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Ouyang Fei (2019) Geoelectrochemical Methodin in Searching for Concealed Copper Deposits in Jiangsan of Zhejiang
Luo X, Gao W, Ouyang F & Wen M
(2019) Significance of a Quaternary Sedimentary Profile in Manjiang, Fusong County, Changbai Mountain Region
Gao W, Luo X, Ouyang F & Wen M

OuYang Fei (2020) Comparison Study of Prospecting Concealed Uranium Deposit By Geoelectrochemical Methods in China and Australia
Luo X, Gao W, OuYang F & Liu P

Ouyang H. (2021) A New Paradigm for Pegmatite Formation: Generation of Pegmatitic Textures in a Closed, Isochoric System Implied by the Formation of Miarolitic-Class, Segregation-Type Pegmatites in the Taishanmiao Batholith, China
Yuan Y, Moore LR, McAleer R, Yuan S, Ouyang H, Belkin H, Mao J, Sublett M & Bodnar R
(2018) Tungsten and Tin Deposits in China Through Geological History
Mao J, Ouyang H, Song S, Yuan S, Zhou Z & Zheng W

Ouyang W. (2019) Atmospheric Wet Depostion Fluxes of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Lake Qinghai Watershed at Qinghai-Tibet Pleatau, China
Zhang X, Guo B, Ouyang W & Lin C

Ouyang X. (2008) Fluorescence Spectroscopy Study on Solvent Density Inhomogeneities in Supercritical CO2 Mixtures
Chen J, Ouyang X & Shen D

Ouyang Z (2005) Dielectric Properties of Lunar Material and its Microwave Penetration Depth
Zheng Y, Wang S & Ouyang Z
(2000) Geochemistry and Nd-Sr Isotopic Composition of Carbonate Rocks and their Insoluble Materials: Implications for the Origin of Carbonate Rocks and the Average Chemical Composition of the Upper Continental Crust
Ji H, Wang S, Ouyang Z & Zhou D

OuYang Zi-Yuan (2015) Preliminary Study on the Global Tectonic Framework of the Moon
Guo D-J, Liu J-Z, Zhang L & OuYang Z-Y

Ouyang Ziyuan (2013) Organic Carbon from the Tissint Martian Meteorite: Hints for Biogenic Origin
Lin Y, El Goresy A, Hu S, Zhang J, Gillet P, Xu Y, Hao J, Miyahara M, Ouyang Z, Ohtani E, Xu L, Yang W, Feng L, Zhao X, Yang J & Ozawa S
(2009) Time Series Data Reduction for the Chang’E-1 Gamma-Ray Spectrometer
Zhang L, Liu J, Zou Y, Shen J, Zhang G, Chang J, Li C & Ouyang Z
(2008) 3He Distribution on the Moon
Zheng Y, Ouyang Z & Blewett D

Ouyang Ziyuan (2002) REE Geochemistry in the Weathering Front of Red Residua Underlying Dolomites in Pingba County, Guizhou Province
Wang S, Ji H, Ouyang Z, Zhang S, Sun C & Zhou D
(2002) Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Compositions for Red Residua Underlying Dolomites in Karst Terrains of Guizhou Province
Ji H, Wang S, Ouyang Z, Zhang S & Zhou D
(2002) Geochemical Compositions of Carbonate Rocks and their Acid-Insoluble Residues: Implications for the Genesis of Dolomite
Ouyang Z, Ji H, Wang S, Yang R & Wang S

Ouzegane K. (2021) A Case Study of in situ Analyses (Major and Trace Elements, U-Pb Geochronology and Hf-O Isotopes) of a Zircon Megacryst: Implication for the Evolution of the Egéré Terrane (Central Hoggar, Tuareg Shield, Algeria)
Bruguier O, Caby R, Bosch D, Ouzegane K, Deloule E, Dhuime B, Bendaoud A & Kienast JR
(2019) Immiscibility and Hybridization during Progressive Cooling of Carbonatite and Alkaline Magmas (In Ouzzal Terrane, Western Hoggar)
Djeddi A, Parat F, Bodinier J-L & Ouzegane K
(2017) REE-Enrichment in Apatite-Britholite Exsolutions in Carbonatite (In Ouzzal Terrane, Hoggar, South Algeria)
Djeddi A, Parat F, Ouzegane K & Bodinier J-L
(2014) Zircon Megacryst from a Neoproterozoic Eclogite of Central Hoggar (Algeria): U-Pb, Trace Elements and Oxygen Isotopes Data
Bruguier O, Caby R, Ouzegane K, Bendaoud A, Bosch D, Deloule E & Kiénast J-R

Ovadia Y.S. (2023) Rubidium Concentrations in Amniotic Fluid as a Predictor of Newborn Birthweight Indices: Results from a Pilot Study
Dror I, Ovadia YS, Liberty G, Gavra H, Anteby EY, Fox S, Zohav E & Berkowitz B

Ovadnevaite J. (2016) Atmospheric Processes and Aerosol Sources Revealed by Carbon Isotopes
Ceburnis D, Garbaras A, Masalaite A, Remeikis V, Ovadnevaite J, Yttri KE, Maenhaut W & O'Dowd C
(2016) Black Carbon in Pristine Environment: A Study of Two Hemispheres
Ceburnis D, Liu D, Ovadnevaite J, Allan J, Coe H, dall'Osto M, Simo R & O'Dowd C
(2013) Biogenic Influence on Sea-Spray Aerosol and its Impacts
O'Dowd C, Vaishya A, Ovadnevaite J, Bialek J, Jennings G & Ceburnis D
(2013) Temperature Driven Stable Carbon Isotope Ratio in Marine Aerosols
Garbaras A, Ceburnis D, Masalaite A, Maenhaut W, Ovadnevaite J, O'Dowd CD & Remeikis V
(2013) Source Apportionment of Organic Matter by Isotope Analysis, AMS PMF and HNMR Techniques
Ceburnis D, Ovadnevaite J, Garbaras A, Szidat S, Rinaldi M, Decesari S, Yttri KE, Remeikis V, Facchini MC & O'Dowd C
(2013) Marine Aerosol Activation to CCN and Cloud Formation
Ovadnevaite J, Martucci G, Ceburnis D, Bialek J & O'Dowd C
(2011) Laboratory Studies into Sea-Spray Chemical Speciation in Plankton-Enriched Sea-Water
Ceburnis D, Ovadnevaite J, Zacharias M, Bialek J, Connan S, Rinaldi M, Monahan C, Facchini MC, Berresheim H, Stengel D & O'Dowd C
(2011) Quantification of Primary Marine Organic Aerosol Properties Using Aerosol Mass Spectrometry
Ovadnevaite J, Ceburnis D, Berresheim H, Dall'Osto M, Bialek J, Monahan C, Worsnop D & O'Dowd C
(2009) Evolution of Volcanic Aerosol over the North Atlantic Ocean
Ovadnevaite J, Ceburnis D, Berresheim H, Plauskaite-Sukiene K, Modini R, Rimselyte I, Kvietkus K, Ristovski Z & O’Dowd C

Ovalle J.T.T. (2021) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of the El Laco Iron Deposit Revealed by Trace Element Geochemistry and High-Resolution Chemical Mapping of Ore and Gangue Minerals
Ovalle JTT, Reich M, Barra F, Simon A, Deditius A, Le Vaillant M & Morata D

Ovcharova M. (2009) Dating Magma Emplacment in the Shallow Crust
Baumgartner L, Michel J, Putlitz B, Müntener O, Schaltegger U & Ovcharova M

Öveçoğlu L. (2014) Biogeochemical Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions on Alkaline Lakes: A Case Study on Lake Van in Eastern Turkey
Olgun N, Çağatay N, Aksu A, Balkıs N, Kaiser J, Öveçoğlu L & Özcan M

Overare B.

Overduin P. (2023) Evidence from Silicon Isotopes for Pulses of Sub-Ice Microbial Activity during Winter in the Lena River
Opfergelt S, Gaspard F, Hirst C, Monin L, Juhls B, Morgenstern A & Overduin P
(2023) Tracking Holocene Paleoenvironmental Conditions in the Beaufort Sea and their Relation to Sea Ice Variability
Santos MC, Hernández-Almeida I, Lattaud J, O’Regan M, Bosse-Demers T, Fritz M, Juhls B, Overduin P, Pellerin A, Priest T, Rudback D, Whalen D & Bröder L

Overeem Irina (2023) Tracking the Degradation of Organic Carbon in Arctic Rivers: Insights from RPO-14C Analyses in the Canning River, Alaska
Repasch MN, Galy V, Anderson SP, Overeem I, Koch JC, Arcuri J & Anderson RS

Overeem Iris

Overesch M. (2009) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Soil Suspensions at Controlled Redox Conditions
Schuth S, Mansfeldt T, Overesch M, Greef K, Hindersmann I & Münker C

Overholt Will (2018) Benthic Production of an Anammox-Associated Biomarker, Bacteriohopanetetrol II, Under Oxic Gulf of Mexico Waters
Lincoln S, Matys E, Overholt W, Alpheus S, Bosman S, Hastings D, Chanton J, Hollander D, Kostka J, Summons R & Freeman K
(2013) Metagenomic Insights into the Response of Indigenous Microbial Communities in Beach Sands to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Kostka J, Rodriguez-R LM, Overholt W, Lin X, Marks K, Konstantinidis K & Huettel M
(2011) Penetration, Accumulation and Degradation of Deepwater Horizon Oil in Florida Sandy Beaches
Huettel M, Kostka J, Prakash O, Overholt W, Green S, Freyer G, Canion A, Delgardio J & Norton N
(2010) Changes in Microbial Community Structure and Activity during Amendment with Long-Term Electron Donor Sources for Bioreduction of Groundwater Contaminants
Gihring T, Schadt C, Zhang G, Yang Z, Carroll S, Lowe K, Mehlhorn T, Jardine P, Watson D, Brooks S, Wu W, Kostka J, Overholt W, Green S, Zhou J, Zhang P & Von Nostrand J
(2009) Subsurface Microbial Community Structure Correlates with Uranium Redox Phases during in situ Field Manipulation in a Contaminated Aquifer
Kostka JE, Green S, Overholt W, Wu W-M, Criddle C, Watson D & Jardine P

Overholt Will A. (2022) Being Flushed into the Kolyma River in Northeast Siberia
Küsel K, Castro-Morales K, Overholt WA, Arzberger S, Canning A, Koertzinger A & Zimov N

Overman J. (2015) Microbial Metabolic Activities Shaping Pelagic Iron-Rich Aggregates (Iron Snow)
Lu S, Huang S, Gaspar M, Miot J, Neu T, Overman J, Marz M, Benzerara K, Küsel K & Cooper R

Overmann J. (2002) Bacteria and their Relevance during Formation and Preservation of Sapropels
Overmann J

Overpeck J. (2008) Vegetation and Climate Variability in the Galapagos Islands over the Last 2000 Years: A High-Resolution Pollen Record
Restrepo A, Bush M, Conroy J & Overpeck J

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