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Qi Z. (2011) The FeS/H2S System – A Model for a Primitive DMSO Reductase
Alpermann T, Qi Z, Poppitz W & Weigand W

Qian B. (2011) A LA-ICP-MS Study of Garnet from the Nihe Iron Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Zhang L, Zhou T, Fan Y, Yuan F, Ma L & Qian B
(2010) LA-ICP-MS in situ Trace Elements Analysis of Apatite and Magnetite from Taocun Iron Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Zhang L, Zhou T, Fan Y, Yuan F, Ma L & Qian B

Qian F-J. (2019) Formation Pathways of Norsethite Controlled by Mg/Ba Ratio and Implication for Dolomite Problem
Zhang Y-F, Zhou G-T, Qian F-J & Yao Q-Z

Qian G. (2020) Arsenic Influence on the Distribution and Modes of Occurrence of Gold during the Fluid-Pyrite Interaction: A Case Study of Pyrite from the Qiucun Gold Deposit, China
Zhang H, Cai Y, Sha G, Brugger J, Pring A, Ni P, Qian G, Luo Z, Zhang Y & Tan W
(2019) The Replacement Reaction of Chalcopyrite by Covellite Under Hydro-Thermal Conditions
He Z, Harmer S, Pring A & Qian G

Qian H. (2004) The Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd Isotopic Systematics of the Gaojiapuzi Ag Deposit, NE China
Yu G, Chen J, Qian H & Yang S

Qian J (2006) Experimental study of non-Fickian transport in a sand-filled fracture
Qian J, Luo S, Wu J, Zhou N, Chen Z & Qin H
(2005) Experiment Study on Validity of LCL and Critical Re for Groundwater Flow in a Single Fracture
Qian J, Wu J & Liu Y
(2005) Comparative Methodologies for Hydro-Geochemical Sampling Plans for Contaminant Plume Monitoring Under Uncertainty
Wu J, Qian J & Chen Y

Qian Jiazhong (2010) Hydrological Cycle, Hydrogeological Characteristics and Mobility of Arsenic in Groundwater in Watershed of Nanfei River, Anhui, China
Qian J, Liu Y, Luo S & Chen T
(2010) An Experimental Study on the Autotrophic Denitrification with Sulphur Electron Donor in Groundwater
Liu Y, Qian J, Chen Z & Wu J
(2009) Identification of Anthropogenic Influences on Groundwater Quality Based on Hydrogeochemistry Survey in Nanfei Watershed, China
Qian JZ, Luo SH, Liu Y & Chen G
(2009) Characterization and Bioremediation of Groundwater Contaminated with Nitrate in Wetland of Chaohu Lake
Liu Y, Qian JZ, Chen Z & Zhou NQ
(2009) Experimental Measuring and Characterizing of the Original Tensile-Fracture and its Behaviors in the Crude Bedrock
Luo S, Qian J, Zheng J & Zhao W
(2008) Uncertainty Analysis of the Contaminant Transport Fate Using Conditional Simulation of Hydraulic Conductivity
Wu J, Qian J, Peng W & Liu J
(2006) Effect of urbanization on hydro-geochemistry and contamination of fracture-karst groundwater from Jiaozuo City, China
Luo S, Qian JZ, Wu JF, Zhao WD & Wang KL

Qian K. (2011) Highly Oxidized Species in TSR-Altered Oils
Walters C, Qian K, Wu C, Mennito A & Wei Z

Qian M. (2020) Petroleum Composition Revealed from Revised Programed Pyrolysis and Implications for Lacustrine Shale Oil Mobility and Resource Potential
Li M, Chen Z, Qian M, Ma X, Jiang Q & Li Z
(2020) Geochemical Evidence for Bedding Parallel Oil Migration in an Inter-Salt Lacustrine Shale Oil Reservoir
Ma X, Li M, Qian M, Jiang Q & Li Z

Qian W. (2022) Elasticity of High-Pressure Clinoenstatite Under Mantle Conditions: Implications for the Origin of the x-Discontinuity
Song J, Qian W, Hao S, Wang W, Sun D & Wu Z
(2022) Elasticity of Orthopyroxene at High Pressure and Temperature: Insights into the Metasomatism of Mantle Wedge by Siliceous Melts
Deng X, Song J, Qian W & Wu Z
(2019) Elasticity of Akimotoite Under the Mantle Conditions: Implications for Double Discontinuities at the Depth of ~700 km in Subduction Zones
Wu Z, Hao S, Wang W & Qian W

Qian X-Y. (2015) Biomineralization Based Heavy Metals Remediation from Soil
Qian X-Y, Kumari D, Pan X & Achal V

Qian Y. (2001) Tracing Contaminants in the Coastal Environment Using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis
Yanik PJ, Macko SA, Qian Y & Kennicutt Ii MC

Qian Ye (2020) Geochronology, Geochemistry and Geological Significances of the Middle Ordovician Wulanwuzhuer Intermediate-Acidic Intrusive Rocks in the Qiman Tagh Area, Eastern Kunlun Orogenic Belt
Xu Q, Sun F, Li B, Qian Y, Meng F & Wang G
(2014) Migration Characteristics of Elements during Hydrothermal Alteration in Nariniya Porphyry-Type Pb-Zn Deposit of the Tuotuohe Region, Qinghai–Tibet Plateau
Qian Y, Sun F, Shen Y & Zhang Y
(2014) Paleovolcanic Edifice Rebuilding in the Southeastern Margin of the Songliao Basin, NE China
Shen Y, Cheng R, Zhang Y & Qian Y

Qian Yixiong (2020) The Nature of Fluid in Strike-Slip Faults, Shunbei Ultra-Deep Oil Field, Tarim Basin
You D, Cao Z, Han J, Qian Y & Chen Q

Qian Yu (2016) Effect of Temperature on the Formation and Distribution of Steranes in Geological Conditions
Wang Z, Li X, Qian Y & Zhang T

Qian Yufeng (2010) Mapping the Iron-Binding Site on the Small Tetraheme Cytochrome of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Qian Y, Kubicki J & Tien M

Qian Yun (2011) Multi-Decadal Change of Atmospheric Aerosols and their Effect on Surface Radiation
Chin M, Diehl T, Streets D, Wild M, Qian Y, Yu H, Tan Q, Bian H & Wang W

Qian Yuqi (2020) Geological Characteristics of the Young Mare Basalts in Chang’e-5 Landing Region, Northern Oceanus Procellarum
Qian Y, Xiao L & Head J

Qian Z-Z. (2010) The Petrogenesis of Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions in the Huangshan Region, Eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang, China
Xia M, Jiang C, Qian Z, Sun T & Xia Z
(2010) The Characteristics of Platinum-Group Elements and Comparisons for the Typical Ni–Cu Sulfide Deposits, Western China
Qian Z, Wang J, Dong F, Jiao J, Yan H, He K & Sun T
(2008) Geochemistry of Platinum-Group Elements in the Kalatongke Cu-Ni Sulfide Deposit, Xinjiang, China
Qian Z-Z, Huang X-F, Jiang C-Y, Jiao J-G, Yan H-Q & He K
(2008) Petrogenesis and Mantle Dynamics of Kalatongke Mafic Rock Bodies, Northwestern China
Jiang C, Qian Z, Yu X, Jiao J, Yan H, Lu R & Xia Z
(2008) Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Hulu Ni–Cu-Bearing Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions, Eastern Xinjiang, Northwest China
Xia M, Jiang C, Qian Z, Sun T, Xia Z & Lu R

Qiang J. (2008) An Indosinian Orogenic Belt in the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China:Geochemical and Geochronological Evidence
Guo A, Zhang G, Qiang J, Li G & Yao A

Qiang W. (2019) Thermal State Transition from Cold to Warm Mid-Lower Crust in Central Tibet Since 28 Myr
Zhang X-Z & Qiang W
(2011) Episodic Events of the Western North China Craton and North Qinling Orogenic Belt, in Central China: Revealing by Detrital Zircon U–Pb Ages
Sun Y, Diwu C, Zhang H, Qiang W & Guo A

Qiang Y (2005) Iron-Iron Oxide Core Shell Nanoparticles for Contaminant Underground Water Treatment
Antony J, Sharma A, Pendyala S, Meyer D, Nutting J, Baer D, Wang C, McCready D, Engelhard M & Qiang Y

Qiang Yu (2018) The Effect of Temperature on the Formation of Steranes
Wang Z, Liang M, Li X, Zhang T, Qiang Y & Li Z

Qiang Z. (2003) Geochemical Anomalies Possibly Indicating Occurrence of Hydrate in the Northeast of the South China Sea
Lu Z, Wu B, Qiang Z, Zhou Y, Wang Z & Zhang F

Qiao Gb (2008) Metallogenic Controlling Factors for Metamorphic-Sedimentary Mn-Deposits in Hougou-Dapingshan Area, South Qinling Orogenic Belt
Yang Z, Yang X, Li Z, Qiao G, Huang H & Song Z

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