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Owens Jeremy (2020) The Effects of Iron and Manganese Shuttles on Thallium and Vanadium Isotopes in Black Sea Sediments
Chen X, Li S, Newby S, Lyons T & Owens J

Owens Jeremy (2021) Redox and Productivity Controls on the Cadmium Isotope Composition of Organic-Rich Sediments
Tegler LA, Nielsen SG, Ostrander CM, Anbar A, Kendall B, Owens J, Peterson L, Scholz F & Horner TJ

Owens Jeremy D (2022) Fingerprinting Subtle Redox Fluctuations Using Vanadium Isotopes
Li S, Newby SM, Severmann S, McManus J & Owens JD
(2022) Balancing the Redox Budgets of Oceanic Anoxic Events
Newby SM, Young SA, Them TR, Gill B & Owens JD
(2022) Spatiotemporal Redox Variability Enveloping an Oceanic Anoxic Event
Owens JD, Newby SM, Li S, Them TR, Bonacina G & Sanfilippo A

Owens Jeremy D. (2018) Vanadium Isotope a New Tool for Tracking Low Oxygen Conditions
Wu F, Owens J & Nielsen S
(2018) Toarcian Mercury Anomalies Record Terrestrial Disturbance Rather Than Volcanic Activity
Them T, Jagoe C, Gill B, Caruthers A, Grasby S, Gröcke D, Yin R & Owens J
(2018) Tracking Marine Deoxygenation during the Cambrian SPICE Event Using Thallium Isotopes
LeRoy M, Owens J, Them T & Gill B
(2018) Investigating the Sulphur Cycle during the End-Triassic Mass Extinction from Panthalassa
Marroquín S, Gill B, Them T, Owens J, Gröcke D & Caruthers A
(2018) The Tl and Cr Isotope Composition of the Upper Continental Crust from the Archean to Present
Gaschnig R, Owens J, Newby S, Reinhard C, Wang X, Asael D, Planavsky N & Rudnick R
(2018) A Thallium Isotope Record of Ocean Oxygenation during the Lomagundi Event
Li Z, Owens J, Planavsky N, Ozaki K & Reinhard C
(2018) Oxygen Oases Were Persistent and Widespread Before the GOE
Ostrander C, Nielsen S, Owens J, Kendall B, Gordon G, Romaniello S & Anbar A
(2018) Novel Isotope Systems to Better Constrain Local to Global Reduced Bottom Water Oxygen Contents
Owens JD, Them TR, Wu F & Nielsen SG
(2018) Thallium Isotopic Evidence for Widespread Oceanic Anoxia Associated with the Late Silurian Lau Extinction Event
Bowman C, Young S, Kaljo D, Eriksson M, Them T, Martma T, Hints O & Owens J

Owens R. (2013) Marine Cements and the Late Cretaceous to Cenozoic History of Magnesium, Strontium, and Calcium in the Ocean
Opdyke B, Owens R, Caves J, Wilson P & Droxler A

Owens T. (2014) Stable Isotope Evidences for Groundwater Recharge and Mixing in the Datong Basin, Northern China
Li J, DePaolo D, Owens T, Wang Y & Xie X
(2014) The Ca Isotope Composition of Altered MORB
Brown S, Antonelli M, Staudigel H, Owens T & DePaolo D

Owings S.M. (2021) Interface Versus Internal Recycling of Organic Matter in Coastal Sediments: A Case Study from Two RioMars – The Louisiana Shelf and the Rhône Prodelta
Rabouille C, Lansard B, Rabalais NN, Owings SM, Rassmann J, Bombled B, Metzger E, Beckler J & Taillefert M

Owor M.

Owrang S. (2014) Mercury Inventories and Isotopic Signatures in Sediments from the Floodplain of the Connecticut River
Martini A, Thibodeau A, Bergquist B, Woodruff J, Yellen B, Owrang S & Varekamp J
(2014) The Urban Geochemistry of Wethersfield Cove, Hartford, CT
Varekamp J, Owrang S, Martini A, Woodruff J, Thomas E & Kruge M

Owttrim George (2016) The Effects of Iron Solubility and Speciation on the Survival and Growth of Cyanobacteria in Fe2+ – Organic Rich Archean Oxygen Transition Environments
Mloszewska A, Sundman A, Owttrim G, Lalonde S, Kappler A & Konhauser K

Owttrim George William (2015) Silica Saved our Earliest Marine Cyanobacteria
Mloszewska AM, Owttrim GW, Whitford DS, Lalonde SV, Kappler A & Konhauser KO
(2014) Archean Seawater as a Sunscreen: UV Attenuation and Cyanobacterial Growth in Fe- and Si-Rich Media
Mloszewska A, Lalonde S, Whitford D, Owttrim G & Konhauser K
(2007) Genetic Considerations in Microbial Silicification
Lalonde S, Owttrim G & Konhauser K
(2005) The Electrochemical Variability of Cyanobacterial Surfaces
Lalonde S, Konhauser K & Owttrim G

Oxburgh R. (2000) Uplift, Chemical Weathering, Climate and Atmospheric CO2: Connections and Disconnections
Oxburgh R
(2000) Isotopic Variability of Sr and Nd in Lateritic Deposits from the Deccan Traps, India: Evidence for an Input of Aeolian Material to the Laterites
Mason TFD, Widdowson M, Ellam RM & Oxburgh R

Oxford C. (2014) Isoprene-Derived Secondary Organic Aerosol in an Urban Region Downwind of the Ozark Mountains
Williams B, Mitroo D, Martinez R, Zhang Y, Walker M, Oxford C, Hagan D, Zuo X, Du L, Turner J, Hu L, Baasandorj M & Millet D

Oxford G. (2011) First Principles Investigation of Manganese Oxide Surface Chemistry
Oxford G & Chaka A

Oxley A. (2017) Atmospheric Heap Leaching of the Piauí Ni-Co Laterite Deposit, Brazil
Norman R, Schofield P, Dybowska A, Herrington R, Oxley A & Oxley M

Oxley M. (2017) Atmospheric Heap Leaching of the Piauí Ni-Co Laterite Deposit, Brazil
Norman R, Schofield P, Dybowska A, Herrington R, Oxley A & Oxley M

Oya M. (2009) Plume Derived Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line, West Africa: A Study of Peridotite Xenoliths
Matsukage KN & Oya M

Oyabu I. (2013) Chemical Compositions of Soluble Aerosols Around the Last Termination in the NEEM (Greenland) Ice Core
Oyabu I, Iizuka Y, Karlin T, Fukui M, Hondoh T, Leuenberge D, Fischer H, Schüpbach S, Gfeller G, Mulvaney R & Hansson M

Oyama R. (2011) Selenate Reduction by Iron-Reducing Bacteria Isolated from Bangladesh Soil
Suzuki Y, Oyama R, Saiki H, Tanaka K & Ohnuki T

Oyama T. (2022) Biogenic Manganese Crust and Zinc Uptake in the River Mixed with Groundwater
Ito Y, Hirano S, Tanaka S, Oyama T & Nagaoka T
(2019) Thick Black Manganese-Rich Crusts Formed on the Wall of Canals in the AsO Caldera, Japan
Ito Y, Tanaka S, Oyama T, Hirano S & Nagaoka T
(2012) Pore-Water Chemistry in Clays and Shales: Methods and Applications
Mazurek M, Waber HN & Oyama T
(2009) Weathering of Diatomaceous Mudstone and Replacement of Pore Water at Horonobe, Japan
Tanaka S, Oyama T, Ishii E & Iwatsuki T
(2008) Redox Condition in situ Survey Around the Underground Rock Cavern
Inohara Y, Oyama T, Nagaoka T & Miyauchi Y

Oyama Y. (2016) Magmatic Volatile Flux into the Groundwater System in and Around Kutcharo Caldera, East Hokkaido, Japan
Ohwada M, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Yasuhara M, Takahashi HA, Takahashi M, Inamura A, Oyama Y, Miyagi I, Itoh J & Tsukamoto H

Oyan V. (2019) Ar-Ar Dating and Composition of the Basanitic-Basaltic Volcanism in Southern Turkey
Oyan V
(2017) Magmatic Evolution of the Greater Ararat Strato-Volcano, Eastern Anatolian Collision Zone, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2017) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Solhan (Bingöl) Volcanics, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Oyan V, Özdemir Y, Keskin M & Güleç N
(2015) Genesis and Magmatic Evolution of a Newly Discovered Resurgent Caldera in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Genç ŞC, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2013) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Tımar Basaltic Volcanism in the Northeast of Lake Van
Oyan V, Keskin M & Özdemir Y
(2011) Magmatic Evolution of the Eastern Anatolian High Plateau, E Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Lebedev VA, Chugaev AV, Genc SC, Sharkov EV, Unal E & Aysal N

Oyanagi R. (2021) Simultaneous P-T-T Estimation of Ultrahigh-Temperature High-Pressure Granulite Facies Metamorphism Recorded in Titanite
Yoshida K, Niki S, Sawada H, Oyanagi R, Hirata T, Asakura K & Hirajima T
(2020) Dynamic Rate Control Changes during Reactive-Transport Processes of Serpentinization
Oyanagi R, Okamoto A & Tsuchiya N
(2020) A Two Stage P-T-T History of the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Terrane Constrained by Grossular U–Pb Geochronology
Niki S, Yoshida K, Sawada H, Oyanagi R & Hirata T
(2020) Metamorphic Evolution of Subducting Sediments Detected by Sparse-Modelling
Yoshida K, Kuwatani T, Ueki K, Oyanagi R & Akaho S
(2016) Significance of Silica Transport on Serpentinization: Insights from Hydrothermal Experiments
Okamoto A, Oyanagi R & Tsuchiya N
(2016) Bidirectional Replacement Zoning Developed in Metasomatic Reaction of Olivine during Serpentinization on Olivine-Plagioclase System
Oyanagi R, Okamoto A & Tsuchiya N

Oyarzun D. (2021) Regional and Local Mineral Dust Characterisation over South America
Oyarzun D, Huneeus N & Opazo M

Oyesanya O. (2020) Risk Assessment of Produced Water Discharges on Sediment and Water of Forcardos River, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Oyesanya O

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