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Qaddah B. (2023) Conditions for Segregation of a Crystal-Rich Layer within a Convective Magma Ocean
Monteux J, Qaddah B & Andrault D
(2021) Stability of a Crystallizing Layer within a Magma Ocean
Monteux J, Qaddah B & Andrault D

Qafoku Nik (2018) Iodine Conceptual Models at the Hanford and Savannah River Sites: Similarities and Differences
Qafoku N, Kaplan D, Lawter A, Neeway J, Bagwell C, Szecsody J & Truex M

Qafoku Nikolla (2022) Bonding Strength of Biomolecules on Dominant Field-Soil Minerals by Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Leichty SI, Zhao Q, Kasanke CP, Qafoku N, Weitz K & Hofmockel KS
(2020) Enlisting Sedimentary Microbial Communities to Stabilize Long-Lived Contaminants in Mineral Phases
Bagwell C, Lawter A, Saunders D, Qafoku N & Szecsody J
(2016) Probing Stabilization Mechanisms at the Soil Organic-Mineral Interface at the Molecular Length Scale
Newcomb C, Grate J, Qafoku N, Browning N, Hufschmid R & De Yoreo J
(2012) Abiotic U(VI) Reduction by Biogenic Mackinawite
Veeramani H, Qafoku N, Kukkadapu R, Pruden A, Murayama M, Monsegue N & Hochella M
(2008) Characterizing the Extent and Role of Natural Subsurface Bioreduction in a Uranium-Contaminated Aquifer
Campbell KM, Qafoku N, Kukkadapu R, Williams K, Lesher E, Figuera L, Peacock A, Davis J, Icenhower J & Long P
(2005) Uranium(VI) Desorption from Long-Term Contaminated Sediments
Qafoku N, Zachara J & Liu C
(2001) Fate and Transport of Cr(VI) in Hanford Sediments Treated with Al-Rich, Hyperalkaline and Hypersaline Solutions
Qafoku NP, Ainsworth CC & Szecsody JE

Qafoku O. (2023) Organic Matter and Si – The Guardians of Fe-Rich Colloid Persistence in a Redox-Active Floodplain
Engel M, Noël V, Pierce S, Kovarik L, Kukkadapu R, Lezama-Pacheco JS, Qafoku O, Chorover J, Boye K & Bargar J
(2021) Low Temperature Magnesite Growth during Forsterite Carbonation in Thin H2O Films
Loring J, Mergelsberg S, Qafoku O, Thompson CJ, Ilton ES & Kerisit S
(2019) Role of Mass Transport in Mineral Carbonation in Confined H2O Films
Loring J, Placencia-Gomez RE, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Qafoku O, Miller Q & Rosso K
(2018) Ice Nucleation and its Role in the Incipient Stages of Physical Weathering
Lybrand R, China S, Qafoku O, Veghte D & Zaharescu D
(2018) Ferrihydrite Transformation by Fe(II): Nucleation, Growth, and Phase Stability at Neutral pH
Qafoku O, Kovarik L, Bowden M, Sheng A, Soltis J, Sassi M, Pearce C, Liu J & Rosso K
(2018) Nano-Minerals Plus Higher Temperatures Accelerate the Release and Transport of Carbon from Sediment
Rod K, Smith P, Leng W, Colby S, Tfaily M, Kukkadapu R, Bowden M, Parker K, Qafoku O, Um W, Hochella M, Bailey V & Renslow R
(2017) Uranium Uptake and Redistribution during Phase Transformation and Oriented Attachment of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Soltis J, McBriarty M, Qafoku O, Spurgeon S, Buck E, De Yoreo J & Ilton E
(2014) The Importance of Trace Components in Promoting the Nucleation and Growth of Mineral Phases: Magnesite at High Partial Pressures of CO2
Qafoku O, Arey B, Kovarik L & Felmy A
(2014) Nanoscale Chemical/Structure Analysis of Geological Minerals for Carbon Sequestration Using Atom Probe Tomography
Liu J, Perea D, Arey B, Qafoku O, Colby R & Felmy A
(2014) Mechanistic Insights into the Water-Film Threshold for Silicate Carbonation in Wet-scCO2
Loring J, Benezeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Kerisit S, Ilton E, Felmy A & Rosso K
(2013) In-situ IR Spectroscopic Study of Forsterite Carbonation in wet-scCO2
Bénézeth P, Chen J, Qafoku O, Schaef T, Thompson C, Pearce C, Felmy A, Bonneville A, Rosso K & Loring J
(2011) Fe(II) Exchange at Titanomagnetite-Water Interfaces
Pearce C, Liu J, Qafoku O, Arenholz E, Heald S & Rosso K
(2010) Reduction of Contaminant Tc(VII) by Magnetite (Fe3O4) and Titanomagnetite (Fe3-xTixO4) Nanoparticles
Liu J, Pearce C, Qafoku O, Rosso K, Peretyazhko T, Arenholz E & Heald S
(2010) Characterization of Reactive Ferrous Iron in Titanomagnetite (Fe3-xTixO4) Nanoparticles for Contaminant Reduction
Pearce C, Qafoku O, Liu J, Arenholz E, Heald S, Felmy A, Henderson M & Rosso K
(2005) Thermochemical Data to Describe Actinide Partitioning to Bacteria: A Mixed Solvent Approach
Clark S, Felmy A, Qafoku O & Wang Z

Qas-Cohen A. (2010) Norwegian Garnet Websterites: Analogues for Mantle Metasomatism?
Cuthbert S, Qas-Cohen A, Ballentine C, Burgess R & Droop G

Qasim A. (2022) Inter-Estuarine and Seasonal Cycling of Particulate REEs in the Gulf of Cambay
Qasim A, Singh SP, Sahu S & A A

Qasim B. (2016) Biogeochemical Processes in the Rhizosphere of Populus Euramericana Dorskamp Involved in the Phytosabilization of Cd, Pb and Zn in Contaminated Technosol with N Addition
Motelica-Heino M, Qasim B, Bourgerie S, Morabito D & Gauthier A
(2014) Biogeochemistry of Meta(loid)s in Contaminated Soils from Former Smelting and Mining Areas
Motelica-Heino M, Qasim B, Joussein E, Soubran M & Gauthier A

Qasim G.H. (2020) Removal of Aqueous Hg(II) Using Indium-Modified Iron Particles
Qasim GH, Lee S, Lee W & Han S
(2016) Enhanced Inorganic mercury(II) Reduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 in the Presence of Flavins
Qasim GH & Han S

Qathami S.
(2017) Mechanisms of Sulfur Transformation, Deposition, and Controls in HPHT Sour Gas Petroleum Systems
Oduro H & Qathami S

Qi Changshi (2013) Oxygen Minimum-Zone-Like Conditions from the Early Cambrian of Chengjiang, South China
Hammarlund E, Gaines R, Qi C & Canfield D

Qi Chao (2023) Fe Behavior on the Surface of Early Mars: Insights from Weathering Fe-Rich Olivine
Zhao Y, Wang X, Zhou D-S, Yu X-W, Lin H, Hu S, Qi C, Wang H-P, Wang J-H, Lin Y, Li X & Liu J

Qi Chunhua (2015) Gas Distribution in Protoplanetary Disks
Qi C
(2015) The Physical and Chemical Structure of Protoplanetary Disks
Guzman V, Oberg K, Loomis R & Qi C

Qi Cuicui (2008) Occurrence Forms of Antimony in the Huaibei Coals
Liu G & Qi C
(2008) Geochemistry of Hazardous Trace Elements in Coal from Yanzhou Coalfield
Qi C & Liu G
(2007) Fluorine in Chinese Coals and its Health Impact
Liu G, Qi C, Zheng L & Zhang Y

Qi Di (2019) The Mechanism of Mediating Marginal Sea Sedimentary Calcium Carbonate Content: An Example from the Southwest Pacific Regions
Li L, Luo Y, Qi D & Boudreau B

Qi Dongmei (2017) Experimental Investigation of Copper Transport in Fluids: Cu Solubility and Isotopic Fractionation
Qi D, Behrens H, Lazarov M, Botcharnikov R & Holtz F

Qi F. (2001) Some New Data on Mineralogy of the Stibnite-Antimonselite Series
Liu J, Liu J, Liu C, Qi F, Liu Y & Li J

Qi Fu (2018) Oil and Gas Formation Under Organic-Inorganic Interaction in Crust-Mantle System
Quanyou L, Dongya Z, Qingqiang M, Jiayi L, Xiaoqi W, Qi F, Bing Z & Zhijun J

Qi H (2006) Geology and geochemistry of the Lincang superlarge Germanium deposit hosted in coal seams, Yunnan, China
Hu R, Qi H, Bi X, Su W & Peng J

Qi Hai Yan (2013) Aluminum Oxide in Submarine Hydrothermal Sulfide from East Pacific Rise Near 13°N
Zeng ZG & Qi HY

Qi Huawen (2002) Ree Geochemistry of Lignites In The Lincang Germanium Deposit, Western Yunnan Procince, China
Qi H

Qi Huawen (2007) Geological and Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of the Giant Lincang Coal Seam-Hosted Germanium Deposit, Yunnan, SW China
Hu R, Qi H, Zhou M, Su W, Bi X & Peng J

Qi Jiahui (2014) In situ U ReflEXAFS from Single Crystal Mineral Surfaces
Mosselmans F, Wogelius R, van Veelen A, Ryan M, Morris K & Qi J

Qi Jiajia (2016) Variability in CCN Activity of Atmospheric Aerosols in the North China Related to Mitigation of SO2 Emissions and Occurrence of Strong El Niño
Qi J & Yao X
(2016) Is Vehicular Emission a Significant Contributor to Ammonia in the Urban Atmosphere? – Observationalresults in China
Teng X, Qi J, Zhu Y, Shi J, Gao H & Yao X

Qi Jian-Ying (2011) Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollutions from Lead-Zinc Mining Activities in the North River Basin, China
Wang J, Liu J, Chen Y-H, Xiao T-F, Wang C-L, Li X-P & Qi J-Y

Qi Jianqi (2023) Thermodynamics of Materials and Minerals Under Confinement: From Ionic and Organic Solids to Refractory Ceramics
Hawkins MR, Zhang X, Cockreham C, Strzelecki AC, Reece ME, Goncharov VG, Sun H, Qi J, Guo X, Saunders SR, Ha S, Wang Y, Xu H & Wu D
(2019) Structural, Interfacial, and Energetic Evolutions for Defect-Fluorite Gd2Zr2O7 Ceramics Under He Irradiation
Huang Z, Qi J, Lu T, Guo X & Wu D

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