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Sabata i Villardell N. (2019) Geochemistry of the Coccoliths: Proxy of Surface Water Conditions or of Resilience of Coccolithophores Facing Climate Change ?
Boye M, Sabata i Villardell N, Guéguen B, Schmidt S, Gardin S & Beaufort L

Sabaté P. (2002) Nb/Ta Geochemical Reservoirs
Bodinier J-L, Kalfoun F, Godard M, Barsczus HG & Sabaté P

Sabater C. (2010) A Group Additivity Approach to Describe the Complexation of Radionuclides by Fulvic Acids in Geochemical Modeling Studies
Richard L, Sabater C, Kiprop A, Pourtier E & Nguyen-Trung C
(2009) Experimetal Study of the System U(VI) – Organic Compounds – H2O as a Function of pH at 25℃, 0.1MPa
Sabater C, Nguyen-Trung C, Grivé M, Pourtier E, Kiprop A, Richard L & Duro L

Sabater L. (2020) Zinc Isotope Study of Neurotoxic Peptide Aggregation
Poitrasson F, Sabater L, Henry M, Atrian-Blasco E, Sonke JE, Viers J & Hureau C
(2019) Zinc Isotope Investigations into Neuropeptide Aggregation
Poitrasson F, Sabater L, Henry M, Atrian-Blasco E, Sonke JE, Viers J & Hureau C

Sabatier P. (2023) Human and Climate Impacts on the Critical Zone Dynamic over the Past 10, 000 Years in the French Alps
Rapuc W, Guinoiseau D, Bouchez J, Dellinger M, Poulenard J, Sabatier P, Arnaud F & Gaillardet J
(2021) Controls of Climate and Organic Matter on Uranium Fluxes to Lake Sediments over the Holocene
Lefebvre P, Sabatier P, Mangeret A, Gourgiotis A, Le Pape P, Develle A-L, Louvat P, Diez O, Reyss J-L, Gaillardet J, Cazala C & Morin G
(2021) Quantitative Evaluation of Human and Climate Forcing on Erosion over the Last 2000 Years in Northern Italy
Rapuc W, Bouchez J, Sabatier P, Genuite K, Poulenard J, Gaillardet J & Arnaud F
(2021) Evolution of Noncrystalline Uranium in Lake Sediments over 3, 300 Years
Lefebvre P, Gourgiotis A, Mangeret A, Sabatier P, Le Pape P, Diez O, Louvat P, Menguy N, Merrot P, Baya C, Zebracki M, Blanchart P, Malet E, Jézéquel D, Reyss J-L, Bargar J, Gaillardet J, Cazala C & Morin G
(2020) Influence of Environmental Parameters on Bacterial Lipids in Soils from the French Alps: Implications for Palaeo-Reconstructions
Derenne S, Véquaud P, Collin S, Anquetil C, Poulenard J, Sabatier P & Huguet A
(2018) Organic Compounds and Trace Metal Elements in the Eure River Watershed: Past and Actual Records of Anthropogenic Impacts
Gardes T, Debret M, Copard Y, Koltalo F, Patault E, Laberdesque Y, Develle A-L, Deloffre J, Marcotte S, Sabatier P, Chaumillon E, Coulombier T, Révillon S & Nizou J
(2017) Organic Geochemistry of Anthropocene Sediments in the Sewer Network of Orléans (France)
Thibault A, Jacob J, Simonneau A, Le Milbeau C, Di Giovanni C, Sabatier P, Reyss J-L, Ardito L & Morio C

Sabatino G. (2002) Heavy Metals in Road Dust and Vegetation from the Urban Area of Messina (Italy)
Dongarr‡ G, Sabatino G & Varrica D

Sabau A. (2013) Interaction of Eu(III) with Calcium Carbonate: Spectroscopic Characterization
Sabau A, Jordan N, Lomenech C, Marmier N, Brendler V, Barkleit A, Toulhoat N, Pipon Y, Surble S, Giffaut E & Moncoffre N

Sabau G. (2023) Preliminary Petrography and Microthermometry of the Fluid and Melt Inclusions from the Vidruța Beryl Mineralization, Lotru Metamorphic Suite (South Carpathians, Romania)
Pintea I & Săbău G
(2023) Rare Elements Accumulation in Migmatic Gneisses: The Case of the GrădișTea de Munte Occurrence, Central South Carpathians
Săbău G, Filiuta AE, Dinca G & Ion AM
(2019) Ultra-Fast and Beyond: LA ICP MS Isotope Ratio Mapping of Zircon at 500 Hz
Stremtan C, Săbău G, Šala M & Šelih V
(2019) Advances in High-Performance LA-Icp-TOF-MS Imaging
Rittner M, Stremtan C & Săbău G
(2018) Ultra-Fast, High Resolution 3D LA ICP-MS Imaging of Zircons
Stremtan C, Van Malderen SJM & Săbău G
(2017) Imaging Trace-Element Distribution in Zoned Crystals – An Application to Metamorphic Garnet Porphyroblasts
Stremtan C, Sabau G, Negulescu E & Chew D
(2015) Late Stage HFSE-Enrichment in the Ditrău Alkaline Complex, East Carpathians
Săbău G & Negulescu E
(2014) Peritectic Metasomatism and Agpaitic Line of Descent in the Endocontact Zone of the Măgureaua Vaței (MV) Intrusives (Apuseni Mts.)
Săbău G & Negulescu E
(2014) Growth and Demise of Chloritoid along a Metamorphic P-T Path: An Example from the South Carpathians
Negulescu E, Săbău G & Massonne H-J
(2013) Monazite Anamnesis – Providing a Quantitative Timeframe for Metamorphic Petrogenetic Processes
Săbău G, Negulescu E & Theye T
(2012) Chemical Zoning of Eclogite Lenses in Subduction Complexes: An Example from the Leaota Massif, South Carpathians
Negulescu E & Sabau G
(2012) Chemical U-Th-Total Pb Ages in Recycled Metamorphic Terranes: The Case of the South Carpathian Basement Units
Sabau G & Negulescu E

Sabbatino M. (2021) A Revised Paradigm for the Interpretation of δ238U during Periods of Calcite Seas
Romaniello SJ, Lau KV, Sabbatino M & Parente M

Sabbe K. (2009) Study of the Individual and Combined Effect of pCO2 and Temperature on the Coccolithophore E. huxleyi
De Bodt C, Van Oostende N, Harlay J, Roevros N, Sabbe K & Chou L

Saber D. (2009) Evidence for Anaerobic Biodegradation of Hydrocarbons in the Subsurface Environment
Oka A, Phelps C, Zhu XS, Saber D & Young L

Saberi N. (2022) Expanding our Knowledge Base to Support Sustainable Mine Waste Management
Vriens B, Guatame-Garcia A, Saberi N, Ali JD & Silva Caceres M

Sabeva R. (2019) LA-ICP-MS of Pyrite from Sericitic Alteration: Zlatousha and Pishtene Ore Occurrences, Western Srednogorie, Bulgaria
Sabeva R & Georgieva H

Sabine Chris (2007) Land Ocean Interactions in a Coastal Embayment, Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii: Nutrient Dynamics, Productivity, and CO2 Exchange between Seawater and Atmosphere
Solomon R, Ostrander C, De Carlo E, McManus M, Mackenzie F, Fagan K, Sabine C & Feely R
(2006) Coastal Productivity and CO2 Exchange Between the Ocean and Atmosphere in Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii, a Subtropical Coastal Embayment
De Carlo EH, Solomon R, Ostrander C, McManus M, Mackenzie F, Chung M, DeGelleke L, Sabine C & Feely R

Sabine Christopher L. (2020) Hawaii Coastal CO2 Network: A Decade of Environmental Monitoring
Sabine CL, Knor LACM, Terlouw GJ, De Carlo EH & Sutton AJ

Sabisch A. (2023) Globally Findable Planetary Data: The Interdisciplinary TR170-DB Repository
Lehmann E, Becker H, Fritz T, Wille F, Sabisch A, Sievers D & Schlegel B

Sabita A. (2011) Arsenic in Siliceous Deposits Formed from Geothermal Water
Sabita A, Yonezu K, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T

Sabo M. (2020) Porosity-Permeability Evolution in Heterogeneous Mineral Dissolution and Precipitation Scenarios
Beckingham L, Bensinger J, Steinwinder J & Sabo M

Sabolis A. (2010) Quantifying Marine Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds Using Laboratory and Field Measurements from North Carolina Estuarine System
Sabolis A & Meskhidze N

Sabot R. (2017) Formation and Transformation of Fe(II-Iii) Hydroxysalts (GRs) in Marine Environments
Refait P, Jeannin M, Sabot R, Remazeilles C & Grolleau A-M

Sabri K. (2017) Geochemistry of the Volcanic Rocks of the Moroccan Central Hercynian Massif: Geodynamic Significance
Ntarmouchant A, Bento dos Santos T, Smaili H, Dahire M, Sabri K, Ribeiro M, Driouch Y, Solá R & Calvo R

Sabrina T. (2018) An Exceptional Record of Early- to Mid-Paleozoic Redox Change from the Road River Group, Yukon, Canada
Sperling E, Strauss J, Tiffani F, Austin M, Sabrina T, Joseph M, Stephanie P-T, Liam B, Stockey R, Devon C, Noah P, David L, Lenz A & Melchin M

Sabroux J-C. (2012) Understanding Gas Dynamics in Unsaturated Fractured Granite Using SF6, CO2, Rn and Other Noble Gases
Guillon S, Pili E, Sabroux J-C & Agrinier P

Sabuda M. (2022) Unraveling the Mechanisms of Fungal Metal(loid) Biomineralization
Santelli CM, Sabuda M, Mejia J & Rosenfeld CE
(2020) Processes and Mechanisms of Se Transformations Mediated by Fungi
Rosenfeld C, Sabuda M, Santelli C, Yu Q & Fein J
(2018) Time-Resolved Biogeochemical Insights to Fungal Redox Transformations of Selenium, the Essential Toxin
Sabuda M, Rosenfeld C, Torgeson J & Santelli C

Sabur M.A. (2023) Effects of Salinity on the Mobility of Phosphate and Iron at the Soil Water Interface
Islam R, Barman DK, Kabir M & Sabur MA
(2023) Contribution of Riparian Vegetation to the Carbon Budget of an Urban Stormwater Pond
Sabur MA, Kaykhosravi S, Slowinski S & Van Cappellen P
(2017) Does Silica Control the Mobilization of Phosphorus from Fe(III)-(hydr)oxides?
Sabur MA, Parsons C & Van Cappellen P

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