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Padmalal D. (2020) Hydrological Changes during Meghalayan Stage from the Southern India
Banerji US, Shaji J, Maya K, Chandana KR, Shivam A, Sudheer AK, Bhushan R & Padmalal D

Padron E. (2019) Contributions to the Isotopic Fingerprint of Tenerife Wine – Natural or Anthropogenic?
Coldwell B, Pankhurst M, Cordero M, Ribeiro S, Fransisco J, Padron E, Asensio M & Perez N

Padrón González E. (2019) Observed Anomalous Diffuse Gas Emission Rates and Heat Flow from the Summit Crater of Teide Volcano, Tenerife, Canary Islands
Perez Rodriguez N, Melian Rodriguez G, Padrón González E, Hernández Pérez P, D'Auria L, Asensio-Ramos M & Alonso M
(2019) Anomalous Diffuse H2 Degassing Prior to the Recent Magmatic Intrusion at Cumbre Vieja Volcano, La Palma, Canary Islands
Padrón González E, Hernández Pérez PA, Melián G, Pérez Rodríguez N, D'Auria L, Asensio-Ramos M & Alonso M

Padron Navarta J.A. (2015) Oxygen Isotopes Analysis of Serpentine Minerals by SHRIMP: Analytical Developments and Geological Applications
Scicchitano MR, Rubatto D, Hermann J, Padrón-Navarta JA & Shen T
(2015) Thermo-Geochemical Modeling of Fluid-Rock Interactions Under Greenschist Facies Conditions: Implications on Fault Formation in Metagabbros (Cap Corse, France)
Gueydan F, Cenki-Tok B, Oliot E & Padron Navarta JA

Padrón-Navarta José Alberto (2019) Phase Diagrams for Nominally Anhydrous Minerals
Padrón-Navarta JA
(2019) The Role of Dehydration of Subducted Serpentinites in the Genesis of Gold-Rich Magmatic-Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Marchesi C, González-Jiménez JM, Padrón-Navarta JA, López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V & Gómez-Pugnaire MT

Padrón-Navarta José Alberto (2017) Element Redistribution and Seawater Imprint in UHP Serpentinites from Tianshan, China
Shen T, Zhang L, Hermann J, Padrón-Navarta JA, Yang J & Zhang C

Padrón-Navarta José Alberto (2013) A Potential Geothermometer for Antigorite Serpentinite
López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V, Padrón-Navarta JA, Hermann J, Connolly JA, Garrido CJ, Gómez-Pugnaire MT & Marchesi C
(2013) Element Mobility from Seafloor Serpentinization to High-Pressure Dehydration of Antigorite in Subducted Serpentinite: Insights from Cerro del Almirez (Southern Spain)
Marchesi C, Garrido CJ, Padrón-Navarta JA, López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V & Gómez-Pugnaire MT
(2013) Assesing Iron and Oxygen Isotope Homogeneity in Garnets
Urosevic M, Nebel O, Peterson E, Padrón-Navarta JA & Rubatto D
(2013) Sub-Arc δ11B: The Introduction of Boron Isotope Heterogeneity into the Convecting Mantle
Harvey J, Garrido C, Agostini S, Padron-Navarta J-A, Lopez Sanchez-Vizcaino V, Savov I & Marchesi C
(2013) Hydrogen Diffusion in Ti-Bearing Forsterite
Padrón-Navarta JA, Hermann J & O'Neill HS

Padrón-Navarta José Alberto (2022) Mantle Wedge Oxidation due to Sediment-Infiltrated Deserpentinisation
Padrón-Navarta JA, Lopez Sanchez-Vizcaino V, Menzel MD, Gómez-Pugnaire MT & Garrido CJ
(2022) Evolution of Fluids from a Subduction Zone: Unraveling P-T and Compositional Evolution Path Based on Complex Inclusion Study
Spránitz T, Padrón-Navarta JA, Szabó C, Gilio M, Alvaro M, Szabó A & Berkesi M

Padrón-Navarta José Alberto (2012) High-Pressure Dehydration of Antigorite-Serpentinite and its Effect on Boron Isotope Fractionation in the Shallow Mantle Wedge
Harvey J, Garrido C, Agostini S, Padran-Navarta J-A, Lopez Sanchez-Vizcaino V & Marchesi C
(2011) Geochemistry of Antigorite Serpentinite and Chlorite Harzburgite from the Cerro del Almirez (S. Spain): Compositional Constraints on Fluids Released by Dehydration of Mantle Serpentinites
Marchesi C, Garrido CJ, Padrón-Navarta JA, Gómez-Pugnaire MT & López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V
(2011) The Arrested HP Antigorite Dehydration Front from Cerro del Almirez (SE Spain)
Padrón-Navarta JA, López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V, Garrido CJ, Gómez-Pugnaire MT & Marchesi C
(2010) Textural Record of Metamorphic Fluids Expulsion during High-Pressure Deserpentinization
Padrón-Navarta JA, López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V, Garrido CJ & Gómez-Pugnaire MT
(2010) High-Pressure Hydrofracturing during Deserpentinization
Garrido CJ, Padrón-Navarta JA, Tommasi A, López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V, Gómez-Pugnaire MT, Jabaloy A & Vauchez A
(2009) Antigorite Dehydration in Silica Enriched Serpentinite
Padrón-Navarta JA, Hermann J, Garrido CJ, López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V & Gómez-Pugnaire MT
(2009) Breakdown Mechanisms of Titanclinohumite in Antigorite Serpentinite
López Sánchez-Vizcaíno V, Gómez-Pugnaire MT, Garrido CJ, Padrón-Navarta JA & Mellini M

Padrón-Navarta José Alberto (2021) Infrared Spectroscopy of Amphibole Lamellae in Pyroxenes from Mantle Xenoliths of the Carpathian-Pannonian Region
Liptai N, Lange TP, Patkó L, Aradi LE, Berkesi M, Tollan PM, Padrón-Navarta JA, Hermann J, Szabó C & Kovács IJ
(2021) Thermodynamic Modelling of Hydrogen in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals (NAMs): Current Strategies
Padrón-Navarta JA
(2021) Hydrogen Mobility in Forsterite Re-evaluated in the Framework of Diffusion Coupled to Inter-Site Reaction
Jollands MC, Muir J, Padrón-Navarta JA & Demouchy S
(2021) Mineral-Scale Mobility of PGE and TABS in Subducted Serpentinites
Gervilla F, González-Jiménez JM, Piña R, Saunders J, Plissart G, Marchesi C & Padrón-Navarta JA
(2021) Nitrogen Enrichment during Exhumation: New Insights from Multiphase Inclusions in Subducted Rocks (Cabo Ortegal Complex, NW-Spain)
Spránitz T, Padrón-Navarta JA, Szabó C & Berkesi M

Padyar F. (2009) Fluid Geochemistry of the Shear Zone Type Gold Mineralization in Northwestern of Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone (West of Iran)
Padyar F, Abedian N & Borna B

Paelike H. (2017) Testing the Reliability of Fossil Foraminifer Shell Geochemistry with Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Hathorne E, Voigt J, Fietzke J, Paelike H & Frank M

Paeng J. (2010) Combustion-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter in Rivers and Estuaries of the Sugar-Cane Area of Southern Brazil
Paeng J, Dittmar T, Cooper B, Podgorski D, Chanton J, Salomao M, Rezende C & Bernardes M

Paes de Barros A.J. (2022) The 1800-1770 Ma Colíder Silicic Large Igneous Province in the Amazonian craton:Crustal Evolution Using Zircon in situ REE Compositions, U-Pb Ages and Hf Isotope Analyses
Almeida BS, Geraldes MC, Sommer CA & Paes de Barros AJ

Paessler D. (2021) Field Trials of Enhanced Weathering Combined with Cotton Farming in Thessaly, Greece
Smet I, Evangelou E, Tsadilas C, Hagens M, Bijma J, Hartmann J, Steffens R & Paessler D
(2021) Field Trials of Enhanced Weathering Combined with Corn Farming in Germany
Bijma J, Smet I, Hagens M, Hartmann J, Steffens R & Paessler D
(2021) Quantifying CO2 Removal Through Enhanced Weathering: Grassland and pot Experiments
Hagens M, Hoosbeek M, Smet I, Bijma J, Hartmann J, Steffens R & Paessler D

Páez-Osuna F. (2009) Heavy Metals and Sediment Fluxes in Coatzacoalcos River Estuary: A History of Land Use Changes
Ruiz-Fernández AC, Sánchez-Cabeza JA, Bojórquez-Sánchez S, Bojórquez-Leyva H, Pérez-Bernal LH, Mellado-Vázquez PG, Alonso-Hernández C, Díaz-Ascencio M, Gerardo-Abaya J, Quejido-Cabezas AJ, Sericano JL & Páez-Osuna F

Paez-Reyes M. (2019) Why was There no Mass Extinction during the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event 2?
Paez-Reyes M, Owens J, Carvajal-Ortiz H, Gaona-Narvaez T, Lerma I, Brandon A, Sahoo S & Copeland P

Paffett M. (2010) Structure of Hydrated UO2 Surfaces
Stubbs J, Eng P, Waychunas G, Paffett M & Bargar J

Paffrath R. (2019) Inconsistencies between Fram Strait Water Mass Budget Assessments Based on Radiogenic Neodymium Isotopes and Nutrients
Laukert G, Bauch D, Frank M, Hathorne EC, Dreyer J, Meulenbroek K, Schaffer J, Rabe B, Paffrath R, Pahnke K, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Meyer H & Graeve M
(2019) Water Mass Contributions to the Central Arctic – New Insights from Rare Earth Elements and Nd Isotopes
Paffrath R, Bauch D, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Laukert G & Pahnke K
(2019) Circulation Changes in the Amundsen Basin from 1991 to 2015 Revealed from Distributions of Dissolved 230Th
Valk O, Rutgers van der Loeff MM, Geibert W, Gdaniec S, Moran SB, Lepore K, Puigcorbé V, Casacabuerta N, Paffrath R, Smethie W, Roy-Barman M & Edwards RL
(2019) Surface Water Changes during Transit from North Pole to Fram Strait
Rutgers van der Loeff M, Stimac I, Casacuberta N, Wefing A-M, Laukert G, Bauch D, Paffrath R, Provost C, Karcher M, Meyer H, Schaffer J, Rabe B, Graeve M & Ludwichowski K-U
(2017) Dissolved Rare Earth Element Concentrations from the Barents Sea to the Central Arctic
Paffrath R, Pahnke K, Schnetger B & Brumsack H-J
(2017) Dissolved Rare Earth Element Ratios Trace Hydrothermal Scavenging and Water Mass Transport
Pahnke K, Behrens MK, Rehbein M & Paffrath R

Paganelli E. (2013) Melting of an Hybryd Source Below the Danakil Region
Barbieri E, Cipriani A, Brunelli D & Paganelli E
(2013) Evidence for Melt Accumulation in the Subridge Melting Region: A Mantle Residua Perspective
Brunelli D, Seyler M & Paganelli E

Pagani M. (2019) Cretaceous Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures from Bulk Foraminiferal Clumped Isotope Thermometery
Dawson R, Affek H, Elder L, Bostock H, Goldklang M, Pagani M & Hull P
(2018) Late Oligocene Warming: Constraints from TEX86-derived Sea Surface Temperature Proxy Records
O'Brien C, Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P
(2018) NORTH ATLANTIC SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES SINCE THE EARLY MIOCENE North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures Since the Early Miocene
Super J, O'Brien C, Thomas E, Huber M, Pagani M & Hull P
(2017) A North Atlantic TEX86 and Uk’37 Sea Surface Temperature Transect Across the Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum
Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P
(2017) Ancient Maya Land Use Reduced the Residence Time of Carbon in Tropical Forest Soils
Douglas P, Pagani M, Eglinton T, Brenner M, Curtis J, Hodell D, Breckenridge A & Johnston K
(2017) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Bulk Planktonic Foraminifera
Canavan R, Hull P, Elder L, Goldklang M, Affek H & Pagani M
(2016) Chalenging GDGT Proxies' Assumptions of Archaea Ecology: Compound-Specific δ13C and Genetic Insights from Orca Basin, Gulf of Mexico
Lichtin S, Warren C, Pearson A, Near T & Pagani M
(2015) Gar Scales and their Terrestrial Paleoclimate Proxy Potential
Gray K & Pagani M
(2015) Archaeal Lipids in Transition: Characterization of Lipids and Sequences in the Orca Basin, Gulf of Mexico
Warren C, Elling F, Goldenstein N, Hinrichs K-U & Pagani M
(2015) Refining the Alkenone-Pco2 Method: Nutrient Constraints and the Effect of Growth Rate
Zhang YG, Pearson A & Pagani M
(2015) Tropical TEX86 – Uk’37 Based Sea Surface Temperature Offsets from the Mid-Miocene Through Pliocene
Super J & Pagani M
(2015) Clumped Isotope Sea Surface Temperature Estimates: Analysis of Paleoclimate and Diagenesis
Canavan R, McGregor D, Affek H, Ivany L & Pagani M
(2014) Plant-Wax Isotope Records of Drought and Ancient Societal Adaptation in the Maya Lowlands
Douglas P, Pagani M, Brenner M, Hodell D, Eglinton T, Curtis J & Canuto M
(2012) Ring Index: Towards Quality-Controls for the TEX86 Paleothermometer
Zhang YG & Pagani M
(2011) Methane and the PETM: All Good Things Must Come to An End?
Pagani M, DeConto R, Galeotti S & Beerling D
(2011) Tracing Molecular Proxy Signals from Biological Source to Sedimentary Sink
Eglinton T, Galy V, Feng X, Voss B, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Ponton C, Giosan L, Schefuss E, Montlucon D, Douglas P, Pagani M, Wu Y & Drenzek N
(2010) Estimates of Earth System Climate Sensitivity
Pagani M
(2010) Compound Specific Terrestrial Leaf Wax Records from the Cicogna Section (Italy) during the PETM
Krishnan S, Pagani M, Tipple B & Agnini C
(2009) Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Reconstruction of the Paleoelevation of the Western U.S
Hren M, Pagani M & Brandon M
(2008) The Role of CO2 during the Eocene-Oligocene Climate Transition
Pagani M, Liu Z & Huber M
(2005) Controls on Paleo-Alkenone ?<+>13<$>C
Pagani M
(2005) The Influence of C4 Photosynthesis during the Miocene
Pagani M & Tipple B
(2005) Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of N-Alkanes from Leaf Waxes: An Empirical Evaluation of Environmental Controls
Pedentchouk N & Pagani M
(2002) Eocene/Oligocene Alkenone-Based CO2 Estimates
Pagani M, Pagani M, Zachos J & Freeman K
(2002) Eocene/Oligocene Alkenone-Based CO2 Estimates
Pagani M, Pagani M, Zachos J & Freeman K

Page A. (2014) Comparative Metagenomics of in situ and Enrichment Microbial Communities Manifesting Coal Biomethanation Phenotypes
Budwill K, Page A & Hallam S

Page F.Z. (2010) Cryptic Metasomatism during Exhumation of Franciscan Eclogite and Hornblendite Revealed by in situ δ18O Analysis of Garnets
Page FZ, Essene EJ, Kita NT & Valley JW
(2009) Accurate Stable Isotope Analysis by Ion Microprobe
Valley J, Kita N, Ushikubo T, Huberty J, Kozdon R, Page Z, Heck P & Fu B
(2007) Fo 99.8 Olivine in Basalts: Assimilation of Meta-Serpentinites or Oxidation of Magmatic Phenocrysts?
Blondes M, Brandon M, Reiners P, Kita N, Page FZ & Valley J
(2007) Sub-Micrometer Size High Precision Analysis of δ18O in Zircon by SIMS
Ushikubo T, Page FZ, Kita NT, Riciputi LR & Valley JW
(2006) Slow oxygen diffusion in zircon
Page FZ, Deangelis M, Fu B, Kita N, Lancaster P & Valley J

Page J. (2012) Ion Exchange Model for Reversible Sorption of Divalent Metals on Calcite
Tertre E, Beaucaire C & Page J

Page K. (2008) Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen Isotope Record Across the T/J Boundary, Doniford Section, Somerset, England
Beaumont V, Paris G, Clémence M-E, Bartolini A & Page K

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