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S B. (2020) Mesoarchean Mafic Magmatism from Two Distinct Mantle Sources: Evidence from Sm-Nd Isotopic Studies on Metabasalts of the Gadag Greenstone Belt, Dharwar Craton, India
D K & S B

S S.A. (2018) Simultaneous Determination of 234Th/238U and 210Po/210Pb Disequilibria in a Hydrothermal Vent Region along the Southwest Indian Ridge System
S SA & R R

S T. (2022) Trend and Pattern in δ13C and δ18O of Atmospheric CO2 during COVID Lockdown; Observation from Bengaluru, India
Swaraj A, Ghosh P, S T & Fosu B
(2022) Nitrogen Isotope Proxy in Clay Ammonium as an Indicator of Wildfire Activity over Indian Himalaya
S T, Ghosh P & Nair N
(2021) Himalayan Upliftment Enhanced Moisture Transport during Miocene: Evidence from Clumped Isotope Thermometry and Oxygen Isotopes in Globigerinoides Quadrilobatus from the Bay of Bengal
S T, Banerjee B & Ghosh P
(2021) Clumped Isotope Thermometry in Earthworm Carbonates
Banerjee S, Ghosh P, S T, Versteegh E, Black S & Hodson M
(2021) Mid Cretaceous Climatic Oscillations from Southern (40°S) Latitude: Evidence from Bivalves (Gryphea) and Belemnites Using Clumped Isotopes
Banerjee Y, S T & Ghosh P

S. Eker C. (2014) U-Pb Zircon Ages and Sr-Nd-Pb Isotopic Compositions of Carboniferous Magmatism in the Eastern Pontides, NE Turkey
Kaygusuz A, Si̇pahi̇ F, Arslan M, Temizel I & S. Eker C

Sá A. (2015) Geochemistry and U-Pb Age of Early Ordovician Ash-Fall Tuff Beds from Moncorvo, Northern Portugal
Urbano E, Gomes M, Meireles C, Teixeira R, Sá A, Santos F, Azevedo M & Corfu F

Sá E.M. (2020) The Southern Ribeira Belt Metasediments, Southeast Brazil: Geochronological Constraints on the Evolution of the Western Gondwana
Passarelli CR, Marques dos Santos MDM, Sá EM, Basei MAS & Siga Jr. O

Sa¡ez R. (2012) Black Shales and Massive Sulfide Deposist in the Iberian Pyrite Belt
Sa¡ez R, Moreno C, Gonza¡lez F & Almodovar GR

Saabitu R.A. (2020) Baseline Geochemical Assessment of Metal Concentration and Distribution in Top Soils of the Free-Trade Zone, Akodo, Ibeju-Lekki Area, South-Western Nigeria
Ajayi FF & Saabitu RA

Saad A.

Saad E. (2017) Composition of Dissolved Organic Phosphorus Produced by Marine Phytoplankton
Ingall E, Saad E & Chambers L
(2016) Microbial Metabolite Promoted Dissolution and Transformation of Mixed chromium(III)-iron(III) (Oxy)hydroxides
Saad E & Tang Y
(2014) Elemental, Isotopic, and Particle Fingerprinting of Dust Sources in the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona, USA
Saad E, Ketterer M & Tang Y

Saad N.
(2014) Comparison of Carbon and Hydrogen Stable Isotope Analysis by Cavity Ring-Down and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry Using Dual-Inlet and Gas Chromatography of Hydrocarbons
Culp R & Saad N
(2010) Novel Continuous Flow-Cavity RingDown Spectroscopy Systems For High-Precision Bulk and Compound-Specific 13C/12C Measurements
Saad N

Saad S. (2019) Geochemical Trends in Core, Gases and Produced Fluids from Ten Fields in the Montney Formation, Canada
Saad S, Mayer B & Haeri-Ardakani O

Saadat A. (2023) Assessment of Hydrogeochemical Processes in High Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Systems by Drill Core Analysis, Column-, and Batch Experiments
Virchow L, Regenspurg S & Saadat A
(2009) Corrosion and Scaling in Low-Enthalphy Geothermal Systems in Northern Germany
Regenspurg S, Schmidt K, Milsch H, Saadat A & Huenges E

Saadat S. (2014) Possible REE-Rich Carbonatite in Central Iran: Evidence from Xenoliths of Calcite-Bearing Plutonic Rocks within Highly Potassic Tephrite Tuffs of Quaternary Qa’le Hassan Ali Maars
Saadat S, Stern C & Moradian Shahr Babaki A

Saadati Esmaeil (2014) A Study of Dust Caused By Placer Iron Ore Mining over Sangan Area, Khorasan-E-Razavi Province, Iran
Pouramin P, Saadati E, Saadati H & Torshizian H
(2014) Iron Mining Consequences on Pollution of Water and Soil Resources In Sangan Area, Khorasan-E-Razavi Province, Iran
Saadati E, Karimpour MH & Mazaheri SA

Saadati Esmail (2015) The Soil Geochemical Study of Sangan, Khorasan Razavi, North East of Iran
Saadati E, Karimpour MH & Mazaheri SA
(2015) Hydrogeochemical Analysis of the Zarrin District Playa Brines, Central Iran
Torshizian HA, Saadati H & Saadati E

Saadati Hassan (2015) Study of Lithium Potential in Razavi Khorasan Province, North East of Iran
Saadati H, Khakzad A & Torshizian HA
(2015) Hydrogeochemical Analysis of the Zarrin District Playa Brines, Central Iran
Torshizian HA, Saadati H & Saadati E

Saadati Hassan (2014) A Study of Dust Caused By Placer Iron Ore Mining over Sangan Area, Khorasan-E-Razavi Province, Iran
Pouramin P, Saadati E, Saadati H & Torshizian H

Saadoune I. (2007) U4+ and Pu4+ Incorporation in Zircon and their Effect Upon Helium Diffusion in the Host Lattice
Saadoune I & de Leeuw N

Saal Alberto (2021) Large Sulfur Isotope Fractionation in Lunar Volcanic Glasses Reveals the Magmatic Differentiation and Degassing of the Moon
Saal A & Hauri E
(2021) Volatiles in the Chile Ridge Basalts and the Role of Adjacent Andean Subduction Zone
Mallick S, Kuhl S, Saal A, Klein E, Bach W & Monteleone B
(2021) Source Variations in Volatile Contents between Bransfield Strait and Phoenix Ridge, Antarctica
Anderson DW, Saal A, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S & Wang J
(2021) The Peridotite Deformation Cycle and the Deep Impact of Subduction beneath the Wyoming Craton
Chin E, Chilson-Parks B, Boneh Y, Hirth G, Saal A, Hearn BC & Hauri EH
(2020) Magmatic Degassing and the Volatile Budget of the Moon, Contributions by Malcolm J. Rutherford
Saal A, Hauri E, Van Orman J & Rutherford M
(2020) The Geochemistry of Tibetan Lavas: Geodynamic Implications
Saal A, Yakovlev P, Clark M, Hong C, Niemi N & Mallick S
(2019) Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the Andean Back Arc (34º-38ºS)
Chilson-Parks B, Calabozo F, Saal A, Hauri E & Mallick S
(2019) Long Geochemical Streaks in the Hawaiian Plume
Huang S, DeFelice C, Mallick S & Saal A
(2019) Carbon in the Convecting Mantle: Erik Hauri’s Legacy
Cottrell E, Kelley K, Tucker J, Shimizu K, Le Voyer M, Saal A & Hauri E
(2019) A Preliminary Evaluation of Volatiles Content in Melt Inclusion in Monogenetic Centers of the Central Andean Volcanic Zone (Northern of Chile)
González C, Hauri E, Saal A, Wang J & Aguilera F
(2018) The Role of Melt-Rock Interaction on the CO2/Ba Ratio of Depleted MORBs
Shimizu K, Saal A, Hauri E, Perfit M & Hékinian R
(2018) Hf-Nd Isotopes of Chile Ridge Basalts, Evidence of Pelagic Sediment in the MORB Mantle
Mallick S, Saal A, Klein E & Bach W
(2018) Lithium and Boron Concentrations and Isotopes of the Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Saal A, Chaussidon M, Gurenko A & Rutherford M
(2018) Deciphering the Geochemistry of Lithospheric Mantle in the Melt Source of the Payenia Volcanic Province, Argentina
Chilson-Parks B, Saal A, Wang Z, Calabozo F, Mallick S & Frey F
(2016) Parameterized Lattice Strain Models for REE Partitioning between Amphibole and Silicate Melt
Shimizu K, Liang Y, Sun C, Jackson C & Saal A

Saal Alberto E (2014) Chemical Zonation in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Guan Y, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E
(2013) δD in Lunar Volcanic Glasses and Melt Inclusions: A Carbonaceous Chondrite Heritage Revealed
Saal A, Hauri E, Van Orman J & Rutherford M
(2013) Reduced C-O-H Volatiles Dissolved in Lunar Picritic Glasses
Wetzel DT, Rutherford MJ, Jacobsen SD, Hauri EH, Saal AE & Thomas S-M
(2013) Volatile Budget of the Galapagos Plume
Peterson M, Saal A, Hauri E, Kurz M, Werner R, Hauff F, Geist D & Harpp K
(2013) Volatile Element Content of the Mid-Ocean Ridge Mantle
Shimizu K, Saal A, Hauri E, Kamenetsky V & Hékinian R
(2011) Intra-Transform Magmatism; Melt Migration and Two-Component Mantle
Saal A, Nagle A, Pickle R & Forsyth D
(2011) Volatile and Major Element Zonation within Melt Inclusions: A Natural Diffusion Experiment
Newcombe M, Fabbrizio A, Zhang Y, Guan Y, Ma C, Le Voyer M, Eiler J, Saal A & Stolper E
(2011) Insights into the Galápagos Plume from Uranium-Series Isotopes of Recently Erupted Basalts
Handley H, Berlo K, Beier C, Turner S & Saal A
(2011) Pb Isotopes and the Origin of the ‘ghost Plagioclase’ Signature in Melt Inclusions from the Galapagos Archipelago
Peterson M, Saal A, Nakamura E, Burgess K & Kitagawa H
(2011) C-Solubility in Magmas at Low fO2
Wetzel D, Rutherford M, Jacobsen S, Hauri E & Saal A
(2011) The Volatile Content of Primitive Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Hauri E, Saal A, Rutherford M & Van Orman J
(2009) Volatile Element Variability in MORB: Origins and Consequences
Hauri E & Saal A
(2009) Stable Isotope Systematics of Volatiles in Apollo 15 Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Hauri E, Saal A, Van Orman J & Rutherford M
(2009) The Volatile Contents of the Apollo 15 Lunar Volcanic Glasses
Saal A, Hauri E, Van Orman J & Rutherford M
(2008) Diffusion-Modified Volatile Contents in Melt Inclusions: Evidence for Open System Behavior
Nagle AN, Koleszar AM, Saal AE, Liang Y, Hauri EH & Kurz MD
(2007) Reconciling 210Pb Deficits with the Physics of Melt Extraction
Van Orman J & Saal A
(2007) Geochemistry of Basalts from Intra-Transform Spreading Centers: Implications for Melt Migration Models
Nagle A, Pickle R, Saal A, Hauri E & Forsyth D
(2007) Giant Impacts, Late Veneers and the Gradual Hydration of the Earth's Mantle by Subduction
Hauri E, Shaw A & Saal A
(2007) Melt Inclusions from the Galápagos Plume: Mirrors and Mirages of the Deep
Koleszar A, Saal A, Hauri E & Kurz M
(2005) Diffusive Fractionation of <+>226<$>Ra-<+>230<$>Th in Oceanic Basalts during Shallow Level Interaction
Saal A & Van Orman J
(2003) Decoupling of dLu/Hf and 230Th/ 238U in the Galapagos Lavas: Who is Who in Then Garnet Signature
Saal A, Blichert-Toff J & Kurz M
(2002) An Alternative Hypothesis for the Origin of the High 226Ra Excess in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts ("Invited")
Saal AE, Van Orman JA, Hauri EH, Langmuir CH & Perfit MR
(2002) Vapor Undersaturation in Primitive Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt and the Volatile Content of the Earth‚s Upper Mantle. ("Invited")
Saal AE, Hauri EH, Langmuir CH & Perfit MR
(2000) U Series Isotopic Variability in Galapagos Lavas, Evidence of a Mildly Buoyant Plume
Saal A, Kurz M, Hart S, Blusztajn J, Layne G, Sims K & Geist D

Saal Alberto E. (2023) The Volcanic Evolution of the Meseta del Lago Buenos Aires, Patagonia: Subduction to Slab Window Volcanism
Guest I, Saal AE, Mallick S, Gorring M & Kay SM
(2023) Evidence of South American Lithosphere Mantle beneath the Chile Mid-Ocean Ridge
Mallick S, Kuhl SE, Saal AE, Klein E, Bach W, Monteleone B & Boesenberg JS
(2022) Identifying the Source of Alkaline Volcanism Across the Northern Antarctic Peninsula
Anderson DW & Saal AE
(2020) Volcanically-Induced Transient Atmospheres on the Moon: Assessment of Duration, Significance and Contributions to Polar Volatile Traps
Head J, Wilson L, Deutsch A, Rutherford M & Saal A
(2020) Source Variations in Bransfield Strait and Relation to Nearby Phoenix Ridge
Anderson DW, Saal AE, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S, Wang J & Boesenberg JS

Saal J. (2020) A New Paradigm for Designing Corrosion Resistant Materials
Saal J, Nyby C, Scully J, Windl W, Taylor C, Vienna J, Lian J, Frankel G & Ryan J

Saal L. (2009) Synergistic Effects of Siderophores and Small Organics at Manganese Oxide Surfaces
Duckworth O & Saal L

Saalfield S.L. (2008) Effects of Concurrent Bacterial Iron and Sulfur Reduction on Arsenic Mobility
Saalfield SL, Bostick BC & Scott JH
(2005) Coupling Sulfide Production and Arsenic Release in Dynamic Systems
Quicksall A, Saalfield S, Renshaw C & Bostick B
(2005) Reductive Mechanisms of Arsenic Mobilization from Contaminated Sediments
Saalfield S, Quicksall A, Renshaw CE & Bostick BC

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