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Oxley M. (2017) Atmospheric Heap Leaching of the Piauí Ni-Co Laterite Deposit, Brazil
Norman R, Schofield P, Dybowska A, Herrington R, Oxley A & Oxley M

Oya M. (2009) Plume Derived Mantle Heterogeneity beneath the Cameroon Volcanic Line, West Africa: A Study of Peridotite Xenoliths
Matsukage KN & Oya M

Oyabu I. (2013) Chemical Compositions of Soluble Aerosols Around the Last Termination in the NEEM (Greenland) Ice Core
Oyabu I, Iizuka Y, Karlin T, Fukui M, Hondoh T, Leuenberge D, Fischer H, Schüpbach S, Gfeller G, Mulvaney R & Hansson M

Oyama K. (2023) Geochemical Evaluation in Mine Drainage Treatment Using Manganese Neutralization Sludge for Effective Waste Functionalization
Furukori Y, Oyama K & Tokoro C

Oyama R. (2011) Selenate Reduction by Iron-Reducing Bacteria Isolated from Bangladesh Soil
Suzuki Y, Oyama R, Saiki H, Tanaka K & Ohnuki T

Oyama T. (2022) Biogenic Manganese Crust and Zinc Uptake in the River Mixed with Groundwater
Ito Y, Hirano S, Tanaka S, Oyama T & Nagaoka T
(2019) Thick Black Manganese-Rich Crusts Formed on the Wall of Canals in the AsO Caldera, Japan
Ito Y, Tanaka S, Oyama T, Hirano S & Nagaoka T
(2012) Pore-Water Chemistry in Clays and Shales: Methods and Applications
Mazurek M, Waber HN & Oyama T
(2009) Weathering of Diatomaceous Mudstone and Replacement of Pore Water at Horonobe, Japan
Tanaka S, Oyama T, Ishii E & Iwatsuki T
(2008) Redox Condition in situ Survey Around the Underground Rock Cavern
Inohara Y, Oyama T, Nagaoka T & Miyauchi Y

Oyama Y. (2016) Magmatic Volatile Flux into the Groundwater System in and Around Kutcharo Caldera, East Hokkaido, Japan
Ohwada M, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Yasuhara M, Takahashi HA, Takahashi M, Inamura A, Oyama Y, Miyagi I, Itoh J & Tsukamoto H

Oyan V. (2019) Ar-Ar Dating and Composition of the Basanitic-Basaltic Volcanism in Southern Turkey
Oyan V
(2017) Magmatic Evolution of the Greater Ararat Strato-Volcano, Eastern Anatolian Collision Zone, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2017) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Solhan (Bingöl) Volcanics, Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Oyan V, Özdemir Y, Keskin M & Güleç N
(2015) Genesis and Magmatic Evolution of a Newly Discovered Resurgent Caldera in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Genç ŞC, Aysal N & Ünal E
(2013) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Tımar Basaltic Volcanism in the Northeast of Lake Van
Oyan V, Keskin M & Özdemir Y
(2011) Magmatic Evolution of the Eastern Anatolian High Plateau, E Turkey
Keskin M, Oyan V, Lebedev VA, Chugaev AV, Genc SC, Sharkov EV, Unal E & Aysal N

Oyanagi R. (2021) Simultaneous P-T-T Estimation of Ultrahigh-Temperature High-Pressure Granulite Facies Metamorphism Recorded in Titanite
Yoshida K, Niki S, Sawada H, Oyanagi R, Hirata T, Asakura K & Hirajima T
(2020) Dynamic Rate Control Changes during Reactive-Transport Processes of Serpentinization
Oyanagi R, Okamoto A & Tsuchiya N
(2020) A Two Stage P-T-T History of the Sanbagawa Metamorphic Terrane Constrained by Grossular U–Pb Geochronology
Niki S, Yoshida K, Sawada H, Oyanagi R & Hirata T
(2020) Metamorphic Evolution of Subducting Sediments Detected by Sparse-Modelling
Yoshida K, Kuwatani T, Ueki K, Oyanagi R & Akaho S
(2016) Significance of Silica Transport on Serpentinization: Insights from Hydrothermal Experiments
Okamoto A, Oyanagi R & Tsuchiya N
(2016) Bidirectional Replacement Zoning Developed in Metasomatic Reaction of Olivine during Serpentinization on Olivine-Plagioclase System
Oyanagi R, Okamoto A & Tsuchiya N

Oyaniran O. (2023) Evaluation of Possible Toxicity of Potentially Harmful Elements in Geophagic Clays from Parts of Southeastern Nigeria
Olajide-Kayode JO, Kolawole T, Oyaniran O & Olatunji A

Oyarzun D. (2021) Regional and Local Mineral Dust Characterisation over South America
Oyarzun D, Huneeus N & Opazo M

Oyesanya Oluwaseun (2020) Risk Assessment of Produced Water Discharges on Sediment and Water of Forcardos River, Niger Delta, Nigeria
Oyesanya O

Oyesanya Oluwaseun Uzoma (2023) An Assessment of the Effects of Oil and Gas Activities on the Bottom Sediments of Nun River
Oyesanya OU

Oyibo A. (2014) Experimental Evaluation of Wellbore Cement-Formation Shear Bond Strength in the Presence of Drilling Fluids Contamination
Radonjic M & Oyibo A

Oyman T. (2017) Geochronology and Isotope (Sr, Nd and Pb) Geochemistry of the Oligocene Intrusions and Associated Hydrothermal Mineralization in the Northeast of Yenice, NW Turkey
Çiçek M, Oyman T, Palmer MR, Catlos EJ, Selby D, Michalik A & Cooper MJ
(2007) B Isotope Study on Tourmalines and Axinites in Hydrothermal Systems: Insights into Fluid Circulation
Agostini S, Oyman T, Tonarini S & Savasçin MY

Oyungerel S. (2013) Geochemistry and Petrology of the Khantaishir Ophiolite (Central Mongolia)
Gianola O, Schmidt MW, Jagoutz O & Oyungerel S

Oyuntsetseg B. (2022) Hydroxyapatite Formation in Cenococcum Geophilum Sclerotia from Steppe Forest Soils in Mongolia
Nyamsanjaa K, Oyuntsetseg B & Watanabe M

Oza A. (2021) Tidal Pull of the Earth Strips the proto-Moon of its Volatiles
Charnoz S, Sossi PA, Lee Y-N, Siebert J, Hyodo R, Allibert L, Landeau M, Oza A & Moynier F

Ozaki H. (2021) In situ Observation of Gas Hydrate Formation Using a Transparent High Pressure Cell as a Simulation of the Bottom of Ice Crust in Icy Bodies
Tani A, Moriyama K & Ozaki H

Ozaki K. (2023) CO2, CO, and CH4 Abundance in the Anoxic Atmosphere of Earth-Like Exoplanets and its Implications for the Search for Habitable Planets
Ozaki K & Watanabe Y
(2023) Land Plant Radiation and its Linkages to Global Marine Anoxia during the Devonian
Gilhooly W, Vander Pas B, Smart MS, Filippelli G, Ozaki K, Reinhard CT, Marshall JEA & Whiteside J
(2022) Estimating Burial Rates of Organic Carbon in Terrestrial and Marine Environments Through Phanerozoic Time Using a Geochemical Model
Aoyama K, Tajika E & Ozaki K
(2022) Co-evolution of Atmosphere and Marine Biosphere Driven by Oxygenic Photosynthesis Before the Great Oxidation Event
Watanabe Y, Tajika E & Ozaki K
(2021) Haze Formation Limits the Primary Productivity of Marine Anaerobic Ecosystem during the Archean
Watanabe Y, Tajika E, Ozaki K & Hong PK
(2021) Conditions Required for Oceanic Anoxia/Euxinia Revisited
Ozaki K
(2021) Modeling Global Biosphere Response to Enhanced Riverine Nutrient Delivery during the Late Devonian Kellwasser Event
Smart MS, Ozaki K, Reinhard CT, Marshall JEA, Whiteside J, Gilhooly W & Filippelli G
(2020) Sulfur Cycle Dynamics during the Great Oxidation Event
Ozaki K & Miura Y
(2020) Consequence of Hydrocarbon Haze Formation on Global Carbon Cycle Under Anoxic and Mildly Oxidized Environment
Watanabe Y, Tajika E, Ozaki K & Hong P
(2019) Limited Biological Productivity in the Archean Anoxic Ocean
Ozaki K & Reinhard C
(2019) Low Mid-Proterozoic Atmospheric Oxygen Levels?
Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Isson T, Ozaki K & Crockford P
(2019) Intermediate Atmospheric Oxygen Levels, Ocean Ventilation, and Global Biospheric Productivity
Cole D, Ozaki K, Planavsky N & Reinhard C
(2018) A Thallium Isotope Record of Ocean Oxygenation during the Lomagundi Event
Li Z, Owens J, Planavsky N, Ozaki K & Reinhard C
(2017) Climatic Consequences of Methane Boosting by Photoferrotrophs in the Archean Atmosphere
Ozaki K, Tajika E, Hong P, Nakagawa Y & Reinhard C
(2016) An Ecophysiological Throttle on Planetary Oxygenation during the Archean
Reinhard CT, Crowe SA, Ozaki K & Thompson KJ
(2016) Stability and Dynamics of Proterozoic Oceanic Euxinia
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2016) Variations of U and Mo Isotopes Across the Deep Sea Permian-Triassic Boundary
Takahashi S, Gordon G, Ozaki K, Yamasaki S, Kimura K, Anbar A & Tada R
(2015) Towards a Quantitative Understanding of the Mid-Proterozoic Redox State of the Atmosphere and Oceans
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2014) Dynamics of Proterozoic Ocean Euxinia
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2013) Conditions for Proterozoic Anoxic and Non-Sulfidic Ocean: Constraints from a Marine Biogeochemical Cycle Model
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2012) Modeling Ocean Acidification and De-Oxygenation: Testing the Linkage between Large Igneous Province and Ocean Anoxic Event
Ozaki K & Tajika E
(2011) Modeling Oceanic Anoxia/Euxinia Induced by Massive CO2 Injection
Ozaki K & Tajika E

Ozaki N. (2003) Crystal Orientation of Calcite Components in Coccoliths: EBSD Analyses of Submicron Crystals
Ozaki N & Kogure T

Ozaki T. (2008) Characterization of Binding Sites of Metal Ions at Bacterial Cell Surface by REE Distribution Patterns and EXAFS Analysis
Takahashi Y, Yamamoto M, Ozaki T & Fortin D
(2008) Interactions of Actinides with Microorganisms and Organic Ligands
Ohnuki T, Ozaki T, Sakamoto F, Kozaki N, Nankawa T, Suzuki Y & Francis A
(2007) Reduction of U(VI) by Shewanella putrefaciens in the Presence of Organic Acids
Suzuki Y, Nankawa T, Ozaki T, Ohnuki T & Francis AJ
(2007) Interactions of Heavy Elements with Microorganisms
Ohnuki T, Yoshida T, Ozaki T, Sakamoto F, Kozai N, Nankawa T, Suzuki Y & Francis A
(2004) Adsorption of Heavy Elements by Pseudomonas Fluorescens Cells in the Presence of Desferrioxamine Siderophore
Yoshida T, Ozaki T, Ohnuki T & Francis A
(2003) Accumulation of Co by Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Ohnuki T, Kozai N, Ozaki T, Yoshida T, Francis A & Iefuji H
(2003) Association of Eu(III) and Cm(III) with Halomonas sp
Ozaki T, Takenaka Y, Kimura T, Ohnuki T & Francis A

Ozaki Yukihiro (2023) Raman Spectroscopic Study of Apatite in the Concretion: New Insights into the Formation Process of Concretion
Tsuboi M, Kitanaka R & Ozaki Y

Ozaki Yurie (2016) Effects of Si on the Behavior of Co-precipitated Se(IV) during Fe-Oxide Transformation at Alkaline Conditions
Francisco PC, Ozaki Y, Sato T & Otake T

Ozawa Akiko (2009) Geochemical Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation during CO2 Injection into the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site
Ueda A, Kuroda Y, Sugiyama K, Ozawa A, Wakahama H, Mito S, Kaji Y & Kaieda H
(2008) Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Tests at the Ogachi Hot Dry Rock Site, NE Japan
Ueda A, Nakatsuka Y, Kunieda M, Kuroda Y, Kato K, Yajima T, Sugiyama K, Odashima Y, Ozawa A & Ohsumi T
(2007) Preliminary Geochemical Results on the CO2 Georeactor Sequestration Test at the Ogachi HDR Site
Ueda A, Yajima T, Satoh H, Ozawa A, Kaieda H, Ito H, Ohsumi T & Kato K
(2003) Argon Isotopic Composition of Historical Lavas of Hawaii
Ozawa A, Tagami T & Kamata H

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