Edmunds WM & Bogush A
(2013) Water Security in Low Rainfall Areas
Edmunds WM

Edraki M. (2015) Formation of Arsenic Secondary Minerals and Geochemistry Dynamics in Different Mineralogy Deposits
Garcia Fragoso RG, Edraki M, Baumgartl T & Mulligan D

Edward O. (2020) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry in Deep Time: Insights from Early Triassic Brachiopods and Bulk Carbonates
Edward O, Luz ZAS, Bucher H & Vennemann T
(2020) Deciphering the Early Triassic Paleocean Using Stable Oxygen Isotopes in Conodont Bioapatite
Luz Z, Leu M, Edward O, Baumgartner LP, Bucher H & Vennemann T
(2020) Tracing Temperature and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Early Triassic Seawater with Clumped Isotope Thermometry
Vennemann T, Edward O, Luz Z & Bucher H

Edwards A. (2015) Pan-Arctic Drivers of Glacial Microbial Community Structure and Function
Lutz S, Anesio AM, Edwards A, Newton R, Gill F & Benning LG
(2014) Relationship between Carbon, Nitrogen and Algal Communities in Arctic Glacial Settings
Lutz S, Anesio AM, Newton RJ, Edwards A & Benning LG
(2013) The Reactivity of Microbially-Reduced Goethite: Assessing the Potential of a Naturally Occurring Waste Material for Mine Drainage Remediation
Blackwell N, Perkins W, Edwards A, Johnson B, Hallberg K, Griffith G, Bearcock J & Palumbo-Roe B

Edwards B (2006) Dating Young Basalt Eruptions by (U-Th)/He on Xenolithic Zircons
Blondes M, Reiners P, Edwards B & Biscontini A

Edwards Bethanie R (2021) The Past, Present, and Future of ‘omics Analyses in Ocean Biogeochemistry
Edwards BR
(2021) Integrated Meta-Omic Analysis Links Chemical Signaling to Diatom Bloom Decline and Viral Infection
Edwards BR, Van Mooy B, Bidle K, Johnson M, Thamatrakoln K & Kranzler C

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