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Overvest P. (2021) Vivianite Precipitation Induced by Dissolution of FeS in the Presence of Dissolved Phosphate
Overvest P, Ma M & Behrends T

Oviatt C. (2015) Clumped Isotope Systematics in Lacustrine and Fluvial Carbonates: A Tool for Paleohydrology, Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironment, and Paleoaltimetry
Tripati A, Mering J, Petryshyn V, Mitsunaga B, Wilson J, Eagle R, Kaufman D, Cohen A, Dunbar R, Russell J & Oviatt C

Ovreas L. (2009) Microbial Population Structure at Low-Temperature Siliceous Fe-Deposits at the Jan Mayen Hydrothermal Fields
Ovreas L, Johannessen T, Jørgensen S, Thorseth I & Pedersen R

Ovtcharova M. (2023) Can We Date Marine Carbonates at High(er) Precision with U-Pb ID-TIMS Method?
Ovtcharova M, Müller IA, Samankassou E, Guillong M, Messori F, Peyrotty G, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Vennemann T, Kouzmanov K, Merino-Tomé O & Nuriel P
(2023) A New Reference Material Candidate RA138 for U-Pb Carbonate Dating by LA-ICP-MS
Guillong M, Samankassou E, Müller IA, Looser N, Tavazzani L, Szymanowski D, Tomé OM, Nuriel P & Ovtcharova M
(2022) Can U-Pb Dating on Carbonates add to Improved Time Constraints on the Ediacaran Metazoan Ecosystem in the Nama Group, Namibia?
Müller IA, Messori F, Guillong M, Peyrotty G, Samankassou E, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Vennemann T, Kouzmanov K & Ovtcharova M
(2021) Milankovitch Climate Control on Redox Cyclicity at the Onset of the Great Oxidation Event
Lantink ML, Davies JHFL, Hennekam R, Hilgen FJ, Lenstra WK, Martin DM, Mason PRD, Reichart G-J, Ovtcharova M & Slomp CP
(2021) New High Precision U-Pb CA-ID-TIMS Zircon Ages from the Terminal Ediacaran in Namibia
Messori F, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Geyer G, Vickers-Rich P & Ovtcharova M
(2021) U-Pb Geochronology at 100ppm Age Uncertainty
Schaltegger U, Ovtcharova M, Gaynor SP, Schoene B, Wotzlaw J-F, Davies JHFL, Farina F & Greber ND
(2021) Multi-Method Approach to Understanding the Migration Mechanisms of Pb in Apatite and Ar in Alkali Feldspar from Proterozoic Granitic Batholiths from the Mt. Isa Inlier (Australia)
Popov D, Spikings RA, Ovtcharova M, Chiaradia M, Ulianov A, O'Sullivan G, Chew DM, Badenszki E, Daly S & Davies JHFL
(2019) Detailed Ediacaran Timeline for White Sea and Nama Fossil Assemblages (Namibia and Ukraine)
Ovtcharova M, Messori F, Linnemann U, Hofmann M, Zieger J, Geyer G, Vickers-Rich P, Soldatenko Y & El Albani A
(2018) Intercalibration of Two TIMS Platforms at the 100ppm Precision Level for U-Pb Geochronology
Ovtcharova M, Davies J, Federico F, Nicolas G, Philipp W, Luis L & Urs S
(2017) Age-Hf Isotope Record of Detrital Zircons in Uppermost Transvaal Supergroup, South Africa; Evidence for Paleoproterozoic (2.5-2.0 Ga) Craton Collision and Break up
Zeh A, Wilson A & Ovtcharova M
(2017) Comparing Zircon Dating Methods on Natural Samples
Tichomirowa M, Hofmann M, Linnemann U, Kässner A, Ovtcharova M, Schaltegger U, Sergeev S, von Quadt A & Whitehouse M
(2015) Zircons of the Bushveld Complex – When and How did They Form?
Zeh A, Wilson A, Schaltegger U & Ovtcharova M
(2015) High Temperature Thermochronology and the Relationship between Lead Diffusion, Composition and Structural Defects in Apatite
Paul A, Spikings R, Ovtcharova M & Ulianov A
(2015) Assessing the Long-Term Reproducibility of High-Precision ID-TIMS U-Pb Data
Schaltegger U, Wotzlaw J-F, Ovtcharova M, Schoene B, Davies JHFL & Baresel B
(2013) Precise U–Pb Zircon CA-ID-TIMS Ages and Sr Isotopes for the Plana Pluton, Srednogorie, Bulgaria
Bidzhova L, Nedialkov R, Ovtcharova M & von Quadt A
(2013) Dating Zircons from Volcanic Ash Beds in Sedimentary Successions: Magmatic Crystallization vs. Ash Deposition
Ovtcharova M, Schaltegger U, Goudemand N & Bucher H
(2012) Dating Zircons from Volcanic Ash Beds in Sedimentary Successions: Magmatic Crystallization vs. Ash Deposition
Ovtcharova M, Schaltegger U, Goudemand N & Bucher H
(2011) Petrography and Chemistry of Zircons from the Chaltén Plutonic Complex and Implication on the Interpretation of U-Pb Zircon Ages
Ramírez C, Putlitz B, Müntener O & Ovtcharova M
(2011) Time Scales of Magma Differentiation and Implications for the Growth Rate of the Torres del Paine Laccolith
Leuthold J, Müntener O, Baumgartner L, Putlitz B, Ovtcharova M & Schaltegger U
(2011) Alkaline Mantle Melts Pinpoint Late Triassic Thinning of the Southern Alpine Lithosphere (Ivrea Zone, Italy)
Schaltegger U, Müntener O, Ulianov A, Ovtcharova M, Peytcheva I, Antognini M & Girlanda F
(2009) High-Precision CA-ID-TIMS U-Pb Zircon Age Constraints from Western European Lower Carboniferous Volcanic Ash Layers
Pointon M, Chew D, Ovtcharova M & Sevastopulo G
(2008) Tracing Magmatic Sources of Ash Beds in the Late Permian to Middle Triassic Nanpanjiang Basin (South China): Insights from Hf Isotopes on Zircons from Volcanic Ash Beds
Ovtcharova M, Bucher H, Galfetti T, Schaltegger U, Brayard A, Goudemand N & Stracke A
(2008) The Growth of Plutons: How Precisely and Accurately can We Date Incremental Melt Emplacement with U-Pb Zircon (Adamello Intrusion, Northern Italy)?
Schaltegger U, Brack P, Ovtcharova M, Peytcheva I, Schoene B, Stracke A & Bargossi G
(2007) Precise Ages for the Triassic/Jurassic Boundary and Hettangian Recovery from Northern Peru
Schaltegger U, Schoene B, Bartolini A, Guex J & Ovtcharova M
(2005) Calibration of the Early Triassic Biotic Recovery: New U/Pb Zircon Ages from South China
Ovtcharova M, Bucher H & Schaltegger U
(2004) U-Pb Dating of Zircon and Monazite from Granitoids and Migmatites in the Core and Eastern Periphery of the Central Rhodopean Dome, Bulgaria
Ovtcharova M, Von Quadt A, Cherneva Z, Sarov S, Heinrich C & Peytcheva I
(2003) The Relationship between Late-Orogenic Extension and Hydrothermal Ore Formation – New Age Constraints from the Central Rhodopes, South Bulgaria
Kaiser-Rohrmeier M, von Quadt A, Handler R, Ovtcharova M & Heinrich C
(2002) Migmatitic Geochronology and Geochemistry – A Key to Understanding the Exhumation of the Madan Dome (Bulgaria)
Ovtcharova M, Cherneva Z, von Quadt A & Peytcheva I
(2002) The Geodynamic Evolution of Hydrothermal Vein Deposits in the Madan Metamorphic Core Complex, Bulgaria
Rohrmeier M, V.QUADT A, Handler R, Ovtcharova M, Ivanov Z & Heinrich C

Ovung Thungyani N (2023) PGE Mineralization in Transition Zone Dunites from the Spongtang Ophiolite, Ladakh, NW Himalaya
Ovung TN, Nayak BR & Srivastava D

Ovung Thungyani N. (2017) Clinopyroxene Composition of Volcanics from the Manipur Ophiolite, Northeastern India: Implications to Geodynamic Setting
Ovung TN, Ray J, Ghosh B, Koeberl C, Topa D & Paul M

Owada H. (2013) XAFS Analysis of C-S-H Formed by Cemet-Betonite Interaction
Negishi K, Sakamoto H, Ishii T, Hayashi D, Fujii N, Owada H & Nitani H
(2013) Analcime Alteration of Montmorillonite: Growth Rates
Satoh H, Tsukamoto K, Owada H & Ishii T

Owada M. (2016) Origin of Cretaceous Magmatism in North Kyushu: Evidence from Metamorphosed Intrusive Rocks in the Sefuri Mountains, Southwest Japan
Owada M, Urashima R & Kamei A

Owada S. (2013) Clarification of As(V) Sorption Mechanism with Ferrihydrite for Quantitative Modelling of Coprecipitation Process in Wastewater Treatment
Tokoro C, Haraguchi D, Izawa S & Owada S
(2013) Removal Mechanisms of Silicate in the Wastewater Using Aluminum Hydroxide Coprecipitation Method
Suzuki S, Tokoro C, Haraguchi D, Izawa S & Owada S
(2012) Spectrophotometric Analysis for As(V) Sorption Mechanism in the Aluminum Hydroxide Coprecipitation Method
Haraguchi D, Tokoro C & Owada S
(2012) XAFS Investigation for Sorption Mechanism in As(V) Coprecipitation with Ferrihydrite
Izawa S, Tokoro C, Oda Y, Haraguchi D & Owada S
(2011) Sorption Mechanism of Dilute Fluorine in Wastewater Using Aluminum Hydroxide Coprecipitation Method
Haraguchi D, Tokoro C & Owada S

Owano T. (2013) Advances in Instrumentation Based on Cavity Enhanced Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Baer D, Gupta M, Dong F, Berman E, Owano T & Provencal R

Owari S. (2016) Long Term and Continuous Sampling of Interstitial Waters by OsmoSampler from Active Venting Sites of Shallow Gas Hydrate Field, Umitaka Spur, Eastern Margin of Japan Sea
Owari S, Tomaru H & Matsumoto R

Owen J (2006) Pedogenic evidence for climate change and aridification on Mars
Amundson R, Ewing S, Owen J, Dietrich W, Nishiizumi K, Chadwick O, Sutter B & McKay C

Owen Jacqueline (2011) Primary and Secondary Water Content Heterogeneity in Volcanic Glasses
Tuffen H, Castro J, Owen J & Denton J

Owen Jennifer P. (2008) Isotopic Evidence for a “Beheaded” Mantle Plume in the Western Mediterranean: A New Model for Italian Volcanism
Owen JP

Owen Jeremy (2010) Of Modern Lakes and Ancient Oceans: Trace Metals and their Isotopes in an Anoxic African Rift Lake
Severmann S, McManus J, Poulson-Brucker R, Owen J, Lyons T, Anbar A & Gordon G

Owen John (2013) The Thrym Complex of Southeastern Greenland: Evolution of Ni-Cu-Sulfide Mineralization in the Lower Crust
Owen J, Bagas L, Kolb J, Fiorentini M, Stensgaard B & Thebaud N

Owen Justine (2011) Long-Term Production Rates of Cosmogenic Nuclides: Millions of Years of Rock Exposure in Antarctica and the Atacama Desert
Nishiizumi K, Caffee M, Binnie S, Finkel R, Owen J, Amundson R, Dietrich W & Faure G
(2008) Where Precipitation Matters: 10Be and 26Al-Derived Hillslope Denudation Rates in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Owen JJ, Nishiizumi K, Amundson R, Dietrich W & Yoo K

Owen L (2003) Late Quaternary Glaciation in the Himalaya and Tibet
Finkel R & Owen L

Owen Lewis (2019) Paired and Multi Cosmogenic-Nuclide Data from Two Extreme Locations with Respect to the Last Glacial Maximum Extent of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet
Linge H, Egholm DL, Knudsen MF, Olsen J, Owen L & Caffee M

Owen N. (2017) Nanoscale Study of Clausthalite-Bearing Symplectites in Cu-Au-(U) Ores from South Australian Deposits: Implications for Ore Genesis
Owen N, Ciobanu C, Cook N & Basak A

Owen Robert (2008) Early to Middle Eocene Arctic Paleoceanography from Nd-Sr Isotope Study of Fossil Fish Debris, Lomonosov Ridge
Gleason J, Thomas D, Moore T, Blum J, Owen R & Haley B
(2007) History of Seafloor Hydrothermal Activity in the SW Pacific Bare Zone Using Fish Teeth Strontium Isotope Dating of Metalliferous Sediments
Stancin A, Gleason J, Owen R, Rea D & Blum J
(2007) Water Column Structure of the Eocene Arctic Ocean from Nd-Sr Isotope Proxies in Fossil Fish Debris
Gleason J, Thomas D, Moore T, Blum J & Owen R
(2004) Downcore 40Ar/39Ar Provenance of Cenozoic Eolian Dust in the Central North Pacific
Gleason J, Hall C, Rea D, Moore T, Owen R & Blum J
(2002) Calibrating Eolian Dust Accumulation Rates in the Central North Pacific Pelagic Clay Province
Gleason J, Johnson T, Rea D, Moore T, Owen R & Blum J
(2000) Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Variations in Deep-Sea Clays, Kerguelen Drift: A 7 Ma Record of Fluctuations in the Antarctic Ice-Sheet?
Gleason J, Rea D, Joseph L, Owen R, Blum J, Klaue A & Klaue B

Owen Robert A (2016) Coupled Modelling of Speleothem Major Isotope Systems
Owen RA, Day CC & Henderson GM
(2016) Reconstructing Rainfall from Growth, Trace-Elements, and Novel Isotopes in Speleothems
Henderson G, Barrott J, Day C, Owen R, Vaks A & Mason A

Owen Robert A. (2015) Calcium Isotope Systematics of Caves: Implications for Speleothem Palaeoclimatology
Owen RA, Day CC, Hu C, Liu Y & Henderson G

Owen T. (2015) In situ Measurement of Atmospheric Kr and Xe Isotopes on Mars
Conrad PG, Malespin CA, Franz HB, Trainer MG, Wong MH, Atreya SK, Pepin RO, Schwenzer SP, Jones J, Owen T & Mahaffy PR
(2005) The Contribution of Comets to Water on Mars and Earth
Owen T
(2005) The Astrobiological Aspects of Titan: A New Vision from Cassini-Huygens
Raulin F, Israel G, Niemann H & Owen T
(2003) Isotope Ratios in the Outer Solar System
Owen T
(2002) Cometary Delivery of Water, Noble Gases and Organics to Earth
Bar-Nun A & Owen T
(2002) Noble Gases in Planetary Atmospheres
Owen T

Owen-Smith P. (2020) Role of Endophytic Fungi on Arsenic Uptake and Tolerance in Schizachyrium Scoparium
DeVore C, ElHayek E, Busch T, Long B, Owen-Smith P, Rudgers J, Ali AM, Ducheneaux C & Cerrato J

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