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Quintana Krupinski Nadine (2017) Mn Coordination and Distribution in Foraminiferal Calcite Under Varying Environmental Conditions
Quintana Krupinski N, Webb S, Persson P, Seidenkrantz M-S, Toyofuku T & Filipsson H
(2017) Tracing Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea Using Trace Elemental Geochemistry and Foraminiferal Faunal Assemblages
Ni S, Quintana Krupinski N, Groeneveld J, Seidenkrantz M-S, Knudsen KL, Fanget A-S, Naeraa T & Filipsson H
(2017) Geochemical Composition of Baltic Benthic Foraminifera Collected and Cultured over a Large Salinity Gradient
Filipsson HL, Groeneveld J, Austin W, Darling K, Quintana Krupinski N, Bird C, McCarthy D, Hathorne E & Schweizer M

Quintana Krupinski Nadine B. (2014) Core-Top Calibration of B/Ca in Pacific Ocean N. incompta and G. bulloides as a Surface Water Carbonate System Proxy
Quintana Krupinski NB, Russell AD, Pak DK & Paytan A

Quintana Sotomayor C. (2019) How to Determine the Effectiveness of Hydraulic Barriers in Porphyry Cu Tailings Dams?
Navarro-Ciurana D, Saleta-Daví À, Soler A, Quintana Sotomayor C, San Miguel Cornejo D, Musalem Jara M, Novoa Godoy G, Carrasco Jaramillo C, Aguirre-Dueñas E & Escudero Vargas MA

Quintana-Ortiz C. (2021) Hydrogeochemical Processes in Volcanic Closed Basins: Insights from Sr and Li Isotopes in the Salar del Huasco and Lagunilla, Altiplano, Chile
Poblete-González C, Alvarez-Amado F, Godfrey L & Quintana-Ortiz C
(2020) Lithium and Boron Isotopes as Tracers of Hydrogeochemical Processes in the Hyperarid Salar de Atacama Basin, Northern Chile
Alvarez-Amado F, Poblete-Gonzalez C, Quintana-Ortiz C, Rosales M & Godfrey L

Quinteiro R. (2018) Study of Silica-Undersaturated Magmas Through the Kls-Nph-Di-SiO2 System at 4.0 GPa Under Dry Conditions
Souza M, Conceição R, Marcon V, Cedeño D, Quinteiro R & Carniel L
(2017) The Leucite-Nepheline-Diopside and Kalsilite-Nepheline-Diopside Phase Diagrams at 4GPa Under Dry Conditions
Conceicao RV, Wilbert de Souza MR, Grings Cedeno D, Quinteiro R & Colombo Carniel L
(2017) Dioctahedral Smectites as Nitrogen Conveyors to the Deep Earth: Implications for the Origin of Life
Cedeño D, Conceição R, de Souza M, Quinteiro R & Carniel L

Quintela A. (2016) Healing Clays from Portugal: Technological Properties and Risk Assessment
Costa C, Rocha F, Quintela A & Terroso D

Quintero Y.M. (2019) Metal Organic Framework Advanced Adsorbents to Revalorize Metal Ions from Mining and Industrial Wastewater Sources
Fernández de Luis R, Copello G, García A, Gonzalez Sainz P, Tovar G, Torres D, Valverde A, Quintero YM, Serrano Larrea E, Fidalgo Marijuan A & Arriortua Marcaida M

Quintero Morales D. (2021) Microbial Reduction of Synthetic Biogenic Iron Oxides Containing Various Amounts of Organic Carbon and Silica
Quintero Morales D & Fortin D
(2020) The Role of Organic Matter and Silica on the Formation and Stability of Biogenic Iron Oxides (Bios)
Quintero Morales D & Fortin D

Quinteros J. (2015) A Numerical Thermodynamic/Thermokinematic Investigation of Metamorphic Processes in Subduction Zones
Duesterhoeft E, Quinteros J, Bousquet R & De Capitani C

Quinto F. (2021) The Fate of (Ultra)trace Elements along a Steep Redox Gradient in Mesoscale Laboratory Lysimeters
Böhm M, Jara-Heredia D, Märten A, Quinto F & Schäfer T
(2021) Long Term Bentonite Erosion Experiments in an Artificial Fracture: Radionuclides Mobility and Diffusion in FEBEX Bentonite
Kouhail YZ, Rinderknecht F, Quinto F, Metz V, Schäfer T & Geckeis H
(2021) Background Analysis of Actinide and 99Tc Tracers in the Frame of an in situ Bentonite Diffusion Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site
Quinto F, Blechschmidt I, Faestermann T, Hain K, Koll D, Korschinek G, Kraft S, Pitters J, Plaschke M, Rugel G, Schäfer T, Steier P & Geckeis H
(2019) Clay Nanoparticle and RN Release from the Geotechnical Barrier: Insights from the CFM Long-Term in situ Test (LIT) at GTS
Schäfer T, Quinto F, Kraft S, Rinderknecht F, Lanyon B & Blechschmidt I

Quinton William (2019) Winter Soil Processes in Transition
Rezanezhad F, Smeaton CM, Hug L, Jensen GB, Krogstad KJ, Macrae ML, McCarter CPR, Milojevic T, Mills R, Parsons CT, Quinton W, Rudolph D, Smith S, Townsend HR & Van Cappellen P

Quinton William L (2022) CO2 Flux Measurements in Northern Peatland Soil Incubations: Q10 Climate Trends and Alternative Model Representations Under Freeze-Thaw Conditions
Byun E, Rezanezhad F, Fairbairn L, Slowinski S, Basiliko N, Price JS, Quinton WL, Roy-Léveillée P, Webster K & Van Cappellen P
(2022) Peatlands and Climate Warming: Winter Carbon Cycling
Rezanezhad F, Rafat A, Byun E, Quinton WL, Humphreys ER, Webster K & Van Cappellen P

Quintus S. (2022) Understanding Pre-Colonial Tool Exchange Patterns and Volcanic Construction of Tutuila, American Samoa, Using Lead Isotopic Analysis
Kleefisch A, Lutali O, Konter JG & Quintus S

Quirico Eric (2016) Light Element Isotopic Composition in Ultra-Carbonaceous Antarctic Micrometeorites
Duprat J, Engrand C, Bardin N, Dartois E, Baklouti D, Benzerara K, Delauche L, Dobrica E, Marie G, Guerquin-Kern J-L, Kakazu Y, Leroux H, Quirico E, Remusat L, Slodzian G & Wu T-D
(2016) Low Ar Concentration in Amorphous Water Ice
Yokochi R, Schmitt B, Quirico E, Ciesla F, Davis A & Dauphas N

Quirico Eric (2021) Profiling of Magnesium Organosulfur Chemistry in Meteorites
Matzka M, Lucio M, Kanawati B, Quirico E, Bonal L, Loehle S & Schmitt-Kopplin P
(2021) Coordinated Analysis of Primitive Cosmomaterials
Bonal L, Beck P, Poch O, Quirico E & Schmitt B
(2021) Chemical Functional Characterization of Coals and Extraterrestrial Materials Using Infrared Spectroscopy: From Bulk Toward to Nanoscale
Phan VTH, Rebois R, Beck P, Quirico E, Noguchi T & Takase M

Quirico Eric (2015) D/H Equilibrium Fractionation between Water and Methanol Ices
Faure A, Faure M, Quirico E, Theulé P & Schmitt B
(2015) Kinetics of Hydrogen/Deuterium Exchanges in Cometary Ices
Faure M, Quirico E, Faure A, Schmitt B, Theulé P & Marboeuf U
(2015) Pressure and Temperature-Dependent Cryotrapping of Ar in Amorphous Water Ice
Yokochi R, Schmitt B, Quirico E, Ciesla F, Davis A & Dauphas N
(2015) Composition of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Refractory Crust as Inferred from VIRTIS/ROSETTA
Quirico E, Moroz L, Beck P, Schmitt B, Arnold G, Bonal L, Filacchione G, Capaccioni F, Leyrat C, Bockelée-Morvan D, Erard S, Tosi F, Ciarnello M, Raponi A, Di Capria MT, De Sanctis M-C, Piccioni G, Barucci A, Drossart P & Virtis Team T
(2013) Highly Variable 15N-Enrichments in Solar System Reflect Different Routes of Interstellar N Isotopic Fractionation
Bonal L, Hily-Blant P, Faure A & Quirico E
(2013) Multi-Wavelength Raman Survey of IOM from Primitive Meteorites
Quirico E, François-Regis O-D, Pierre B, Lydie B, Rosario B, Emmanuel D, Thomas P, Gilles M, Jean-Noel R, Cecile E & Jean D
(2013) Different D-Rich Organic Reservoirs in Unequilibrated Ordinary and Carbonaceous Chondrites
Remusat L, Bernard S, Piani L, Bonnet J-Y & Quirico E
(2012) Hydrogen Abundance in Carbonaceous Chondrites from Thermogravimetric Analysis
Garenne A, Beck P, Montes-Hernandez G, Chiriac R, Toche F, Quirico E, Bonal L & Schmitt B
(2011) Nucleation and Growth of Acicular Goethite from Ferric Hydroxide Gel Under Moderate Temperature (30 and 70℃)
Montes-Hernandez G, Beck P, Renard F, Quirico E, Lanson B, Chiriac R & Findling N
(2009) S and O Functional Analysis of Aqueously Altered Carbonaceous Chondrites IOM
Orthous-Daunay F-R, Quirico E, Lemelle L, Beck P, De Andrade V, Simionovici A, Derenne S & Schmitt B
(2009) Spontaneous D-H Exchange between Water Ice and Complex Organic Molecules (COMs) in Protostellar Environments
Ratajczack A, Quirico E, Faure A, Schmitt B & Ceccarelli C
(2008) The Role of Fe-Oxides and Quartz in the Sequestration of Carbonaceous Matter in 2.72 Ga Banded Iron Formations, Dhawar Craton, India
Orberger B, Wirth R, Wagner C, Noret A, Massault M, Gallien JP, Jayananda M, Rouchon V, Quirico E & Montagnac G

Quirico Eric (2022) Nanoscale Mineralogy and Organic Structure in Carbonaceous Chondrites Studied with AFM-Ir Spectroscopy
Phan VTH, Rebois R, Beck P, Quirico E, Bonal L & Noguchi T

Quirico Eric (2017) Novel Metalorganic Compounds Revealed in Meteorites
Ruf A, Kanawati B, Yin Q-Z, Moritz F, Harir M, Lucio M, Shilobreeva S, Gabelica Z, Gougeon RD, Quirico E, Haack H, Gonsior M, Jenniskens P, Hinman NW & Schmitt-Kopplin P

Quirico Eric (2019) FTIR Quantification of the Functional C Groups in Coals and Extraterrestrial Kerogens: A Calibration Procedure
Phan VTH, Beck P, Carrasco N, Gautier T, Jovanovic L, Le Brech Y & Quirico E

Quiring M. (2012) Primary Origin vs. Redistribution of Trace Elements by Fluid Flow in Slope Facies Ediacaran Carbonate Rocks from the Yangtze Platform (South China)
Becker H, Baero W, Quiring M, Hammerschmidt K, Wiechert U & Hippler D

Quirk J. (2017) Experimental Evidence for the Role of Land Plant Evolutuion in the Intensification of Mineral Weathering
Quirk J, Leake J & Beerling D
(2016) Photosynthate Carbon-Energy Flux to the Rhizosphere as a Unifying Concept for Understanding Biological Mineral Weathering
Quirk J, Beerling D, Taylor L, Thorley R, Morris J & Leake J
(2014) Evolutionary Advances in Land Plants and Fungal Symbioses: Effects on Global Biogeochemical Cycles
Leake J, Quirk J, Thorley R, Morris J, Stein W, Berry C, Marshall J, Mannolini F, Banwart S & Beerling D
(2013) Atmospheric CO2 Starvation of Trees Arrests Mycorrhizal-Driven Silicate Weathering
Beerling D, Quirk J, Taylor L, Banwart S & Leake J
(2010) Co-evolution of Land Plants and Mycorrhizal Fungi as Biotic Feedbacks on the Long-Term Carbon Cycle
Beerling D, Andrews M, Quirk J, Palmer B, Banwart S & Leake J
(2009) Mycorrhizal Evolution, Biological Weathering and the Long-Term Carbon Cycle
Taylor LL, Leake JR, Quirk J, Hardy K, Banwart SA & Beerling DJ
(2009) Arbuscular Mycorrhiza: Mineral-Specific Fungal Interactions
Quirk J, Leake JR & Beerling DJ

Quiroga C. (2011) Pressure Induced Phase Transitions in MnTiO3: Insights from First Principles
Quiroga C & Pentcheva R

Quiróz C. (2016) The Silurian Igneous Rocks from the Santander Massif (Colombia) and its Metallogenic Significance
Mantilla Figueroa LC, Colegial Gutierrez JD, Botello F, Hernández Y & Quiróz C

Quiroz M. (2022) Tree Size as a Proxy of Texture and Soil Salinity in a Pecan Orchard: Exploring the Spatial Variability and Dominant Controls on Carbon Fluxes in Managed Dryland Critical Zone
Quiroz M, Garcia A, Molina V, Ramirez-Valle O, Sosa M, Orona V, Kaip G, Doser D, Engle M, Gutierrez H, Darrouzet-Nardi A, Ma L & Jin L

Quirt D. (2019) Recycling of Archean Sulfur from the Proterozoic Kiggavik Uranium Deposit, Nunavut, Canada
Fayek M, Shabaga B, Quirt D & Ledru P
(2019) Lead Isotopes in Exploration for Basement-Hosted Structurally Controlled Uranium Deposits
Benedicto A, Quirt D & Robbins J

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