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Qi Jinping (2014) A Study of Melt Inclusions from the Zijinshan Epithermal-Porphyry Au-Cu Ore Field, Fujian, China
Chi G, Lei R, Creighton S, Qi J & Li J

Qi Jinzhong (2013) Geochemical Characteristics of Granites and their Relationship to Gold Mineralization in Yangshan Gold Deposit, Gansu Province, China
Yang G, Yuan S, Qi J & Ge L

Qi Jun (2013) Environmental Degradation and Health Risks in Pearl River Delta, China
Qi J
(2011) Modern Sedimentation Rate and Heavy Metal Accumulation in Jiaozhou Bay Sediments
Qi J

Qi L (2006) Subduction-related origin of the 750 Ma Xuelongbao adakitic complex (Sichuan Province, China): implications for the tectonic setting of the giant Neoproterozoic magmatic event in South China
Zhou M-F, Yan DP, Wang CL, Qi L & Kennedy A

Qi L (2006) Platinum group elemental and Re-Os isotopic geochemistry of Permian Emeishan flood basalts in Guizhou Province, SW China
Qi L & Zhou M

Qi L. (2005) Ce Anomaly of Carbonate Rock as a Geochemical Tracer for Redox Conditions of Paleo-Atmosphere
Qiu Y, Fan W & Qi L
(2001) Trace Metals and Platinum in Fluid Inclusions in the Carlin-Type Gold Deposits, Southwestern China
Su WC, Hu RZ, Qi L, Fang WX & Liu JJ

Qi Liang (2020) Neoproterozoic Paleoclimate in South China: Perspectives on Chemical Weathering Processes
Qi L, Cawood P, Yang J, Xu Y & Du Y
(2016) An Evaluation of Digestion Methods for Trace Elements Determination in Bauxite Materials Using ICP-MS
Zhang W, Qi L & Hu Z
(2013) Preliminary Data on the Trace Elements Concentration in Moldova Nouă Porphyry Copper Deposit (Romania)
Cioacă ME, Munteanu M, Qi L, Costin G & Costea C
(2007) Mesozoic Magmatic Activities of Western Shandong (Luxi), China
Liu S, Hu R, Feng C, Qi L, Xiao T & Zhong H
(2007) Fractional Crystallization of Monosulfide Solid Solution from Sulfide Liquids Lead to the PGE Enrichment in the Jinchuan Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposit, Western China
Su S, Li C, Zhou M, Ripley EM & Qi L
(2002) Mantle Metasomatism and Platinum-Group Elements fractionation:Evidence from Deep-Source Xenoliths at Liuhe, Yunnan, China
Su W, Hu R, Liu X, Qi L & Bi X
(2002) The Dramatic Fractionation of REEs in Hydrothermal Calcites from the Xikuangshan Antimony Deposit, Hunan, China
Peng J, Hu R, Zhao J & Qi L

Qi Ling (2014) Top-Down Estimates of Black Carbon Emissions in the Western United States Using the Adjoin of GEOS-Chem
Mao Y, Li Q, Henze D, Randerson J, Jiang Z, Jones D, Gao M, Qi L, He C & Liou K-N

Qi Liye (2016) The Adsorption Behavior of Iodine on Bentonite
Qi L, Nie Z & Yang X

Qi Meng (2020) Fe Uptake and Translocation Responded to Various Zn Supplies at Tillering Stage: Coupling Study with Stable Metal Isotope and Molecular Biology
Wu Q, Gao T, Liu C, Liu Y, Xia Y, Qi M & Li F

Qi Min (2013) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Phengite from Blueschist Facies Rock of the Myanmar and its Implication
Qi M, Zhang Z, Xiang H, Zhong Z & Qiu H

Qi Qi (2023) Methane Supply Drives Prokaryotic Community Assembly and Networks at Cold Seeps of the South China Sea
Niu M, Deng L, Su L, Ruff SE, Yang N, Luo M, Qi Q, Li J & Wang F

Qi Qiu Ju (2011) U–Pb Zircon, Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on Age and Origin of Cretaceous Granites from the North Qinling, Central China and Implications for Interaction between Crust and Mantle
Wang XX, Wang T, Qi QJ & Li S

Qi S (2005) DNA Preservation in Late Pleistocene Materials from China
Lai X & Qi S

Qi Shihua (2020) Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Sediment from Poyang Lake Under the Condition of Drying-Wetting Cycles
Zhang Y, Yang D, Mao L, Liu J, Zhang Y & Qi S
(2020) Occurrence of N-Nitrosamines in Surface Water and Groundwater in South China
Chen Y, Chen W, Li J & Qi S
(2019) N-Nitrosamines in Surface Water and Groundwater of the Pearl River Delta, South China: Spatial Distribution, Source Analysis and Cancer Risk Assessment
Chen W & Qi S
(2015) Levels, Source Diagnosis and Risk Assessment of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Multimedia Environment from Heshan Coal District, Guangxi, South China
Huang H, Xing X, Qi S & Yuen D
(2015) Genesis of Acid Drainage Pollution of an Engineering Construction in Central China
Li Y, Luo Z & Qi S
(2013) The URGE Project in Italy: The Acerra–Pomigliano-Marigliano Conurbation
Albanese S, Lima A, Rezza C, Ferullo G, De Vivo B, Chen W & Qi S

Qi W. (2020) Composition and Transformation Characteristics of Clay Minerals in Alkaline Lacustrine Basins
Qi W, Wu J, Bai J, Pan S & Li Z
(2019) Influence of Sulfate on S.A.R.A. Fraction of Soluble Organic Product from Thermal Degradation of Kerogen
Wu J, Qi W, Luo Q & Ma Q
(2019) Investigating the Thermal Evolution of Organic Matter in Salt Lakes Under the Influence of Different Ions
Qi W, Xia Y, Wu J & Zhang X

Qi X.f. (2012) Research on the Basin Formation and the Eruption of Volcano during Carboniferous Period in Front of the Kelamli Mountain in Junger Basin
Li L, Luo X, Hou LH, Wei YZ, Qi XF & Zhao X

Qi Xian-Mao (2015) Tectonic Significance of the Accretionary Complexes in the Yarlung Zangbo Rive of South Tibet, China
Wang G-H, Han F-L & Qi X-M

Qi Xiaofei (2023) Reactive Transport Modeling of Chemical Stimulation Processes for an Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS)
Feng B, Cui Z, Shangguan S & Qi X

Qi Xintong (2016) Equation of State and High-Pressure Lattice Behavior of CaCO3 Aragonite
Li Y, Zou Y, Chen T, Wang X, Qi X, Du J & Li B

Qi Xuening (2020) Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Coal Derived Gas in Northwest China
Hao A, Guo J, Li J, Ran Q & Qi X
(2019) Source Correlation and Forming Model of Natural Gas in Devonian-Middle Permian Fornatiom in Sichuan Basin, China
Xie Z, Yang C, Dong C, Zhang L, Guo J, Li Z, Li J & Qi X
(2019) Geochemical Characteristics of Jurassic Coal-Formed Gas in Northwest China
Li J, Hao A, Guo J, Ran Q & Qi X

Qi Yarong (2023) Mineral Dissolution Controls the Rate of Methanogenesis by Hydrogenotrophic Microbial Communities Utilizing Carbonates
Qi Y, Borglin S, Li L, Dong W, Schichnes D, Lisabeth H, Bill M & Gilbert B

Qi You Qiang (2015) He and Ar Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Ore-Forming Fluids of Wuziqilong Cu Deposit, Fujian Province, China
Wu LY, Hu RZ, Li XF, Jiang GH, Qi YQ & Zhu JJ

Qi You-Qiang (2018) Mesozoic Felsic Magmatic Activities in North Wuyi Area, South China: Melting of Metamorphosed Sedimentary Rocks Under a Tectonic Regime Transformation
Qi Y-Q, Hu R-Z, Gao J-F & Leng C-B

Qi Yuanzhi (2019) Sources and Ages of Black Carbon in Large Chinene Rivers and Coastal Ocean
Fu W, Qi Y & Wang X

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