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Özden S.

Özdirekcan S. (2000) Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotopes: The Effect of Biosynthetic Pathways
Schouten S, Özdirekcan S, van Dongen BE, van der Meer MT & Sinninghe Damsté JS

Ozdogan M. (2014) Organic Geochemical Characteristics of Pliocene Coaly Units (Ilgın–Konya, Turkey)
Altunsoy M, Ozdogan M & Ozcelik O

Oze C. (2019) Carbon Negative Olivine Cement
Oze C & Scott A
(2016) Chromium Oxidation by Hydrogen Peroxide in Serpentinization Systems
Oze C, Sleep N, Coleman R & Fendorf S
(2014) Hydrogen Production Through Olivine Alteration
Neubeck A, Nguyen Thanh D, Hellevang H, Oze C, Bastviken D, Bacsik Z & Holm N
(2014) The Chemical Utility of Serpentinization Products
Oze C & Holm N
(2014) The Utility of Paired Isotopic and Diffuse Soil CO2 Flux Investigations in Geothermal Systems
Hanson M, Oze C & Horton T
(2012) Soil Gas Exploration at Rotokawa Geothermal Field, New Zealand
Kennedy B, Bloomberg S, Rissmann C, Horton T, Mazot A, Gravley D & Oze C
(2012) Carbon Dioxide Degassing and Estimation of Thermal Energy Release from White Island Volcano, New Zealand
Mazot A, Bloomberg S, Horton T, Rissmann C, Oze C, Gravley D & Kennedy B
(2011) Reactivity of Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks with CO2-charged Fluids and the Autocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to Form CH4
Rosenbauer R, Oze C, Jones C, Thomas B, Goldsmith J & Bischoff J

Özen V. (2019) Interrogating the Paleocene Palaeoclimate Paradox
Henehan M, Barnet J, Planavsky N, Littler K, Hain M, Thomas E, Özen V, von Blanckenburg F & Hull P
(2015) Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The History of Palaeocene Ocean pH
Henehan M, Hull P, Planavsky N, Thomas E & Özen V

Ozen Balaban T. (2014) Hydrogeochemical Characterizations of Pamukkale-Karahayit Geothermal Fields (Denizli, Turkey)
Ozen Balaban T, Tarcan G, Gemici U, Colak M & Karamanderesi İH

Ozerov A. (2003) From High-Mg Basalts to Dacites: Continued Crystal Fractionation in the Klyuchevskoy-Bezymianny Magma Plumbing System, Kamchatka
Almeev R, Kimura J, Ozerov A, Ariskin A & Barmina G

Ozerskiy A. (2015) Hydrogeochemical Conditions in Archaean Impermeable Crystalline Rocks (Siberian Craton)
Ozerskiy A
(2014) Radionuclides in the Archaean Rocks Adjacent to the Nizhnekansky Rock Massif (Siberian Craton)
Ozerskiy A
(2013) Trace Elements in the Environment at the Site of Probable Underground Building in the Nizhnekansky Rock Massif (Siberian Craton)
Ozerskiy A & Ozerskiy D

Ozerskiy D. (2013) Trace Elements in the Environment at the Site of Probable Underground Building in the Nizhnekansky Rock Massif (Siberian Craton)
Ozerskiy A & Ozerskiy D

Özfirat P. (2009) Simulated Microstructure Development during Prograde Metamorphism
Özfirat P, Caddick M & Thompson A

Ozgen I. (2022) Developing Insights into River Corridor and Watershed Hydro-Biogeochemistry Across Scales
Dwivedi D, Ozgen I, Steefel C, Arora B, Newcomer ME, Faybishenko BA, Dafflon B, Wainwright H, Fox PM, Williams KH & Hubbard S
(2021) A Scale-Adaptive Framework to Predict Water and Nutrient Fluxes Across Land-Water Interfaces
Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Arora B, Newcomer M, Ozgen I, Faybishenko B, Nico PS, Dafflon B, Wainwright H, Fox PM, Williams KH & Hubbard S

Özgen-Xian I. (2020) A Scale-Aware Modeling Framework to Quantify Subsurface Geochemical Exports and River Water Quality
Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Newcomer M, Arora B, Özgen-Xian I, Nico P, Faybishenko B, Dafflon B, Wainwright H, Fox P, Williams K & Hubbard S

Özgür N. (2020) Conceptual Modeling of Geothermal Waters in the Continental Rift Zones of the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Özgür N
(2019) Conceptual Modeling of the Geothermal Waters in the Continental Rift Zones of the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Özgür N
(2017) Extinct Geothermal Systems in the Continental Rift Zones of the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Özgür N
(2017) Hydrogeological Modeling of the Geothermal Waters of Alaşehir in the Continental Rift Zone of the Gediz within the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Özgür N, Çalışkan TA & Aydemir E
(2016) Genetical Modelling of the Hg, Sb and Au Deposits in the Continetal Rift Zone of the Küçük Menderes, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Özgür N
(2014) Hydrogeochemistry of Fluorine in Groundwaters of Isparta, SW Turkey
Özgür N & Çalışkan TA
(2009) Genetical Modelling of the Epithermal Hg Deposit of Haliköy, Sb Deposit of Emirli and Au Deposit of Küre in the Rift Zone of the Küçük Menderes, Western Anatolia, Turkey
Özgür N

Ozgurel O. (2021) Helium Partitioning between the Earth's Mantle and the Core during the Core Formation
Ozgurel O & Caracas R

Ozha M. (2016) Alteration of Uraninite and its Implications to Chemical Dating: An Example from Northwestern India
Ozha M, Pal D & Mishra B

Ozherelieva N. (2002) Features of Metals Distribution in the Bottom Sediments of the Malaya Talmovay River
Ozherelieva N

Ozima M. (2017) Noble Gas Records in Martian Meteorites
Koike M, Sumino H, Sano Y & Ozima M
(2013) Primordial Noble Gas in the Solar System
Ozima M & Marty B
(2010) Xenon: Some Unsolved Problems
Ozima M
(2010) Large MIF on O2 Photo-Dissociation and its Relevance to Earth Wind
Yamada A, Nanbu S, Kasai Y & Ozima M
(2008) Toward Understanding Early Earth Evolution: Prescription for Approach from Terrestrial Noble Gases and Light Elements Records in Lunar Soils
Ozima M, Yin Q-Z, Podosek F & Miura Y
(2007) Terrestrial Atmospheric Nitrogen in Lunar Soils?
Podosek F, Marty B, Zimmerman L, Korotev R & Ozima M
(2004) Early Earth Evolution Recorded in Lunar Soils?
Ozima M, Miura Y, Podosek F, Seki H & Hashizume K
(2003) Possible Sources of Non-Solar Xe, Ar in Lunar Soils
Ozima M, Miura Y & Podosek F
(2003) Hf-W and I-Xe Ages and the Planetary Formation Timescale
Yin Q & Ozima M
(2002) Revisiting I-Xe Systematics, an Early Solar System Chronometer
Ozima M, Miura YN & Podosek FA
(2000) Constraints on the Origin of Carbonado from C and N Isotopes in Diamond Matrix and Studies of Inclusion Minerals
Yokochi R, Sano Y, Takahata N, Terada K, Ozima M & Chaves M
(2000) Origin of Mantle He and Implications for Mantle Fluid-Flow
Ozima M

Özkan A.M. (2011) Petrographic and Geochemicial Characteristics of Dolomites in the Golbogazı Formation (Upper Devonian) at SW of Hadim, (Konya, Turkey)
Özkan AM & Bicer E

Özkan-Haller T. (2018) Transforming Academia: Advancing Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice in the Geosciences
Özkan-Haller T

Ozkanlar A. (2013) Interfacial Chemistry Viewed Through the Lens of Network Analysis
Clark A, Ozkanlar A & Kelley M

Özkul M. (2017) Radium 226 Evidence for Decreasing Hydrothermalism at Pamukkale- Hierapolis (Anatolia) Since Roman Time
Hillaire-Marcel C, Ghaleb B & Özkul M
(2014) Calibration of the ‘Clumped Isotope’ Thermometer on Natural Travertine Carbonates in the 5-95℃ Temperature Range
Kele S, Bernasconi S, Kluge T, John C, Deak J, Millan I, Meckler N, Ziegler M, Breitenbach S, Capezzuoli E, Ozkul M, Gokgoz A, Yan H & Liu Z
(2013) Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of Travertine Carbonates in the 22-95℃ Temperature Range
Kele S, Bernasconi S, Kluge T, John C, Millán I, Meckler N, Ziegler M, Breitenbach S, Capezzuoli E, Özkul M, Gökgöz A & Deák J
(2011) Geochemical Study and U/Th Dating of the Akköy Fissure Ridge Travertine (SW-Turkey): Paleoclimatic and Paleoseismic Interpretations
Kele S, Özkul M, Gökgöz A, Shen C-C, Fórizs I, Baykara MO & Alcicek MC

Ozola R. (2015) Recovery Potential of Metals and Rare Earth’s Elements from Landfills
Ozola R, Burlakovs J & Klavins M
(2015) Clay Minerals and Modified Species for Removal of Anionic and Cationic Pollutants
Burlakovs J, Vincevica-Gaile Z, Stankevica K & Ozola R

Ozola-Davidane R. (2022) Remediation and Revitalization of Abandoned Landfills for Circular Economy
Burlakovs J, Wdowin M, Kriipsalu M, Cerpins M, Ozola-Davidane R, Rudovica V, Zekker I & Klavins M
(2020) Modified Clay Composites as Potential Landfill Covering Material
Burlakovs J, Kriipsalu M, Bhatnagar A, Ansone-Bertina L, Ozola-Davidane R & Klavins M

Ozpinar Y. (2010) Geochemistry of the Pınarbaşı Granite (Gediz-Kutahya-Western Anatolia)
Semiz B, Ozpinar Y & Helvaci C

Özsoy R. (2014) Trace and Rare Earth Element Geochemistry of Black Shales in Triassic Kasımlar Formation, Anamas – Akseki Platform, Western Taurids, Turkey
Kuşcu M, Özsoy R, Özçelik O & Altunsoy M

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