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Qiu Kunfeng (2020) The Giant Zaozigou Au-Sb Deposit in West Qinling, China: Magmatic- or Metamorphic-Hydrothermal Origin?
Qiu K

Qiu L (2006) Dissolution of loess-paleosol samples in 3M HCl at 80oC, and its paleo-climatic implication
Qiu L & Li G

Qiu Lei (2010) Sm-Nd Dating of Whole Rock and Mineral Separates from Dangqiong Gabbro, Yarlung–Tsangpo Suture
Zhou S, Mo X, Qiu R, Zhao Z, Zhang S, Guo T & Qiu L

Qiu Liang (2018) The Mixture of Rhyolite and Carbonate: Deciphering the Mystery of So-Called “Lamprophyre” Dike in Xikuangshan, South China
Ren M, Qiu L, Yan D-P, Wells M & Chen F

Qiu Lin (2013) Experimental Study of the Reaction Kinetics between CO2-Bearing Solution and Olivine
Qiu L, Wang Z, Zhang S, Karato S-I, Ague J, Oristaglio M, Bolton E & Bercovici D
(2012) Experimental Study of the Kinetics of CO2-sequestration by Olivines and Hawaiian Picrites
Qiu L, Wang Z, Karato S-I, Ague J, Oristaglio M, Bolton E & Bercovici D
(2010) Lithium and Oxygen Isotopes and Oxidation State of Lower Oceanic Crust: Atlantis Massif, 30°N
Reynolds V, Crapster-Pregont E, Dyar D, Jawin E, McDonough W, Qiu L, Rumble D & Tucker J
(2010) A Li Isotopic Study of an Accretionary Prism, the Low-Grade Otago Schist, New Zealand
Qiu L, Rudnick RL, Ague JJ & McDonough WF

Qiu Liwen (2013) Triplite in Baxiannao W Deposit, Southern Jiangxi, and its Geological Significance
Qiu L & Li G
(2010) Concentration and Dissolution of Some Ore Elements in Oil-Field Water from the Jiyang Depression, China
Qiu L
(2008) Carbonate Weathering in Response to Monsoon Changes
Qiu L, Li G, Chen J & Yang X

Qiu N.

Qiu Rong Liang (2012) Zn Isotopes Variation in Field Hyperaccumulator Plant Species
Tang YT, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Morel JL, Carignan J, Qiu RL & Echevarria G

Qiu Rong-Liang (2020) Silicon Plays a Key Role in Rare Earth Elements Detoxification in a Hyperaccumulator Fern
Liu W-S, Tang Y-T, van der Ent A & Qiu R-L
(2020) Size-Dependent Accumulation and Toxicity of PS-Mps in Earthworms (Eisenia Foetida)
Xiao X, Tang Y, He E & Qiu R
(2018) Rare Earths Elements Cycling in Reclaimed Ion-Adsorption Mine Tailings
Janot N, Huot H, Leguédois S, Séré G, Tang Y-T, Morel J-L, Qiu R-L & Groenenberg JE

Qiu Rongliang (2020) Mechanisms of BioSeNPs Biomineralization: AFM, FTIR and XPS Analysis
Yuan Y, Zhu J, Liu C & Qiu R
(2019) Biomineralization of Seledide: Implications for Se Bioremediation and Recovery
Yuan Y, Zhu J, Liu C & Qiu R
(2014) Nickel and Zinc Isotope Fractionation in Hyperaccumulating and Non-Hyperaccumulating Plants
Deng T, Cloquet C, Sterckeman T, Tang Y, Echevarria G, Morel J-L, Qiu R & Estrade N

Qiu Ruizhao (2010) Sm-Nd Dating of Whole Rock and Mineral Separates from Dangqiong Gabbro, Yarlung–Tsangpo Suture
Zhou S, Mo X, Qiu R, Zhao Z, Zhang S, Guo T & Qiu L
(2009) Variation of Spatial and Temporal of Miocene Ultrapotassic Volcanism in Interior Gangdese, Tibet and its Petrogenesis
Zhou S, Mo X, Zhao Z, Xie G, Qiu R, Zhu D & Liao Z

Qiu S. (2013) Quantitative Analysis of High Resolution Isotope and Concentration Data from a Toluene-Pulse Experiment by Reactive Transport Modeling
Eckert D, Qiu S, Elsner M & Cirpka O

Qiu T. (2019) Recycling Oceanic Crust in Mantle Revealed by Diamond within Chromitite from the Mirdita Ophiolite (Albania)
Wu W, Yang J, Wirth R, Zheng J, Lian D & Qiu T
(2017) Trace Element Mobility in Shear Zones within the Sartohay Ophiolite, West Junggar, Xinjiang (NW China): Implications from CO2-metasomatism of Peridotite and its Shearing Deformation
Qiu T, Zhu Y & Yang J

Qiu Wanyin (2022) Double-Plunge Structure of the East Asian Summer Monsoon during Heinrich Stadial 1 Recorded in Xianyun Cave, Southeastern China
Qiu W, Zhang X, Jiang X, Hu H-M, Ma L, Xiao H, Cai B & Shen C-C

Qiu Wenhong (2022) Sulfur Isotopes Constraints and Thermodynamic Modelling of Mendez Gwen (MAR) Chimney Mineralization
Qiu W, Alveirinho Dias Á, Costa IMA & Barriga FJAS
(2022) Variability of the Hydrothermal Fields within the Portuguese Seafloor (MAR)
Alveirinho Dias Á, Relvas JMRS, A. Marques AF, Qiu W, Barriga FJAS, Ribeiro L & Calado A
(2020) Ore-Forming Process of the Menez Gwen Hydrothermal Field: In situ S Isotopes and Trace Metals Constraints
Qiu W, Dias ÁA, Costa IMA & Barriga F
(2020) Sub-Seafloor Sulfide Mineralization in the Saldanha Hydrothermal Field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR)
Alveirinho Dias Á, Qiu W, Barriga FJAS & Tao C

Qiu Wenkai (2019) Effect of Clay Mineral Particle Size Composition on Organic Carbon Occurrence in Clay Aquitard
Liu R, Ma T & Qiu W
(2019) Adsorption of BDE-47 on Aluminium Hydroxide Colloid
Qiu W, Ma T, Liu R & Chen L

Qiu Xiao Fei (2011) Early Neoproterozoic Arc Magmatism along the Northwestern Margin of the Yangtze Craton and its Connection with the South China Block Evolution during the Rodinia Assembly
Berkana W, Ling W, Lu SS & Qiu XF
(2011) A New Recognition of Grenvillian Volcanic Suite in the South China Block and its Connection with Rodinia Assembly
Qiu XF, Ling W-L & Liu X
(2011) Recycling Subcontinental Plagioclase-Rich Lower Crust in the North China Craton
Zhang J-B, Ling W-L, Liu Y, Gao S, Kusky T, Chen Z-W, Qiu XF & Chen M

Qiu Xiao-Fei (2015) Evolution of Archean Continental Crust in Nucleus of the Yangtze Block, South China Block
Qiu X-F, Ling W-L, Liu X-M, Lu S-S & Yang H-M

Qiu Xiaohui

Qiu Xinhong (2021) A Kinetic Method to Assess the Chemical Species of Mn during Photochemically-Assisted Abiotic Oxidation
Yu Q, Xu X & Qiu X
(2013) Immobilization of Boron in Groundwaters by Combination of MgO with Woodchips
Sasaki K, Qiu X, Takamori H, Moriyama S, Ideta K & Miyawaki J
(2012) Sorption of Borate on Calcined Products of Natural Dolomite
Sasaki K, Hosomomi Y & Qiu X

Qiu Y. (2005) Ce Anomaly of Carbonate Rock as a Geochemical Tracer for Redox Conditions of Paleo-Atmosphere
Qiu Y, Fan W & Qi L
(2001) Geological Setting of Some Classical Selenium-Bearing Formations in China
Wen H & Qiu Y
(2001) Occurrence of Selenium in Laerma Se-Au Deposit, China
Wen H & Qiu Y

Qiu Yuping (2010) Soil Microbial Processes of Coexisting Atrazine and Dichlobenil in the Presence of a Biochar
Sheng D, Zhou Z & Qiu Y

Qiu Yuzhuo (2002) Occurrence of Selenium in the Kerogen-Evidences of TEM
Wen H & Qiu Y

Qiu Zhen (2020) Ocean Euxinia Triggered the Late Ordovician Mass extinction:Evidence from High-Resolution Data in South China
Qiu Z, Zou C, Wang H, Dong D, Chen Z & Liu H

Qiu Zhengjie (2022) The Role of Orogenesis on the Formation of Epigenetic Sediment-Hosted Cu-Co Deposits
Qiu Z, Fan H, Goldfarb RJ & Tomkins A
(2020) Cobalt Released from Stratiform Sulfides by Metamorphic Remobilization: Sources of Orogenic Sediment-Hosted Cu-Co Deposits
Qiu Z, Fan H, Tomkins A, Liu X & Li X
(2019) Deep Fluid Separation at Rapid Exhumation from the Tran-North China Craton Orogen: Insights into Scapolite Behavior
Qiu Z & Fan H

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