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Queroue F. (2012) Dissolved Iron in the Vicinity of the Kerguelen Islands, Southern Ocean, during the KEOPS 2 Experiment
Sarthou G, Queroue F, Chever F, Bowie A, van der Merwe P, Bucciarelli E, Fourquez M & Blain S

Quesada A. (2019) Microbial CO2 Fixation can Influence Subsoil Radiocarbon Signatures in Amazon Tropical Forest Soils
Nowak ME, Catao ECP, Santana RH, Behrendt T, Quesada A, Kruger RH & Trumbore SE

Quesada C. (2009) Mississippian Seawater Temperature and Ice Volume Variations Revealed by δ18O and Mg/Ca Values of Brachiopod Shell Calcites (Late Viséan, SW Spain)
Armendáriz M, Rosales I & Quesada C
(2007) Nd Isotopes as Tracers as Crustal Rejuvenation
López-Guijarro R, Quesada Ochoa C, Fernández-Suárez J & Pin C

Quesada Oloriz P. (2021) Geochemical Assessment of Local Limestone Rocks for Using as Neutralization Cover Material in a Mine Waste Pile, Peru
Palomino-Ore SB, Quesada Oloriz P, Samanez M, Morales Espiritu W & Reátegui Klembergth E

Quesada Sanz J. (2021) Adsorption Characteristics of ssDNA and dsDNA onto Mineral Surfaces: Implications for DNA Preservation in Sedimentary Archives
Kontopoulos I, Quesada Sanz J & Sand KKK
(2020) Kinetics of DNA Adsorption and Desorption from Goethite
Jelavić S, Quesada Sanz J, Persson P & Sand KK

Quesne A. (2014) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Dust Elemental Composition in Patagonia
Qu Z, Losno R, Monna F, Vaillant M, Quisefit JP, Journet E, Quesne A, Heimburger A, Salvador J, Bulnes D, Ristori P & Quel E

Quesne D. (2009) Revised δ18O Phosphate-Water Fractionation Equation from Fish Raised in Controlled Environment
Pucéat E, Joachimski M, Bonin A, Motreuil S, Monna F, Bouilloux A, Quesne D, Morinière P & Mourin J

Quesnel B. (2017) Carbonation and Silicification of the Peridotite Nappe of New Caledonia: A Stable Isotope Survey
Boulvais P, Quesnel B, Cathelineau M, Gautier P, Bailly L, Vennemann T, Le Carlier de Veslud C, Cluzel D, Sevin B & Robineau B
(2017) Origin of H2 and CO Adsorbed on Talc and Chlorite from the Trimouns-La Porteille Deposit (Pyrenees)
Quesnel B, Truche L, Rigaudier T, Cathelineau M, Boiron M-C & Gaucher EC

Quesnel F. (2009) Silicium Isotopes as a Proxy of Weathering Processes during the PETM
Rad S, Basile-Doelsch I, Quesnel F & Dupuis C

Questiaux D. (2023) Noble Gas Analyses of Fluid Inclusions in the Deep Hiltaba Suite Granite (South Australia) Reveal Fluid Circulation on the Billion Year Time Scale
Wilske C, Suckow AO, Gerber C, Crane P, Deslandes A, Delle Piane C, Bourdet J, Questiaux D, Spooner N, Martin LAJ, Aleshin M & Mallants D

Quétel C. (2006) Mass discrimination during MC-ICPMS isotopic ratio measurements: investigation by means of synthetic isotopic mixtures and application to the calibration of new IRMM zinc candidate CRMs
Quétel C, Ponzevera E, Evans P, Berglund M, Loss RD, Fortunato G & Taylor PDP

Quevedo I. (2017) Experimental Approaches to Study Nanoparticle Transport Processes: Challenges and Opportunities
Tufenkji N, Olsson A & Quevedo I
(2009) Experimental Investigations of Nanoparticle Transport and Deposition in Aquatic Environments
Tufenkji N, Quevedo I, Petosa A, Fatisson J & Wilkinson K

Quevedo-González L. (2019) REE Exploration in Carbonatites, Alkaline Magmatic Rocks and Corresponding Paleosols at Intraplate Oceanic Islands (Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain)
Campeny M, Menéndez I, Quevedo-González L, Mangas J, Yepes J, Tauler E, Melgarejo JC, Casillas R, Méndez-Ramos J & Acosta-Mora P

Quevedo-Reys M. (2014) Geochemical Fingerprints in Topsoils of Brava Island, Cape Verde
Marques R, Prudencio MI, Waerenborgh JC, Rocha F, Ferreira da Silva E, Dias MI, Madeira J & Quevedo-Reys M

Queyron M. (2013) Dynamics of Zn in an Urban-Plant Soil System: Coupling Isotopic and EXAFS Approaches
Aucour A-M, Bedell J-P, Queyron M & Sarret G

Qui J. (2004) Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Dajishan Granitic Pluton and its Relation to Tungsten Mineralization in Jiangxi Province, China
Qui J, McInnes B, Jiang S, Xu X, Allen C & Cam bell I

Quick J.E. (2002) Age of Magmatism in the Ivrea Zone, NW Italy: A Zircon Study to Test the Emplacement Model
Peressini G, Poller U, Todt W, Quick JE, Sinigoi S & Sbisa' A

Quicksall A. (2014) In situ Immobilization of Uranium in Groundwater via Phosphate Reprecipitation
Adilman D, Delemos J, Zeeb P, Larson D, Quicksall A, Hunt J, Thompson B, Lammers L, Schillig P, Capaldi L & Hagar H
(2010) Structural Study of Aluminous Goethite Nano/Micro Particles
Song Z, Quicksall A, Chupas P, Bunker B & Maurice P
(2010) Hematite Nanoparticle Structure and Reactivity
Quicksall A, Barton L, Chupas P, Kosel T & Maurice P
(2010) Size Dependent Adsorption Behavior of Hematite Nanoparticles
Barton L, Quicksall A, Grant K & Maurice P
(2009) Sorption of Pb and Desferrioxamine to Montmorillonite
Maurice P, Haack E, Quicksall A, Hunter E & Johnston C
(2008) Effect of Organic Matter Quality on Iron and Sulfate Reduction and the Expression of Groundwater Arsenic
Bostick B & Quicksall A
(2005) Coupling Sulfide Production and Arsenic Release in Dynamic Systems
Quicksall A, Saalfield S, Renshaw C & Bostick B
(2005) Reductive Mechanisms of Arsenic Mobilization from Contaminated Sediments
Saalfield S, Quicksall A, Renshaw CE & Bostick BC

Quideau S. (2023) Microbial Substrate Utilization and Vegetation Shifts in Boreal Forest Floors due to Climate Change
Lloret E & Quideau S
(2021) Vegetation Shifts and Microbial Substrate Utilisation in Boreal Forest Floors of Western Canada
Lloret E & Quideau S
(2012) A Modeling Study of Ecosystem Carbon and Nutrient Cycling Following Oil Sands Mining
Lloret E, Quideau SA & Grant R
(2009) Soil Carbon Stabilization Under Jack Pine along the Boreal Forest Transect Case Study
Norris C, Quideau S, Bhatti J & Wasylishen R
(2009) Decomposition-Induced Changes in Soil Organic Matter Composition
Quideau S, Oh S-W & Paré D

Quidelleur X. (2023) Preservation of Inherited Argon in Plagioclase Crystals in the Lesser Antilles: Implication for Residence Time after Reservoir Remobilization
Germa A, Quidelleur X, Shea T & Ricci J
(2023) Last 100 kyr Volcanic Activity on Mauritius Island (Indian Ocean) Revealed by New Cassignol-Gillot Unspiked K-Ar Ages
Quidelleur X & Famin V
(2009) Why are Martinique Lavas so Heterogeneous?
Labanieh S, Chauvel C, Germa A & Quidelleur X
(2008) Two Isotopic Mixing Lines in Martinique Island: The Effect of Ridge Subduction
Labanieh S, Chauvel C, Germa A & Quidelleur X

Quigg A. (2017) Light-Induced Aggregation of Microbial Exopolymeric Substances
Sun L, Xu C, Zhang S, Lin P, Schwehr K, Quigg A, Chiu M-H, Chin W-C & Santschi P

Quigley D. (2012) Simulation of Non-Classical Crystallization of Carbonate Minerals
Gale J, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Quigley D & Gebauer D
(2012) Insights into Biomineral Growth from Atomistic Simulations of Clusters and Nanocrystals
Quigley D, Bano M & Rodger PM
(2012) Computing the Thermodynamics and Reactivity of Carbonates from Solid State to Speciation
Gale J, Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Quigley D, Gebauer D, Stack A, Dovesi R, Vinograd V & Winkler B
(2011) Nucleation of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate: A Combined Theoretical and Experimental Perspective
Demichelis R, Raiteri P, Gale J, Gebauer D & Quigley D
(2010) Towards Accurate Modeling of the Growth and Nucleation of Carbonates
Raiteri P, Gale J, Quigley D & Rodger M
(2010) Simulating Crystal Nucleation: Seeing the Infrequent with Molecular Dynamics
Rodger M, Quigley D, Harding J & Freeman C
(2009) Modelling Biomineralization Processes
Duffy D, Freeman C, Harding J, Quigley D & Rodger M

Quigley S.P. (2000) Characterising Redox Processes in a Chemically Stressed Contaminated Aquifer Using Dissolved H2
Thornton S, Quigley S, Banwart S & Lerner D
(2000) Oxidative Capacity of the Geosphere
Quigley SP, Banwart SA & Lerner DN

Quijano María Luisa (2021) Assessing the Evolution of Primary Productivity at Distal Sections from Cretaceous-Paleogene Mass Extinction
Sosa Montes de Oca C, Rodrigo-Gámiz M, Huang Y, Taylor KWR, Hollis CJ, Martínez-Ruiz F, Rodríguez-Tovar FJ, Castro JM, Quijano ML & Pancost RD
(2020) Environmental Change Across the PETM- New Evidence from Alamedilla (S Spain)
Molero-Monsonís A, Castro JM, Quijano ML, de Gea G, Rodrigo-Gámiz M & Alegret L
(2017) C-Isotope Stratigraphy of the Early Aptian OAE1a: Contribution to Global Correlation from a New High-Resolution Record (the Cau Core – Prebetic Zone, Southern Spain)
Castro JM, Ruiz-Ortiz PA, Aguado R, Gallego D, de Gea GA, Jarvis I, López C, Molina JM, Nieto LM, Pancost R, Quijano ML, Reolid M, Rodríguez R, Skelton PW & Weissert H
(2017) Biomarker and Trace-Element Evidences for Redox-Conditions and Productivity during the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (Carbonero Section, Southern Spain)
de Gea GA, Quijano ML, Froehner S, Castro JM, Aguado R, Naafs BDA & Pancost R
(2017) Multidisciplinary Study of a Mediterranean Hypersaline Pond (Laguna Honda, Southern Spain)
Quijano ML, Castro JM, Guerrero F, de Gea GA, Galotti A, García F, García-Zafra S, Jiménez-Gómez F, Jiménez-Melero R, Martínez J, Morales JA, Nieto LM, Rey J, Ruiz-Ortiz PA, Ruiz-Valenzuela L & San Miguel EG

Quijano Maria-Luisa (2015) Geochemistry and Stratigraphy of an Expanded Section Recording the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (Carbonero Section, Subbetic Basin, Southern Spain)
Froehner S, Aguado R, de Gea GA, Castro JM, Quijano ML, Pancost RD & Naafs D
(2015) The Record of the Valanginian Weissert Episode of Environmental Change from the Prebetic (Spain): C-Isotope Stratigraphy and Biomarkers
Quijano ML, de Gea GA, Castro JM, García-Zafra S, Arias C, Vilas L & Company M
(2013) Multiple Pools of Reduced Carbon can be Released during Hyperthermals
Pancost R, Badger M, Naafs D, Froehner S, Castro J-M, De Gea G, Quijano M-L, Aguado R, Lowson C & Ridgwell A
(2013) C-Isotope Evidence for pCO2 and Volcanic Forcing during the Early Aptian OAE 1a – The Cau Section (SE Spain)
Castro JM, De Gea GA, Pancost RD, Quijano ML & Naafs BDA

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