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Lueder U. (2019) Rice Roots Form Microniches in Paddy Soils that Control Arsenic (Im)mobilization
Maisch M, Lueder U, Kappler A & Schmidt C
(2019) Metastable Iron Sulphur Mineral Phases Drive Highly Dynamic Biogeochemical Cycles in Marine Sediments
Lueder U, Maisch M, Jørgensen BB, Kappler A & Schmidt C
(2018) The Impact of Light on Iron Biogeochemistry in Sediments
Lueder U, Jorgensen BB, Maisch M, Kappler A & Schmidt C
(2017) Implications of Fe(III) Photoreduction for Sedimentary Biogeochemical Iron Cycling
Lueder U, Kappler A, Jorgensen BB & Schmidt C
(2017) Microaerophilic iron(II) Oxidation: An Experimental Approach to Quantify Microbial iron(II) Oxidation Rates
Schmidt C, Maisch M, Lueder U, Druschel G, Emerson D & Kappler A

Lueders T. (2009) Anaerobic Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH): From Lab to Field
Meckenstock RU, Selesi D, Griebler C & Lueders T

Lueders V. (2005) Carboniferous Shales – A Source of Nitrogen in Gas Accumulations of the North German Basin?
Mingram B, Lueders V, Krooss B & Hoth P
(2004) Genesis and Migration of Nitrogen-Rich Gases in the North German Basin
Mingram B, Lueders V & Hoth P

Lueders-Dumont Jessica (2018) Ecological and Biochemical Controls on Nitrogen Isotopic Fractionation of Otolith-Bound Organic Matter: Insights from Paired Tissue-Otolith Comparisons, Amino Acid Concentrations, and an Otolith Model
Lueders-Dumont J, Wang XT, Sigman D & Ward B

Lueders-Dumont Jessica A. (2022) Rise in the 15N-To-14N Ratio of Otolith-Bound Organic Matter Associated with Late Cretaceous Cooling
Rao ZC, Lueders-Dumont JA, Stringer GL, Martinez-Garcia A, Haug GH & Sigman DM

Luederwald S. (2018) Effectiveness of Riverbank Filtration for Silver Nanoparticle Retention
Degenkolb L, Philippe A, Luederwald S, Leuther F, Amininejad S, Vogel H-J & Klitzke S

Luef B. (2014) Prediction of the Biogeochemical Roles of Uncultivated Bacteria and Archaea in the Subsurface
Banfield J, Castelle C, Hug L, Wrighton K, Sharon I, Brown C, Kantor R, Singh A, Thomas B, Luef B, Comolli L, Williams K, Long P & Hubbard S

Luehl L. (2022) Imaging Distribution and Speciation of P Across Natural Fe Oxides, Clay Minerals, Microorganisms, and Diatoms by Nano-Xrf and Nano-NEXAFS
Eusterhues K, Thieme J, Haidl A, Fröse H, Luehl L, Hönicke P, Wilhein T, Kanngiesser B & Totsche KU
(2021) XRF and P K-Edge XANES on Natural Mineral-Organic Associations
Thieme J, Eusterhues K, Luehl L, Haidl A, Wilhein T, Kanngiesser B & Totsche KU
(2020) Natural Mineral-Organic Associations Studied by XRF and P-Edge XANES
Thieme J, Eusterhues K, Luehl L, Haidl A, Wilhein T, Kanngiesser B & Totsche K

Luehr B. (2007) Geochemical and Geophysical Insights into a Large Magmatic System in Central Java, Indonesia
Chadwick J, Wagner D, Troll V, Koulakov I & Luehr B

Luek J. (2015) Biogeochemistry of Redox-Sensitive Elements in the Subterranean Estuary
O'Connor A, Luek J, McIntosh H, Krask J & Beck A

Luengen A. (2010) Trophic Transfer of Methylmercury in a Simple Food Chain
Luengen A, Fisher N & Bergamaschi B

Lueter C. (2007) Architecture of Phosphatic and Calcitic Brachiopod Shell Materials – A Comparison
Schmahl W, Merkel C, Griesshaber E, Kelm K & Lueter C

Lueth V. (2008) Landscape Evolution of Northern New Mexico as Recorded in Jarosite
Samuels K, Lueth V, Campbell A & Peters L
(2008) Mineralogy of Weathering at the Questa Mo Mine, NM: 2. Stable Isotopes and Geochemical Modeling
Campbell AR, Lueth V, Graf G & Logsdon M
(2008) Mineralogy of Weathering at Questa Mo Mine, NM: 1. Natural Analogs
Graf G, Lueth V, Campbell A & Donahue K
(2005) Source of Fluorine and Petrogenesis of the Rio Grande Rift Type Barite-Fluorite-Galena Deposits
Partey F, Lev S, Casey R, Widom E, Lueth V & Rakovan J

Luetke S. (2008) A Combined LA-ICP-MS and DEGAS Study on Bediasites and Ivory Coast Tektites
Deutsch A, Langenhorst F, Luetke S & Berndt J
(2007) Ivory Coast Tektites, Microtektites, and Glassy Fallback Particles of the Lake Bosumtwi Impact Crater, Ghana: Geochemical Differences
Luetke S, Deutsch A & Glass B

Luetzenkirchen Johannes (2009) Structural Incorporation of Neptunyl(V) into Calcite – Interfacial Reactions
Heberling F, Denecke M, Luetzenkirchen J & Bosbach D

Luetzenkirchen Johannes (2013) Effect of Surface Heterogenity and Interfacial Water on Surface Potential
Preocanin T, Namjesnik D, Sapunar M, Luetzenkirchen J & Kallay N

Luetzenkirchen Johannes (2022) Np(V) Uptake by the Cladding Corrosion Product Zirconia: A Combined Batch, Spectroscopic, and Modeling Approach
Jessat I, Rossberg A, Scheinost AC, Luetzenkirchen J, Foerstendorf H & Jordan N

Luetzenkirchen Johannes (2021) Geochemical Behavior of Redox Sensitive Lanthanides and Actinides at Colloids-Water Interfaces
Marsac R, Banik NL, Luetzenkirchen J & Pédrot M
(2021) F-Element Sorption onto K-Feldspar – A Comprehensive Characterization of Mechanism and Thermodynamics
Neumann J, Brinkmann H, Britz S, Luetzenkirchen J, Bok F, Stockmann M, Brendler V, Stumpf T & Schmidt M
(2021) Benchmarking of a General Speciation Code for Charge Regulated Solid-Liquid Interfaces Interacting on the Nanoscale
Gil-Díaz T, Jara-Heredia D, Heberling F, Luetzenkirchen J, Link J, Sowoidnich T, Ludwig H-M, Haist M & Schäfer T
(2021) Surface Complexation Models for Heterogeneous and Uneven Surfaces – The Charge Regulation Concept Applied to Simple 2D Geometries
Heberling F, Gil-Díaz T & Luetzenkirchen J
(2021) Reactive Transport of Selenite and Strontium Through a Goethite Coated Sand Column
Zunftmeister L, Nie Z, Heberling F, Luetzenkirchen J, Finck N, Liu C, Marsac R, Jordan N & Hanna K

Luetzenkirchen Johannes (2023) Influence of the Competition of Al on the Retention of Trivalent Actinides and their Homologues in Feldspar
Lessing J, Neumann J, Bok F, Luetzenkirchen J, Brendler V, Schmidt M & Stumpf T
(2023) Interaction of Trivalent Cations with MeAl12 Type Keggin-Compounds
Luetzenkirchen J, Lindqvist Reis P & Kupcik T

Luffi Peter (2020) Crust Thickness Controlled Redox Conditions and the Origin of Calc-Alkaline Series in Arc Magmas
Luffi P
(2013) Contrasting Volatile Contents in the Lunar Mantle and Anorthosites
Albalat E, Luffi P, Lee C-TA & Francis A
(2011) Partial Melting and its Role in Elemental Recycling: Insight from Pamir Metasedimentary Xenoliths
Gordon SM, Kelemen P, Hacker BR, Luffi P & Ratschbacher L
(2011) Reactive Melt Transport in the Oceanic Lithosphere: Implications to MORB Thermobarometry
Luffi P & Lee C-T
(2011) Copper Systematics in Arc Magmas and Implications for the Origin of Continents, the Pb-Paradox, and Copper Porphyry Deposits
Lee C-T, Chin E, Bouchet R, Luffi P, Dasgupta R, Morton D, le Roux V, Yin Q-Z, Albarède F & Blichert-Toft J
(2010) Conservative Tracers of Oxygen Fugacity in Basalts and their Mantle Source Regions
Lee C-T, Luffi P, Le Roux V & Dasgupta R
(2009) Refertilization Mechanisms of Mantle Lithosphere beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges
Luffi P & Lee C-T
(2009) Conditions for Craton Formation and Longevity
Lee C-T & Luffi P
(2006) Carbon cycling at cold seeps: biogeochemical processes and benthic methane fluxes
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Boulooubassi I, Pancost R & Luff R

Luffi Péter (2023) Predicting the Global Distribution of Iron-Wehrlites in the Mantle Lithosphere with Application to the Carpathian-Pannonian Region (Central-Europe)
Patko L, Luffi P, Liptai N & Kovács IJ
(2021) Factors Controlling Reactive Iron-Wehrlite Formation in the Upper Mantle
Patkó L, Luffi P, Liptai N & Kovács IJ
(2019) Paleo-Mohometry: Assessing the Crust Thickness of Ancient Arcs Using Integrated Geochemical Data
Luffi P

Luft C. (2019) Low-SiO2 Melt Inclusions in Olivine Originate by Dehydration of Initially H2O-Rich Island-Arc Melts
Mironov N, Portnyagin M, Botcharnikov R, Gurenko A, Almeev R, Luft C & Holtz F

Luft F. (2006) Tectono-thermal history of the Kaoko Belt, Namibia: an integrated low temperature thermochronology study
Luft F, Raab M, Brown R, Kohn B & Gleadow A
(2006) Apatite fission track thermochronology: implications for Brazil-Africa correlations
Jelinek A, Luft F & Chemale Jr F

Lugaro M. (2023) Abundances from Stellar Burning for Comparison to Meteorite Data
Lugaro M, Ek M, K Peto M, Pignatari M, Makhatadze GV, Onyett IJ, Balázs GG, Roberti L & Schönbächler M
(2020) The Origin of S-Process Isotope Heterogeneity in the Solar Protoplanetary Disk
Ek M, Hunt AC, Lugaro M & Schönbächler M
(2009) SiC Grains from Supernovae and the Solar Si-Isotopic Ratios
Hoppe P, Leitner J, Meyer B, The L-S, Lugaro M & Amari S

Luginbuehl S. (2017) Element Absorption and Release during Serpentine Involved Reactions: Element Cycles in Subduction Zones
Luginbuehl SM, Rosa AD, Louvel M, Merkulova M, Krstulovic M, Munoz M, Wilke M & Irifune T
(2017) REE+Y Solubility and Speciation in Hydrothermal Fluids: An Updated View from in situ XAS Measurements
Louvel M, Etschmann B, Mavrogenes J, Brugger J, Liu W, Williams-Jones A, Luginbuehl S, Brooker R, Mei Y, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L
(2013) Experimental Partitioning Behavior of MORB in Subduction Zones at 2 and 3 GPa
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T
(2012) The Geochemistry of Aqueous Fluids and Hydrous Melts in Subduction Zones
Luginbuehl S, Ulmer P & Pettke T

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