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Qi Yue (2018) Late Permian Bimodal Volcanic Rocks in the Northern Qiangtang, Central Tibet: Evidence for the Interaction between Emeishan Plume and Paleo-Tethyan Subduction System
Wang J, Wang Q, Zhang C, Dan W, Qi Y, Zhang X-Z & Xia X-P
(2012) Zircon U-Pb Ages and O-Nd Isotopic Composition of the Qinling Group in North Qinling, Central China
Liu B-X, Chne F, Wang W, Qi Y, Long Q & Wu J-D
(2012) Geochemistry and Geochronology of Cu-Bearing Adakitic Rocks in the Edong-Jiurui Area, Eastern China
Yang Y-Z, Chen F, Long Q, Cheng T, Qi Y & Wu J-D
(2012) Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Mesozoic Volcanic Rocks from the Hailar Basin, NE China
Li S-Q, Chen F, Wu J-D, Qi Y & Long Q
(2012) Geochronology and Kinetics of the Shapinggou Porphyry Mo Deposit in Jinzhai, Eastern Qinling-Dabie Orogenic Belt
Yang L, Chen F, Qi Y & Zhu X

Qi Yuhan (2021) Ca Isotope Composition of the Altered Oceanic Crust from the IODP Site 1256 at the East Pacific Rise
Hu L, Qi Y, Kang J & Huang F
(2020) Calcium Isotopic Compositions of Arc Magmas: The Absence of Subduction Signal
Kang J, Qi Y, Yu H, Zhang Z & Huang F
(2019) Fe Isotope Fractionation in Paddy Soils Originated from Lacustrine Sediments and Red Clay
Qi Y, Zhang G, Huang F, Li D, Yu H & Cheng W
(2018) The Vanadium Isotopic Composition of the BSE: Constraints from Peridotites and Komatiites
Qi Y, Wu F, Ionov D, Puchtel I, Nicklas R, Yu H, Kang J, Li C & Huang F
(2018) Melt/rock Interaction in the Mesozoic Lithospheric Mantle beneath the Eastern North China Craton: Fe Isotopic Evidence
Zhao X, Huang S, Qi Y, Huang F & Zhang H
(2018) The Vanadium Isotope Evidence for Emergence of Felsic Crust after 3 Ga
Huang F, Tian S, Rudnick R, Qi Y, Wu F, Cai Y & Gaschnig R
(2017) Exploring Ca Isotope Systematic in the Earth’s Mantle
Huang F, Zhang Z-F, Kang J-T, Qi Y, Zhou C & Wang W-Z
(2016) Vanadium Isotope Fractionation in Low-Temperature Environments
Wu F, Qi Y, Zhang F, Algeo T, Yu H & Huang F
(2014) Fe Cycling and Isotope Fractionation in Paddy Soils of Suzhou, China
Yu H, Qi Y, Huang F, Zhang G, Li D & Lundstrom C

Qi Yuning (2022) Heterogeneous Distribution of Water in Wet Mantle Plume beneath Changbaishan, NE China: Constraints from Machine Learning
Qi Y, Chen H, Wu S, Du Z-H & Xia Q-K

Qi Yuping (2019) Marine Anoxia Linked to Abrupt Global Warming during Deep Glacial of the Earth’s Penultimate Icehouse
Chen J, Montañez IP, Zhang F, Shen S, Yao L, Qi Y, Wang Y & Wang X

Qi Zehui (2023) Effect of Irradiation and Alkali Silica Reaction on Aggregate Physicochemical Reactivity in Nuclear Powerplants
Bouissonnié A, Chen X, Qi Z, Zinkle S, Le Pape Y, Tajuelo Rodriguez E, Alnaggar M, Bauchy M & Sant G

Qi Zheqiong (2011) The FeS/H2S System – A Model for a Primitive DMSO Reductase
Alpermann T, Qi Z, Poppitz W & Weigand W

Qi Zi-Tong (2023) Interpreting Biosignatures from High Latitudinal Plant Fossils: The Influence of Light Regimes on Ancient CO2 Reconstruction
Leng Q, Svärd E, Qi Z-T, Niu G & Yang H

Qian B. (2011) A LA-ICP-MS Study of Garnet from the Nihe Iron Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Zhang L, Zhou T, Fan Y, Yuan F, Ma L & Qian B
(2010) LA-ICP-MS in situ Trace Elements Analysis of Apatite and Magnetite from Taocun Iron Deposit, Anhui Province, China
Zhang L, Zhou T, Fan Y, Yuan F, Ma L & Qian B

Qian F-J. (2019) Formation Pathways of Norsethite Controlled by Mg/Ba Ratio and Implication for Dolomite Problem
Zhang Y-F, Zhou G-T, Qian F-J & Yao Q-Z

Qian G. (2023) Enrichment of Precious Metals Associated with Chalcopyrite Inclusions in Sphalerite
Zhang H, Qian G, Zhou F, Cai Y & Pring A
(2020) Arsenic Influence on the Distribution and Modes of Occurrence of Gold during the Fluid-Pyrite Interaction: A Case Study of Pyrite from the Qiucun Gold Deposit, China
Zhang H, Cai Y, Sha G, Brugger J, Pring A, Ni P, Qian G, Luo Z, Zhang Y & Tan W
(2019) The Replacement Reaction of Chalcopyrite by Covellite Under Hydro-Thermal Conditions
He Z, Harmer S, Pring A & Qian G

Qian H. (2004) The Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd Isotopic Systematics of the Gaojiapuzi Ag Deposit, NE China
Yu G, Chen J, Qian H & Yang S

Qian J (2006) Experimental study of non-Fickian transport in a sand-filled fracture
Qian J, Luo S, Wu J, Zhou N, Chen Z & Qin H
(2005) Experiment Study on Validity of LCL and Critical Re for Groundwater Flow in a Single Fracture
Qian J, Wu J & Liu Y
(2005) Comparative Methodologies for Hydro-Geochemical Sampling Plans for Contaminant Plume Monitoring Under Uncertainty
Wu J, Qian J & Chen Y

Qian Jiazhong (2010) Hydrological Cycle, Hydrogeological Characteristics and Mobility of Arsenic in Groundwater in Watershed of Nanfei River, Anhui, China
Qian J, Liu Y, Luo S & Chen T
(2010) An Experimental Study on the Autotrophic Denitrification with Sulphur Electron Donor in Groundwater
Liu Y, Qian J, Chen Z & Wu J
(2009) Identification of Anthropogenic Influences on Groundwater Quality Based on Hydrogeochemistry Survey in Nanfei Watershed, China
Qian JZ, Luo SH, Liu Y & Chen G
(2009) Characterization and Bioremediation of Groundwater Contaminated with Nitrate in Wetland of Chaohu Lake
Liu Y, Qian JZ, Chen Z & Zhou NQ
(2009) Experimental Measuring and Characterizing of the Original Tensile-Fracture and its Behaviors in the Crude Bedrock
Luo S, Qian J, Zheng J & Zhao W
(2008) Uncertainty Analysis of the Contaminant Transport Fate Using Conditional Simulation of Hydraulic Conductivity
Wu J, Qian J, Peng W & Liu J
(2006) Effect of urbanization on hydro-geochemistry and contamination of fracture-karst groundwater from Jiaozuo City, China
Luo S, Qian JZ, Wu JF, Zhao WD & Wang KL

Qian K. (2011) Highly Oxidized Species in TSR-Altered Oils
Walters C, Qian K, Wu C, Mennito A & Wei Z

Qian M. (2020) Petroleum Composition Revealed from Revised Programed Pyrolysis and Implications for Lacustrine Shale Oil Mobility and Resource Potential
Li M, Chen Z, Qian M, Ma X, Jiang Q & Li Z
(2020) Geochemical Evidence for Bedding Parallel Oil Migration in an Inter-Salt Lacustrine Shale Oil Reservoir
Ma X, Li M, Qian M, Jiang Q & Li Z

Qian T. (2023) Surface Uplift and Erosion Related to Emplacement of Large-Scale Mafic Sills: Examples from Yanliao Basin in the North China Craton
Zhang S-H, Qian T, Pei J, Zhang Q-Q & Hu G

Qian Wang (2023) Regional Transport of PM2.5 and O3 Based on Complex Network Method and Chemical Transport Model in the Yangtze River Delta, China
Qian W & Chen J

Qian Wangsheng (2022) Elasticity of High-Pressure Clinoenstatite Under Mantle Conditions: Implications for the Origin of the x-Discontinuity
Song J, Qian W, Hao S, Wang W, Sun D & Wu Z
(2022) Elasticity of Orthopyroxene at High Pressure and Temperature: Insights into the Metasomatism of Mantle Wedge by Siliceous Melts
Deng X, Song J, Qian W & Wu Z
(2019) Elasticity of Akimotoite Under the Mantle Conditions: Implications for Double Discontinuities at the Depth of ~700 km in Subduction Zones
Wu Z, Hao S, Wang W & Qian W

Qian X-Y. (2015) Biomineralization Based Heavy Metals Remediation from Soil
Qian X-Y, Kumari D, Pan X & Achal V

Qian Y. (2001) Tracing Contaminants in the Coastal Environment Using Compound Specific Isotope Analysis
Yanik PJ, Macko SA, Qian Y & Kennicutt Ii MC

Qian Ye (2020) Geochronology, Geochemistry and Geological Significances of the Middle Ordovician Wulanwuzhuer Intermediate-Acidic Intrusive Rocks in the Qiman Tagh Area, Eastern Kunlun Orogenic Belt
Xu Q, Sun F, Li B, Qian Y, Meng F & Wang G
(2014) Migration Characteristics of Elements during Hydrothermal Alteration in Nariniya Porphyry-Type Pb-Zn Deposit of the Tuotuohe Region, Qinghai–Tibet Plateau
Qian Y, Sun F, Shen Y & Zhang Y
(2014) Paleovolcanic Edifice Rebuilding in the Southeastern Margin of the Songliao Basin, NE China
Shen Y, Cheng R, Zhang Y & Qian Y

Qian Yixiong (2020) The Nature of Fluid in Strike-Slip Faults, Shunbei Ultra-Deep Oil Field, Tarim Basin
You D, Cao Z, Han J, Qian Y & Chen Q

Qian Yu (2016) Effect of Temperature on the Formation and Distribution of Steranes in Geological Conditions
Wang Z, Li X, Qian Y & Zhang T

Qian Yufeng (2010) Mapping the Iron-Binding Site on the Small Tetraheme Cytochrome of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Qian Y, Kubicki J & Tien M

Qian Yun (2011) Multi-Decadal Change of Atmospheric Aerosols and their Effect on Surface Radiation
Chin M, Diehl T, Streets D, Wild M, Qian Y, Yu H, Tan Q, Bian H & Wang W

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