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O`Donoghue L. (2018) Evaulating the Potential of Bioleaching of Gallium from Bauxite Residue by Oxalic Acid
Ujaczki É, Courtney R, Curtin T, Cusack P & O`Donoghue L

O`Neill H. (2006) Water solubility in forsterite and enstatite: implications for the secular evolution of mantle convection
Kovacs I, Hermann J & O`Neill H

O´Brien Patrick (2015) Trace Element Zoning Patterns in Garnet – can We Distinguish between Reaction Path and Kinetics?
Ditterova H, Konrad-Schmolke M, Witte C, Dohmen R, O´Brien P, Erpel L, Halama R & Schmidt A

O´Brien Patrick J. (2018) Evidence for Fluid-Melt Immiscibility during Partial Melting in the Oberpfalz Migmatites, Moldanubian Zone (Bohemian Massif)
Wannhoff I, Ferrero S, O´Brien PJ, Ziemann MA & Hecht L

O´Reilly S.Y. (2019) Mobility of Re and Os Isotopes in Platinum-Group Minerals during Laterization?
Aiglsperger T, González-Jiménez JM, Proenza JA, Galí S, Longo F, Griffin WL & O´Reilly SY

Ó.Kovács L. (2006) Geothermal Waters on and out of the LMWL in the Pannonian Basin, Hungary
Varsányi I & Ó.Kovács L

O' Farrell D. (2017) Halogen Composition of the Proto-Iceland Plume Source Mantle
O' Farrell D, Tomlinson E, Caulfield J, Bouvier A-S & Stuart F

O' Halloran A. (2006) Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Alteration of Intra-Caldera Tuffs, Miocene Tejeda Caldera, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Donoghue E, Troll VR, Harris C, O' Halloran A, Walter TR & Pérez Torrado FJ

O'BANON E. (2017) Fluid Driven Sp3-To-Sp2 Transformation in Carbon at 1300K and 1GPa: Experimental Studies
Dobrzhinetskaya L, Xia G, Wirth R, O'BANON E, Shi F & Green H

O'Beirne Molly (2020) Sulfur Structure and Stable Isotopic Analysis of the Blackstone Band of the Jurassic Aged Kimmeridge Clay Formation
O'Beirne M, Werne J, Gilhooly W, Bosco-Santos A, Raven M, Sessions A & van Dongen B
(2020) Structural Characteristics and Sulfur Isotope Compositions of Laboratory Sulfurized Carbohydrates and DOM
Werne J, O'Beirne M, Raven M, van Dongen B, Bosco-Santos A & Gilhooly Iii W
(2020) Production and Preservation of Novel Bacteriohopanepolyols Under Extreme Environmental Euxinia
Sparkes R, O'Beirne M, Werne J, Gilhooly W & van Dongen B

O'Beirne Molly D. (2018) Pyrite and Organo-Sulfur Formation in Modern Euxinic Lakes
Fouskas F, Gilhooly lll WP, O'Beirne MD, Werne JP, Bosco-Santos A, Kurek M & Druschel GK
(2018) The Chemical and Biological Evolution of a Meromictic Lake, Washington USA
Gilhooly W, Harris J, Bosco-Santos A, Steinman B, Crane E, Shelton M, Picard C, O'Beirne M & Werne J

O'Brian L. (2018) Plutonium Leaching from Cemented Radioactive Waste
Law K, Parry S, Bryan N, Heald S, Charnock J, Heath S, Knight D, O'Brian L, Fuller A, Law G & Livens F

O'brien A. (2017) Importance of Fe-Mediated Processes in Blackwater River Estuarine Sediments
Beckler J, Jones S, O'brien A, Taillefert M & Milbrandt E

O'Brien Charlotte (2016) Adjusting Marine Proxy Records to Account for Palaeogeographic Change and Plate Movements – Retrieving the Carbon Cycle Signal
Lunt D, Farnsworth A, Loptson C, Foster G, Markwick P, O'Brien C, Pancost R, Robinson S & Wrobel N

O'Brien Charlotte (2012) Unravelling Plio-Pleistocene Sea Surface Temperature Signals: A Multi-Proxy Latitudinal Approach from the South China Sea
O'Brien C, Pancost R & Foster G

O'Brien Charlotte (2013) Paleoclimatic Changes Across the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary: Geochemical Reconstructions from Seymour Island, Antarctica
O'Brien C, Robinson S, Kemp D, Crame JA, Francis J, Lunt D, Ineson J, Whittle R & Bowman V

O'Brien Charlotte (2018) Late Oligocene Warming: Constraints from TEX86-derived Sea Surface Temperature Proxy Records
O'Brien C, Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P
(2018) NORTH ATLANTIC SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES SINCE THE EARLY MIOCENE North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures Since the Early Miocene
Super J, O'Brien C, Thomas E, Huber M, Pagani M & Hull P

O'Brien Charlotte L (2021) Constraining Polar Amplification with a Global Compilation of Planktonic Foraminiferal δ18O
Gaskell DE, Huber M, O'Brien CL, Inglis GN & Hull PM

O'Brien David (2019) Martian Core Formation: Implications from the Hf–W System
Brennan M, Fischer R, Nimmo F & O'Brien D
(2013) Accretion and Chemical Evolution of the Terrestrial Planets
Rubie D, O'Brien D, Morbidelli A, Jacobson S & Young E
(2011) Core Formation in the Earth and the Terrestrial Planets
Rubie D, Frost D, O'Brien D, Nimmo F, Morbidelli A & Palme H
(2011) How Jupiter’s Two-Phase Gas-Driven Migration Shaped the Inner Solar System
Raymond S, Walsh K, Morbidelli A, O'Brien D & Mandell A
(2010) Erosion during Accretion: Consequences for Planetary Iron-Silicate Ratios and Tungsten Isotope Anomalies
Dwyer C, Nimmo F, Asphaug E & O'Brien D
(2010) Tungsten Isotopic Evolution during Late-Stage Accretion: Constraints on Earth-Moon Equilibration
Nimmo F, O'Brien D, Kleine T & Dwyer C
(2009) Collisions Among Porous Planetesimals and the Water Content of Planetary Embryos
Ciesla F, Collins G, Davison T & O'Brien D
(2009) Accretion, Chemical Evolution, and Differentiation of the Terrestrial Planets
O'Brien D, Raymond S, Morbidelli A, Bond J & Nimmo F

O'Brien Diane (2013) Indispensable Amino Acids Become Dispensable via Bacterial Symbiosis in a Generalist Soil Detritivore
Larsen T, O'Brien D, Andersen N & Ventura M

O'Brien E. (2011) Diverse Mantle Sources for Ninetyeast Ridge Volcanoes
Meleney P, Frey F, Pringle M, O'Brien E, Huang S, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

O'Brien G. W. (2001) Enhanced Petroleum Systems Analysis in Frontier Basins: Integrating Geochemistry with Geoscience
Lisk M, Ruble TE, Ostby J, O'Brien GW, Brincat MP, Russell NJ & George SC

O'Brien Gareth (2017) Classical Non-Equilibrium Molecular Dynamics in SiO2 Systems
Melgar D, Lauricella M, O'Brien G & English NJ

O'Brien Hugh (2015) Metasomatic Growth of Eclogitic Diamonds from Decoupled Volatile Sources
Smart K, O'Brien H, Cartigny P, Tappe S, Klemme S & Harris C
(2015) Constraints on the Formation of the Archean Siilinjärvi Carbonatite-Glimmerite Complex, Fennoscandian Shield
Heilimo E, O'Brien H & Heino P
(2015) In situ U–Pb Dating of Hydrothermal Xenotime by LA–ICP–MS: A Chronological Insight into Finnish Lapland Orogenic Gold
Middleton A, Molnár F & O'Brien H
(2015) Geochronology of Events Leading to Au-U Mineralization at Rompas, Peräpohja Schist Belt, Northern Finland
Molnar F, Stein H, Cook N & O`Brien H

O'Brien Hugh (2019) Petrographic and Geochemical Variations in the Kaavi-Kuopio Kimberlite Field, Finland: The Role of Mantle Assimilation
Dalton H, Giuliani A, Phillips D, Hergt J & O'Brien H

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