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Laakso J. (2021) Phosphorus Burial in Vivianite in Three Boreal Lake Sediments in Finland
Laakso J, Jilbert T & Saarinen T

Laakso K. (2016) VMS Exploration: Oxygen Isotope Mapping from Top to Bottom
Taylor B, Peter J, Laakso K & Rivard B

Laakso L. (2015) Size-Resolved Characterisation of Organic Atmospheric Aerosols Collected at Welgegund, South Africa with GCxGC-TOFMS
van Zyl PG, Booyens W, Beukes JP, Ruiz-Jimenez J, Kopperi M, Riekkola M-L, Josipovic M, Venter AD, Jaars K, Laakso L, Vakkari V, Kulmala M & Pienaar JJ

Laakso T. (2019) Volcanic Controls on Seawater Sulfate over the Past 120 Million Years
Laakso T, Waldeck A, Macdonald F & Johnston D
(2018) Environmental Influences on Neoproterozoic Carbon Isotope Excursions
Laakso T & Schrag D
(2014) Multiple Equilibria in pO2: Archean, Proterozoic, Phanerozoic
Laakso T & Schrag D

Laaksoharju M. (2012) Access to the Largest Geosphere Laboratory in the World – The Aespoe Hard Rock Laboratory
Laaksoharju M & Gurban I
(2012) Classification of Groundwater from a Coastal Granitoidic Fracture Network
Mathurin F, Kalinowski B, Astroem M & Laaksoharju M
(2011) Brackish Marine Water Intrusion in Deep Fractured Granitic Bedrock
Mathurin F, Kalinowski B, Åström M & Laaksoharju M

Laaksonen Ari (2011) Factors Affecting the Physical Phase State of SOA Particles from Biogenic and Anthropogenic Precursors
Virtanen A, Saukko E, Lambe A, Massoli P, Onasch T, Wright J, Croasdale DR, Laaksonen A, Davidovits P & Worsnop DR

Laaksonen Ari (2013) Atmospheric Aerosol Nucleation in the Po Valley during the PEGASOS-Supersito Experiment
Decesari S, Marinoni A, Gobbi GP, Hamed A, Laaksonen A, Manninen H, Poluzzi V & Facchini MC

Laan P. (2019) Hydrothermal Fluxes of Trace Metals (Such as Zn and Fe) into Surface Waters along the Kermadec Intraoceanic Arc
Kleint C, Bach W, Sander SG, Zitoun R, Middag R, Laan P & Koschinsky A
(2017) Trace Metal Dynamics in the Water Column along a Shelf-To-Basin Transect in the Black Sea
Séguret M, Lenstra W, Hermans M, Dijkstra N, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Rijkenberg M, Laan P & Slomp C
(2012) Contrasting Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron and Aluminium along the GEOTRACES West Atlantic Section
De Baar H, Rijkenberg M, Gerringa L, Middag R, Van Hulten M, Laan P, Schoemann V, De Jong J, Sterl A & Van Aken H
(2012) Dissolved Iron in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans
De Baar H, Klunder M, Thuroczy C-E, Laan P, Gerringa L, Alderkamp A-C, Middag R & Arrigo K
(2011) Dissolved Fe in the Western Atlantic Ocean: Distribution, Sources, Sinks and Cycling
Rijkenberg M, Gerringa L, Laan P, Schoemann V, Middag R, van Heuven S, Salt L, van Aken H, de Jong J & de Baar H

Laanait N. (2014) Real-Time Observations of Calcite Reactivity with X-Ray Reflectivity and Microscopy
Fenter P, Laanait N, Lee SS, Zhang Z, Callagon E & Sturchio N

Laban M. (2022) Ore Minerals in Martian Meteorites: MIL 03346, NWA 5219, and NWA 13367
Fitt M, Ciazela J, Marciniak D, Paquet M, Ciazela M, Latacz L, Laban M, Blutstein K, Marciniak-Maliszewska B, Slaby E & Prell M

Labanieh S. (2012) Discovery of Metals-Rich Hydrothermal Manganese Deposits in the South-West Pacific
Pelleter E, Fouquet Y, Etoubleau J, Cheron S & Labanieh S
(2011) Origin of the Seamounts Near Futuna Island, SW Pacific
Labanieh S, Chazot G, Etoubleau J, Fouquet Y, Dosso L & Hemond C
(2009) Why are Martinique Lavas so Heterogeneous?
Labanieh S, Chauvel C, Germa A & Quidelleur X
(2009) The Lesser Antilles Subduction Factory
Chauvel C, Carpentier M & Labanieh S
(2008) Two Isotopic Mixing Lines in Martinique Island: The Effect of Ridge Subduction
Labanieh S, Chauvel C, Germa A & Quidelleur X

Labanowski J. (2019) Effect of Quantum Dots on S. oneidensis Growth
Labanowski J, Mondamert L & Granado E

Labarre T. (2021) Quantitative Source Apportionment of Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds (PACs) in Athabasca Oil Sands Region Snowpack Using Compound-Specific Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Analysis
Ahad JME, Pakdel H, Labarre T, Cooke C, Savard MM & Gammon PR

Labasque T. (2021) Multiple Flow Dynamics in Karst Aquifers Following Recharge Events Highlighted by Dissolved Gases – Case of the Lez Karstic System (South of France)
Perotin L, de Montety V, Ladouche B, Bailly-Comte V, Labasque T, Chatton E, Bouchez C, Vergnaud V, Tweed S, Guilhe-Batiot C & Seidel J-L
(2021) A Glimpse of the Anthropocene Captured by Environmental Tracers in the Groundwater of a Fractured Aquifer
Chatton E, Labasque T, Aeschbach W, Vergnaud V & Aquilina L
(2021) Dissolved Gases Monitoring to Disclose Regional Hydrogeochemical Interactions Processes Involved in Mineral Water Genesis in Non-Active Zone: The Case of Corsica Island
Dupuy M, Garel E, Labasque T, Chatton E, Vergnaud V, Aquilina L, Santoni S, Mattei A & Huneau F
(2021) Coupling Groundwater Age Tracers (CFCs) and In-Stream Solute Time Series (DSi) to Decipher the Reactivity of Crystalline Watersheds
Marçais J, Dreuzy J-RD, Aquilina L, Guillaumot L, Labasque T, Pinay G & Derry LA
(2021) Element Mobility Related to Low Temperature (<150℃) Hydrothermal Activity: Implication for (U-Th)/He Apatite Dating
Milesi G, Pérotin L, Monié P, Soliva R, Bosch D, Labasque T, Münch P, Taillefer A, Bruguier O, Bonno M & Martin C
(2019) Fractures Sustain Dynamic Microbial Hot Spots in the Critical Zone
Bochet O, Bethencourt L, Dufresne A, Farasin J, Pedrot M, Labasque T, Chatton E, Lavenant N, Petton C, Abbott B, Aquilina L & Le Borgne T
(2018) Water Characterization from the Strengbach CZO: Major Element Concentrations, Isotope Ratios (U, Sr, Nd ) and CFC and 4He Concentrations
Ranchoux C, Viville D, Aquilina L, Labasque T & Chabaux F
(2017) Advances in Field Noble Gas Measurements Towards Operational Hydrology
Chatton E, Labasque T, Guillou A & Aquilina L
(2017) Meteoric Water Fluxes in the Himalayas
Andermann C, Hovius N, Stieglitz T, Niedermann S, Labasque T & Vergnaud V
(2016) Water Residence Time by Coupling Anthropogenic Gases (CFC, SF6) and Isotopic Ratios (234U/238U, 87Sr/86Sr) in the Strengbach Catchment (Vosges Massif, Eastern France)
Viville D, Chabaux F, Ackerer J, Chatton E, Labasque T, Pierret M-C, Granet M, Perrone T & Aquilina L
(2016) Quantification of Coupled Fluid Flow and Reactive Transport Using a Dissolved Gas Tracer Test in a Fractured Media
Chatton E, Labasque T, Aquilina L, de La Bernardie J & Boisson A
(2016) Real Time in situ Dissolved Gases Monitoring in Groundwater by CF-Mims for Hydrogeology
Labasque T, Chatton E & Aquilina L
(2013) Reaction Chain Modeling of Denitrification Reactions during a push–Pull Test
Boisson A, de Anna P, Bour O, Le Borgne T, Labasque T & Aquilina L
(2010) Tritium/Helium-3 Dating of Groundwaters Around Chernobyl Site
Fourré E, Jean-Baptiste P, Dapoigny A, Baumier D, Bugay D, Aquilina L, Labasque T, Le Gal La Salle C & Lancelot J
(2010) Salinity Increase with Depth in Fractured Aquifers
Aquilina L, Laurencelle M, Labasque T, Leborgne T, Bour O, Boisson A, Vergnaud-Ayraud V & Pauwels H
(2010) Investigation of Matrix Fluids in Fractured Aquifers Through Various Gas Analyses
Labasque T, Aquilina L, Bour O, De Montety V & Fourre E

Labassa M. (2022) Assessment of the Urban Pressures on Rare Earth Element Contaminations in Coastal Wetlands Subjected to Submersion Risk: Case Study of La Rochelle (France)
Dutour C, Lerat A, Maneux E, Gorse L, Labassa M & Coynel A

Labat D. (2016) Flat Continents, Weathering, and Climate Regulation
Maffre P, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Ladant J-B, Carretier S, Labat D & Vigier N
(2012) Climate Change: The Future of Continental Weathering
Godderis Y, Beaulieu E, Donnadieu Y, Labat D & Roelandt C
(2011) Numerical Study of Weathering Fluxes at the Catchment Scale in a Boreal Watershed: A Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Geochemical Mechanistic Approach
Orgogozo L, Goddéris Y, Pokrovsky O, Viers J, Labat D, Prokushkin A & Dupré B
(2010) Impact of Atmospheric CO2 Levels on Continental Silicate Weathering
Beaulieu E, Goddéris Y, Labat D, Roelandt C, Oliva P & Guerrero B
(2002) Modelling Chemical Weathering at River Catchment Scale: Design and Calibration of the WiTCh Model
Probst A, Godderis Y, Francois L, Labat D, Schott J & Viville D

Labatut M. (2015) Iron Isotopes along the Equator in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
Lacan F, Labatut M, Pradoux C, Radic A, Murray JW, Poitrasson F & Johansen A

Labaume J. (2017) Plugging Wellbore Formations with Environment-Friendly Silicate Gels
Sissmann O, Fleury M, Leveque I, Henaut I, Chardin M, Labaume J & Brosse E
(2015) New Experimental Insights on Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Generation and Simultaneous Carbonation of Olivine (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Martinez I, Chardin M, Noirez S, Vermesse H, Bouboune I, Labaume J, Lopes De Azavedo J, Lutz F, Hayrault P, Kohler E, Cordier L, Carlut J & Guyot F

Labbe M. (2011) The Late Jurassic Andean Back-Arc Volcanism, Northern Chile (26-31ºS)
Rossel P, Oliveros V, Ducea M, Labbe M & Charrier R

Labbez C. (2015) Multi-Scale Atomistic Simulations of pH Dependent Ion Sorption by Minerals: Case Study Disordered Tobermorite Surface
Churakov S, Labbez C & Pegado L
(2010) Acid-Base Properties of 2:1 Clays. The Role of Electrostatics
Thomas F, Labbez C, Delhorme M & Caillet C

Läbe S. (2020) Organic Phase (Extracellular Matrix, Osteocyte, Blood Vessel) Preservation in Fossil Tetrapod Bone: Temporal and Environmental Patterns of Preservation
Wiersma-Weyand K, Läbe S & Sander PM

Labelle E. (2010) Characterization of Outer Membrane Proteins Involved in Iron Reduction and Biofilm Formation in Geobacter sulfurreducens
Stephen C, Labelle E, Bond DR, Brantley S & Tien M

Labelle L. (2017) Chlorine (δ37Cl) Stable Isotope Distribution in the Groundwaters of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Southern Ontario, Canada
Labelle L, Frape S, Isaacs N & Gerber R
(2014) Groundwater Recharge and Mixing in the Oak Ridges Moraine Complex, Ontario Canada
Labelle L, Frape S & Gerber R

Laberdesque Y. (2018) Organic Compounds and Trace Metal Elements in the Eure River Watershed: Past and Actual Records of Anthropogenic Impacts
Gardes T, Debret M, Copard Y, Koltalo F, Patault E, Laberdesque Y, Develle A-L, Deloffre J, Marcotte S, Sabatier P, Chaumillon E, Coulombier T, Révillon S & Nizou J

Laberty-Robert C. (2018) Direct and Indirect Biomineralization of Iron in the Ferruginous Lake Pavin
Berg J, Duverger A, Jézéquel D, Duprat E, Poinsot M, Skouri-Panet F, Laberty-Robert C & Miot J

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