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Gaborit N. (2023) Numerical Simulation of the Formation of the IDDP-1 Rhyolitic Melt (Krafla Volcano, Iceland)
Melnik OE, Borisova AY, Gaborit N, Bindeman IN, Laurent O, Traillou T, Raffarin M, Stefánsson A, Llovet X, Parseval PD, Proietti A, Tait S, Vazquez JA & Leisen M
(2023) Zirconium Isotopic Compositions of Igneous Zircon Reveal Dominantly Equilibrium Crystallization Conditions throughout Earth’s History
Laurent O, Leisen M, Chmeleff J, Méheut M, Borisova AY & Gaborit N

Gaboury D. (2004) In situ Trace Elements by LA-ICP-MS in Metamorphosed Pyrites as Pathfinder for Hydrothermal Conditions
Gaboury D & Graham S

Gaboyer F. (2016) Physicochemical Context Synthesis for the MASE Mars Analogue Sites
Monaghan E, Ehrenfreund P, Cockell C, Schwendner P, Rettberg P, Belbo-Vranesevic K, Bohmeier M, Rabbow E, Westall F, Gaboyer F, Walter N, Moissl-Eichinger C, Perras A, Gomez F, Amils R, Garcia L, Marteinsson V & Vannier P
(2013) Subseafloor Biosphere of the Canterbury Basin
Ciobanu M-C, Burgaud G, Dufresne A, Breuker A, Redou V, Ben Maamar S, Gaboyer F, Trambouze O, Lipp J, Schippers A, Vandenkoornhuyse P, Barbier G, Jebbar M, Godfroy A & Alain K

Gabriel A.D. (2007) Fe, Co and Ni in Ureilites: Metal-Silicate Equilibration in the UPB
Gabriel AD & Pack A

Gabriel T. (2023) Geochemistry and Mineralogy of Ancient Sedimentary Rocks Analyzed by the SuperCam Instrument in the Jezero Delta, Mars
Dehouck E, Forni O, Quantin-Nataf C, Beck P, Mangold N, Royer C, Clavé E, Beyssac O, Johnson JR, Mandon L, Poulet F, Le Mouélic S, Caravaca G, Kalucha H, Gibbons E, Dromart G, Gasda P, Meslin P-Y, Schroeder S, Udry A, Anderson R, Clegg S, Cousin A, Gabriel T, Lasue J, Fouchet T, Pilleri P, Pilorget C, Hurowitz J, Núñez J, Williams A, Russell P, Simon JI, Maurice S & Wiens RC
(2023) Investigation of the Petrogenetic Relationship between the Two Igneous Formations in Jezero Crater by Using Trace Element Concentrations Acquired by the Perseverance SuperCam Instrument
Debaille V, Forni O, Anderson R, Beck P, Beyssac O, Clavé E, Clegg S, Cousin A, Dehouck E, Fouchet T, Gabriel T, Johnson JR, Le Mouélic S, Mandon L, Maurice S, Meslin P-Y, Pilleri P, Poulet F, Quantin-Nataf C, Royer C, Udry A & Wiens RC

Gabrieli J. (2013) Revealing a High Altitude Paleoclimate Record from a Southern Europe Ice Core
Gabrielli P, Barbante C, Carturan L, Davis M, Dalla Fontana G, Dreossi G, Dinale R, Draga G, Gabrieli J, Kehrwald N, Mair V, Mikhalenko V, Oeggl K, Schotterer U, Seppi R, Spolaor A, Stenni B, Thompson L & Tonidandel D

Gabrielli P. (2017) Dust Flux Variations in Last 800, 000 Years: Changes of Platinum Group Elements and Pb Isotopic Compositions at Dome C EPICA Ice Cores, Antarctica
Hur SD, Soyol-Erdene T-S, Han CH, Hong S, Hwang HJ, Burn-Nunes LJ, Gabrielli P, Barbante C & Boutron CF

Gabrielli Paolo (2023) Reading Dust Provenance in Epica Dome C Ice Core (East Antarctica): High-Resolution, Quantitative Records from a New Rare Earth Elements (REE) Mixing Model
Boxho SL, Mattielli N, Vanderstraeten A, Laruelle GG, Bory A, Gabrielli P, Gili S & Bonneville S
(2023) Rare Earth Elements and Radiogenic Isotopes from Mineral Dust in East Antarctica: Sensitive Tracers of the Atmospheric Circulation and Climate Variability Through Time
Mattielli N, Gili S, Boxho SL, Vanderstraeten A, Laruelle GG, Bory A, Chaput A, King JS, Gaiero D, Delmonte B, Vallelonga P, Formenti P, Gabrielli P & Bonneville S
(2021) High-Resolution Statistical Quantification of Aeolian Dust Provenance in East Antarctica over the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition
Vanderstraeten A, Mattielli ND, Laruelle GG, Bory A, Gili S, Gabrielli P, Boxho S & Bonneville S
(2021) Multi-Instrumental Characterization of Atmospheric Nanoparticles Entrapped in Ancient Glacier Ice
Gabrielli P, John O, Bradley C, Lomax-Vogt M, Colijn H, Ellis A, Sheets J, Welch S, Sullivan R, Monroe L & Bland G
(2021) Determining Mineralogy, Size, and Number Concentration of Individual Aeolian Nano- and Micro- Dust Particles Measured by Single particle-ICPMS in East Antarctic Ice during the Last Climatic Cycle
Lomax-Vogt MC, John O, Bradley C, Ellis A, Sheets J, Welch S, Bland G, Monroe L, Sullivan R & Gabrielli P
(2013) Detailed History of Atmospheric Pollution in South America as Recorded by Trace Elements in the Quelccaya Ice Core
Uglietti C, Gabrielli P & Thompson L
(2013) Revealing a High Altitude Paleoclimate Record from a Southern Europe Ice Core
Gabrielli P, Barbante C, Carturan L, Davis M, Dalla Fontana G, Dreossi G, Dinale R, Draga G, Gabrieli J, Kehrwald N, Mair V, Mikhalenko V, Oeggl K, Schotterer U, Seppi R, Spolaor A, Stenni B, Thompson L & Tonidandel D

Gabrielsen R.H. (2011) ID-TIMS as a Tool for Terrane Provenance Studies in Polyorogenic Complexes: A Case from the SW-Norwegian Caledonides
Roffeis C, Corfu F & Gabrielsen RH

Gachetti A. (2021) Elevated Primary Productivity in the Shallow Eastern Tethys during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Cui Y, Naafs D, Calderon L, De Palma M, Gachetti A, Greiss A & Jiang S

Gächter R. (2002) Nutrient Retention Ponds in Agriculture – Load and Efficiency
Reinhardt M, Müller B, Stierli R & Gächter R
(2002) No Effect of Hypolimnetic Aeration on the P Cycling of Lake Sempach a Re-evaluation of a Well-Accepted Concept
Gächter R & Müller B

Gacnik J. (2023) Traceable Calibration for Ambient Air GOM Measurements Using Non-Thermal Plasma Oxidation of Elemental Mercury
Vijayakumaran Nair S, Gačnik J, Živković I, Andron TD, Ali SW, Kotnik J & Horvat M
(2022) Normalized Wet Deposition of Total Mercury Reflects Concentration Gradient in Surface Seawater
Živković I, Gacnik J, Jozic S, Kotnik J, Solic M & Horvat M

Gadal C. (2023) In situ Electron Microscopy Monitoring of Mn Oxides Formation Impacted by Various Functionalized Organic Surfaces
Dejean C, Ortiz Peña N, Ménez B, Gadal C, Bouquerel H, Alloyeau D & Gélabert A
(2021) The Role of Functionalized Organic Surfaces in Metal Biomineralization: Insights from Liquid-Cell STEM Experiments
Dejean C, Ortiz Peña N, Alloyeau D, Menez B, Gadal C & Gelabert A

Gadalia A. (2017) Weathered Profiles in Tropical Volcanic Islands by Combined Geochemical and Geophysical Approaches
Rad S, Deparis J, Gadalia A, Chabaux F & Allègre CJ

Gadas P. (2023) GCDkit.Mineral: A Flexible, Platform-Independent R Package for Recalculation and Plotting of Mineral Chemistry Data
Janoušek V, Erban V & Gadas P

Gadd G.M. (2012) Transformation of Lead into Pyromorphite by Fungi
Rhee YJ, Hillier S & Gadd GM
(2009) Uranium Stability in Near-Surface Environments: Lessons from the Study of Depleted Uranium Munitions
Vaughan D, Alvarez R, Bryan N, Fomina M, Gadd G, Handley-Sidhu S, Keith-Roach M, Livens F & Lloyd J
(2008) Geochemical and Microbial Controls of the Decomposition and Dispersion of Depleted Uranium in the Environment: Experimental Studies
Vaughan D, Alvarez R, Bryan N, Fomina M, Gadd G, Handley-Sidhu S, Keith-Roach M, Livens F & Lloyd J
(2004) Metal and Metalloid Immobilization by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Biofilms
Gadd G, White C & Hockin S
(2002) Fungal Influence on Mineral Dissolution and Metal Mobility: Mechanisms and Biogeochemical Relevance
Gadd GM

Gadd M.G. (2021) International Database on the Abundance of Critical Minerals in Ores: Relevance to Research and Development of Critical Mineral Resources
Hofstra AH, Bastrakov E, Champion DC, Czarnota K, Emsbo P, Gadd MG, Granitto M, Huston DL, Lauziere K, Lawley C, Lisitsin V, Raymond O & VanDerWielen S
(2019) Lithogeochemical and Sulfur Isotope Indicators of Environment of Formation and Genesis of the Moss Hyper-Enriched Black Shale Showing, Yukon
Gadd MG & Peter JM

Gaddam M. (2023) Mineral Dust Deposition to the Western Arabian Sea: Marine Sediment Records
A a K, Ak S, Krishna DKB, Gaddam M, Bhushan R & Suresh K

Gaddis L.R. (2016) Constraints on the Depth of Origin of Impact Basin Rings and the Composition of the Lunar Crust Using the Kaguya Multiband Imager
Lemelin M, Lucey PG, Gaddis LR, Miljković K & Ohtake M

Gaddis S.J. (2001) Origin of the Serpent Mound Cryptoexplosion Structure, South-Central Ohio: XRD and Re-Os Isotope Evidence
Gaddis SJ, Angerman CE, Widom E & Hughes J

Gade B. (2001) Significance of Primary and Secondary Minerals in Hazardous Waste Landfills
Gade B & Heindl A

Gade M. (2004) Microbial Sulfate Reduction and Methanogenesis in the Archean Ocean
Habicht K, Gade M, Thamdrup B, Berg P & Canfield D

Gade W. (2005) Does Surface Acidity of Ferric (Oxy)hydroxides Affect Reactivity Towards H2S ?
Peiffer S & Gade W

Gadgil A. (2013) Structure of Fe(III) Precipitates Formed by Fe(0) Electrolysis in the Presence of Groundwater Ions
van Genuchten C, Amrose S, Gadgil A & Peña J
(2011) Characterization of Fe(0) Electro-Coagulation Reaction Products Using Synchrotron-Based Techniques
van Genuchten C, Peña J, Addy S, Sposito G & Gadgil A

Gadi R. (2009) Study on District Level Emission of Carbonaceous Aerosol from Biofuels Used in Rural Sector as Energy over Indo Gangetic Plain
Mandal T, Saud T, Saxena M, Bhatnagar R, Singh D, Gadi R, Gautam R, Sharma S, Mukherjee A & Datta A

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