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Gagliardi L. (2017) Thin Film Model of Crystal Growth and Dissolution
Gagliardi L, Kohler F, Dysthe DK & Pierre-Louis O

Gagliardini E. (2015) ID21 a Synchrotron Multi-Modal Platform for Micro-Spectroscopic Analyses in Earth, Environmental and Geo-Sciences
Castillo-Michel H, Cotte M, Salome M, Fayard B, Hesse B, Rivard C, Bugnazet D, De Nolf W, Gagliardini E, Berruyer G & Susini J

Gagne O. (2019) Machine Learning in Predicting Multi-Component Mineral Compositions in Gale Crater, Mars
Morrison S, Pan F, Prabhu A, Eleish A, Fox P, Gagne O, Downs RT, Bristow TF, Rampe EB, Blake DF, Vaniman DT, Achilles CN, Ming DW, Yen AS, Treiman AH, Morris RV, Chipera SJ, Craig PI, Tu VM & Hazen RM

Gagne S. (2012) Review of Environmental Multi-Tracer Sensitivity to Groundwater Discharge in River
Lefebvre K, Barbecot F, Larocque M, Ghaleb B, Helie J-F, Noret A & Gagne S

Gagne-Turcotte R. (2020) Mining Environments in a Changing Climate
Huntsman P, Cleaver A, Jamieson H, Volchek K, DiFeo T, Reynier N, Gagne-Turcotte R, Langley S, Clemente J, Asemaninejad A, White HP & Rickwood C

Gagnevin D. (2011) Causes and Consequences of Zn, Fe and S Isotope Fractionation in a Large Hydrothermal System: The Navan Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Boyce A, Barrie C, Menuge J & Blakeman R
(2011) Minor Elements in Layered Sphalerite Record Fluid Origin in the Giant Navan Zn-Pb Orebody, Ireland
Gagnevin D, Menuge JF, Kronz A, Barrie CD & Boyce AJ
(2008) Zircon as Proxy of Magma Differentiation and Mixing in the Tuscan Magmatic Province (Italy)
Gagnevin D, Daly JS, Whitehouse M, Horstwood M & Kronz A
(2007) Zircon Growth and Resorption in an Incrementally Filled Granite Pluton: Insights from in situ U-Pb, Trace Element and Hf Isotopic Analyses
Daly S, Gagnevin D & Whitehouse M
(2007) Zircon as a Magma Mixing Proxy: Textural, Chemical and Isotopic Evidence from a Young Plutonic System
Gagnevin D, Daly S & Whitehouse M
(2006) Insights Into Magma Evolution in Capraia Volcano (Italy) From Plagioclase Chemical and Isotopic Zonation.
Gagnevin D, Daly JS, Waight TE, Poli G & Conticelli S
(2002) Microchemical Investigation of K-Feldspar Megacrysts: Clues to Magma Dynamics in a Plutonic Environment
Gagnevin D, Daly JS & Poli G

Gagnidze N. (2019) Discovery of Neo-Proterosic Relics in Paleogene Adjara-Trialeti Belt, Lesser Caucasus: Implication for Zircons U-Pb Geochronology
Okrostsvaridze A, Gagnidze N, Chung S-L & Chang Y-H
(2017) Felsitic Magmatism and Th-Bi Mineralization in the Greater Caucaus Kakheti Region, Georgia
Gagnidze N & Okrostsvaridze A
(2016) Magmatism and Mineral Occurrences of the Eastern Greater Caucasus, Georgian Segment
Gagnidze N, Okrostsvaridze A, Aqimidze K & Chung S-L
(2015) Gondvanian Relicts in the Processes of the Caucasus Collisional Orogen Continental Crust Formation
Okrostsvaridze A, Lee Y-H & Gagnidze N
(2014) Petrology and Ore Mineralization Processes of the Eastern Greater Caucasus Georgian Segment
Gagnidze N, Akimidze K & Okrostsvaridze A
(2014) Petrology of the Sakeni Intrusive and Sakeni Goldfield Genesis (Greater Caucasus, Georgia)
Okrostsvaridze A, Bluashvili D & Gagnidze N
(2013) Ore Mineralization Processes in the Greater Caucasus Kakheti Segment, Georgia
Okrostsvaridze A, Aqimidze K & Gagnidze N

Gagnon Alex (2018) The Martian Critical Zone: Concept and Experimental Example
Perdrial N, Armfield J, Reeder G, Gagnon A, Rampe E & Perdrial J

Gagnon Alexander (2021) Boric Acid Diffusion in Biomineralisation: Implications for B Geochemical Proxies
Branson O & Gagnon A
(2020) The Geochemistry of Coral Biomineralization: Using Boron Isotopes to Understand the Cost of Resilience in a Changing Ocean
Gagnon A, Gothmann A, Branson O, Rae J & Stewart J
(2020) Geochemical and Biochemical Factors Controlling Skeletal Nucleation and their Impact on Coral in a Changing Ocean
Wolfshorndl M, Larsen A & Gagnon A
(2019) Seeking a Mechanistic Understanding of Cold-Water Coral Trace Metal Composition Through Culture Experiments with Decoupled Carbonate Chemistry Parameters
Gothmann A & Gagnon A
(2017) Quantitative Decomposition of the Biogeochemical “Heartbeat” of a French Polynesian Atoll
Bolden I, Gagnon A & Sachs J
(2017) Sub-Micron Heterogeneity In Biominerals: What Is the Role of Organic-Mineral Interactions?
Gagnon A
(2017) Calcium Carbonate Nucleation Rates Manipulated by Organic Templates as Indicators of Coral’s Sensitivity to Ocean Acidification
Wolfshorndl M, Anderson D & Gagnon A
(2017) Controls on Cold-Water Coral Mineralization Through Manipulation of Separate Carbonate Chemistry Parameters in Culture
Gothmann A, Miner M & Gagnon A
(2015) The Atomic-Scale Chemistry of a Calcite Bio-Mineral Interface
Branson O, Spero H, Perea D, Winters M, Bonnin E, Zhu Z & Gagnon A
(2014) Deciphering Amorphous Calcium Carbonate Crystallization Pathway Using Stable Isotope Labels
Giuffre A, Gagnon A & Dove P
(2014) Mechanisms Driving Sub-Micron Proxy Heterogeneity in Biominerals: Lessons from Planktic Foraminifera
Gagnon A, Giuffre A, Russell A, Spero H, Zhu Z & Perea D
(2014) Systematic Sub-Micron Na/Ca Banding in Cultured Planktic Foraminifera
Bonnin E, Kogut M, Zhu Z, Spero H, Hönisch B, Russell A & Gagnon A
(2012) Biomineralization in Corals and the Hunt for New Tracers of the Past Ocean
Adkins J & Gagnon A
(2012) Me/Ca Proxies and Foram Biomineralization: The Role of Cation Transport
Gagnon A, DeYoreo J, DePaolo D, Spero H, Russell A & Giuffre A
(2012) The Influence of Mineralization Pathway on Composition and Isotope Signatures in Calcite
Dove P, Giuffre A, Han N, De Yoreo J & Gagnon A
(2011) Calcium Isotopes during Coral Biomineralization
Gagnon A, DePaolo D, Adkins J & De Yoreo J
(2008) Analysis of Mg, Sr, and Ba in Deep Sea Corals Using SIMS and ICP-MS
Gabitov R, Gagnon A, Adkins J & Eiler J
(2007) Phosphorus, Barium and Boron in the Deep-Sea Coral Desmophyllum dianthus: Preliminary Calibrations
Anagnostou E, Sherrell R, Adkins J & Gagnon A
(2007) Sr/Ca as a Proxy for Temperature in the Deep-Sea Coral Desmophyllum dianthus
Gagnon A, Adkins J & Fernandez D

Gagnon C. (2022) Scale, Carbonate Weathering, and the Laboratory/Field Dichotomy
Anovitz L, Prisk TR, Emmanuel S, Cheshire MC, Weber J, Bleuel M, Ilavsky J, Mildner DFR & Gagnon C
(2020) Effect of Cation Concentration and Radius, and Rheology on Nano-Scale Boehmite Aggregation
Anovitz L, Huestis P, Krzysko A, Weston J, Zhang X, Chun J, Schenter G, Ilavksy J, Kuzmenko I, Frith M, Ivory C, Clark S, Weigandt K, Stack A, Bleuel M, Gagnon C & Mildner D
(2018) The Effects of Chemomechanical Processes on Limestone Weathering
Cheshire M, Anovitz L, Prisk T, Emmanuel S, Weber J, Brantley S, Bleuel M, Ilavsky J, Mildner D & Gagnon C

Gagnon J.e. (2015) Pyrite Compositions from Contrasting Styles of Syenite-Hosted Au at the Young-Davidson and Thunder Creek Deposits, Abitibi Belt, Canada
Linnen RL, Campbell R, Martin RD, Layne GD, Wing B, Gagnon JE, Lin S & Zhang J

Gagnon Joel (2018) An Olivine-Melt Thermometer Based on DNi, with no Dependence on H2O in the Melt: New Experimental Evidence
Pu X, Lange R, Moore G, Touran J & Gagnon J
(2016) Oxide Mineralogy as a Record of Postmagmatic Processes in the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, NW Ontario: Significance of Textures
Brzozowski M, Samson I, Gagnon J, Good D & Linnen R
(2015) Cu and Fe Diffusion in Rhyolitic Melts during Chalcocite “Dissolution”
Ni P, Zhang Y, Simon A & Gagnon J
(2008) The Marathon Cu-Pge Deposit, Ontario: Insights from Sulphide Chemistry and Textures
Samson I, Fryer B & Gagnon J
(2005) A Simple Technique for Preparing Matrix- and Concentration-Matched Standards for LA-ICPMS Analysis?
Fryer B & Gagnon J
(2005) Quantitative Major, Minor & Trace Element Analysis of Minerals by LA-ICPMS Without an Internal Standard
Gagnon J, Fryer B, Williams-Jones A & Samson I
(2005) High Resolution LA-ICP-MS Analyses of PGMs and Sulphides, Marathon Pd-Cu Deposit, Ontario
Samson I, Fryer B, Gagnon J & Donnelly CL
(2005) Partitioning and Vapour Transport of Pt at Magmatic Conditions
Blaine F, Linnen R, Holtz F, Gagnon J & Bruegmann G

Gagnon Joel E. (2020) Applications of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in the Study of Orogenic Gold Hydrothermal Rocks
Watts JF, Lawley CJM, Gagnon JE & Rehse SJ

Gagnon K. (2008) Copper Requirements and Uptake by Plankton in the sub-Arctic NE Pacific Ocean
Semeniuk D, Cullen J, Gagnon K, Ruth T & Maldonado M

Gagnon M-D-N. (2008) Distribution of Ni-Fe Alloys in the Serpentinized Harzburgites of the Jeffrey Mine, Asbestos, Québec
Gagnon M-D-N & Normand C

Gago R. (2015) Geochemical Behaviour of Amorphous Iron Oxides Occurring in Copper Mining Environments
Antelo J, Fiol S, Otero A, Baleeiro A, Luaces D, Gago R & Arce F

Gago-Duport L. (2013) Kinetic of H2O2 Generation and Decay during Pyrite Water Reactions
Gil Lozano C, Fernandez-Dávila A, Losa Adams E, Gonzalez Fairen A & Gago-Duport L
(2013) Basalt Weathering on Mars: Insights from Li-Isotope Fractionation Models
Losa Adams E, Gil Lozano C, Diz P, Gago Duport L, Fernandez.Dávila A & Gonzalez Fairen A
(2013) Abiotic O2 Availability on an Early Alkaline Ocean Through Halogen-Induced Superoxide Species
Gago-Duport L, Fernandez Bastero S, Gil Lozano C, Losa-Adams E, Fernandez.Dávila A & Gonzalez Fairen A
(2011) Kinetics of Free Radical Formation at Mineral-Water Interfaces
Gil Lozano C, Fernández Davila A, González Fairén A & Gago Duport L
(2011) Why do Earthworms Synthesize ACC?
Diz P, Gil C, Mendez J, Iglesias-Briones MJ & Gago-Duport L
(2007) Passivating Layer Formation during Glauconite Dissolution: Implications for Mineral Sequestration of CO2
Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L
(2007) Oxygen Gas-Phase Formation in Iron Chemical Gardens
Gago-duport L & Fernandez-Bastero S
(2004) 3D-Mineral Distribution during the Early Diagenesis in Shallow Marine Sediments from XRD-Rietveld Analysis
Garcia Diez T, Fernandez-Bastero S & Gago-Duport L
(2004) Induced Structural and Compositional Modifications on Glauconite from Dissolution Experiments
Santos A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T & Gago-Duport L
(2004) Sponge-Like Hosted Mineralization on Silica Gardens: Implications for Natural Systems
Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia Diez T, Santos A & Gago-Duport L
(2002) XRD-Rietveld and RMC Analysis of the Aging Process in Glauconites
Fernandez-Bastero S, Gago-Duport L, Garcia T, Velo A, Villar MP & Santos A
(2002) Geochemical Self-Organization of Mixed Siliciclastic-Carbonate Sediments in Estuarine-Like Systems
García T, Gago-Duport L, Fernández-Bastero S, Velo A, Santos A & De la Rosa-Fox N
(2002) Numerical Modelling of Competitive Nucleation Pathways
Velo A, Fernandez-Bastero S, Garcia T, Vilas F, Santos A & Gago-Duport L
(2000) Glauconite Nucleation in Silica Tubular Microstructures from Low-Temperature Solution Experiments
Gago-Duport L, Fernandez-Bastero S, Pimentel F, Villar P, Santos A, Serra C & Vilas F

Gaherty J.B. (2018) Towards Assessing the Causes of Volcanic Diversity at the Arc Scale
Till CB, Kent AJR, Abers GA, Janiszewski HA, Gaherty JB & Pitcher BW

Gahlan H.
(2017) The Late Neoproterozoic Dahanib Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusion, South Eastern Desert, Egypt: Is it an Alaskan-Type or a Layered Intrusion?
Azer M, Gahlan H, Asimow P & Al-Kahtany K

Gai H. (2014) Secular Variations in Organic and Inorganic Carbon Isotope of the Mesoproterozoic (1.7–1.3 Ga) Sedimentary Successions on the North China Craton
Wang C, Zhang Z, Wang M, Li Y, Huang S, Wang J, Zhang X, Gai H & Xiong X
(2013) Biomarker Evidence for the Neoproterozoic Marine Redox Condition in South China
Wang C, Xiong X, Gai H, Liu Y, Li B, Zhou X & Xue B
(2012) The Co-evolution of Prokaryotes-Eukaryotes and Ocean Chemistry on the North China Craton during Mesoproterozoic (1.6 – 1.3 Ga)
Wang C, Wang M, Xu J, Li Y, Yu Y, Bai J, Dong T, Wang J, Huang S, Zhang X, Wang L, Xiong X & Gai H
(2011) 13α(n-alkyl)-Tricyclic Terpanes: A Series of Biomarkers for the Unique Microbial Mat Ecosystem in the Middle Mesoproterozoic (1.45~1.30Gyr) North China Sea
Wang C, Wang M, Xu J, Li Y, Yu Y, Bai J, Dong T, Zhang X, Xiong X & Gai H

Gai Yongsheng (2016) Muti-Stage Metamorphic Evolution of the North Qinling Belt: Constraints from Petrology and Zircon U-Pb Study on Zhaigen and Songshugou Retrograde Eclogites
Liao X, Liu L, Gai Y & Chen D

Gai YongSheng (2020) Discovery of the Silurian High Pressure Pelitic Gneiss in Southern Margin of Middle Altyn and its Tectonic Geological Significance
Ma T, Gai Y & Liu L

Gaidies F. (2019) Secondary Chemical Zoning of Partially Resorbed Garnet
Asenbaum R, Petrishcheva E, Racek M, Lexa O, Gaidies F & Abart R
(2012) Toward a Quantitative Model of Metamorphic Nucleation
Gaidies F

Gaidos E. (2016) Dating the Earth-Like Reservoir Formation in the Solar Nebula with Enstatite Chondrite
Yin Q-Z, Gaidos E, Sanborn M & Li S
(2010) Effects of Silicate Melt Migration on the Differentiation of Planetesimals
Moskovitz N & Gaidos E

Gaiero D. (2018) Is the Argentinean Loess a Primary Dust Source in the Southern Hemisphere?
Gili S, Gaiero D, Mattielli N, Torre G, Goldstein S, Chemale F & Koester E
(2012) PARAD: Peat Bog Records of Atmospheric Dust Fluxes – Holocene Palaeoenvironmental and Paleoclimatic Implications for South America
De Vleeschouwer F, Vanneste H, Bertrand S, Coronato A, Gaiero D & Le Roux G

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