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O'Connor G.

O'Connor John (2014) Past Plate and Mantle Motion from New Ages for the Hawaiian-Emperor Seamount Chain
O'Connor J, Steinberger B, Regelous M, Koppers A, Wijbrans J, Haase K, Stoffers P, Jokat W & Garbe-Schoenberg C-D

O'Connor John (2007) Testing the Hotspot Record for Evidence of Broad Melting Anomalies
O'Connor J, Stoffers P, Wijbrans J, Worthington T & Jokat W

O'Connor John (2019) Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Magmatism from 49 Ma to 25 Ma
Regelous M, Huang S, Haase K, Hauff F, Hoernle K & O'Connor J

O'Connor John (2017) Evolution of Whole-Mantle Plumes: Consequences for Hotspot Volcanism
Ballmer M, Duvernay T & O'Connor J

O'Connor John M. (2022) Renewed Volcanism at the Hawaiian-Emperor Bend at ~31 Ma
Harrison LN, Weis D, Scoates JS, O'Connor JM, Regelous M, Baco A & Roark EB
(2021) The Rio Grande Rise is a Large Igneous Province, not a Detached Microcontinent
Hoyer PA, Haase KM, Regelous M, O'Connor JM, Homrighausen S & Geissler WH
(2020) Is the Rio Grande Rise a Large Igneous Province or a Microcontinent?
O'Connor JM, Hoyer PA, Haase KM, Regelous M, Homrighausen S, Geldmacher J & Geissler W

O'Connor Keith (2018) Environmental Controls on Leaf Wax δ2H Values Across the Tundra-Boreal Forest Transition of Northern Alaska
O'Connor K & Berke M

O'Connor Kevan (2014) Implications of Rainfall Runoff on Arsenic Mobilization and Bioaccessibility in Mining Regions
O'Connor K & Kim C
(2014) Transport, Bioaccessibility and Risk Assessment of Fine-Grained Arsenic-Bearing Mine Tailings
Kim C, Anthony T, Buckendorf L, O'Connor K & Rytuba J

O'Connor Lauren (2017) Multi-Proxy Evidence for Global Cooling during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2: The Plenus Cold Event
O'Connor L, Robinson S, Batenburg S, Jenkyns H, Naafs D, Pancost R & Rae J

O'Connor Lauren K. (2019) Neodymium Isotopic Evidence for Oceanographic Change during the Collapse of the Cretaceous Hothouse
Batenburg SJ, Drage E, Gao EY, O'Connor LK, Jenkyns HC, Gale AS & Robinson SA
(2019) New Evidence for Widespread Extreme Warmth at Southern High Latitudes during the Late Cretaceous
O'Connor L, Robinson S, Jenkyns H, Naafs D, Pancost R, Bogus K & Tierney J

O'Connor Leona (2020) Quantitative Analysis of Free Mica in Sand and Hardened Concrete Blocks by SEM-EDS
O'Connor L & Goodhue R

O'Connor Patrick (2013) Regional Urban Geochemical Baseline for Heavy Metals and Persistent Organic Pollutants in Dublin, Ireland (SURGE Project)
Glennon M, Scanlon R, O'Connor P, Harris P & Ottesen RT

O'Connor Peter (2013) Simulated Exposure of Crude Oil to Sunlight and Characterization Using Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry
Griffiths M, Da Campo R, O'Connor P & Barrow M

O'Connor S. (2002) A Universal Immuno-Probe for (Per)chlorate-Reducing Bacteria
Coates J & O'Connor S

O'Connor Thomas (2023) Beyond This Year’s MRI: New Thinking About Gadolinium Exposures and Pregnancy Biomarkers
Coyte RM, Swigris J, John O, Miller RK, Barrett E, O'Connor T & Darrah T
(2017) Rapid Processing of 85Kr/Kr Ratios Using Atom Trap Trace Analysis
Zappala J, Bailey K, Mueller P, O'Connor T & Purtschert R
(2016) New Limit on Anthropogenic Sources of Atmospheric 81Kr Using Atom Trap Trace Analysis
Zappala J, Bailey K, Mueller P, O'Connor T & Purtschert R
(2014) 81Kr: A New Tracer of Old Groundwater Flow
Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Zappala J, Bailey K, Mueller P & O'Connor T
(2012) 81Kr-Dating is now Available
Lu Z-T, Jiang W, Sharma A, Bailey K, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Hu S-M, Purtschert R & Sturchio N
(2011) Reaching Part-Per-Quadrillion: Detection of 39Ar in Environmental Samples Using ATTA
Lu Z-T, Bailey K, Davis A, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Purtschert R, Sturchio N, Sun Y & Williams W
(2009) Noble Gas Radionuclides and ATTA in Hydrology: State of the art
Sturchio N, Yokochi R, Lu Z-T, Purtschert R, Bailey K, Cheng C, Davis A, Ding Y, Dunford R, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, O'Connor T, Williams W & Young L
(2008) 81Kr Dating and 85Kr Dating
Ding Y, Lu Z-T, Davis A, Dunford R, Hu S-M, Jiang W, Mueller P, Purtschert R, Sturchio N, Young L, Bailey K, O'Connor T & Yokochi R
(2006) Radiokrypton Analysis in the 21st Century: Development and Application of a Laser Atom Trap
Sturchio N, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Bailey K, O'connor T, Yokochi R & Probst P

O'Connor Thomas P (2023) Advances in Atom Trap Trace Analysis for Radiokrypton Dating
Mueller P, Bishof M, Bailey KG, O'Connor TP, Stollenwerk PR & Zappala JC

O'Day Peggy (2020) Speciation of Iron and Carbon in California Air Particulate Matter Using Complementary STEM/EELS and STXM Studies
Leppert V, Robinson M, Pattammattel A, Aronstein P & O'Day P
(2020) Mechanisms and Stability of Arsenic Fixation by Biogenic Sulfides during in situ Groundwater Remediation
Vlassopoulos D, Redwine J, Lee M-K & O'Day P
(2020) Role of Iron Oxides on Physical Protection of Soil Organic Matter Inside Aggregates
Jin L, O'Day P & Berhe AA
(2019) A Semi-Empirical Kinetic-Thermodynamic Framework for Assessing Methylmercury Productivity and Expression in Aquatic Sediments
Vlassopoulos D, Helmrich S & O'Day P
(2018) Advances and New Challenges in Molecular-Scale Interfacial Reactions and Applications to Sustainable Remediation of Contaminants
O'Day P
(2018) Critical Review of Mercury Methylation and Demethylation Rate Laws for Biogeochemical Reaction Modeling
Helmrich S, Vlassopoulos D, Alpers C & O'Day P
(2016) Redox Manipulation: A Novel Approach for Passive in situ Remediation of Mercury Contaminated Sediments
Vlassopoulos D, Kanematsu M, Leven A, Goin J, Henry E & O'Day P
(2014) Applications and New Challenges in Molecular-Scale Characterization of Inorganic Contaminants
O'Day P
(2014) Applying Quantum Chemistry to Interpret XAS and NMR of Cd(II) Adsorbed onto Gibbsite and Kaolinite
Watts H, Kubicki J, Mueller K, O'Day P, Govind N, Small M & Poweleit E
(2014) Characterization of Cd2+ Surface Complexes on Kaolinite and Gibbsite with Experimental and Theoretical XANES
Small M, Watts H, Govind N, Kubicki J & O'Day P
(2014) Rates and Mechanisms of Uranyl Oxyhydroxide Mineral Dissolution
Reinoso-Maset E, Um W, Chorover J, Steefel C & O'Day P
(2014) Acid-Weathering and Uranium Speciation: Reaction Kinetics and Phosphate Addition
Perdrial N, Vasquez-Ortega A, Reinoso-Maset E, O'Day PA & Chorover J
(2013) Reaction Mechanisms, Pathways, and Transport in Anaerobic Abiotic and Microbial U(IV)-Oxide Dissolution Studies
O'Day P, Asta M, Kanematsu M, Steefel C & Beller H
(2013) Remediation Strategies for Redox-Active Elements Using Combined Experimental, Spectroscopic, and Computational Approaches
O'Day P, Serrano S, Illera V & Vlassopoulos D
(2012) Genome-Enabled Studies of Anaerobic, Nitrate-Dependent U(IV) Oxidation
Beller H, Legler T, Kane S, O'Day P & Zhou P
(2011) Hg (II) Sequestration by Ettringite-Type Phases. A Geochemical Modeling and EXAFS Study
Serrano S, Vlassopoulos D, Brad B & O’Day P
(2011) Colloidal Arsenic Distribution and Speciation in Mine Soils
Garrido F, Laborda F, Bolea E, Helmhart M, O'Day P & Serrano S
(2011) Mercury Distribution and Speciation in a Seasonal Wetland Impacted by Mine Waste
O'Day P, Serrano S, Stilson T & Vlassopoulos D
(2011) Arsenic, Copper, and Zinc Leaching Through Preferential Flow in Mining-Impacted Soils
Helmhart M, O'Day P, Garcia-Guinea J, Serrano S & Garrido F
(2011) Predicting the Fate of Radionuclides at the Hanford Tank Farm Using Analog Sediments
Perdrial N, Thompson A, Rivera N, Deng Y-T, O'Day P & Chorover J
(2009) 27Al NMR Studies of the Impact of Tank Waste Leachates on Hanford Sediment Samples
Strepka C, Mueller K, O'Day P, Chorover J, Sunkyung C & Perdrial N
(2009) Lithologic, Hydrologic, and Biogeochemical Influences on Spatio-Temporal Variability of As and Hg Concentrations in Groundwater
Vlassopoulos D, Bessinger B, Illera V & O'Day P
(2009) Sediment Remediation of Metal and Metalloid Contaminants with Reactive Amendments
O'Day P, Serrano S, Bessinger B, Illera V & Vlassopoulos D
(2008) Predicting Arsenic Behavior in High-Iron Subsurface Environments
Root R, O'Day P, Hering J, Campbell K & Vlassopoulos D
(2008) Strontium and Cesium Desorption from Reacted Hanford Sediments
Rivera N, O'Day P, Choi S, Thompson A & Chorover J
(2008) NMR Studies of the Impact of Mineral Transformation and Sorbate Aging on Contaminant Speciation and Mobility
Strepka C, Mueller K, O'Day P & Chorover J
(2005) Desorption of Contaminant Cs and Sr from Clay Systems after Weathering in Caustic Waste Solutions
Choi S, Amistadi MK, O'Day P & Chorover J
(2001) Recent Advances in Molecular Environmental Geochemistry
O'Day PA & Carroll SA

O'Day Peggy A. (2023) Remediation of Sulfide Toxicity in Aquatic Sediments Impacted by Wood Waste Pollution: Laboratory, Modeling and Field Pilot Studies
Vlassopoulos D, Kanematsu M, Gurung D, Sorensen T, Berlin D & O'Day PA
(2022) Chemical Speciation of Copper Phases in Size-Fractionated Urban Ambient Particulate Matter
Aronstein PJ, Leppert VJ, Robinson MJ & O'Day PA
(2022) Mixed-Valent Manganese Oxide Modified Activated Carbon (MOMAC) Amendments for Mercury Contaminated Sediment
Rivas Meraz E, Traina SJ, Beutel M & O'Day PA
(2020) Biogeochemical Simulations to Assess the Impact of Redox Processes on Mercury Cycling in Sediments
Helmrich S, Vlassopoulos D, Alpers CN, Quinn NWT & O'Day PA

O'Dea A. (2017) Freshwater Input, Upwelling, and the Evolution of Caribbean Coastal Ecosystems on the Central American Isthmus
Grossman E, Robbins J, Rachello-Dolmen P, Tao K, Saxena D & O'Dea A

O'Dea S. (2011) Quantifying Biotic Responses to Past Abrupt Climate Change: Thresholds and Sensitivities
Gibbs S, Edgar K, Bown P, O'Dea S, Sluijs A, Murphy B & Zachos J

O'Dogherty L. (2006) A Multi-proxy Approach of the Bajocian Sedimentary Crisis in Western Tethys
Beaumont V, Bartolini A, Mas R, Gardin S, Gaillardet J, Chetelat B, O'Dogherty L, Sandoval J & Cecca F

O'Doherty S. (2019) Crushing of Real and Model Subglacial Sediments as a Source of Microbial Nutrients and Energy
Gill Olivas B, Telling J, O'Doherty S, Skidmore M, Christner B, Priscu J & Tranter M

O'Donnel C. (2020) Interaction of Calcite with Rare Earth Hydrothermal Fluids
Szucs AM, O'Donnel C, Davis S, Stavropoulou A & Rodriguez-Blanco DJD

O'Donnell A. (2007) Investigation of the 'Trigger Molecule Response' Using 13C Stable Isotope Probing of Microbial Membrane Fatty Acids
Dungait J, Kemmitt S, Michallon L, Lanyon C, Evershed R, O'Donnell A & Brookes P

O'Donnell J. (2019) Flow and Short- and Long-Term Carbon Dynamics at Tidally Impacted Coastal Interfaces in the SE USA
Meile C, Schalles J, Peterson R, O'Donnell J, Bice K, Medeiros P, Di Iorio D, Hopkinson C, Joye S, Stegen J, Goldman A, Thomle J, Danczak R & Whonders T

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